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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Do you dare call assasin a mute? She can slap you to death with one hand!

In the backyard of the Pavilion Office.

Apart from two guards, there was a woman in black clothes sitting there.

The woman was slender, with all her black hair piled high, revealing a snowy white and slender neck like a swan.

As the Pavilion Head said, her face was covered with a black veil.

Only a pair of deep and bright eyes were visible.

“Old Liu, do you feel a cold draft in the air?”

A guard looked at the woman, and coincidentally met her deep and profound eyes.

A strange chill instantly swept over his body.

After tightening his clothes, he still felt a chilling sensation in his body.

Guard Old Liu glanced at the woman, whispering, “Since this woman arrived, the temperature in the room has never risen. I think she’s the cause of it.”

“In my mother’s words, this kind of woman is a disaster, inauspicious! Whoever marries her will be unlucky!”

The pavilion guard clicked his tongue, looking at the woman’s slender figure with a sense of pity as he shook his head.

Muttering, “No wonder she’s still not married at this age, being both mute and a disaster, who would marry her?”

Judging by her figure and half of her face, this woman was at least twenty-three or twenty-four years old.

In this era, that was considered an old woman.

Little did the two know, their whispered conversation, though seemingly discreet, was heard word for word by the astute Jing Ni.

Even the Pavilion Head’s words from outside were heard clearly by her.

The calm gaze of the Jing Ni was like stagnant water.

Even with the negative comments from the two, she showed no emotional reaction.

As a top assassin of the Luo Network, her emotions had long been extinguished in endless killings.

Just like an emotionless machine.

She only needed to know what she had to do and what she needed to do.

Finally, one day, the Jing Ni suddenly grew weary of this life.

She wanted to end her life as an assassin!

Like a robot awakening to consciousness, wanting to break free from controlled destiny!

So, she defected from the Luo Network!

Evading pursuit by the Luo Network, she fled here.

Coincidentally, a new decree was issued by Han Province.

The Jing Ni thought that marrying an ordinary person and living an ordinary life in the future would be good.

This way, she could have a new identity in this world.

Moreover, being far from Xianyang and within Han territory.

By hiding in this small village, it wouldn’t be so easy for the Luo Network to find her.

Thus, she became the mute woman mentioned by the Pavilion Head, whose identity had not been confirmed.

Because ever since she arrived, she hadn’t said a word.

Just nodding or shaking her head.

And there was no proof of her identity.

So the Pavilion Head decided to keep her in the pavilion’s backyard, waiting to verify her identity before making plans.

Coincidentally, Li Mo arrived late and didn’t choose a bride.

Under the monetary pressure, the Pavilion Head couldn’t consider so much.

By handing this woman over to Li Mo, he could save trouble and earn money, and even a blind man like Li Mo wouldn’t need to serve in the military.

All three parties benefit!

Suddenly, the silent Jing Ni lifted her head.

Her deep gaze calmly looked towards the entrance.

After a moment, three figures appeared there.

Seeing Li Mo, the Jing Ni’s calm gaze finally showed a slight disturbance.

It was a kind of surprise, a kind of astonishment.

A look that had never appeared in her eyes before!

The Jing Ni didn’t expect that the blind man mentioned by the Pavilion Head was actually a handsome young man.

Although he couldn’t see, the warm and bright smile on his face was like a light shining into the depths of the Jing Ni’s heart buried in darkness.

With his hands in his sleeves, the Pavilion Head gestured towards the direction where the Jing Ni was, saying, “There, take that woman away, I’ll make a note here for you so you don’t have to go to the military.”

Li Mo naturally couldn’t see, but he could feel the three breaths in the room.

Two were heavier, one was gentle and steady.

If one didn’t pay attention, they might not even feel her breathing.

After sizing up Jing Ni with a glance, the village leader furrowed his brow.

“Is she too thin? She doesn’t look like she could do any work.”

The Jing Ni’s figure was extremely well-proportioned, with long and slender arms.

But in the village chief’s eyes, those thin arms and legs seemed like they could be blown away by a gust of wind.

With one slap from a miserable old man like him, he could probably knock her flying!

But whether he could knock the Jing Ni away with a slap, it’s unkown.

But the Jing Ni could definitely slap him to pieces with one!

“Still picky? If not, then go back and wait for the military service!”

The Pavilion Head glared at the village chief, then muttered under his breath, “No refunds for the money.”

Li Mo’s mouth twitched slightly, and he calmly said to the village chief, “Uncle Zhang, if I can get married, it’s already good enough. I just don’t know if this lady is willing to marry a blind man like me?”

He held the bamboo stick in his hand and raised his hand towards the direction from where the Jing Ni’s breath came.

After speaking, he hesitated for a moment, apologizing, “Oh, sorry, I forgot you can’t speak.”

“Here’s the deal, if you’re willing to marry me, nod your head, and if you’re not willing, then shake your head.”

The Jing Ni’s gaze moved from the black cloth over his eyes to his sincere smile.

She nodded gently!

The Pavilion Head grinned, “Hey, it’s done now, a blind man matches a mute woman, naturally a perfect pair. Let’s go, let’s go, lead them to the bridal chamber!”

He impatiently waved his hand, thinking about quickly finishing his work and taking the money Li Mo just handed him to go get some drinks.


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