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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Holy Body (4)

Gebel grabbed the axe and took a heavy step forward. Isaac couldn’t help but imagine the target Gebel was aiming for – not a person, but a massive rock or a giant. As the axe sliced through the air with a whooshing sound, the blade gleamed brightly, sending strong winds in every direction.

It was a simple downward strike, a basic move with an axe. Isaac recognized it from when Gebel had taken down a wild boar with a similar technique. With a solid thud, the log split effortlessly, cleanly cut along the grain.

Gebel, satisfied with his clean execution, grinned at Isaac’s surprised expression. But Isaac wasn’t surprised by the move itself.

“Basic Holy Knight Swordsmanship unlocked? Just from watching?” Isaac mused, still unable to fully use the Predation effect due to his level. The message hinted at more than just improved skills – it might reveal the hidden talent of a Holy Knight, like Calzen Miller.

Isaac contemplated the potential within him, the talent of a legendary figure like Miller. Perhaps he could even unlock the powerful skill ‘Lighthouse of the Watcher’ through similar growth.

“Let’s give it a try,” Isaac suggested, eager to learn. Gebel raised an eyebrow, amused at the idea of Isaac mimicking the move perfectly.

“You think you can pull it off? Don’t push yourself too hard. Start with a simple strike,” Gebel advised. It was just the beginning of Isaac’s training.

Despite his impressive strength, Isaac needed more than raw power to be a skilled swordsman. It was a reminder of how much he had yet to learn.

“Do you understand what that move entailed?” Gebel questioned, realizing Isaac’s potential limitations. Mastering such a technique required intense focus and practice.

Isaac, trying to play it cool, shifted the conversation smoothly. Gebel chuckled at the expected response, handing Isaac the hand axe. As Isaac struggled briefly under its weight, he steadied himself, realizing he wouldn’t have been able to handle it without his past ingestions.

His body had fully absorbed the boar’s strength, leaving no more temporary boosts. It was time to rely on his own skills and determination for what lay ahead.

The digestion of that big boar was like, totally unbelievable, but hey, it sure did a number on Isaac’s muscles and size. I mean, he could barely lift the axe now all thanks to that feast!

Gebel was like, totally puzzled watching Isaac struggle with the axe. Like, yesterday, Isaac pulled it out of the wood like it was no biggie, but today was a whole different story.

In Gebel’s curious gaze, Isaac tried to mimic his previous moves but man, it was tough. Stopping the axe before it hit the ground was way harder than just lifting it!


[Lowkey not a pro at Holy Knight Swordsmanship (Level 1) (22/10000)].]


“What’s up? Too heavy?”

“Nah, it’s not that.”

Isaac was lowkey thinking about using his special tentacles but was conflicted. If he struggled today after acing it before, Gebel might get sus.

But funnily enough, Gebel was lowkey relieved.

‘Guess it would be kinda chill if that day was just a one-time thing.’

So like, if it was just a random miracle, Isaac wouldn’t stand out too much. But then Gebel was puzzled at feeling relieved. On one hand, he wanted Isaac to be this epic Holy Body dude, but on the other, he wished for Isaac to just vibe out peacefully.

Teaching Isaac swordsmanship was still on the table for Gebel. He was gonna keep a close eye on him.

“Give it another shot.”

Isaac tried a few more times but before he even hit five swings, the axe dropped, and Gebel smiled. Not a mocking smile, but like, a sigh of relief.

Seeing Gebel’s smile, Isaac focused hard, trying to copy Gebel’s moves in his mind.

‘Just like that move, one more time.’

Boom! The air sliced differently this time. Gebel’s smile faded a bit. Isaac wasn’t lifting the axe any easier, but there was definitely something different about his swings now.


Gebel mumbled softly, but Isaac was in his own zone.

He only saw Gebel’s sword moves in the rain and his own axe swings.

Suddenly, everything became crystal clear.

‘Just follow the blade’s path? Whole body movement when swinging a sword. From toes to head, direction, gaze, stride, even your breath – focus on it all!’

Outta nowhere, Isaac felt like he heard a shout that wasn’t his own. Someone else’s memory, someone else’s voice. And just like that, Gebel’s movements played out in Isaac’s body.


The backyard was filled with a strong wind. The axe stopped right before the ground.

“Whew, pant…”


[Mad concentration = big proficiency boost.]

“[Lowkey not a pro at Holy Knight Swordsmanship (Level 1) (232/10000)].”

Isaac was shook by the crazy progress. His proficiency shot up by almost 180 in one go. The more he focused, the better he got.

Isaac was gasping for air, drenched in sweat. His body was on fire, muscles almost cramping up. Dropping the axe, he was surprised by how into it he got.

“Was that just now Calzen’s memory?” It was the only explanation he could think of. It felt like a memory from when Calzen was either teaching someone or being taught. In that last move, Isaac felt like he was someone other than himself.

“Did I just replicate Gebel’s move… or, Calzen’s?” Maybe the Nameless Chaos’s consumption was more than just devouring enemies’ flesh and bones. It was as if someone else’s experiences were etched into his muscles.

Isaac only then remembered that Gebel had said something to him. As he finally turned around, Gebel appeared pale.

“What did you say?” Gebel, looking confused, struggled to find the right words. After a while, he splashed his face with water and finally spoke.

“Let’s move on to the next.”


“Yes, next, or rather, let’s go back to the basics. What you just did is too advanced for you. Let’s start with physical conditioning.”

Isaac looked incredulous. Wasn’t what he did just a basic move? A simple downward strike.

Gebel, realizing the absurdity of his own words, shook his head. However, he felt it was for the best. Frankly, Isaac’s arms and legs were trembling too much to continue. Muscle training with imminent cramps was pointless.

It seemed like Isaac would have to focus on consuming meat and physical training for a while.

Gebel kept splashing his face with water, observing Isaac, who seemed to take the recent event lightly. It was now clear to Gebel that Isaac was indeed a Holy Body. It wasn’t just remarkable talent.

“The skill Calzen would have shown at twenty…” Gebel shook his head at the thought. In any case, the path he had to lead was now clear.

He decided to get a bit more involved in Isaac’s life. “Not using him, but adding my small pebble to the path guided by the light in return for helping this boy…” Gebel repeated this to himself.

“The Holy Body is certain.” Gebel repeated this to the abbot. The abbot, noticing Gebel’s expression, was puzzled.

“Then there’s nothing different from what we discussed earlier. But why do you look troubled?”

“My expression?”

“Quite… complicated.” Joy, confusion, and fear mingled on Gebel’s face. Returning to his usual stoicism, the abbot continued.

“Why are you suddenly so sure? I saw him swinging the axe, but he seemed exhausted after just a few swings.”

“Yes. I thought the same initially. But then…”

Gebel muttered, touching his face in disbelief.

“He nearly replicated Saint Arte’s Iron-Cutting Style with just ten swings of the axe.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with swordsmanship. I know Saint Arte was a hero of the First Dawn Army, but…”

“Saint Arte laid the foundation for all Holy Knight swordsmanship. The order he founded branched into hundreds, becoming the genesis of the Holy Knight orders around the world.”

Gebel continued, stroking his chin.

“Saint Arte’s swordsmanship transformed ordinary knights into Holy Knights. It’s often said he elevated swordsmanship to a sacred level. It’s fundamental, and although outdated, it’s still standard to learn his techniques at the basic stage.”

“So, Isaac achieved these basics in just one day?”

“It wasn’t flawless, but it seems to be just a matter of physical strength and equipment.”

Gebel explained enthusiastically.
“I messed up. The amazing thing about Isaac isn’t just his strength, but his talent. Only Calzen could have such perfect talent…”


The abbot corrected Gebel’s slip-up. Realizing his mistake, Gebel fell silent. Excited or not, mentioning that name was inappropriate. Gebel could feel his face turning red.

“That guy who betrayed us is rumored to be missing, but comparing him to a kid who lost everyone because of him seems unfair.”

“He’s probably somewhere miserable, regretting everything. My bad for bringing him up.”

Gebel crossed himself, feeling remorseful. Calzen’s betrayal had caused a lot of trouble within the order. While this monastery stayed out of church politics, things were pretty messed up in the rest of the order.

There were even talks that Calzen was destined in the Holy Scripture.

Whether you believed in it or not, the idea of becoming an angel after doing something real special was a common belief. Some were even named ‘Named Angels’ by the deity for their remarkable deeds.

In the thousand-year history of the Codex of Light, only six had reached that status.

Calzen was said to be the seventh, but he went and did something terrible by betraying everyone.

But that wasn’t the end of it. If he had become a Named Angel or an angel of the Immortal Order, there would be stories about a new Named Angel in the order. But there were none.

So, the Codex of Light was struggling to figure out the truth about Calzen’s betrayal and where he was.

But all of this was far away from the monastery. The abbot refocused on the issue at hand – Isaac.

“So, what’s the plan with Isaac?”

“We’ll take a break from sword training and work on the basics like breathing, movement, and getting stronger. I wanted to toughen him up a bit, but I didn’t expect this level of talent…”

“You made the right call. Putting off the sword training is wise for now.”

Gebel turned away, still unsure why the abbot was so insistent.

“Why though?”

“Gebel, I get it that Isaac is super talented and maybe even a Holy Body. But he’s only 14. He needs more than just physical strength – he needs to build his character.”

Gebel stayed quiet, realizing his oversight.

“Indeed. Sometimes when I talk to Isaac, it’s like I’m chatting with an adult. He’s brave and willing to put himself in harm’s way for others, but being too grown-up too soon isn’t always a good thing.”

“True. But…”

“No rush, Gebel. If he learns fast, let’s focus on guiding him in the right direction, okay?”

“That… yeah, you’re right.”

The abbot had heard tales about Isaac from the other kids. His worries stemmed from these stories.

He knew Isaac’s heart was in the right place. That’s why it was important to nurture his good nature.

Because sometimes, the deepest betrayal comes from the staunchest believers.

With Calzen fresh in his mind, Gebel felt the weight of the abbot’s words.

The Codex of Light didn’t want to go through that pain again.

“For now, I’ll be the one teaching Isaac. How does that sound?”

“You personally, abbot?”

Gebel asked, surprised. The abbot gave a gentle smile.

“If Isaac wants to be a paladin, he’ll need to know about miracles too. I might not have much experience with kids, but I’ve got faith. He’ll love it just as much as sword training.

Paladin of the Dead God

Paladin of the Dead God

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The only Paladin of the forgotten god, Nameless Chaos, and also the only Pope, Priest, and Worshipper.


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