Chapter 12

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A dark green dragon.


It felt like Jiel was lighting up the surroundings. pleasing the next person.


Hyazelki felt warm and comfortable when he was around. And seeing the distance made her so nostalgic.








Jiel and she did get close during his stay at the castle.


Showing flowers several times, taking a walk together, he has a warm personality unlike Kael. So Hyazelki liked him.


But it was only a week. She didn’t think it was enough to feel this deep longing.


It was the first time she felt that she missed someone so much in the first place.


It was an emotion that didn’t seem to belong to her.




“That guy is very black-hearted. Do you understand? You shouldn’t follow him around next time.”




Kael closed the window and told her firmly, but instead of answering, Hyazelki ran back to the huge cushion and sat down.


She avoided answering because she didn’t think she could do what Kael said.


Jiel felt the same way as Kael.




‘Will I feel this way even if I’m away from Papa?’




Hyazelki was curious, but she didn’t want to imagine. She might just want to say it rather than do it.




* * *




After the warm summer, early winter came.


Even though it is not winter yet, the day has gotten cold.




“Miss, where are you going?”


“The garden!”


“It’s quite cold.”




With Lisa’s worried expression, Hyazelki pointed to her outerwear as if she were good even if it’s cold.




“It’s okay!”


“Don’t stay too long, okay?”


“Yes, Lisa.”




Hyazelki, who waved with an excited face, ran outside and headed to the garden.


Jiel, who said he would come back soon after finishing his business, did not return until the end of summer and autumn.


It was the last day of the year.


Yuri and the other maids were enthusiastic that they would be able to finally give Hyazelki a birthday party this year.




‘I wish he could come on my birthday…….’




Hyazelki looked down at the flowers that Jiel had bloomed, that still survived in the garden.




‘You said you’d fly to me if I said I missed you…….’




Come to think of it, how does Jiel know what she wants to see?


Hyazelki could hear Yuri’s voice with a shallow sigh.








Yuri, who approached with a smile, asked her warmly.


“I baked cookies. Do you want some?”






Looking at the child with sparkling eyes, Yuri straightened her shoulders with a proud expression.




“It’s a little cold outside, so I’ll prepare it with hot tea to drink inside.”


“Ah…… I’ll be right in.”




Yuri glanced at the flower that Hyazelki was staring at.




“Yes, you have to come in quickly.”






Yuri, whose face was moved by the cute Hyazelki waving her hands, soon shivered in the cold and hurried into the castle.


Hyazelki crouched in front of the flower and whispered softly.




“When are you coming? Giel.”


She knew the flower would not answer.


As she watched the petals swaying in the wind, Hyazelki shook her head.


She turned around, thinking that the wind was cold and the flowers would be cold.








Hyazelki, who was walking back into the castle, soon found Kael leaving the castle with Albert.








Hyazelki, who tried to call him out loud, blurred the end of her words.


Because Kael’s expression was not good. It bothered her and so she tilted her head in question.




“It’s been quiet for a while…….”


“I’ll finish it quickly and go see Hia.”






Hyazelki walked up to the two people and heard a conversation.




‘Me? Huh?’


Looking at the two people who were moving away, she followed them carefully again.


When Hyazelki found them entering a small building next to the castle, she stopped walking.


Entering there meant that Kael was going to work.


It was the work of the Dragon of Judgement, that is, punishing the sinners.


She didn’t know how he punished the sinners, but Kael always looked dark when he came back.


Until now, Hyazelki had not asked him about the punishment of the sinner.


It was because Lisa once told her to hold her curiosity at bay instead of asking what was going on when Kael looked unhappy.


As a child, she guessed that Hyazelki wouldn’t know what they were saying, but Hyazelki realized that Kael didn’t want to punish the sinner.


Even if it wasn’t for that, she didn’t mean to pry into things she didn’t want to ask.


The building that Albert told her not to mind because it was not that important when Hyazelki took a walk in the garden alone was approaching them.


The child, who found Kael and the butler entering there, tilted her head.


Then she followed without much thought.




‘They told me not to mind, but they didn’t say I couldn’t go…….’




Actually, she was a little curious.


What’s it like to punish a sinner and have his mood sink every time?


When she approached carefully, she saw the door was slightly open.


As she approached closely and looked through the door, she could see inside.




“The charge is…”




It was Kael’s cool voice, which she had never heard before.


Because he had never shown his cold self to her.


When she first met him, she didn’t like him because she was afraid, but even though his attitude wasn’t this cold.


Hyazelki, who tried to hold the door, flinched in her place. Then, instead of opening the door and entering, she looked inside again through the door gap.




“The number of people who died because of him is dozens, including women and children. He wielded power only for the weak.”




Albert, who was talking with a calm face, could not prevent his expression from being distorted and revealed it.




“Hmm… he treated his wife carelessly and made her act like his servant. He even killed his child, and committed all kinds of crimes with his greed to take power.”


“I! Who do you think I am?”




The captive crumpled his face violently and shouted.


A cold sweat flowed, and the expression revealed the fear that could not be hidden, but he was still bluffing.




“He is the one who committed the heinous act.”


“………I’m fed up.”




Kael sighed briefly when he heard Albert’s report.




“My wife and my child! What’s wrong with that……! It was an accident! The sheriff said it was an accident, but why did you……!”


Hyazelki, watching the situation inside through the gap in the door, clenched her fist.




“Do you know who I am? How dare you punish me, the Marquis of the Kingdom……!”




The Marquis could not finish his sentence.


Kael, who had no intention of listening anymore, kicked the sinner kneeling in front of him.








Looking down at the Marquis lying on the floor with contempt, Kael trampled on his mouth with his heels.




“You’re noisy.”




“Will you tell the truth only if I rip this snout?”




The Marquis’ lips were torn and blood flowed as his expression distorted with pain.


Only then did Kael seem to feel a little bit better.


At this moment, Kael felt a distinct hatred for the sinner.


To the human that God loves.




“Master, your shoes are getting dirty.”




Albert’s eyes were also cold as he restrained himself.


After being trampled on by Kael’s feet, the face of the sinner was stained with distinct fear.


Hyazelki felt she was about to be swallowed up by the creepy red eyes.




“Wuwo, what do you want? Save me, and I’ll give you as much money as you want……!”




At the words, Kael stepped back, and the Marquis made a painful noise.


He frowned as if the sinner’s voice was annoying.




“Shut up. No matter how much wealth you have, it doesn’t follow you to the afterlife. If you die, it will all disappear.”


“Please…… Sa, save me, save me, save me…….”


“I will keep you alive even if you don’t want to.”


“Well, yes, as long as it’s money…….”




Hyazelki, who was watching from outside, frowned lightly. Looking at the man gave her a little impulse.


Then, as if it were a natural procedure, she clasped her hand tightly on the small pocket watch she had on her neck.


The pendant which she received from Ciel.




“I don’t have the authority to decide your life or death. Just pay for your sins.”




As Kael reached out without hesitation, Albert took a step back.


A red-colored equilibrium appeared in front of the fallen Marquis.




‘Uh, that’s….’




It was what she saw the other day when Kael said he would purify the castle.




“Human beings love each other, care for each other, help each other, and live peacefully with each other. The sin of breaking God’s word is great. The punishment I give you is.”


Kael, who was talking, took a breath.


As if he was organizing what he was going to say.


All the truth was reflected in the pale red eyes.


It was not enough to harm a woman, but even the child in front of his eyes was dead.


Kael felt an unprecedented anger. When he saw the sinner harm the child, he rather wanted to put him in a fire pit in hell.


But it wasn’t the job of his, the Dragon of Judgement.


It was his job to wait and see, determined that the sinner enters the fire pit of hell after his life is over and cannot be purified.




“……I order you to be confined in the island of the sinners until you die. You will feel helpless because you will be buried in the desert and cannot do anything with your own power, and you will feel pain because you cannot handle the poison of scorpions. But your life will not be cut off by the scorpion’s poison. Your body, which has hurt many people, will be shattered and will not function properly. Even with a breath of wind, your eyes will hurt as if they were burning, but the pain will not end.”


Hyazelki was not the only one who was white by Kael’s cold words.




“As much as you hurt them, you will be hurt too. The victim’s resentment will be a sharp blade that will mutilate your heart mercilessly, but you will not die. After enduring all the pain without dying and finally ending your own life.”




Is there peace behind it?


Wouldn’t it be because by then, he would have sincerely regretted his sins?


With that thought, Hyazelki swallowed her saliva and waited for Kael’s next words.


It was a strange appearance of Kael, who was endlessly warm and caring to her. Of course, Jiel would be shocked to hear this if he heard Hyazelki describing Kael as a warm and caring person.




“You will have to face another trial after that. If those who are hurt by you judge that they cannot forgive you and if the Dragon of Judgement cannot let go of your sins, you will be punished more than you received in the fire pit of hell that will never disappear.”


Looking at the sinner who trembled and couldn’t even speak, Kael just expressed his feeling of boredom.


Although it was Kael who punished someone, the expression on his face was silent.


As if it was him who was sentenced to the punishment.


Hyazelki felt her heart pounding wildly and put herself closer to the door.


Her past lives, she didn’t know what the hell she did wrong, but she was hated.


She had heard worse words than Kael spat out a while ago.


Whenever they did that, she thought about what she did wrong.




‘Were they punishing me because they hate me?….’




She thought they were spitting out those words because they hated her. No, it’s probably because they never loved her.


But in Kael’s case, it felt a little different.


He can’t hide his anger toward the sinner, but he also feels uncomfortable with giving punishment.


At least that was the case in Hyazelki’s eyes.


Besides, this was the reason why he always looked dark after he went back.


‘If he doesn’t like it that much, can’t he just not do it?’




She tilted her head thinking so, and soon nodded to herself, convinced.




‘That’s right… he shouldn’t have done it if he doesn’t want to…….’




But, he came to the Earth as a Dragon of Judgement, so he could not help but judge.








Hyazelki looked down at the pocket watch she was wearing around her neck.


What she got from Ciel the night she came to the castle.




‘Why did he give me this?’




She felt like she was whining even though she was holding it tightly with her hand.




“Execute the sentence.”




Light poured out of the red equilibrium with a low-whimpering voice of the sinner.


Hyazelki, who was immersed in another thought, closed her eyes reflexively and covered her eyes with both of her hands.




“S, save…”!”




The howling voice was snapped in the middle. As if its existence had been erased in an instant.




“……I will prepare new shoes, my lord.”


“Sure. You don’t need to follow me…….”




And soon after, Kael’s voice, which was heard, broke off in the middle.


Opening her eyes gently, she slowly lowered her hand, which had been covering her eyes. After confirming that the light had disappeared, she let out a low sigh.








And immediately after she lowered her hand, she made eye contact with Kael.




“……why you.”




Kael, who had hardened like a statue, called her name in a low voice.


Hyazelki could see the blood-colored eyes shaking.


Hyazelki, who was taking a step closer to him to answer casually, found Albert standing next to him and with his mouth closed.


Looking at Albert, who had turned white, Hyazelki could tell for sure.




‘…… I guess I shouldn’t have seen it.’




And when she saw that face of Kael, she suddenly felt scared.




‘I saw something I shouldn’t see, what if I’m hated?’




This idea came to mind first.


Hyazelki, who did not run straight to Kael, rolled her eyes around and looked around for a gape, before soon hardening her mind.




‘Let’s run away for now.’








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