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A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 194

“So, I assume you’ll have us engage the enemy Gungel in frontline units, is that correct?”

“I think that would be a good idea. In light of your combat prowess in the mock battle, I believe you will be able to return alive with the head of the enemy general.”

Currently, the king and the surrounding heavyweights were having a meeting, and I was watching the proceedings without interrupting.

Mizzet was sometimes about to make a point to the participants of the meeting, but I made her stop.

Because the content of this meeting was mostly a final confirmation of what had been discussed beforehand, and it had nothing to do with the merits or demerits of the plan.

It would be safe to say that the unanimous approval was a political performance by the aristocracy in order to prevent a blame game from occurring.

Therefore, saying that something should be done this way or that way, even if it is a good argument, is unnecessary.

So, although we will be participating in this strategy meeting, we will have to listen to it as if it were a briefing on the strategy that has been decided by the heavyweights.

“Yes, we’re fine with that. Then we’ll blend in with the civilians on the front lines and charge into the enemy lines.”

That was the plan all along, so no problem. But I’m not going to just follow the instructions as they are, although I haven’t told them to.

From the beginning, my goal has not been to take the head of the enemy general, but to stop this war and frustrate the ambitions of the invaders.

If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter so much who wins, Albalest or Gungel, but whoever is in charge of this war must be tracked down and persuaded or killed to solve the problem.

I have a clue.

This is because those who wear the same collar that Shie was wearing are the ones who are invaders from other worlds, not this one.

The collar is a magical tool, and it seems to have a function of communication.

They would never try to give it to someone from this world.

So the strategy meeting ended without a hitch, and we were immediately assigned to our units.

And a few more days later.

After all the preparations, I was assigned to a unit crowded with knights and soldiers going to the front lines, and the movement began.

We have already marched to the very edge of the border with the other party, and are currently resting in an encampment near the border in preparation for tomorrow.

If you look around, you’ll see a crowd of fully equipped adventurers, mercenaries, soldiers and knights, but they seem to be basically in control.

Well, adventurers aside, as for mercenaries and soldiers, I think battlefields are an everyday thing, and I’m sure they understand that the chain of command is the knight in shining armor.

We’re part of the bigwigs now, but since we’re new, we’re treated pretty friendly by the people around us.

“Yo! You did a good job yesterday, brother knight! And I didn’t know that your beast slave was so capable. …… How about you give me two hundred gold coins for it?”

“No way. Even if it’s two million gold coins I won’t give it away.”

“Ga-ha-ha-ha! Well, I’m just joking. I don’t expect you to give it up. Besides, it’s easier for me to do it solo.”

They even exchange half-jokes with each other like this.

By the way, the guy who approached me was a big guy named Jobs, a solo mercenary who had achieved various feats of valor with his monstrously powerful sword.

But he says that he doesn’t care about military merit, he just started mercenary work to make a living because it’s a good way to earn money, and then he realized he became strong and ended up in this dangerous place on the front line.

In spite of his stern bear-like appearance, he is quite a pleasant guy and we often talk to each other while traveling.

By the way, I’m sure he’s talking about the fact that I took credit for turning back the scouts, or assassins, of the Gungel soldiers who attacked us the other day during the encampment.

I don’t know where the information leaked from, but Gungel, who knew about our advance, had sent assassins, and there were quite a few skilled men lurking around.

Well, even if you’re skilled, you’re still human.

The most powerful youkai in the world, Momiji, was able to detect the existence of the monster, and Mizzet and I were able to kill it instantly, which saved the day.

Also, it was probably significant that Shie became strangely uptight at that time and summoned Deus to become a warrior.

It seemed like she was just asking Deus, who was fused with her as it were, to destroy the enemy, rather than summoning him.

She won’t budge, saying it’s a summons, so let’s just say it is.

The reaction of the people around us was that it looked like Shie was using a mysterious spirit to slaughter the assassin.

She was using a mysterious spirit with a metallic appearance, but it seems that this beastman-slave dog has become widely known as someone who is amazing enough to be able to use such a rare spirit.

That’s why Jobs took a shine to me and half-jokingly asked me if he could have her.

I guess the idea was that by rejecting Jobs’ proposal, I’d be a powerful mercenary, and it’ll restraints everyone around me to make sure they didn’t mess with me.

He’s a surprisingly caring guy.

“Was I doing a good job yesterday?”

“Ah, well done, Momiji. I’ll give you an extra onigiri.”

“Nuh-uh. ……”

I stroked the Momiji that was smiling at me after receiving the onigiri.

Well, if this girl can even penetrate the detection of Earth’s sub-god, the Nine-Tails. It would be no problem for her to deceive the eyes of the demon god of the other world and keep them on their guard.

For the time being, we can rest assured.

More importantly, the problem is …….

“Mufu. I am the noble Shie, who carries the spirit of the end in her body. I can do it if I try.”

“Oh, good doggy girl!”

“You’re a genius!”

“…. Mufu. Praise me more. Say it again. Once again, I’m the noble Shie, I can do it if I try.”

This is Shie, who is repeatedly making weird speeches while standing on a platform in the center of the encampment.

I don’t know what she wants to do, but she looks so satisfied, and she’s so fucking serious about showing that she can do it, that I can’t stop her.

What in the world is this girl trying to achieve? ……

The mystery only deepens.

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

A Guide To How To Create Another World, Isekai Sozo no Susu-me ~ Sumahoapuri de Wakusei o Tsukutte Shimatta Ore wa Kami to Nari Sekai o Meguru, 異世界創造のすゝめ~スマホアプリで惑星を創ってしまった俺は神となり世界を巡る~
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A certain middle-aged man, Saito Kenji installed a mysterious smartphone app “Guide to Creating Another World”. It was a game in which you could freely manipulate planets, lives, tribes, eras, and all sorts of other things. However, as a result of being transferred to the world on the screen through a new function, he found himself able to travel back and forth to Japan! You can explore and time travel in other world, and the different abilities you get can be used either way, and use dimensional storage. And you can take things and people with you as much as you want…! “Hmm, this is an adventure you have to have, isn’t it?" I’m busy resolving problems in two worlds, and leveling up in between. Occasionally, he gives an oracle to cause the other world to shake violently, or tames a nine-tailed girl with tuna mayo–? The life of an Ex-salaryman with an “anything goes” God life START!


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