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A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 195

It’s been a while since we left the encampment.

Around noon that day, the war between Albalest and Gungel finally began.

This war originally started as a skirmish, but perhaps because of the consecutive defeats against smaller country, or perhaps because there is a chance of victory this time, the scale of the conflict has become so large that it can no longer be called a skirmish, and the armies are clashing with each other.

And, of course, we’re in it.

As planned, I’m aiming to become the general of Gungel, while blocking the power of the EX occupation and dodging the enemy soldiers that are coming towards me.

But as expected, in the midst of this melee, I can’t leave Shie alone, aside from Momoji that can win the grand prize when it comes to saving her own life.

Even with Deus’s support, her basic fighting ability is only a hair above that of a mid-level adventurer in this world.

However, it was not a good idea to leave Shie, who was well versed in the world of the other side, behind in the temple.

Therefore, when the war starts, I said not to be too stand out, but to follow me while hiding with Momiji……

“This is the power.”

“It is indeed amazing. The power of Deus makes people fly like a ball. That’s amazing.”

“Of course. But you’re also amazing. I’ve been on such a rampage and no one has found us.” (Shie)

“Does that mean we’re awesome?” (Momiji)


The power of Momiji’s concealment prevents us from being seen, but distracting conversation coming from behind me almost made me wince.

I mean, this pair of clunkers, they’re not listening to me!

I saw Deus blown away a warrior-like in battle, and heard them high-five each other with “Yeah!”

I wonder how the strategy I gave them is being converted in their brains.

I’m pretty sure I told him, ‘Don’t stand out. ……’

Maybe they think that if their appearance isn’t noticeable, so their actions won’t be noticeable!


“Kenji, it’s better to leave those two idiots alone for now. The more we care about them, the more they’ll be recognized by the enemy. Oh well, at least with Deus and Momiji around, they won’t end up dead.”

“Huh. ……. Okay, you’re right. Let’s go in that direction.”

Fortunately, no one has been killed by this invisible attack yet, so enemy don’t see it as much of a threat.

They were still wary of the mysterious attack, but it was still tolerable.

We have no choice but to proceed to next step.

And so, while listening to the lively conversation of the clanking duo from the rear, we proceeded to march forward at a brisk pace in accordance with the movements of those around us.

Maybe because of the influence of me, Mizzet, and Deus, who became invisible due to the power of Momiji, or perhaps it is because the plan of the assassins we defeated during the march failed, it seems that the other side has not been able to attack us.

At this rate, we’ll be able to make contact with the enemy executive class without using the power of the EX occupation as planned.

While Kenji Saito was steadily attacking this war, the Demon God, who was watching the battle from above, muttered quizzically.

“….. That’s strange. It’s really strange, this. There have been signs of this since the assassins’ plan failed, but this sudden turn of events is strange. If I had assumed that, even if it wasn’t a major defeat for the Albalest, we wouldn’t be in a situation where we were being held back so unilaterally.”

Yes, because when comparing their strength with ours, even if the assassination had failed, the Albalest would not have been able to outperform.

Numbers are not the only thing that matters in war.

In a world where each individual’s power is more valuable than anything else through the mastery of magic, if you take into account the powerful pawns brought from her own world, it doesn’t make sense that this would happen.

If there are people in the enemy camp who are beyond the power of even the pawns prepared by the demon god, then they must be people who play an important role in this world, for example, the hands of the creator god.

No, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Creator God himself had a hand in it.

The demon god herself had set it up that way.

“But none of the Arbalest are that remarkable in their movements. It’s true that there are more powerful people than ever before, and some of them are even better at what they do. However, even when compared to them, they have not reached a level of strength that would allow them to be judged as pawns of the creator god, or even the creator god himself…….”

That’s why it doesn’t make sense.

Of course, there are powerful people, even if they are not tied to the creator god.

It is possible, of course, that this is one of those rare occasions where the Albalest camp is about to win.

But that’s being overly optimistic.

The demon god was not so optimistic as to take for granted the possibility that such a convenient warrior, neither too strong nor too weak, would be intervening.

“I don’t know who gave them the information and how, but they did it. I’m sure the hands of my countrymen are pulling the strings behind the scenes.”

That’s what the demon god think, and she’s probably not wrong.

Needless to say, it was the hand of her countryman, or Shie, that allowed Kenji Saito to see this far.

However, the least she just gave him a little bit of information, it’s far than pulling the strings behind the scenes.

“Well, but. It’s also a good thing that I don’t have to bother finding the Creator God. Because my role is also to buy time, it would be better if this fuss helped me to tie up the time of Creator God….. but I don’t like the fact that I was outsmarted, so I wanted to do something to repay them back.”

Anyway, the demon god, who had read these circumstances from the war, became even more grim and decided to look more closely to find out who might be mixed up in the war.


Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

A Guide To How To Create Another World, Isekai Sozo no Susu-me ~ Sumahoapuri de Wakusei o Tsukutte Shimatta Ore wa Kami to Nari Sekai o Meguru, 異世界創造のすゝめ~スマホアプリで惑星を創ってしまった俺は神となり世界を巡る~
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A certain middle-aged man, Saito Kenji installed a mysterious smartphone app “Guide to Creating Another World”. It was a game in which you could freely manipulate planets, lives, tribes, eras, and all sorts of other things. However, as a result of being transferred to the world on the screen through a new function, he found himself able to travel back and forth to Japan! You can explore and time travel in other world, and the different abilities you get can be used either way, and use dimensional storage. And you can take things and people with you as much as you want…! “Hmm, this is an adventure you have to have, isn’t it?" I’m busy resolving problems in two worlds, and leveling up in between. Occasionally, he gives an oracle to cause the other world to shake violently, or tames a nine-tailed girl with tuna mayo–? The life of an Ex-salaryman with an “anything goes” God life START!


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