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That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Drunkenness, Licking Life Incapable of Self-Care!

Late at night, under the bright moon and a sky filled with stars, there was peace and tranquility on the Feixian Peak.

Chen Chang’an was wandering around Feixian Peak, familiar with everything.

After all, this was going to be his home from now on.

“I don’t know when Master will be back. My filial piety points are in a state of emergency. I want to reap some benefits and earn more filial piety points.”

Although Feixian Peak’s mountain road was rugged, Chen Chang’an had a cultivation level of five levels of Qi refining and was not afraid.

He returned to the small courtyard at the top of the peak.

Under the moonlight, Chen Chang’an looked at the thatched hut, suddenly stunned.

He remembered something.

There were two rooms in the thatched hut. One was the kitchen, and the other was where his master, Feng Wanxi, slept.

So… where will I sleep tonight?

Just then, a spirit rainbow swayed and broke through the sky, returning to Feixian Peak.

It was Feng Wanxi, who went out for a walk and to help with digestion.

The spirit rainbow dissipated, and Feng Wanxi had just landed.

Unexpectedly, she stumbled and fell with a loud bang.


Chen Chang’an was dumbfounded.

How could his master, who had powerful cultivation, fall on flat ground?

Was she injured?

How was that possible, his master was so strong!

Just as Chen Chang’an was in a daze.

Feng Wanxi staggered to her feet again, even hiccuping.

Chen Chang’an quickly stepped forward.

“Master, are you okay?”

As soon as Chen Chang’an supported Feng Wanxi’s arm, he smelled the strong scent of alcohol emanating from her body.

Chen Chang’an was speechless.

Oh my goodness.

It turned out that she went out to drink, got drunk, and no wonder she fell.

“Master, you’re drunk. Let me help you rest in the house.”

“Disciple, I’m not drunk, Xia Chan is.”

Feng Wanxi retorted.

But her clear and pure eyes were already hazy and ethereal, shining like flowing light.

Her stunning cheeks were flushed with two blushes, and her drunkenness was charming.

Her body was so soft and boneless, if it weren’t for Chen Chang’an supporting her, she might have fallen to the ground again.

Xia Chan?

Chen Chang’an knew.

She was the elder alchemist of Jade Dan Peak and was also one of the four elders. Her relationship with Master was very good.

It seemed that Master went to drink with her.

I wonder what kind of alcohol they drank?

Chen Chang’an was surprised that they had made Master so drunk.

But still.

At this moment, his drunk Master was so beautiful and incredibly charming.

However, how could Chen Chang’an take advantage of his Master’s weakness?

He helped Feng Wanxi into the house.

It was a thatched hut.

They went inside.

Chen Chang’an smelled the strong smell of alcohol throughout the room. He looked around and found that the room was not big, a bit cluttered, and simple. There was no dressing table or tables and chairs, only a sandalwood bed and a few sealed jars of wine.

There was a faint spiritual light in the room, perhaps because of the array that accelerated the gathering of spiritual energy, making it seem extraordinary.

Chen Chang’an helped Feng Wanxi onto the bed and said, “Master, rest for a while. I’ll make you some hangover soup.”


In a moment, Chen Chang’an returned from the kitchen with a bowl of hangover soup. However, Feng Wanxi had already fallen asleep.

The moonlight outside the window spilled in, and Feng Wanxi lay on the bed, snoring loudly. However, she didn’t look graceful at all, drooling from the corner of her mouth.

Suddenly, Feng Wanxi turned over lazily in her sleep, revealing a piece of white on her chest, vaguely visible under the dim moonlight.

Chen Chang’an’s expression became solemn, and his gaze froze. “Master, do you know that you look really bad right now? How can you be so indecent even when you’re sleeping? Fortunately, I saw it. If someone else saw it, wouldn’t it be a disaster?”

In this way, the powerful Feng Wanxi was caught by her disciple Chen Chang’an, who stole a glance at her in her drunken ignorance.

However, soon, Feng Wanxi turned over again and covered her body, hiding her beauty from view.

Chen Chang’an withdrew his gaze and silently thought to himself, “If Master finds out, she will definitely kill me. I saw nothing, absolutely nothing.”

Then, he walked to the bed and said, “Master, wake up.”

Hearing Chen Chang’an’s call, Feng Wanxi, who had not yet fallen into a deep sleep, slowly opened her drunken eyes.

“What’s wrong, my disciple?”

“Master, drink this bowl of hangover soup before sleeping again.”

Feng Wanxi took the hangover soup from Chen Chang’an, drank it in one gulp, and handed the bowl back to him. “One more bowl, please.”

[System prompt: Master drank another bowl of hangover soup, and earned 10 filial piety points.]

Chen Chang’an smiled. As expected, he had prepared a large pot of hangover soup instead of just one bowl, knowing his Master’s foodie nature. With the “Strongest Filial Piety System,” he vowed to lick his Master until she could not take it anymore.

Hmph, earning 10 filial piety points per day for the “Idle Practice Function,” which required drinking a bowl of hangover soup, was no big deal. It was a small matter.

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Crossing over to the Nine Realms World, Chen Chang’an accepted by the beautiful Feng Wanxi as her direct disciple, opened the [Strongest Filial Piety System]. As long as you care for your master, look after your master, take care of your master and so on, you can gain filial points. “Master, you look tired, let this disciple massage your back and legs.” “Master, this disciple has made you a chocolate cake which is your favorite, open your mouth, ah-” “Master, this is a Great Immortal Sword that this disciple just made today, take it and go kill demons with it. It’s very powerful!” “Hey, Master, come and try on this disciple’s latest invention, Jade Cicada Black Silk Stockings, you have long and slender jade legs, they will look great on you.” Until one day, the beautiful master leaned in Chen Chang’an’s arms and asked him with a red face, “Disciple, why do people say that we show our love?” Chen Chang’an gave beautiful master a kiss to express his innocence. “Master, this is a misunderstanding, this disciple is just doing his filial duty~”


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