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Story Of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 83 [Part – 2]



A sticky liquid dripped from its fangs, further melting the charred ground.


The eyes of the serpent made the wolves shrink back.


Even Lilia, who was supposedly being protected at the moment, moaned unbearably at the heat and ferociousness of Doussan.


The wolves, who were being intimidated, were even more afraid, forgetting their pride and running away from the unknown pressure that they had no experience with.


“….You’re really going to run away? This is why people in the west are said to be gutless. I’m the only one who says… but… oh?”


A huge shadow appeared to the right of Doussan, who was not able to hide it’s disappointment while it slithered through the slender trees.




Lilia, who had sweat pouring down her forehead, looked up slowly.


The wolves from earlier looked like elephants, yet right now she felt that they could have been easily crushed unknowingly while Doussan slithered.




“Hey, there’s a good one here. All right! Then we’ll strangle him and drain his blood… You…?”




Lilia, whose eyes had been glued at the huge boar in front of them, came to her senses at Doussan’s words.


Then she turned her gaze to where Doussan was looking and saw…..




A white owl had perched itself in the tree next to the boar.


It was grooming itself.


“What do you mean? Is this boar demon one of us?”


“No, no, no. He’s currently being hijacked by Hisahide’s evil eye.”


Doussan casually said something frightening, about being hijacked. Upon closer observation, the eyes of the boar in front of her were indeed empty, as if he was trapped in a dream.


“If it’s just this boar, a magic eye of that level should be enough. I heard about it from Lerga and flew here.”


It spoke as if you still have the ability to use the magic eye.




“What are you doing? I’ll be careful about the fire even if you don’t tell me!” Doussan was having a normal conversation with a flying Hisahide, who scratched him on the head.


It appeared that Hisahide was a reasonable owl who could not speak.


Except for the fact that he has a deadly and magical ability, his evil eye.


“Come on, let’s get this stuff out of here! You humans have to cook before you can eat. My stomach’s a disaster. It’s taking too long to digest!




Hisahide, who had been complaining a lot, stuck his claws into the back of the giant boar and… jumped up and down.


“Hmph, what’s all the fuss? Get a move on…. Well, we also have to get some vegetables. We need a balanced diet. I heard Crono-sama uses pickles to make up for it, but I can’t.”




As she watched the strange sight of the boar flying away, she replied.




“What, what, what?”


She pulled out her cutlass which she was about to put away, awkwardly in surprise, and readied it at the sound of Doussan’s cry.


“….I accidentally forgot to tell you something important.”


“….Say it. If it’s important, try not to forget. Even more so if it’s about Crono-sama or his residence.”


“Sorry, sorry.”


Doussan turned to Lilia and leaned it’s head against her, who was getting slightly annoyed while putting back her cutlass.


“What I’m going to tell you is a secret from Crono-sama. Don’t tell him. And don’t tell that little girl.”




“If anyone finds out you were too scared to speak when we first met, it’ll ruin your reputation…. okay? Please be careful.” It said and slithered on, leaving the puzzled Lilia behind .


“….Huh…. Wait, there’s plenty of mushrooms around here.”


“What? …I don’t know what humans can and cannot eat. You can’t eat moss. Yet you can eat sprouts. Trees can’t be eaten. Yet you can eat mushrooms. I don’t understand.”


Lilia was relieved to see Doussan returning to his quiet, mumbling self.


“All you have to do is guide me. I’ll get them.”


“Hey, hey. Throw in some vegetables. Vegetables have ‘Vitamin’ in them. ‘Vitamins.’”


Of course, Crono was a major reason why, but this snake seemed relatively easy to get along with.




Kageha, who had been secretly following the snake, saw through its strength at a glance and quietly left the scene.


Both Doussan and Hisahide were very powerful, but they seemed to have no hope of harming Crono’s comrades.


“…You… are an idiot. You don’t even have a basket. How are you going to bring it back? You’re so naive! I have to keep helping you every step of the way! It’s going to be tough…”


“Shut up you snake. There’s a bag to put it in.”


“…I knew that…”


Crono’s house, even without Crono, was much more livelier than Crono had imagined.


~Part 2~ [Journey]


The man was famished.


He had not yet found anyone strong enough to satisfy him, and his expectations had been betrayed despite the rumors he had heard.


The man had heard of it.


He heard of the existence of the [Nightwalker].


Battles were decided by a single swing of his fearsome spear. 


But still the man’s blood drove him to go.


His blood rushed to the Vajra Wall.


So… the blood of the ‘Demon’ boiled.





Near the border between Larman and the Kingdom of Light.


A large shadow walked through the wilderness in the Kingdom of Light’s side, where there was minimal trouble.


His legs were full of strength as he tread the ground, his body radiating the aura uinque to a strong man.


He walked firmly, defying the glaring sunlight and the blowing dust.




“You, stop right there!”


A troop of soldiers jumped out from behind a rock and surrounded the large man who donned a robe, while quickly taking their positions.


Monsters accompanied them, and they ranged from hound-like to giant rat-like. Each soldier has several of them.


“….What do you want with me, little soldiers from Larman?”


“Be careful about how you talk! You suspicious bastard… tell me your name!”


The word “little” struck a nerve, and Larman’s captain raised his voice and questioned him.


Just then, a gust of wind lifted the big man’s hood.




The troops and monsters were overwhelmed.


The man’s eyes.


The man’s eyes were so strong that they gave the illusion of being physically pressured.


“….This is the territory of the Light Kingdom. You have no right to know my identity.”


“Nonsense! You demons have no business interfering in the affairs of humans! We have no need for outsiders in the human kingdoms! You…”


The captain who quickly grabbed his sword in the face of the terrifying demon’s fighting spirit was torn to pieces.


His body was cut in two by a spear made out of light, and his blood and organs splattered everywhere.


“Ca- captain!”




“Foolish. If you’d just let me go, I’d let you walk right past me…. In the Light Kingdom, we have some sense of decency…” He took off his robe.


“Y- Yes!”




They knew he was a massive man.


They knew he was uncommonly strong from the blow he had just delivered.


However, at the sight of his uncovered figure, the members of the team stopped breathing.


“I’ve heard rumors. At this time of year, there are skirmishes between the Republic of Larman and the Kingdom of Light in this area.”


Muscles like rocks bulged out of his body.


A hint of majestic magical power that seemed to belong to a superior being.


Under the pressure of the strong force, the members of the team backed away little by little.


“….If you come all the way from another kingdom and seek a fight, you have to be prepared.”


The tip of his spear was filled with magic.


A somewhat evil, purple colored and… mighty magic.




“Kill him!”


The spear was wielded.


It was wielded with minimal skill, with just enough force to swing at those in its way.


The spear grasped at its prey straight and honestly, and slaughtered it cruelly.


“….was a foolish choice. A small fry should have lived like a small fry. Since you’re a soldier, you should know the consequences of wrong decisions.”


The decision was made in seconds.


 He killed the demon that jumped at him and then slaughtered the soldiers without giving them a chance to escape.


He turned his back on the pieces of flesh that no longer maintained their former shape, while putting on the robe that was caught onto the tree. He stoically walked into the sandstorm.


‘I hope I can meet the bandit called [Nightwalker] before I get any dubious requests from the Kingdom of Light….’


Unfortunately for Larman’s men, this happened before they met a certain man.


If they had met him afterwards, they might have been able to…..






The forest trembled.


A few weeks later, a jet-black weapon was held in the demon’s hand instead of the spear he had lost.


“Phew, phew…. phew… You can finally wield it properly now?”


In the aftermath, the surface of the lake, which had been raging with violent waves, was gradually calming down.


The sweaty upper half of my body was not clothed, and the blood vessels in my body stood out prominently. 


Every day I felt an unprecedented fatigue in my muscles.


The God of Destruction, the God of War, and the God of Magic… his journey to become more than proficient with the weapons given to him by an unidentifiable but trusted being.


In the beginning, trying to wield one made him feel as if all the power in his body had been taken away.


The sunlight reflected off the lake, shining brightly on Asura.


“….I can’t keep them waiting too long. I must hurry….”


As he wiped his body with a wet towel, he stifled the sound of impatience that escaped him.


For some reason, the Kingdom of Light wanted him to take care of a suspicious request on their behalf, and although they encouraged him to take his time, he felt there was nothing better than being early. He dressed up and once more started his journey.


‘I wish I had a strong partner to use as a mentor.’


The Swamp Demon did reside in the vicinity.


The [Swamp Demon] was said to be a powerful magician…


‘I’ve never had any luck with… sorcerers. It’s a waste of time.’


A child’s scream reached the ears of the troubled man.


It was a faint sound, but the screams were increasing, as if they were contagious. What was a solitary scream soon became the screams of several people.




He was not at all interested, but he walked in the direction of the screams anyway.


Screams continued constantly, and at the same time the earth rumbled too.


Surprisingly, he reached the place quickly.


“Oh no!”


“Why is there a dragon here?”


It was a remote village on the outskirts of a secluded forest, with good roads and a large population.


In that village…. a medium-sized dragon was attacking.






It roared so loudly that the fleeing villagers stopped moving due to sheer fright.


“Uh, ugh….”


The body of the dragon was covered by moss, making it seem like the lord of the forest.




‘…It must have been defeated in a territorial dispute. It had nowhere to go and ended up in a human village…’


Dragons were strong.


So strong that they were revered as gods.


Most of them were unique species that have evolved on their own, but this one was most likely one of the ordinary dragons that were far below that level.


But, it was a dragon nonetheless.






There was nothing a human could do but be overrun.


With a mere graze of the dragon’s body, houses were scraped off, people were flung away. The dragon did whatever it wanted.




The demon, watching from the forest, turned on its heels indifferently, dismissing it as a problem of the human race.


No one was attracted to the struggles of the weak.






The dragon stepped forward to crush a child who sat up in fear, without even noticing him. 


“No! Stop!”


A mother holding a baby cried out in agony as she noticed her child was trapped.






Even the demon could not stand to look at such a scene.






In front of the child’s eyes, a dragon was desperately trying to flee.


For some reason, it’s legs flailed, but he made no progress.


“…When I asked him why he did not kill me, he replied,”


He grabbed the tail of the dragon, which was much bigger than he was, and easily stopped its charge…


“It’s better not to take lives, than to let them be taken. I saw the pinnacle of strength in those words.”




With his newfound power, he threw the dragon towards the entrance of the village.


It was like he was throwing a small lizard.


“You are truly strong only when you respect life… If I’m going to serve him, I should follow his example. Don’t you agree?”


He turned to the dragon, who bared its fangs angrily.


” —-!!!”






Following a roar that made the houses creak, it crouched down and rushed towards the demon without paying attention to the frightened villagers.


“Watch out!”


The child, who had almost died, unconsciously cried out to alert the demon of the danger.


But to this demon, such cries were useless.


“Don’t fight against the weak.”


The village shook due to the demon’s hammer, which was haphazardly swung at the advancing dragon.




The dragon’s brain was crushed along with its forehead, making its muscles jerk.


It was a tragic end to a tragic story.


The dragon, an extraordinary being, had been bludgeoned to death in a single, dreamlike blow.


A blow that was just like the one the God the demon believed in struck.


“…..You were defeated, and now you came across me. You’re out of luck.”


The demon said coldly as he left, not paying attention to the stunned villagers.


“….thank you….”


“Oh, please wait! How can I repay your favor?!”


The mother of the child came to her senses and shouted subconsciously.


“You do not need to repay me. I was merely following the teachings of the Lord I serve.”


The demon did not even look back.


“You can consider yourself saved by a lightning strike…”


That was his final statement, as he left the village.


“Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”


“Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you….”


“The demon of salvation…”


The demon was still thanked for a while, even though he could not be seen.


When the army heard the rumor and came to the village, all the villagers refused to confess, saying it was the work of a lightning strike.


Even though the dragon’s corpse suggested that the cause of death was not a lightning strike.


They insisted that the dragon was killed by a lightning strike on a clear day, and no one gave any further details.




Author’s Note:


Sorry. I forgot to mention that I’ve also started posting on “Shosetsuka ni Narouou”.


However, I’ll update here first, so if you are reading on this site, you don’t have to worry about it.


The other site will be updated slowly to save time and for advertising purposes.


Thank you very much.


[TLN: Sorry for the delay in posting! This chapter gave me a literal headache with how long it was…]

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!, 古き魔王の物語をっ!
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world. He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.


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