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Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 101 [Part-2]

Chapter 101 – Mob Knight Screams Unnecessary Things [Part-2]

The room creaked as the white mana became thicker.

The immatureness he showed in the past is gone, and his temperament turned sharp and deadly.


Hakuto leapt out at high speed, splitting the floor.



His slash was clearly faster than what he could muster when he faced…. the Demon King.

His perfect body was more powerful than before, and the power of his slashes was gradually increasing because of Hakuto’s killing intent.



The mad priest ran around the room, fighting off the white beast as its speed increased.

The hesitation caused by the presence of the hostage no longer existed, and the anger caused by the loss of the hostage accelerated the sword.

Slightly chipping away at the metal Gospel, Hakuto himself was slowly but surely approaching the power level of Shock.


Oswald knelt down, unmindful of the fierce battle happening in front of him.

Another death.

Another death, right in front of him.

Because he was lost and absentminded?

Because he did not follow Hakuto?

Because he did not jump into battle as soon as he got here?

Various regrets swirled in his mind, and he collapsed onto his knees because of dizziness.

‘Will you be proud of who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow?’

Oswald remembered his father’s back, when he was leaving.

He felt like he had been slapped across the face, and his vision became clearer.

His hands, which were falling to the floor, stopped.

If they touch the floor, he was sure he would break and begin crying, unable to bear the negative emotions.

“I’m not proud… I’m not proud of… I’m not proud of….”

He muttered strongly to himself, as if to rouse himself.

He wiped away the tears that had been streaming down his face with his sleeve, pulled out the knife from his waist, and clenched it in his hand.

(…Oh, I see….)

He now understood why his father went on a rampage that day instead of attending the funeral.

The grief, the lamentation, the wailing, the repentance, the excuses…..

All of it could be done later.

For he had seen something he could only do now, something he had to do, for if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to feel proud of himself tomorrow.


The Arch bloodline that ran through Oswald made him stand.

Even the heartache that swelled in his chest to the point that he felt his heart would tear was turned into strength, just as it was for Gerald that day.

He clenched his teeth as hard as he could, and pushed down the pain in his chest.


The magic circle of his eyes glowed.

Shock’s legs were sewn to the floor, and his movements were halted as he fell under the white beast’s onslaught.



After discerning the opportunity and sinking deeply into his stance, Hakuto, his pure white mana fluttering like wings, quickly stepped forward.

He broke the ground and pushed straight ahead stubbornly.

The five-and-a-half-meter gap between them was instantly filled.

The technique was no longer reminiscent of Erika’s clear stream, and had become explosive and fierce.

He slashed his tightly clenched sword with both hands, unleashing the crackling pressure of his mana.



Shock opened the Gospel and used it as a shield.


The sound of a loud bang echoed and sparks fly, but Shock’s heavy body endured the blow, even as he slumped down.


Hakuto’s sword still accelerated further.

The white slash hit Shock without abating.

Hakuto’s spirit, which was filled with anger, made him stronger.

And then…



Oswald’s knife ripped into Shock’s cheek.

The wound was far from fatal.

Shock continued to fight, not caring a bit about the gaping wound.

Oswald joins in and used his legs to kick and his knives, and the battle raged on.

Victory was in sight.

Hakuto’s concentration increased due to his desire to kill Shock, and he stood out from the other two in terms of power and speed.

Shock had his hands full with Hakuto, and Oswald, the more skilled of the two attackers, was steadily inflicting damage.


Oswald notices something wrong with Hakuto, who was sprinting in all directions and unleashing sharp, heavy slashes.



Victory or defeat depended on luck, and even a little bad luck could easily reverse everything.

“I’ve barely slashed thirty times yet!”

Hakuto’s sword cracked.

Both Hakuto himself and Oswald had completely misjudged the quality of Hakuto’s mana.

No matter how much his bloodline had thinner over time, the quality of Hakuto’s mana was of such an exceptional quality that it was only apparent what the original source was.

“An opening~”

Shock joked in a playful voice, but in the end, Shock’s skills were all too real.

He swung his oversized scripture at Hakuto, who, overwhelmed by losing his weapon suddenly, had a slight lapse of concentration.

“Damn it, Raah!“

“It’s of no use~”


Oswald plunged his knife into Shock’s back.

Shock swung his scripture down without feeling any pain, even though the wound was so deep that the knife might have reached his lungs.

It seemed to Oswald that this man completely lacked the fear of death.

A cold shiver ran down Oswald’s spine as he realized once again that Shock was indeed a madman.



The sound of hard objects shattering, combined with the dull thud of flesh and bone breaking, could be heard.

Oswald turned his head and saw Hakuto flying through the air.

The iron scripture, the Gospel that was wielded by the strong-armed priest had sent Hakuto flying to the corner of the room in a flash.

His sword was broken, and Hakuto’s right upper arm was discolored and his bones looked abnormal.

“Yes– one person has been defeated—-?“

“Shut up!”

Oswald, whose face was contorted in anger with veins popping up, slammed his legs into Shock’s face.


Oswald dropkicked him with all his might.

He drew in Shock with his magic eye, and then kicked him in the face, exploding his face with the explosion magic manipulation technique that he learned from… Glass.

“….I don’t want to see your face anymore. Get the hell out of here–”


The giant body, which had been on the verge of collapsing, rose up and hit Oswald in the gut with its kneecap.


Oswald fell down in agony from the gut-wrenching pain.

(….he didn’t fall down even after that…?)

The word ‘Defeat’ passed through his mind as he struggled against the monstrous endurance that reminded him of his father.

“Heehee….. hmmm, it worked………. If it wasn’t for last night, this would have been a little too close.”

The blow that Oswald used was his secret move, and it was quite powerful, as he had put a great deal of mana into his magic eye as well.

In fact, even Shock had nearly knocked out.

But Oswald had miscalculated, for Shock had experienced the same technique the night before.

“You are as dangerous as the hero. I’ve decided to crush your head and throw it away, so don’t move too much.“

How could a man want to crushes someone’s head, and raise a deadly weapon, without any spirit or hesitation at all?

It showed that Shock truly did not regard the people on the kingdom’s side as human beings.

“Yo…. hmm?”

Shock turned his head around casually.


A battered Hakuto stood up against the morning sun.

With unfocused eyes, he stared at Shock, who had raised the Gospel at Oswald.

“…Don’t expect… anything from evil….”

He began to wobble forward, while muttering the words the Demon King had planted in his mind that day.

“…The world is full of… unreasonableness….”

“What are you saying? Man, this is really creepy.”

Littered with dust and bleeding from the head, Hakuto did not bother wiping the dirt from his handsome face, and picked up the chipped sword at his feet with his left hand… while muttering sadly and walking unsteadily.

“…Everything will be too late…… Before it’s too late……”

Hakuto’s eyes, darkened by the sun that shone behind him, glowed powerfully.

A gleam of pure white mana shone in his right hand.

In contrast to the raging storm of the past, it was lit steadily, like a candle flame, without flickering.

Severely wounded and numb….

The body that had been trapped in anger had lost its strength…..

The only thing on his mind was his thirst to overthrow evil.

Step by step, he moved towards Shock.

“….Hmm. If you want to be taken to the afterlife first, so be it. –You will pay for your sins in heaven!“

Shock, with a smile on his face, raised the Gospel to smash the wobbling Hakuto.

Hakuto, who was now as pale as a ghost, had neither the strength to prevent nor the will to evade.


He felt a solid tug to the metal scripture that he swung down.



The Gospel twisted from Hakuto and hit Oswald in the forehead.

He got up just in front of Hakuto, and with a desperate effort, he used his magic eye to draw the orbit of the scripture to his own forehead.

Even Shock was surprised at the foolish and frightening act.

The blow that easily gutted multiple knights was magnified by Oswald’s magic eye as he drew it to himself.

“…Ghooohd, ah…. is….”

Oswald shows a sturdiness reminiscent of his father. His forehead was split open, and he left the rest to Hakuto as he fell, bleeding heavily.

“Huh? Wow! –[Shock Strike]!”

He unleashed a special strike using his left palm, which he had saved for the Black Knight, on Hakuto, who was approaching.

The distorted tip of the broken sword was raised gently, and it pierced Shock’s left hand painfully.

Instantly, a curse was activated and the…. sword shattered into pieces.

“Noo!? Oh, my god?“

Hakuto stepped forward using a peculiar magical technique and extended his right hand, which was illuminated with a white radiance.

But even though it contained mana, it didn’t seem to be able to do anything about Shock’s thick muscles.


The goal was the Black Knight’s divine blade.

Hakuto imagined a blade that could cut through anything in a single flash.

His whole body, lost in pain, and the anger directed at the only evil, made it possible.

A thrust as fierce as a pure, holy, white sword.

Sharper than any blade, faster than one could ever imagine, it accelerated with the mana in his hand.

–The White Sword–


Hakuto’s sword pierced through the left of Shock’s chest without any resistance.


A true monster manifested on the Kuralt Bridge.

A monster with strength that could only be seen in stories, a monster that seemed impossible to defeat.

The wings of magic power tinged the royal city with despair.

Even the sky clouds over as if celebrating the birth of the monster.

The knights were terrified, and even Alto and Souryu hesitated.

Understandably so.

A single swing of its great axe could cut through the great river, and a single flap of its wings….

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!“

“Ahhh, ahh, c’mon!”

…caused not only an ordinary knight, but even Lernoa to soar like a withered leaf.

It was a power beyond the reach of man.


Sweating coldly, Alto began to consider using the relic.

Only, once used, the kingdom’s trump card would exact a heavy price.



A black mass rushed through the soldiers, leapt up, and grabbed the knight and Lernoa.


With a heavy landing that shattered the stone bridge, he dropped Lernoa and the ordinary knight, and got up…..

“……I’ll take care of the rest. You’ve all endured well. Stay behind me.”

A knight adorned in the color that swallowed the light.

Hope welled up in the people, despite the short words that were delivered in a heavy, resonant voice.

“…Black Knight….”

Lernoa, sitting up and looking at the great armor, murmured, which caused the surrounding people to clamor.

“Oh, it’s the Black Knight….”

“Oh! The Black Knight has come!“

And sometimes hope can be paralyzing.

“Follow the black knight!”

“Follow the black knight!”

The rest of the army reacted to the knight’s reckless cry.

“Wait! Wait!“

Kelvin, next to Alto, yelled as hard as he can, but several of them did not stop.


The Black Knight started to run.


Feeling a strange sense of intimidation, the orc quickly tried to finish them with its great-axe.


The Black Knight bent down to the ground and slid through, avoiding it.



He grabbed a reckless knight by the collar as he headed towards the monster and threw him back at Alto and Kelvin.

“Oh, Black Knight!”


Alto’s warning was in vain, and the Black Knight’s legs were grabbed because of his momentary lapse.

Then, he was lightly lifted up…



They sunk into the depths of despair.

Hope was shattered, and true fear was born.


The Black Knight was slammed to the ground left and right.

Trying to struggle through the centrifugal force and the impact of the slamming, he was helplessly and unceasingly smashed into the ground by the monster born of hatred.

The force was so great that the bridge is chipped away, causing cracks to appear in the…. Black Armor.

Author’s Note:

Thank you very much for your congratulations on the 100th episode. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Translator’s Note:

I am still confused about the title of the chapter…

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!, 古き魔王の物語をっ!
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world. He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.


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