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Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 49 part 2

On the floor in the center of the room was a huge magic circle with an unconscious Satan lying on it.

The peach-haired girl who had been watching over him stood up.

When she saw me, she smiled brightly and rushed at me with tremendous force.

I thought I would be able to take it lightly, but I was blown away by a charge of unbelievable power.

My whole body slammed against the wall of the underground hall, and at the same time as my bones creaked all over my body, a girl with peach-colored hair – Asmo – hugged me as hard as she could.

“My Lord! Haha, I knew you had to be like this! Hahaha! My dear boy~!”

“Asmo…… you too……”

“You don’t mind if I hug you as hard as I can, do you? I’m so excited, I can’t help it! Right here, right now. You can make love to me here…”

“What the hell is this s*x-maniac bitch doing? Get away from my Darling!!!”

“No, no, no! I’ve been holding back for so long too! I’ll never let him go!”

Lumierre pulled Asmo’s body as hard as she could, but the Demon King had more strength.

She clung to my body and did not wince.

My spine screams from the sheer force of it.

“Oi! Don’t you read the air, you two!”

I said loudly and angrily, and Lumiere quickly removed her hand.

But Asmo didn’t weaken her embrace, in fact she hugged me tighter and tighter.

“Yes, yes, that’s it, that’s it! My Lord, that’s what you need! Now, take your uncontrollable frustration out on me right now.”

“Yareyare, Asmo. Let’s leave the joking for later. Okay?”

As Giselle said this, she lifted her fingers and held them like a visevise.

Asmo, who was hugging me with all her strength, relaxed and her body floated in the air. Then, she immediately landed gently on the ground.

“Oh, my God! We had our chance!”

“I’ll let you make love to me another time, okay?”

Giselle sat on the floor, hugged Asmo’s slumped body, and strokes her head.

As usual, they don’t know what is a priority and what is not, really, these guys….

Even though I still feel uncomfortable, I got up from there.

I climbed up and approached Satan.

Faced with the sight of my ally, who was motionless as if he were dead, I knelt down and looked at Satan with a bitter feeling.

The magic around his whole body was too weak.

It was hard to believe that he was the same as the man who had previously radiated a magical power that resembled a killer.

Why has he become so weak?

Moreover, why did Satan appear from the dimensional rift in the first place?

Does it have anything to do with the destruction of the crystal in the temple of the empire? If so, what is the reason for this?

I muttered, ruminating in my mind the words I had asked Satan just a moment ago.

“Hey, did you really let your destructive impulses get the better of you? You never forgot me before, no matter what state you were in. And now I have back to my original form, do you still forget about me? Why don’t you tell me …… how it happened, Satan.”

There was no way he was going to get an answer, but I couldn’t stop talking.

“Why did you disappear from our sight? Why did you reappear through the dimensional rift? Do you have something to do with owner of that magical power? Were you hiding in that place all the time? Or–” I dared to say something I didn’t want to think about.

“Don’t tell me someone like you had been wronged by someone.”

The only person who can compete on equal terms with the all-powerful Satan is the same person who can compete with every single Demon King. I can picture Claude Duras, freed from all burdens, giving it his all.

The Empire, Granden, and its military, can be said to be the stumbling block for that Great Hero. If he wielded his power without any consideration for town, the people, his beloved daughter, and the maid …… beside him, I could not help but feel that he had the potential to close in on me and Satan.

But I’ve never seen anyone like that before.

Not only does he know how to use the divine sword, but his physical ability to surpass that of Rena, who has my blessing in her body, is astounding.

I wondered if the blessings of the Great Goddess of Creation could give that much power to just one person.

It is said that there are four more people in the empire today who are as powerful as General Duras. Yes, they are called the Five Great Heroes.

One of them is Ludio Lambert, a half-elf lieutenant general with unparalleled power that I met in Mildiana.

That man also immediately analyzed the Sky Demon Summoning Technique using the final droplet.

He even destroyed the magic circle. In addition, the story of his tremendous victory in the battle against the Zenan Dragon Kingdom is still fresh in people mind.

Ludio Lambert was unfathomable in a different way to General Duras.

And there are three more who are called heroes with that much power.

If there are more than one of them, Satan might lose.

But it was 1200 years ago that Satan disappeared.

At that time, the country was not an empire, nor was it called Elberia. That country back then, which was called the Kingdom of Lutgaria, did not have the kind of war power that it has now.

I don’t believe that there was any such thing. No matter how the legendary hero who defeated the Dragon God King over a thousand years ago may be from that country.

However, it was the giant crystal that was undoubtedly enshrined in the temple of the empire that sealed the dimensional rift that triggered the appearance of Satan.

And perhaps Hein and Toto’s goal was to summon Satan by destroying the crystal.

They began to act at the time of the mass disappearance of elves due to the final droplet incident in Mildiana. I have to say that it is too absurd to call this a coincidence.

The person named Ghislain, who was making the final droplets, was an emissary from the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a magic powerhouse.

And the white monsters that appeared with Satan this time are most likely the failed works of magical creatures.

When it comes to magical creatures, what comes to mind is none other than the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

Are the Magic Kingdom that are currently engaged in an all-out war with the Lugal Kingdom, the homeland of Roka and Shaula, pulling the strings behind the scenes?

But Satan’s disappearance was 1200 years ago.

Is it make sense that up to the present day they had kept track of Satan’s whereabouts when no one in world knowing about it in centuries?

That alone would be unbelievable, but the question is, how did they get that dimensional rift to work when the sealed crystal was in an imperial temple in first place?

The old chief priest said that the giant crystal had already been in the imperial temple at least 400 years ago. ……

Indeed, there was a time long ago when the Empire and that Magic Kingdom were allies.

It was precisely at that time that I became aware of the toughness of magical creatures, but now that the Empire is supporting the Kingdom of Lugal, it is no exaggeration to say that the two countries are already enemies.

–I let out a big sigh and turned to Satan, who was now unconscious.

“No matter how much I think about it, it just doesn’t make sense. But it’s good that you’re still alive. Sleep now, Satan. Rest easy and let your weak body recover.”

From the magic circle where Satan lay, I could feel the magic of Giselle, Levy and Asmo.

It is one or two of the strongest sealing techniques I have ever seen. It doesn’t work if it’s powerful Satan from the past, but the Satan of today would be unruffled no matter how much he rampaged.

“I don’t know how you got into this state. But if a certain someone, who would have tremendous power, is involved, it is unlikely that person has already dead. It is more likely that some external law has caused that person to live far beyond his/her time, and that he/she still alive today. –In any case, when we find out the cause and get to the bottom of the matter. If there are people out there who are avenging our country, I myself will do my utmost to destroy them. I will surely avenge you.”

As long as you are here in Tenebrae, there will be no one to harm you.

Go to sleep in peace. When your body is healed and the madness swirling in your head has been completely dispelled, we will talk together again.

–I stood up and said to the three ladies and the demon king who were standing behind me, one of which was a pillar.

“We will hold a royal meeting soon. Gather the rest of the royal family as soon as possible. If they refuse the call, say: ‘This is an order’.”

The moment Lumiere heard about the royal family meeting, she nodded with a very different and mysterious look on her face.

Giselle followed suit, and Rena knelt down on the spot.

Asmo, the demon king of lust, blurted out as she played with her fingers in his peach-colored hair.

“……It looks like it’s going to be rough after a long time.”


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