Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Ling Ye Seems To Be Pretty Reasonable Actually

What the heck?

She’s supposed to be Tian-ge’s own arms, so how could she be so lacking?

For her to be such an embarrassment?

That was way too shameful!

She would normally go around saying all sorts of things!

But when Ling Ye really did appear before her, she instead showed such a shameful side of her?

“M-Ms. Ye, I’m begging you here. Please let us in!”

“Please let us in!”

“We really are here to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance! We’re begging you here!”

At that moment, everyone outside looked toward Ye Ziwei with begging expressions.

This was especially true for the remaining members of the Stellar Empire and the other 4 great factions.

Their five great factions’ Supreme Divine are dead. Even all their Divines and above are all dead!

Now, they really do have absolutely nothing anymore!

All that was left in their hearts was raw fear.

Fear toward Ling Ye!

Only by entering the Qiankun Realm could the fear in their hearts abate by a little bit.

It was the only thing that gave them any sense of security!

Inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei had come back to herself and hurriedly waved her hand, “L-let them in!”

The leadership of the Heaven and Earth Alliance hurried to allow the remains of the five great factions to enter.

Those remaining people truly are homeless now.

Ye Ziwei’s heart ached a bit as she watched those people from the five great factions enter in a frenzy!

She suddenly felt like it was her who made those people of the five great factions that way!

Yes, if she didn’t suspect her in the beginning, if she didn’t refuse them at the entrance of the Qiankun realm!

They may not have considered the idea of fighting Ling Ye ahead of time, and thus they may not have all died.

Ye Ziwei’s heart was filled with guilt.

It was as if that great slaughter by Ling Ye was caused by her misjudgment!

It was her to cause Chu Yunxiao and the rest of them to die!

But… She really didn’t have another choice back then!

She really didn’t dare to just casually let people in!

Ye Ziwei chewed on her lips. All she could do was to simply swallow her mistakes for the time being.

Everything can wait until after Tian-ge is out of seclusion!

Only now did she discover that she really does seem rather incompetent.

She couldn’t deal with matters. She couldn’t properly judge the truth!

And when she saw the Bloodshade Demon Lord, she was even scared stiff!

Wasn’t she just too lacking?

Ye Ziwei’s eyes turned a bit red.

At this moment, she felt a deep sense of uselessness!

So everything really wasn’t as simple as she thought.

Her gaze shifted toward the depths of the Qiankun Realm as she prayed, “Tian-ge, come out quick! I… I don’t have the ability to lead the Heaven and Earth Alliance at all!”

Thus, this little incident before the final battle came to an end.

The result was the utter defeat of the five great factions!

This incident once again allowed all within the myriad realms to witness the terror of Ling Ye!

As expected, it’s best not to casually provoke that man!

He was after all the ruler of this world. He was indeed an invincible existence!

Until Ye Tian exits seclusion before there is an Infinite realm, then there’s no point to courting death!

No matter how many people were to ally, none of them would dare to court death!

Otherwise, he will definitely not allow a single survivor!

No matter if the organization is weak or small, if anyone were to dare to provoke him, there’s no way that he would let them off…

Ling Ye slew five Supreme Divines. This result shocked the myriad realms!

However, in the eyes of many peak stage Supreme Divines, this was all within expectations.

After all, only those who truly understood Ling Ye could possibly know how terrifying his true might is!

Only then would they know how terrible his temper is!

For five mid to late stage Supreme Divines to dare to try to kill him?

Mere daydreams of the ignorant!

After Ling Ye slew Chu Yunxiao and the rest of them, he took Zhuge Qingchan with him and continued forward to his other destinations to continue setting up his great formation.

Violet Cloud Realm.

Lou Xuling withdrew her divine perception.

This result was completely within her expectations.

Ling Ye was simply that powerful, and he is also just that kind of person!

“How… Terrifying!”

And Xun Ruyue and the rest of them were all completely shocked!

Five great Supreme Divines, accompanied by all the Divine realm and higher elites of their five great factions in a combined attack against Ling Ye!

And the result of that was for their entire army to be wiped out?

Was that the true terror of Ling Ye?

Was that the terror of the ruler of the myriad realms?

They suddenly felt lucky.

Lucy that back when Ling Ye first came here, he didn’t treat them the way he treated the five great factions!

They had after all attacked Ling Ye that day. If Ling Ye had struck back, they too would have been completely wiped out, right?

They would have fallen to the same tragic end as that of the five great factions today, right?

However… In that case, Ling Ye seems to be pretty reasonable actually, right?

That day when Ling Ye came to the Violet Cloud Realm, he was the invader, and the Violet Cloud Realm was merely defending, so they weren’t in the wrong!

And today, the five great factions challenged Ling Ye on their own initiative, so they were the ones who courted death!

That’s why Ling Ye fought back.

Hmm, thinking about things this way, the Bloodshade Demon Lord might be scary, but he’s actually quite principled!

“Palace Mistress! Are we really not going to move the Violet Cloud Realm?”

Xun Ruyue and the others then hurriedly asked.

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