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Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Couldn’t Out-Stubborn Ling Ye in the End?

They have personally witnessed Ling Ye’s terribleness now after all!

If they don’t do as Ling Ye said, then the consequences of that will be very serious.

Those five great factions serve as a prior example!


Yet, Lou Xuling’s voice was still very cold, and her attitude continued to hold firm!

She just doesn’t want to do as Ling Ye says!

“But… If he were to use force, then we… Will definitely not be able to stop him!”

Xun Ruyue and the rest were rather puzzled.

Why does she have to opposed Ling Ye so much?

They can’t afford to go against him, so they should just bear with it!

Who among the myriad realms doesn’t need to bear with it when facing him?

If they really did go against him, then what exactly are they supposed to use to stop him when the time comes?

Even though Lou Xuling is peak stage Supreme Divine!

But even if the entirety of the Violet Cloud Realm put together is still completely no match for Ling Ye!

If things go badly, then they will end up the same as the five great factions from today and get singlehandedly annihilated by Ling Ye!

“If he dares to use force, then he will regret it!” Lou Xuling coldly uttered.


Xun Ruyue and the rest were rather uncomfortable.

How were they supposed to make him regret that though?

Although that pride and confident does indeed match the Palace Mistress’s personality quite well!

But the other person in question is Ling Ye!

Palace Mistress, our Violet Cloud Realm really is no match for him!

Before absolute power, they should withdraw as needed!

That’s logic that even they understood!

So why is it that the Palace Mistress doesn’t seem to understand it at this kind of time?

Right now, none of them have any options either.

Even though they did know what they should do!

But since Lou Xuling refused to do it, all they could do was obey Lou Xuling!

Either way, if when the time comes and Lou Xuling really does intend to lead the Violet Cloud Realm into battle against Ling Ye!

They will even so always stand by Lou Xuling’s side.

It’s fine even if they all die together!

Three days of time passed in a flash.

Ling Ye, with Zhuge Qingchan in tow, had already basically finished dealing with everything else.

Now, the Violet Cloud Realm is all that’s left!

The Violet Cloud Realm just needs to be shifted eastward by a few billion miles, and the great formation will be complete!

And then Ling Ye will be able to control the location of his own rebirth.

At this time, in the Violet Cloud Realm.

Within the Flower Sea Palace.

Lou Xuling had summoned the entirety of the leadership for the Violet Cloud Palaces, all the Empresses!

She seemed to be planning something important!

“Make the preparations! We’ll be moving the Violet Cloud Realm!”

Lou Xuling’s cool voice rang out as she stood at the front of the palace’s main hall.


The moment those words were out, everyone immediately froze for a moment!

What the heck?

The reason that she called everyone over was for this?

Palace Mistress, didn’t you say to ignore him earlier?

Didn’t you say before with a very firm attitude that we’re not moving no matter what?

Why is it now… She suddenly changed her mind?

Their Palace Mistress… It really does feel like she’s acting strangely stubborn before Ling Ye!

But she couldn’t out-stubborn Ling Ye in the end huh?

She might talk a good game, but in her heart, she’s actually quite clear on what she should do huh!

“During the relocation, we must be especially careful! Otherwise… There’s the possibility that the world might be destroyed!”

Lou Xuling’s voice rang out again.

If possible, she would definitely rather not listen to Ling Ye!

But she knows full well that Ling Ye’s personality is just like that. If they don’t move on their own, then Ling Ye will do it for them!

Therefore, although she might say that they’re not going to do as Ling Ye says!

In reality, she had long since already decided to move the Violet Cloud Realm.


Everyone hurriedly nodded.

Wouldn’t it have been better if they just did this from the start?

She really had to wait until now of all times to admit her loss!

Even though she knew full well that there’s no way that they could oppose Ling Ye, she just had to act stubborn anyways!

Their Violet Cloud Realm has never backed off against anyone before!

But since the other person is Ling Ye, it’s not like it’s shameful to back off this time!

Who wouldn’t back off before Ling Ye?

Thus, everyone started moving…

For the entire Violet Cloud Realm, all the elites let out as one!

Vast amounts of spirit energy expanded out along with the scent of the flowers to engulf the Violet Cloud Realm!

First, they’ll stabilize the Violet Cloud Realm’s foundations. They, they’ll stabilize the 49 islands!

The entire Violet Cloud Realm, the countless divine maidens within it, were all hard at work!

The light of vast amounts of spiritual energy had covered the entirety of the Violet Cloud Realm in an instant!

Everything was ready!

Lou Xuling stood at the very center of the Violet Cloud Realm.

She slowly opened her hand and merged her spirit power into the whole Violet Cloud Realm!

After countless years of development, the Violet Cloud Realm had already become extremely powerful!

It was no longer something that she could move on her own anymore.

If they were to move the Violet Cloud Realm now, it will definitely cause a certain amount of damages to the Violet Cloud Realm!

And right all, what they’re doing is to minimize the damages as much as possible!

After all the preparations were done, Lou Xuling gave everyone a glance.

Everyone nodded in response!

Then, they all acted as one!


Instantly, the entire Violet Cloud Realm started violently shaking!

Under the stabilization of the combined spiritual energy of everyone there, the entire Violet Cloud Realm started moving little by little!

It started moving little by little within the sea of stars toward the east!

Creating a world isn’t hard. Nor was destroying a world!

But moving a world while at the same time making sure that it stays safe is very difficult!

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Final boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End, 大反派: 在大结局让女主救我
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ling Ye transmigrated into the final boss, it was already right before the end. Facing the max leveled protagonist, all that awaited him was death! At this critical moment, Ling Ye discovered a way out in the heroine! Thus, he secretly contacted the heroine… When the protagonist finally came out of seclusion at max level… Ling Ye: “Sorry about that. She seems to be on my side, and she even wants to marry me…” The protagonist blew his top: “How did the woman that I chased after all this time to no avail end up becoming yours?”


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