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Chapter 599

Chapter 599 What About You?

In response to Su Hao’s unreasonable demand, the emperors were indeed unwilling.

Who were they? They were the high and mighty emperors of this world, when did they need to report their names and abilities to others?

Wasn’t this something that the lower-class subjects should do for them?

They wanted to make them bow their heads so easily?

Daydreaming! Their dignity as emperors could not allow them to compromise so quickly!

At least… they should wait for the other party to make a threat first, right?

The emperors had made up their minds, as soon as the other party made a threat, they would immediately submit!

As Su Hao’s eyebrows furrowed and his words fell, everyone’s heart sank, feeling that things were not looking good.

Was this considered a threat? It must be a threat, his brows were furrowed, looking very displeased. Was there a more threatening expression than this?

Su Hao casually pointed at Emperor Jia, saying, “You go first.”

Young Emperor Jia, pointed at by Su Hao, felt his legs go weak, swallowed hard, and glanced around. All the emperors, including the mages, were staring at him eagerly, anticipating his next performance.

In Emperor Jia’s eyes, this gaze meant they hoped he would show some backbone, see what consequences would arise if he did, and then decide if they should show some backbone when it came to their turn.

Maybe showing some backbone would earn them the admiration of the other party? After all, many plays have examples like this, where the protagonist, when captured, would rather die than yield, impressing the main antagonist with their heroic spirit, leading to mutual appreciation, and finally narrowly escaping with their lives…

What if the young man in front of them, who looked like he had an antagonistic demeanor, was also like that?

Emperor Jia cursed the group of ungrateful guys in his heart. In his opinion, at this moment, all these emperors should stand up together and face the situation with him.

Emperor Jia was a bit unsure of Su Hao’s temperament, hesitating and stumbling. When he saw Su Hao was about to act, he immediately spoke clearly, rapidly detailing his background, “My name is Yang Jia, male, Emperor ‘Jia Emperor’ of the Yang District. I ascended to the throne five years ago and became the emperor of the Yang District. I’ve just started with the work of an emperor, I don’t know much about it. If you, Mr. Jia Wei, want to know more, the other emperors who have been on the throne for a long time probably know more than me…

I am a Origin Mage, specializing in the Source of Air Mage, but I haven’t exercised much in my daily life, and I’m not very skilled at using it. According to the evaluation of the Mage Association, I have only reached the basic level, posing no threat!”

Su Hao smiled: “Very good! Next one!”

Jiadi suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, couldn’t help but raise his sleeve to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead, just now, in less than a minute, he was extremely scared.

Ignoring the disdainful eyes of other emperors, he retreated to the side.

With Jiadi’s good start, other emperors also followed suit, quickly reporting their basic information.

As for lying, no one in the room thought of doing so. Who are they? They are the kings of this world. Just ask around outside, who doesn’t know them? There is no need to lie.

They told themselves: as emperors, they have dignity and do not stoop to lying…

After all the emperors had reported, Su Hao turned to look at the last person – the wizard.

After a brief adjustment, the wizard regained his confidence and with a gentle expression and a faint smile, without needing Su Hao to urge him, he spoke up: “My name is He Zheng, with the title of ‘Wizard He’, I am the Chief Executive of the Mage Association of New Ji City, responsible for handling some trivial matters of the association on a daily basis, and I have some prestige within the Mage Association.

“I am a source mage of the Illusion school of magic, and I have some personal insights on the use of the source.”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up, smiling as he said: “So you are the leader of source mages in the whole world, please forgive my disrespect. I have something I wish to discuss with you, but I didn’t know where to find you, and unexpectedly, I see you here today, which is quite fortunate.

“I will set aside the matter I wish to discuss with you for now, and first ask these emperors a few questions to see if they want to live or die.”

The seventeen emperors shouted in their hearts, “Of course we want to live, who would want to die?”

Su Hao turned to look at the emperors and said, “As you think, I do indeed have a certain relationship with the Radiance Society, and I want to use the Radiance Society’s help to remove the royal family from the position of rulers.”

The hearts of the seventeen emperors present trembled!

It was one thing to hear the news before, but now hearing it directly from the other party, it was another matter. They could all sense the unmistakable tone in Su Hao’s words.

Su Hao continued, “Removing the royal family is not my goal, it is just a means to achieve my goal! I want to demonstrate my power by eliminating the royal family who have ruled for over a thousand years, and then carrying this momentum, seek the full cooperation of the Mage Association to carry out certain tasks for me.”

He candidly revealed his plan and goal to them, while also hoping that the other party would truthfully answer his questions.

After hearing Su Hao’s words, a hint of panic rose in the hearts of the seventeen emperors, accompanied by anger.

They, the royal family, the supreme rulers of the world, even on par with the Creator, someone dared to declare in front of them that they would eliminate them!

The key point was, it was just to demonstrate power!

Their supreme royal family had actually become tools for others to showcase power?

Simply absurd!

Emperor Yun could not bear it any longer and angrily rebuked, “Arrogant! Your plan is simply impossible to achieve! Even if you were to kill all of us present here, it would still be impossible!”

Su Hao replied, “Then how about not only killing you all, but also killing everyone with royal bloodline?”

Another older emperor with a white beard also turned red with anger, as if greatly insulted, disregarding the fact that his life was in the hands of the other party, he shook his head and said loudly, “Your plan may seem feasible, but it is fundamentally unworkable. Your understanding of this world is too shallow!

“You are not fighting against us, the royal family, but against the entire world!

“Do you think it’s us, the royal family, who rule the world? No, fundamentally we, the royal family, are just representatives jointly elected by the major families. The royal family is just the visible rulers, the actual rulers are those invisible ‘interest groups’!

“You seek the full cooperation of the Mage Association, but you do not realize that the Mage Association’s share in the ‘interest groups’ is greater than all our eighteen royal families combined. If you take out the royal family, you are essentially touching the interests of the Mage Association, how would they be willing to go all out to help you accomplish the mission?”

Suo Hao smiled and said, “You make some sense, but my goal is to seek cooperation from the Mage Association, not to harm their interests. Clearing the royal family is just to show the world my power and qualify for cooperation. It’s not the same thing.

Of course, there is also the intention of getting rid of annoying flies. I don’t like the ways of the royal family. If I don’t eliminate the royal family, they will be obstacles for me in the next three hundred years.”

Seeing Suo Hao unmoved, the emperor said, “The relationships are complicated and intertwined, involving the stability of the world’s lifeblood. Don’t act rashly!

Young man, your reckless actions will only lead this world to destruction!”

Suo Hao said, “But even if I do nothing, it is destined to bring destruction to this world! What I have to do is much more important than what you call the stability of the world’s lifeblood.”

Suo Hao then said, “You don’t need to doubt my determination. In at most half a year, the royal family will disappear from this world. What I want to know now is, as emperors, do you want to die with the royal family or do you want to live to a ripe old age and enjoy life?

Let me make it clear, if you want to die with the royal family, I can fulfill that wish for you today. If you want to live, you need to cooperate with me unconditionally, and in half a year, I will return your freedom.”

Emperor Jia asked, “How do we cooperate?”

Suo Hao said, “Very simple, give me the royal family’s roster.”

Emperor Jia’s pupils contracted, unable to help taking two steps back.

The older emperor with white beard’s face changed drastically and cursed loudly, “Daydreaming!”

Suo Hao glanced at him and said, “I understand your choice.”

After that, he pointed his hand and a white light shot out.


The white-bearded emperor’s head suddenly exploded, splattering red and white substances all around, splashing onto the surrounding emperors’ bodies and faces!

All the emperors present were shocked, their faces turning extremely pale, unable to help but retreat a few steps, distancing themselves from the slowly falling body of the white-bearded emperor.

They hadn’t misunderstood. The young man who called himself Jia Wei was indeed a ruthless character who would resort to violence at the slightest provocation.

But all the emperors understood that dealing with such a ruthless character might actually be easier. As long as… they cooperated obediently!

Emperor Jia’s heart was pounding irregularly, inwardly grateful, “Fortunately, I didn’t act tough just now, otherwise, I would be a headless corpse by now!”

Suo Hao retracted his finger, looking at the remaining emperors with a smile, and said, “What about you?”


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My Divine Diary

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