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Chapter 576

Chapter 576: Money Makes the Ghost Grind the Mill

Su Hao’s plan for Zhi Peng is feasible, but a plan alone cannot achieve great things; it depends on how the plan is executed.

Many plans are made perfectly but end up in chaos when implemented.

Over the years, Su Hao has made many plans for various things and understands deeply that while a detailed plan is important, it’s not as crucial as imagined. The core of a plan is never ‘what to do’ but ‘what goals to achieve.’ Plans serve the purpose of achieving results.

On this point, Su Hao has also provided Zhi Peng with some guidance, but it’s unclear how much he has absorbed.

What Su Hao can provide to the Radiant Society is the ‘bottom line’ for its development. As for how far the Radiant Society can ultimately go, it depends on Zhi Peng as the leader.

A month later, the Radiant Society emerged with lightning speed, wiping out the royal residences of ten cities including Pingkong City. It officially stepped onto the world stage, declaring the establishment of the Radiant Society and its first phase mission: to eradicate the greatest parasites of humanity and let the light shine upon the earth.

They also listed various cruel crimes committed by the royal family in different places, accompanied by propaganda pamphlets distributed worldwide.

The target was clear, directly aimed at the royal family in the Hengxuan District.

For a while, the world was in an uproar.

There was fear and unease as war seemed imminent, concern about whether one’s own industry would be affected, indifference to matters unrelated to oneself, keen interest in new developments, hidden joy at the prospect of chaos, excitement and jubilation from those brave enough to stand up for justice…

Of course, there were also those who dismissed it as the antics of a clown, believing it would all end within a month.

To ensure that the Radiant Society had sufficient survival capabilities in the early stages, Su Hao specially created more than ten interconnected large space ‘transit balls’ for them. These could be used to hide their bases, avoiding surprise attacks, and allowing members of the Radiant Society to move freely across different regions, making their tactical maneuvers highly flexible.

If the Radiant Society still couldn’t achieve much with such conditions and were swiftly wiped out by the Mage Association, it would mean they were indeed incapable of achieving great things, and Su Hao would be powerless to help.


In the huge council chamber of the Imperial Palace in Yixuan City, the President of the Hengxuan District Origin Mage Association, Rada, took a long drag on his cigarette, then suddenly stood up and slammed his palm down, shattering the round table into pieces. The strong wind behind him made his cloak rustle loudly, exuding a powerful momentum.

The several people who were sitting originally were shocked and jumped up, dodging the flying debris. The various gorgeous and dignified ornaments and crowns they wore on their heads were suddenly askew, their former dignity gone.

“You damn useless royal dogs, what kind of nonsense are you all doing? Now that the victims are coming after you garbage, scared shitless, you come to us to clean up your mess, thinking it’s so beautiful? Heh—tui!”

A thick wad of phlegm landed squarely on the face of a middle-aged man with a short beard opposite him. This middle-aged man was none other than the Emperor of the Hengxuan District, known as Emperor He.

Standing next to Emperor He were several men dressed in purple and gold, all princes of the royal family without the right of succession to the throne, their power ranking just below Emperor He.

At this moment, these people were being insulted by President Rada, with spit all over their faces, yet they didn’t dare utter a word, their faces filled with embarrassment, avoiding eye contact with Emperor He.

Emperor He was so disgusted that he shivered all over, quickly using his sleeve to wipe repeatedly, his face turning red with humiliation, but he could only speak softly, “It’s all the foolish deeds of those underlings. After this matter is settled, I will certainly clean up those useless garbage!”

Who could have imagined that the Emperor, who held absolute power in the entire Hengxuan District, would have such a weak appearance? If outsiders knew about this, they would surely be astonished.

President Rada immediately shouted loudly, “I’m talking about you useless garbage! It’s you! Didn’t you hear clearly? ‘After this matter is settled’? You garbage, tell me, what’s going on here?

A team of thousands of mid-to-high-level Origin Mages, and you go up there and deal with them! Not much talent, but quite skilled at causing trouble. Damn it, I’m going to change that damn Accord for Upholding Imperial Authority right now! I want to see who dares to stop me!”

Emperor He and the princes were shocked, immediately rushing up to cling to President Rada’s thighs, pulling at his cloak with tearful voices, “Lord Rada, please don’t act rashly! This will cause a world of chaos. By then, we will be the sinners of the world!”

Moreover, this matter involves a wide range of issues. It’s not something that can be decided solely by our Hengxuan District. If we’re not careful, our Hengxuan District could become a target, facing collective attacks and even destruction. What face would I have to see the late emperor?”

Rada kicked these useless people away with a foot. “With your bear-like appearance, you have no face left! Come on, as men, stand up and refute me loudly!”

The Emperor and his companions looked at each other, but dared not speak, wearing a pleading expression. If being a man meant being able to refute President Rada, they would have shown off long ago.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many in the entire Hengxuan District who dared to confront President Rada. Anyone who dared to do so inexplicably ended up dead, no matter who they were!

And Rada was known as the strongest man in the entire Hengxuan District! Looking at the whole world, he could easily rank in the top five. His strength was unparalleled.

But even with his strength, he couldn’t change the last clause of the ‘Eighteen Empires Union Agreement’.

Because such matters couldn’t be resolved by personal strength alone, unless he was willing to slaughter all the opponents and forcibly change it.

After scolding enough, Rada offered a solution: “First, organize the dogs raised by your royal family to pacify Pingkong City; second, take the heads of those princes to Pingkong City to seek a peaceful resolution; third, wait for them to come knocking on your door and kill all you garbage.”

Emperor He exclaimed, “But what about the Mage Association?”

Rada retorted, “Damn it! Just hurry up and die!”

Emperor He couldn’t possibly die so quickly. He still had plenty of glory and wealth to enjoy, so he chose the first option: to organize the Origin Mage teams recruited by the royal family to pacify Pingkong City.

For such a long time, they had been enjoying good food and drink; it was time to show their worth.

However, Emperor He was worried: if these Origin Mage teams supporting the royal family suffered heavy losses, would those evil ‘reformists’ take the opportunity to change that agreement…

Then his eyes slowly lit up as if he had come up with a good idea: After all, money talks.

And the royal family, who controlled the core industries of the entire world, had no shortage of money!

Therefore, they could completely issue high-reward tasks within the entire Hengxuan District’s Mage Association. There was no need to worry about finding no takers.

As time passed, the atmosphere in the Hengxuan District became increasingly heavy, with almost everyone realizing that something terrible was about to happen.

However, for Su Hao, such matters were insignificant, and he didn’t even have the desire to intervene. He just instructed Feng Cheng to take care of Zhi Peng during this time.

In the past two years, Feng Cheng had already learned teleportation and flashing. Although the effects were not reliable, they were enough to save his life in dangerous situations.

However, Su Hao temporarily didn’t think about who could threaten Feng Cheng, who possessed a sensing range of 150,000 meters, psychic ability ‘Thought as Desired’, and the ability of ‘Fate’ in the Transcendence Realm!

Feng Cheng! Invincible outside the cunning Origin Mage!

Of course, when encountering a cunning Origin Mage, it might be necessary to strike first, but of course, escape was also an option.

Yashan was currently busy researching how to disrupt the mental frequency band of Origin Mages, causing their skills to directly fail. By then, it wouldn’t matter what kind of mage they were; they would all become ordinary people!

According to Yashan, if everything went smoothly, results could be achieved in just one year.

After assigning Zhi Peng’s affairs to Feng Cheng, Su Hao continued to enter the collection room of the source devices and conduct research on them.

With a large number of source devices for him to study and having already touched the tail of the ‘system’, Su Hao had a premonition that he would soon understand the principle of material transformation into source.

“Perhaps, this principle isn’t as complicated as I imagined; on the contrary, it’s very simple!”


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My Divine Diary

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