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Chapter 571

Chapter 571

While Su Hao was trying to summarize the internal movement laws of the source beast’s body, he received a message from Yashan: “Boss Wei! I’ve locked onto the spiritual frequency band that guides the source!”

This was an expected surprise, and Su Hao dropped his work, appearing next to Yashan, asking, “How?”

Yashan’s face was full of joy, “I’ve locked onto an open interval of a spiritual frequency band and tried to change the various movement modes of this frequency band. It turns out we can indeed control the source to transform into different things. For example…”

As he spoke, Yashan closed his eyes, held it for a minute, then raised his hand and grabbed a bottle that was nearby, manipulating it without touching it, like a telekinetic.

Yashan maintained the current state, opened his eyes, and said, “By simulating the movement mode of this frequency band, we can obtain the ‘Will of Wind’, though the effect is weak, it can be achieved. In other words, as long as we simulate the different movement modes of this frequency band, we can gain various abilities!”

Yashan unfolded his research data, showing Su Hao, “This frequency band is located in ‘Block 32 – Row 15 – Column 103 – Segment 49’, I call it the ‘Source Conversion Vector’.

I divided the Source Conversion Vector into three modules, the red module is the ‘Constant Partition’, similar to parameters, the yellow modules span ‘Start and End Points’, and the green module is the ‘Source Conversion Variable’, which is the main partition for controlling source transformation.

In summary, the red and yellow parts need to remain fixed, but by only changing the ‘Source Conversion Variable’ part in green, we can achieve any ability we desire.”

Su Hao looked over the data and grew more satisfied as he read, laughing, “Yashan, you’ve done a great job!”

A single word of praise was worth more than a thousand words. Yashan was satisfied, recording Boss Wei’s praise in his memory.

He truly could help Boss Wei! Furthermore, he genuinely felt the progress he had made, second only to Boss Wei’s approval!

Yashan took the initiative and made the next arrangement, saying, “Boss Wei, next, I will continue to delve deeper into the Source Conversion Variables, summarize the different abilities generated by different variables, and eventually create a software for convenient use.

In the future, we’ll all be Source Mages, having whatever abilities we desire, just by searching in the toolbar, hahaha!”

It felt quite exciting for Yashan.

Su Hao chuckled, “Good, you’ll mainly be responsible for this. Do we need test subjects?”

As for test subjects, Zhi Peng was the biggest supplier in the experimental base, fulfilling any requests, which was one of the reasons why Yashan’s research progress had been so rapid over the past two years…

Yashan nodded, “For the upcoming variable trials, we do need a large amount of data, solely probing with myself and Feng Cheng is too inefficient, but with Zhi Peng around, we could have as many test subjects as we need. And Boss Wei, how is your experimental progress?”

Su Hao laughed and said, “It’s going smoothly. I have already grasped its tail, and soon I will be able to pull it out bit by bit. I have a hunch that within five years at most, I will be able to master the way to transform matter into energy.”

Once I grasp the energy, the first goal of coming to this world will be achieved.

Su Hao was about to return to his own laboratory to read the experiment report from Yashan, but he found that the positioning stone given to Ah Xing had been activated by Ah Xing.

Without much thought, he transformed into [Child of Fate], activated a full set of defenses, hid in the ‘Secondary Space’, and projected himself to Ah Xing’s side.

Su Hao didn’t find it troublesome to help Ah Xing, but rather welcomed it, because every time Ah Xing sought help, it meant that Su Hao would be able to obtain a new energy device for his research.

Ah Xing didn’t think he was in danger either. Asking Su Hao for help was not a problem, as all team members could rely on each other, so why care about such things?

As soon as Su Hao appeared, he immediately placed a protective shield on Ah Xing, scanned with his spiritual sense, and frowned, saying, “Where is Ah Wang?”

Seeing Su Hao, Ah Xing was delighted, but when he mentioned Ah Wang, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “I and Ah Wang got separated. It’s the kind where one moment they are by your side, and the next step they disappear.”

Isn’t this like hitting a wall? He was curious, “What’s going on with this strange disaster?”

Ah Xing shook his head and said, “It’s like a huge maze. It doesn’t look dangerous, but we can’t find our way out! Sometimes taking a step forward leads to another place, sometimes we walk and end up back where we started. I don’t even know where I am now, it seems similar to your ability, Ah Yang.”

We’ve been trapped here for four days, we’ve run out of food and water, so we can only seek help from you, Ah Yang…”

Could it be a spatial anomaly disaster?

Su Hao closed his eyes, extended his spiritual tentacles, and carefully sensed the true appearance of this space.

As always, twisted, fluctuating, chaotic, flowing, profound, colorless yet vivid, composed of dots, lines, planes, bodies, and even more complex patterns, constantly circulating…

However, it was different from the appearance of ordinary space! The space here had been divided into irregular cubes by an invisible force, stacked and squeezed together, just like… plant cells under a microscope.

Su Hao was shocked, “What is this…”

He had confirmed that this strange disaster was definitely related to spatial modules. What are spatial modules? They were the foundation of his existence! He never thought that this thing called energy could even produce spatial abilities, how was that possible?

Regardless, he was determined to take this energy device. It must not fall into the hands of the Energy Masters Association.

He just didn’t know if, after so many years of accumulation, the Energy Masters Association had obtained other energy devices related to spatial abilities.

But the probability was not low.

Su Hao immediately decided that once he understood the principle, he would resolve it immediately!

Since there was no danger, Su Hao planned to personally test the effects of this strange disaster.

After leaving a mark in place, Su Hao said, “Ah Xing, stay here and don’t move. I’ll go find Ah Wang.”

Ah Xing nodded, “Okay, Ah Yang, be careful.”

Even so, he was not worried at all about Su Hao encountering danger.

Ah Xing used to have such worries, but not anymore, he thought the disaster should be the concern instead.

To be honest, Ah Xing was no longer able to understand how powerful his teammate, Ah Yang, had become, and he didn’t care anymore, as long as he was invincible.

After taking a few steps forward, Su Hao clearly felt his body pass through a spatial channel and arrive at another location, similar to his teleportation flash.

After trying a few more times, Su Hao basically figured out the pattern of this strange disaster.

The space here had been divided into many independent small pieces, randomly stacked and squeezed together, the key point being that there were overlapping parts, similar to when he quickly generated ‘normal space modules’ around him.

Seeing this scene, Su Hao felt a sense of familiarity.

More importantly, he saw more uses of spatial modules in this strange disaster.

If Su Hao were to name this space, he could call it ‘One Step One World’!

Yes, in Su Hao’s perception, each bubble-like space module pile could be treated as an independent world.

Su Hao blurted out, “Damn, spatial modules can be used like this. After understanding it, can’t I create a world of my own?”

The value of this strange disaster to Su Hao was immeasurable!

If he mastered this ability, the spacecraft he would use for traveling in the universe in the future would probably no longer be needed.

One couldn’t help but say, the strange disaster was really amazing!


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My Divine Diary

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