Chapter 31

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===031 Money Can’t Be Found===

The streets of Lingyun Town were very clean and tidy, unlike the dirty and chaotic medieval Western towns that Su Hao had imagined. There was no smell of garbage or sewage. The streets were paved with tightly fitted stone slabs, and the houses on both sides were arranged neatly, extending into the distance.

People coming in and out of the town were in endless streams, mostly villagers from the surrounding villages bringing their goods to sell in the city. Large and small carts were constantly entering and leaving, creating a lively scene.

For He Qingqing and Fatty, this was the first time they had seen so many people in their lives, and their eyes were filled with “people, people, people…” They curiously looked here and there.

“Sugar Monsters, only 2 copper coins each!”

He Qingqing and Fatty widened their eyes and stared, their mouths watering.

“Freshly baked wild boar meat buns, one for 3 copper coins!”

He Qingqing and Fatty caught the scent and instantly changed their minds.

“Hot baked pancakes~”

He Qingqing and Fatty wanted to eat as well….

He Jianyong and Old Liu were very generous today. They saw that their own children liked it, so they just paid for it, and of course, Su Hao didn’t miss out either.

Su Hao tried everything, it smelled good!

Then He Jianyong took everyone to the tailor shop and ordered two sets of stylish clothes for the three children. They were made quickly, and they only needed to wait for a while before they could pick up the finished clothes.

Su Hao followed the local customs and didn’t give the tailor any difficult requests. Instead, he chose a style that looked comfortable and natural. The top was divided into an inner lining and an outer coat. He chose white for the inner lining and light blue for the outer coat. The style was a bit retro, and when he tied a belt around it, it looked very neat.

He Qingqing chose a bluish-green color for her clothes, with a combination of green and white. It looked very beautiful and turned her into an exquisite and elegant little girl.

Fatty chose the most eye-catching style. At first glance, he looked like a wealthy young master, very flashy. It gave off a feeling of sunglasses, slippers, and beach pants.

This time, Su Hao felt embarrassed to let He Jianyong pay for him again, so he paid for it himself, spending two silver coins. Suddenly, he realized that he seemed to be short of money again.

Then He Jianyong took them to a weapon shop to choose armor and blades.

The weapon shop was big, Su Hao took a lap and found that there were various types of armor and a wide variety of blades, as well as hammers, axes, long swords, spears, and various other weapons, but he didn’t see any swords.

His dream of becoming a swordsman shattered instantly. The main opponents of the human race in this world were huge and defensively powerful beasts. Perhaps swords were not as effective as blades.

Su Hao’s armor was changed a year ago, so wearing it was not a problem, but his short sword looked a bit worn out and small. So he sold his short sword to the weapon shop, got 2 silver coins, and then spent 5 silver coins to buy a knife with a blade length of about 70 centimeters. He lost 3 silver coins.

The more he looked at the new knife, the more he liked it. He realized that it wasn’t a bad thing to like new things and get tired of old ones.

He Qingqing and Fatty also chose their own favorite long swords and armor, and then the group left the weapon shop.

After wandering around the streets and buying all the daily necessities, they headed straight to the Lingyun Warrior Academy.

Today was the day for new students to register at the warrior academy, both inside and outside the academy were particularly lively, it was crowded with people.

The registration process was simple, sensing blood energy before the age of twelve and then filling in basic information and paying 1 gold yuan, which was equivalent to 100 silver coins.

The conditions seemed simple, but there were really not many people who could meet them. First of all, sensing blood energy before the age of twelve could eliminate a large number of people, and then there was the tuition fee of 1 gold yuan, which could be considered a sky-high price. Not every family could come up with so much money at once.

Su Hao searched in his money pouch for a long time before finally finding 1 gold yuan and reluctantly handed it over to the registrar, receiving a special badge with clouds on it.

“This badge is the identification proof of Lingyun Warrior Academy students. Don’t lose it, if you do, you’ll have to pay to reissue it,” the registrar solemnly explained.

Su Hao thought for a long time but couldn’t figure out where to put this thing that wouldn’t be easily lost, so he just put it in his money pouch.

After successfully registering for enrollment and arranging the dormitory, He Jianyong and Old Liu returned to Chashan Checkpoint.

One dormitory in the academy could accommodate 4 people. Fatty and Su Hao were assigned to the same dormitory, and the other two roommates had not appeared yet.

There were fewer girls, so their dormitory was arranged on the other side of the academy. After Fatty and Su Hao finished packing up, they waited outside for He Qingqing to finish packing her things.

At this time, Fatty turned to Su Hao and said, “Xiangwu, what are we going to do next?”

Su Hao looked puzzled and asked, “What do you mean what are we going to do?”

Fatty looked conflicted and said, “My dad and them have all gone back. Now it’s just the three of us, it feels a bit…”

Su Hao understood, Fatty was afraid.

For the first time, leaving the wings of their parents and facing their own lives alone, it was normal to feel lost.

Su Hao patted Fatty’s shoulder and said, “We don’t need to do anything, just wait for the academy’s arrangements. Didn’t you receive a list of instructions? Just follow what’s written on it.”

Fatty still felt uneasy and said, “But… it still feels empty. Xiangwu, don’t you feel anything?”

Su Hao chuckled and said, “What am I supposed to feel? It’s all the same, don’t worry Fatty. It’s just the first day of school, you’ll get used to it and you’ll like it here.”

Fatty nodded silently and stopped talking.

Soon, He Qingqing came out. Although He Qingqing hid it well, Su Hao could still sense her uneasiness and confusion, just like Fatty.

He couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh, “They really are just kids.”

“Let’s go!” Su Hao waved his hand and started walking.

“Where are we going?” Fatty asked.

Su Hao raised the notes in his hand and calmly said, “I’ll take you around, familiarize you with the place so you don’t get lost. And then we’ll have dinner.”

Fatty asked, “Xiangwu, isn’t this your first time here too?”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Yes, it’s my first time too!”

Fatty looked up to him with admiration, and He Qingqing’s eyes showed an inexplicable envy. She also wanted to be like Wu Xiangwu, calm, natural, wise, as if everything was under control.

“This is the cafeteria, we’ll eat here in the future… This is the training ground, basic training will be held here, I think we’ll be spending a lot of time here… And this is the bathhouse, where we shower… This building is the classroom, where we have academic classes… Over here is where teachers live, they usually don’t come over here unless there’s something… ”

Fatty and He Qingqing’s eyes were filled with twinkling stars.

“Okay, that’s about it, did you remember everything?”

He Qingqing nodded, Fatty nodded at first and then shook his head, “Xiangwu, with you here, why do I need to remember?”

Su Hao sneered and said, “Hmph, you think I’m your nanny? You’re thinking too much.”

Fatty awkwardly smiled and remained silent.

Su Hao looked left and right, the sun had set, and he said, “Let’s go! Let’s get some food.”

Fatty suddenly said, “Okay! It’s the first day today, let me treat you guys to something delicious!”

Before Su Hao and He Qingqing could object, he immediately pulled them towards the boys’ dormitory and said, “Let’s go, let’s go back first and get some money.”

Su Hao frowned and said, “Fatty, from now on, don’t keep valuable things like money in the dormitory, you must carry them with you.”

Fatty waved his hand and said, “Hey! It’s okay, don’t worry. Can’t I take care of myself?”

After returning to the dormitory, Fatty searched for a while, suddenly panicked and shouted, “Xiangwu, come help me look for my money, I can’t find it!”

Su Hao suddenly had a bad feeling.

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