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Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Lingyun Town

Su Hao turned his head and smiled at He Qingqing, “Nothing, it’s just my first time going to the city, a bit curious!”

He Qingqing was startled by her own reaction and immediately turned her face away.

Compared to a few years ago, He Qingqing appeared much more introverted, truly like a young lady. Since Su Hao killed the Blue-eyed Wolf in front of her, she seemed to mature in an instant and never mentioned playing with Su Hao again.

But since then, the relationship between He Qingqing and Su Hao had become extremely strange. It was no longer Su Hao avoiding He Qingqing, but rather He Qingqing avoiding Su Hao. Even when they finally met, they couldn’t say much before He Qingqing hurriedly left.

This puzzled Su Hao for a long time. Could this girl have developed some kind of autism or something?

On the contrary, Fatty hadn’t changed much from before. Shortly after they set off, he kept asking endless questions.

“Dad! Are you saying that you also studied at the Warrior Academy? Are you bragging?” Fatty looked at his father with a skeptical expression.

Old Liu glared fiercely, “Bragging? Your father never brags! Your father was a prominent figure in the academy back then. Who doesn’t know your father? Let me tell you, back then…”

Fatty and He Qingqing listened very attentively, their eyes wide open as they looked at Old Li. After hearing it all, Fatty still felt a bit skeptical towards his father and muttered, “Dad, why does it feel like everything you’re saying is fake?”

Old Liu casually said, “Believe it or not, your mother caught up with me like that back then. And when you go to the academy, don’t embarrass your father. If anyone dares to bully you, beat them back hard.”

Fatty immediately patted his chest and promised, “Of course, I won’t embarrass you, Dad. I will protect Qingqing well. I’ll beat anyone who dares to bully us. Right, Xiangwu!”

Su Hao casually replied, “Right, right, right!”

Fatty glanced at He Qingqing and then said with pride, “Ah, it’s a pity that foolish Tao still hasn’t found his fighting spirit, otherwise, we could protect Qingqing together.”

Then he turned to He Qingqing and said, “Qingqing, rest assured, even if it’s just me alone, I won’t let you get bullied.”

He Qingqing rolled her eyes and said, “Do I still need your protection?”

Fatty didn’t seem embarrassed at all and immediately said, “This is just expressing my stance.” Then he ran to Su Hao’s side and grabbed Su Hao, saying, “Xiangwu is so powerful. If I can’t protect you, I can ask Xiangwu for help.”

He Qingqing asked in confusion, “We came here to learn, why are there so many bad people specifically bullying others?”

At this time, Old Li, who was walking behind, suddenly chuckled and said, “Of course there will be, otherwise why would it be called the Warrior Academy? It’s here to teach you how to fight, hehehe!”

Su Hao glanced at He Qingqing and Fatty, secretly feeling trouble. “So you mean there will be trouble all the time? And I have to take care of these two little guys. It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it! What should I do? Should I beat up all the classmates as soon as I go to school? If I become the school bully, the trouble would be much less, right?”

He Qingqing frowned at first, then suddenly thought of something and her gaze became firm.

Fatty, on the other hand, waved his fist optimistically, saying, “I have never been afraid of anyone except for Xiangwu. I’ll beat up anyone who messes with me. I am already an initial stage ordinary warrior. I will soon become an intermediate stage ordinary warrior!”

Then he turned his head and curiously asked Su Hao, “Xiangwu, what level are you now?”

Just as Fatty asked about Su Hao’s level, He Jianyong, who was walking at the front, suddenly pricked up his ears.

He was actually very curious about Su Hao’s current level because with his keen perception, he could vaguely sense a threat from Su Hao. This was abnormal, very abnormal.

He had never felt this kind of feeling from a child or teenager before. This made him highly suspicious that he was overthinking.

Su Hao chuckled and said, “Um… I’m not too sure, about the same level as you, I guess!”

Fatty was displeased with Su Hao’s evasive attitude, so he speculated, “Xiangwu, you wouldn’t have already become a high level ordinary warrior, right? A few years ago, I heard people say that you were already at the strength of an intermediate level ordinary warrior, so you must have reached the level of a high level ordinary warrior by now!”

Su Hao laughed and said, “Hehe, maybe, I’m not really sure.”

Fatty assumed that Su Hao agreed and exclaimed, “Xiangwu, you’re amazing! You’re truly a genius. I can’t compare to you at all. I heard that as a high level ordinary warrior at your age, you’re already the top genius in the academy. You’re one of the key individuals being nurtured.”

Su Hao complimented, “Really? Fatty, you know a lot.”

Fatty proudly said, “Of course.”

There were no obstacles along the way, and the anticipated attack by ferocious beasts did not occur.

The group hurried along and finally reached their destination, Lingyun Town, in the afternoon.

“So this is Lingyun Town?”Fatty stood beneath the city gate of Lingyun Town, with his mouth wide open in an exaggerated manner.

Even He Qingqing exclaimed, “Lingyun Town is so big! The city walls are so high, it’s magnificent!”

Old Liu laughed heartily and said, “Didn’t expect it, haha! Once you enter the city, don’t continue making those expressions, or else people will say you’re from the countryside and look down on you.”

When Su Hao saw this city, even someone with extensive knowledge like him was amazed.

Regardless of the actual size of Lingyun Town, just looking at the city walls, they appeared majestic and towering. You couldn’t see the ends of both sides at a glance, with a height of at least fifteen floors, which is how high? It must be around forty to fifty meters, which seemed slightly exaggerated.

A person standing under the city wall appeared incredibly small.

This wall, so tall, didn’t seem to be constructed to defend against human attacks, but rather to defend against giant beasts. So here comes the question: what kind of powerful beast is worth having the residents of this small city build such a tall and majestic wall?

Curiosity was Su Hao’s good quality, so he asked, “Uncle Yong, why is the wall built so high? Is it to resist some powerful enemy?”

He Qingqing and Fatty also looked curious, “Yeah, why is it so high?”

He Jianyong laughed and said, “Hahaha, every once in a while, some powerful ferocious beasts pass by our Lingyun Town. This is to prevent them from getting hungry and entering the city to eat people. Building the high wall can block some of the ferocious beasts.”

Su Hao and the others understood that ferocious beasts were different from ordinary wild beasts.

The strongest wild beasts were just physically large beasts, reaching the level of high-ranking ordinary warriors.

But ferocious beasts had no limits, with various appearances and sizes, ranging from the size of a fist to as large as a mountain, extremely terrifying.

A powerful ferocious beast could even destroy a city with just one strike.

Seeing He Qingqing and Fatty’s frightened expressions upon hearing the words “eat people,” He Jianyong laughed again and said, “You don’t need to worry, the city is much safer than our Chashan Outpost. There are powerful warriors stationed on the city walls at all times. Once they detect ferocious beasts approaching, they will immediately drive them away.”

After speaking, he took the lead and walked into the city gate, saying, “Let’s go! We’re entering the city and registering as soon as possible.”

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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