Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Sneak Attack

As the stunning beauty drew closer, the icy breath emanating from her made Xu Yuan feel as though he was trapped in an ice cellar.

In this life or death moment, Xu Yuan’s mind was crystal clear. He had already spoken his words, and regret was now useless. Even if he cried, he would have to continue playing along.

Under the pressure of Rang Qingmo’s aura, Xu Yuan slowly released the wooden pillar beside him and stood firmly, gritting his teeth as he faced her:

“Mrs. Rang, you seem surprised?”

“…” Rang Qingmo remained silent.

Defying the pressure, Xu Yuan smiled slightly:

“I understand, secrets of this level, why would my father, who is aware of my uselessness, let me know?”

With his slender phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, Xu Yuan continued:

“However, Mrs. Rang, as the third child of a father, I’m more curious as to how a disciple of the Sword Sect like you came to know of this secret.”

The air inside the temple was suddenly deadly silent. Currently, the only people who knew about this incident were his father and a few of his most trusted subordinates. Xu Yuan’s implications were clear.

Rang Qingmo’s eyes locked onto the young master in front of her, ignoring the dimness of the rainy night. She spoke with strong emphasis:

“What do you mean by that?”

As she spoke, her footsteps came to a halt and the blade of her sword tilted downwards.

Sensing the release of the crushing pressure, Xu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t afford to be apprehensive during this moment of peril.

“What do I mean?”

He took a slow step forward and began to circle around Rang Qingmo in the darkness, his gaze intermittently sweeping over her exquisite form. He then spoke more deliberately:

“On a public note, the Heavenly Sword Sect was founded upon the formation of the Great Yan Kingdom over 1,300 years ago, and with each generation of leaders, the sect has had the honor of serving as the martial arts master to the kingdom’s Prince. The sect and the kingdom rise or fall together.”

“On a private note, my father and Mrs. Rang’s mentor have been friends for decades.”

“As for Mrs. Rang, who is a disciple of the Sword Sect, I’m curious as to who had enough authority to convince you that my father would attack the Sword Sect. Surely this is difficult to comprehend?”

Rang Qingmo tightened her grip on the hilt of her sword as she listened to Xu Yuan’s words.

She felt that the young master in front of her was now different from before. From when he had awakened from unconsciousness to the present moment, it was as if he were a completely different person.

With her fine-tuned breathing, she could sense that this gently smiling third young master was actually trembling inside. The calm exterior did not match the violent turmoil and unrest within him.

However, when rumors that were once known to everyone are no longer reliable, she couldn’t be certain how much Xu Yuan really knew or how much he had as a trump card.

Looking at the large block of ice in silence, Xu Yuan’s heart gradually calmed down.

His footsteps suddenly turned, and he walked straight towards the black-clad woman, meeting her gaze head-on.

Under the watchful eye of Rang Qingmo, the man stood one meter away from her, looking down on her:

“Mrs. Rang, put away your sword.”

Rang Qingmo’s indifferent gaze met his, and at that moment, she could feel his heartbeat calming down.

And in the next moment, she saw the man in front of her smile, leaning down slightly before lifting the tip of her fallen sword with two fingers and moving it towards his unprotected neck.

With the blade at his throat, he looked into her eyes:

“Since you won’t put it away, why don’t you just kill me, Mrs. Rang?”

Xu Yuan, familiar with the situation, was sure that the woman in front of him would not kill him.

As soon as the words fell, Rang Qingmo tightened her grip on the hilt of the sword, causing a low hum to vibrate from the blade against his neck.

The overwhelming intent to kill rushed over him, and for a moment, Xu Yuan saw himself beheaded high in the air.

But in the next moment, the illusion dissipated, and the woman with the sword still stood before him, and his head had not moved an inch.

The near-death experience left Xu Yuan with widened eyes. He had never experienced this kind of danger before, being born in peaceful times. The burst of death energy from the woman also caused his legs to go weak.

Even just the release of her aura was enough to leave Xu Yuan in a state of distress, but her actions indicated that she would not kill him at this point in time.

Xu Yuan stared at her, repeating one word at a time:

“Mrs. Rang, an unfulfillable threat is a joke. Put away your sword and let’s talk. I can help you.”

The cold wind was bleak, and the cold blade against his throat was truly chilling.

Xu Yuan didn’t have a system or a mentor, and he was just an ordinary person. His only advantage was his familiarity with the plot and characters of the game “Blue Spring”. However, this advantage was also a double-edged sword.

In the plot of “Blue Spring”, the third son of the prime minister’s family has a tragic end in every timeline, with death as the only outcome.

In order to survive, Xu Yuan had to take action in advance and take some risks.

Ran Qingmo lowered her eyes, lost in thought. She sheathed her sword after a blue light emanated from its blade and disappeared into the darkness.

Xu Yuan subconsciously touched his neck. “Hmm… My head is still there, with no wounds or anything.”

Ran Qingmo looked at Xu Yuan strangely.

Xu Yuan smiled back at her and prepared to speak, but in the next moment, his smile froze.

Ran Qingmo put away her sword and silently picked up a thick and long wooden stick from the ground.

“…” Xu Yuan was at a loss for words.

His pupils contracted slightly, and he hastily opened his mouth to say something:



With a muffled sound, Xu Yuan fell to the ground, unable to finish his sentence.

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