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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Having informed her family earlier to avoid making them wait, Gu Wuyou had some maids, servants, and a few guards escort the rest of the carriages back to the Duke’s residence. Once she informed her family, she would return after the snowstorm subsided.

As for the others, they would rest at the temple with her.

Perhaps due to the heavy snow today, the usually bustling temple was deserted, with no sight of incense visitors. There were only a few monks in raincoats and bamboo hats sweeping snow at the front gate, looking surprised at the group approaching.

With Bai Lu holding an umbrella, taking the lead to explain the situation.

One of the monks put down his broom and walked up to Gu Wuyou, bowing in respect, “Benefactor, please follow this monk.”

Gu Wuyou nodded. As she entered, she glanced up at the plaque painted with golden letters “Jintai Temple,” her lips forming a faint smile.

Bai Lu, curious, supported her inside and asked, “Miss, haven’t you never been here before? Why do you seem so… nostalgic?”

“I think—” Gu Wuyou smiled, “I must have visited this place in my dreams.”

Hong Shuang chuckled, bending her eyes, “Miss, you’re getting more and more playful.”

Although Bai Lu didn’t say much, there was a hint of amusement in her eyes, noticing the change in Miss. She was more open and clear than she used to be… Even though it surprised her, it was more heartwarming.

Miss used to confine herself, only following that young Master Zhao and causing a bad reputation. Now that she was willing to let go, it was a good thing. Glancing at Miss, seeing her bright eyes free from past resentment, she truly let out a sigh of relief.
On this.

Gu Wuyou did not raise any objections.

She had been carefree since she was young, in her past life she only felt disheartened for a period of time after parting ways with Zhao Chengyou, and later married Li Qinyuan. Even though her “high general” husband always disciplined her, he never mistreated her.

At most, when he saw her meticulously arranging things, he could only reluctantly say, “Why are you so delicate?”

And then let her continue.

Thinking of Li Qinyuan, Gu Wuyou lying on the couch couldn’t help but smile again. She was looking forward to it, wondering what the current high general would be like now? Tilted her head, looking at the vast white snow outside the wooden window, she couldn’t help but think.

With the personality of a high general like Li Qinyuan, even when he was young, he should have been a steady and dignified person.

The wind and snow outside were so strong.

But Gu Wuyou didn’t feel cold at all. Her almond-shaped eyes curved like a crescent moon, glowing with an irresistible brightness that couldn’t be hidden. She could even imagine Li Qinyuan’s current appearance, sitting in the study in a green robe, looking at books that she found difficult to understand.

If there were difficult parts, he would furrow his brow, continue to ponder, and when he figured it out, he would relax his brow… She thought so, as if she could see the young Li Qinyuan appearing in front of her.

The corners of her mouth lifted slightly.

Her high general must be a steady, courteous, gentle, and upright gentleman, that’s why so many people admired him!

The more Gu Wuyou thought about it, the more she wanted to see Li Qinyuan sooner. She liked the high general, wanted to see him earlier, wanted to nestle in his arms and act coquettish, wanted to kiss him, hug him, and see his helpless yet doting gaze.

“Miss?” Bai Lu called her several times before Gu Wuyou responded. She handed her a hot towel to wipe her hands and said, “What are you thinking? I called you several times.”


Gu Wuyou shook her head, not saying much, but still looking very happy.

Bai Lu didn’t ask further, she helped Gu Wuyou remove her hairpin, changed into her night clothes, and then coaxed her to bed. Perhaps after half a month of arduous journey, Gu Wuyou slept very comfortably. When she woke up, the wind and snow outside had stopped.

She called someone to serve her.

While helping Gu Wuyou dress in a fox fur, Bai Lu said softly to her, “A letter has arrived from home. Madame is worried about you being alone, so she specifically asked the Third Young Master to come and pick you up. It’s estimated that he’ll arrive in half an hour.”

Gu Wuyou nodded. She glanced out the window, the white snow was actually not visible, she just didn’t hear the sound of the wind and asked, “Has the snow stopped?”

“Yes, it stopped not long after you fell asleep.” Bai Lu smiled.

“I’ll go outside and have a look.” Gu Wuyou hadn’t been here for years, the plum garden here was considered excellent. She really wanted to go and see it, and if possible, she wanted to pick some plum blossoms and make a sachet to give to the high general in the future.

Her needlework had improved a lot compared to before, she would definitely not make a crooked and twisted appearance again, making him laugh.

“I’ll accompany Miss!” Hong Shuang volunteered.

Bai Lu didn’t stop them, but when she was helping Gu Wuyou put on the fur coat, she gently reminded, “Although the snow has stopped, it’s still cold outside. Don’t play in the snow on the trees like before.”

After that, she turned to Hong Shuang, who was as if she couldn’t get enough full of care, “You must take good care of Miss, don’t let her play around with you.”

Hong Shuang smiled, “Bai Lu, you’re too nagging, let’s see who will marry you in the future.” After saying that, she directly pulled the properly dressed Gu Wuyou outside, ignoring Bai Lu’s words to “be careful not to fall.”

After the snow stopped, the sky was still hazy, all white.

Trees were white, the ground was white, even the eaves of the house were white. Only the towering pagoda not far away showed a hint of gold.

“Miss, where are we going?” Hong Shuang asked.

“Let’s go—” Gu Wuyou looked at a place and smiled, “to see the plum blossoms.”



At this moment.

In another meditation room. The room burning charcoal was warm, like a spring day. An old man in a monk’s robe was sitting cross-legged on a cushion, he was the abbot of Jintai Temple, known as Liao Wu. When he heard someone push the door in, he didn’t open his eyes. It was not until he smelled a hint of wine that he opened his eyes unkindly and scolded, “Brat, are you out drinking again?!”

The person who came in was dressed in white, had phoenix eyes, and his hair tied up in a high ponytail, he was none other than the young Li Qinyuan.

At the words.

Li Qinyuan paused.

He gazed at the old man with a frown, but then a smirk graced his impeccably handsome features. “Still awake, old man? Didn’t want to disturb your slumber, so I tiptoed in.” With that, he nonchalantly plopped down, crossing his right foot over his left knee, hands laced behind his head, idly tapping his toe in a display of utter nonchalance.

The old man just couldn’t stand to see him like this. But this kid, not listening to advice, scolding doesn’t work, so he could only helplessly say, “Your school has been open for so long, how many times have you visited? You don’t go home, always staying here with me, do you want to become a monk?”

“Becoming a monk is not a bad idea either.” Li Qinyuan closed his eyes, pursed his lips, and nonchalantly smiled, “When I can’t make it out there one day, I’ll come to you to beg for food.”


As soon as Li Qinyuan heard this nickname, he knew the old man was about to start lecturing again. He opened his eyes somewhat helplessly, looked at the old man on the couch, and said, “Old man, why are you being so annoying now?” After saying that, he stood up directly and walked out, “I’ll go find Ru Hui and the others to play.”


“Even if you hate your father, but do you really not care about your grandmother?” Liao Wu sighed behind him.

Li Qinyuan was almost at the door, but when he heard this, his steps stopped. His hand rested on the door, and after a while, he still didn’t say anything, then walked out.

Seeing him like this, Liao Wu shook his head and sighed again.

After the age of ten, Li Qinyuan spent most of his time living in Jintai Temple. Perhaps even the monks in the temple couldn’t match his familiarity with the temple. He walked along the corridor towards the exit.

He didn’t know where to go, so he wandered aimlessly as if unconsciously.

Perhaps he found it a bit boring.

Li Qinyuan went to the kitchen to get a pot of sacrificial wine, then directly climbed up to a higher Buddha hall in the temple. After a day of snow, the eaves of the temple were covered with snow, and he casually swept it away and sat down by the sharp corner of the eaves.

Although the snow had stopped, the wind was still strong.

But he seemed oblivious, letting the wind blow on his face as he half-closed his eyes, tilting his head back to drink.

“The wine from the old man is still as undrinkable as ever.”

Li Qinyuan smiled, but still tilted his head back to continue drinking the wine. After finishing a pot of wine, he closed his eyes. With one foot bent and the other stretched forward, his empty hand lightly tapped on the tiles until he heard laughter below, then he drunkenly opened his eyes.

“Miss, why do we need to pick so many plum blossoms? There are plenty at home too, right?” Hong Shuang asked in confusion.

“It’s different.” Gu Wuyou smiled and shook her head, continuing to tiptoe to pick the plum blossoms above her head. She was afraid that the accumulated snow on the tree branches would fall on her. She wore a hat, only revealing her pointed chin. But when she looked up to pick the plum blossoms, you could still see a pair of eyes full of smiling starlight.

She was naturally afraid of the cold.

But now, because she wanted to make a sachet for her general, she endured the cold to pick the flower buds on the branches.

“Why is it different? Aren’t they all plum blossoms?” Hong Shuang still didn’t understand, murmuring softly. But her greatest advantage was that she never delved deep into matters. Whatever the young miss wanted to do, she would accompany her. So without waiting for Gu Wuyou’s answer, she started picking the plum blossoms too.

Gu Wuyou watched her and smiled. Of course, it’s different.

Jintai Temple was where she first met the general. Later, they got married, and Li Qinyuan held her hand again to revisit the place, asking her to make a sachet for him. She had never been good at needlework since she was young, afraid he would laugh at her, blushing and rejecting.

But her general, usually so dignified, acted like a child that day, acting affectionately towards her.

She looked up at the plum blossoms above her head, her eyebrows curved, and her lips couldn’t help but curl up.

“Miss, Third Young Master is here, let’s go.”

White Lu’s voice came from nearby.

Gu Wuyou checked the plum blossoms on her handkerchief, considered it enough, and smiled in agreement.

Li Qinyuan leaned on his head, tilted his head, and gazed at Gu Wuyou’s retreating figure. He watched as her beautiful cloak unfolded a colorful scene in the vast world, and saw her face hidden under the hat full of pure laughter.

He smiled, looking indifferent, and continued to squint his eyes to sleep.

Until he heard Ru Hui’s voice from below, he opened his eyes, leaned down, and smiled, “What’s up?”

“Junior apprentice brother, you are sneaking drinks again!” The little monk below frowned, looking unhappy.

Li Qinyuan smiled, turning over to stand in front of Ru Hui, bending over, lightly tapping his head with his hand, “Wrong, this is a borrow. The wine from the old man is too hard to drink. I’ll bring some good wine for the Buddha in a few days.”

Ru Hui covered his forehead, irritated, “In the end, it still ends up in your stomach?”


Li Qinyuan thought about it, it seems that’s the case, so he didn’t say more. He tossed the wine pot to Ru Hui, crossed his hands behind his head, and walked forward. Then, he turned his head to ask Ru Hui, “Which family did she come from just now?”

“I heard she’s from the Duke Dingguo’s mansion. That lady is so rich, she made a big donation to our temple and she’s also very beautiful!” Ru Hui followed behind Li Qinyuan, talking incessantly.

The Gu family?

Li Qinyuan had met Gu Tiao and Gu Yu, but he had never seen the person who just appeared.

Thinking of the eldest daughter who grew up in Langya since childhood, listening to the remarks behind her like “beautiful and kind-hearted,” she is indeed beautiful, but kind-hearted… thinking of Fu Xian and those things he complained about, he smiled, somewhat noncommittal.


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Back To My Husband’s Youth

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The only thing I regret before I die is that I met Li Qinyuan too late. Once reborn, she returned to the age of 15. Gu Wuyou was full of joy to find Li Qinyuan, she planned to meet him in the best years of his life, however, looking at the young boy jumping down from the branches with his hands behind his head, his phoenix eyes looked at her: “You’re looking for me?” Gu Wuyou: ???? The husband that Gu Wuyou remembered was silent but gentle, powerful and feared by everyone, but it wasn’t until she was reborn that she discovered that her husband wasn’t only proficient in all things, but was also the city’s notorious second-rate ancestor, who was hated by everyone and was useless except for his face. The two lives of the couple, the two lives of healing.


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