Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: My Lord, You’re Not Alone!

Under the support of the crowd, although Prince of Northern Hebei’s heart was in a terrible state, he had to put on an appearance of righteousness and distress.

He said, “Young Brother Night Fragrance, as well as fellow martial artists, you’re right! Punishing the wicked, eradicating demons, and upholding justice are obligations for us righteous individuals. I have a responsibility in this matter. However, this demon is too ferocious, and my own strength is feeble. I’m afraid I might have the will but not the power.”

“My lord, you’re absolutely right. This demon is too ferocious!”

“Without being a Grandmaster, there’s no way to stop him!”

“The demon is right before our eyes, but we can’t vanquish it. It’s frustrating!”

Everyone shook their heads in agreement, expressing regret and sighs.

Prince of Northern Hebei continued to put on a show of being distressed, while secretly feeling pleased.

Exactly, this is the way to do it!

It’s not that I don’t want to eradicate the demon, but my strength is limited. I’m simply unable to do it. Everyone should understand.

At this moment, however, Night Fragrance grinned and said, “My lord, I understand your difficulties, but rest assured! Although Leng Ruochen is powerful, he’s no match for my master! So, in the end, he will undoubtedly flee again. Therefore, your task is not to eliminate the demon, but to intercept him. That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?”

“As long as we delay him for a while and trap him without an escape route, the goal will be achieved! My lord, for you, this small task shouldn’t be a problem, and you wouldn’t refuse, I assume?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s expression froze again.

He was about to offer an explanation or two, when his subordinates once again started clamoring.

“What does this even mean?”

“Our lord might not be a match for the big demon, but his strength is substantial and should not be underestimated!”

“At the pinnacle of the Innate level, not to mention stopping the demon, even exchanging a few moves with him is entirely feasible!”

“Who knows, maybe the opponent will be moved by our lord’s righteousness and submit, bowing in repentance!”

“Night Fragrance, are you underestimating our lord?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s face turned pitch black once more!

His mood had hit rock bottom!

He inwardly roared, do you people want me dead faster?

He almost wanted to raise both arms and hammer these babbling martial artists to death!

“Brother Night Fragrance, and all you heroes, what you said is absolutely right! Although I may not be a match for this fiend, when the time comes to act, I will definitely take action and give it my all!” Prince of Northern Hebei’s face was full of righteousness.

“My lord, you are wise!” the crowd praised.

“But!” Prince of Northern Hebei’s tone shifted, “This demon’s power is substantial, and his lightness technique must be exceptional! If he escapes in my direction, I will undoubtedly intercept him with all my might, not allowing him to take a single step! However, if he flees elsewhere, what can I do?”

“Yes, this demon’s escape skills are top-notch! If he’s truly determined to flee, intercepting him is truly difficult!”

“But, my lord, there’s only one of you. Even if you want to chase him, you can’t catch up!”

“Does that mean we can only watch helplessly as this demon escapes again?”

Once again, everyone sighed.

Prince of Northern Hebei’s spirits lifted once more.

Exactly, that’s it!

It’s not that I don’t want to intercept him, but I’m just one person. I can’t possibly stop him!

And what if he escapes somewhere else? How can I chase him then? Isn’t that the truth?

Night Fragrance smiled slyly and said, “It’s simple! Indeed, my lord is just one person, but we’re here too! With so many of us working together with unity and determination, can’t we stop a single demon?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s expression froze once again.

While he was searching for an excuse, his subordinates started shouting again.

“That’s right! One person might not be enough, but what about all of us?”

“With our unity and determination, can’t we stop a single demon?”

“Remember, good prevails over evil! When so many righteous individuals come together, can’t we suppress this demon?”

“My lord, you’re not fighting alone. You have us!”

“My lord, let us together eradicate evil in the martial world!”

Seeing this group of people shouting like they’ve been injected with chicken blood, Prince of Northern Hebei felt like he wanted to die!

Not only did he want to die, but he also wanted to drag this group of people down with him!

Prince of Northern Hebei pondered and said, “You heroes, this matter is of great importance. Perhaps we should first—”

The heroic crowd said in unison, “My lord, we’re here to help you!”

Prince of Northern Hebei: “Oh my God!”

This time, he was truly pushed to the breaking point!

Prince of Northern Hebei’s face was turning black, his heart was bleeding, but he had no choice but to put on a touched expression and said, “With all you martial comrades assisting me, why worry about not eradicating this demon?”

“My lord, you flatter us!” The faces of everyone were beaming with joyful smiles.

At this moment, Night Fragrance exclaimed, “Brave heroes, quickly spread out and encircle this area layer by layer, inside and outside, making sure not to let the big demon escape!”

“Night Fragrance, your words are spot-on!”

Thus, everyone surrounded the battlefield.

Holding their deadly weapons, they stared intently at the demon figure in the center of the battle, Leng Ruochen.

For all this, the Tianmen Sect Master observed it all, but he didn’t take it to heart.

He inwardly sneered, thinking, trying to stop him with this bunch of ants?

It’s pure wishful thinking!

But it’s unfortunate for the lord, who’s bound to suffer losses and casualties!

Unconsciously, the two grandmasters had fought for 300 rounds.

Although both were grandmasters, the Spear God’s profound skill became apparent. The Tianmen Sect Master gradually fell behind, a spear from the Spear God pierced his shoulder, blood splattering out with a splutter, staining half his body red.

The Tianmen Sect Master knew that if they kept on like this, he would be the one to lose, and the situation would only become more dangerous. So he shouted, “Our paths will cross again, let’s wait and see!”

His body turned into a startled swan, flying towards a certain direction.

“Stop the demon!” Night Fragrance shouted.

“Ha! Demon, where do you think you’re escaping?” Instantly, over a dozen martial heroes came charging.

“Get lost!” The Tianmen Sect Master delivered a palm strike, manifesting as a towering palm, immediately sending the martial heroes flying, some of them spitting blood and dying.

In this way, an opening was created.

Just as he was about to escape, Night Fragrance intercepted, exchanging a couple of moves with the Tianmen Sect Master. The Spear God’s elder joined the fray once again, and the two sides continued their fierce battle.

Less than 10 moves later, he was overpowered again and fled once more.


Another palm strike wounded over a dozen martial artists, and he escaped through the opening.

Night Fragrance came charging once again, intercepting him anew.

After several rounds like this, the Tianmen Sect Master became increasingly injured, and the various martial artists from different factions were covered in blood.

Prince of Northern Hebei’s heart ached as he watched!

Whether they were martial artists or the Tianmen Sect Master, Leng Ruochen, they were all his people!

This was clearly self-inflicted harm, an unnecessary depletion of their own strength!

At this moment, Night Fragrance shouted, “My lord, how much longer are you going to wait? Isn’t it time for you to act?”

Prince of Northern Hebei also realized he couldn’t wait any longer; otherwise, everyone would die!

So he loudly proclaimed, “Brave heroes, your lord has arrived!”

With a torrential killing intent, he lunged at the Tianmen Sect Master, and the two sides engaged in a fierce battle, creating a whirlwind of intensity, a display of skilled combat.

The martial heroes couldn’t help but applaud, “My lord, what a grand manner and martial prowess!”

However, at this moment, Prince of Northern Hebei secretly blinked at the Tianmen Sect Master, his finger discreetly pointing to his own abdomen, preparing to play the “injured act” strategy.

The Tianmen Sect Master understood his intention and aimed a palm strike at Prince of Northern Hebei’s abdomen.

But when the strike was about to land, he reduced its force by 90%.

Prince of Northern Hebei’s face turned pale and then blue, as he exaggeratedly spat out a mouthful of blood, dramatically flying backward.

The crowd exclaimed, “My lord!”

They rushed over for rescue, completely forgetting about the Tianmen Sect Master!

However, there was one person who still cared, and that was Night Fragrance.

“Big demon, where do you think you’re running? I’m here too!”

In the blink of an eye, Night Fragrance once again arrived in front of the Tianmen Sect Master.

The Tianmen Sect Master loathed the person in front of him!

Every time he was about to flee, he was stopped by this person. Moreover, earlier, this person had been so outspoken, distorting right and wrong, tarnishing his grandmaster reputation.

“Today, this seat will surely kill you!”

The Tianmen Sect Master roared, putting forth all his strength to unleash a unique move that spanned 300 feet!

Night Fragrance was taken aback, wondering, do you hate me that much?

With the speed of escaping for his life, he fled.

At this moment, the Tianmen Sect Master halted his palm strike, continuing his escape, leaving only these words behind.

“Night Fragrance, I’ll remember you, this enmity will be repaid!”

At this moment, the grandmaster battle finally came to an end, and Prince of Northern Hebei let out a relieved sigh.

However, looking at the martial heroes around him, who were his aid in his grand cause, now dying, wounded, and crippled, he couldn’t help but feel a deep sorrow.

What had he done wrong to bring about such a calamity?

This incident spread quickly throughout the world.

The martial arts demon, Leng Ruochen, had hidden in Northern Hebei Province all along, but was brought out by Night Fragrance and engaged in a major battle with his master. The demon was defeated, wounded, and fled once again.

However, many martial heroes suffered heavy casualties in this battle against the demon.

At the same time, it also meant that Prince of Northern Hebei suffered heavy losses.

But this time, no one mocked Prince of Northern Hebei.

Because he acted righteously, got injured while fighting the demon, and even had the respect of injuring himself for the cause. He was a great hero, worthy of admiration!

However, in the eyes of others, it was a huge cause for celebration!

In the southern land, within the royal palace.

Ever since returning, the Prince of Southern Jiang’s mood had been gloomy, keeping himself locked in his room.

Wang Fugui rushed in, reporting the situation.

After hearing it all, the Prince of Southern Jiang sighed softly, “Even the imperial brother is in trouble now. Can this be considered as retribution for his wrongdoings? As his royal sibling, I cannot ignore this matter! Quickly send my royal bell over as a comfort to him!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

After Wang Fugui left, hearty laughter could be heard from the room.

In the western land, within the royal palace.

Upon hearing about the incident, the Wuxia Duke became so excited that he slapped his thigh and burst into laughter, “Imperial brother, oh imperial brother, you’re facing this now! I really want to go to Northern Hebei Province and see your expression, it must be quite a sight! Hurry and send that bell…”

“Your Highness, that bell has already been returned to the Prince of Southern Jiang!”

“Is that so? Then immediately have an exquisite coffin made for me, to send to our royal brother in Northern Hebei Province! Haha!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

In the Great Wu Court.

The Empress, who had learned about the incident, was very pleased, “Imperial uncle got injured while fighting the demon, and I’m very saddened! Someone, quickly send a decorative banner as a sign of consolation!”

The old eunuch lowered his head, “Yes, Your Majesty! But what should be written on the banner?”

The Empress said, “Honorable in life, great in death!”

The old eunuch was stunned, “Your Majesty, isn’t that usually used for the deceased?”

“That’s right! I want to infuriate him! Haha…” The Empress burst into laughter.

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