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Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Suppressing the Villain, Our Lord Bears the Responsibility!

This statement is truly malicious!

Each word stings like a blade!

“How dare you, you brat?” The Tianmen Sect Master was furious.

It’s important to note that he was once the leader of a super sect, with tens of thousands of disciples under him. At the peak of his power, he could contend with established sects like Wudang and Shaolin. Even though the Tianmen Sect had been exterminated, he still remained!

He was a prominent Grandmaster, belonging to the pinnacle of the world’s top experts!

And now, he was insulted in public by a mere youth!

“A Grandmaster must not be disgraced!” The Tianmen Sect Master shattered the nearby table with a palm strike.

On the other side, Prince of Northern Hebei was equally angry. The words were indeed vile. If the Tianmen Sect Master couldn’t bear it and revealed himself, what would they do?

It would undoubtedly bring about a lot of trouble and severely harm his grand plan!

So, Prince of Northern Hebei rushed over to intercept. He happened to encounter the Tianmen Sect Master approaching, his anger evident.

Prince of Northern Hebei immediately intervened, “Calm down, Sect Master. Don’t take this to heart!”

The Tianmen Sect Master’s chest heaved with anger as he retorted, “How can I calm down, my lord? This brat has insulted me openly! He actually dares to mock me as a cowardly turtle, even saying I’m a green-haired turtle. It’s utterly preposterous! My lord, put yourself in my shoes. Could you bear this humiliation?”

Prince of Northern Hebei forced a bitter smile, “Sect Master, I understand your grievances, but think about our grand plan! In another half year, we will rise in rebellion. It’s not suitable to stir up more trouble now! Can you bear to watch all our efforts come to naught?”

The Tianmen Sect Master gradually began to calm down.

Prince of Northern Hebei felt relieved and continued to advise, “Sect Master, just consider it as if he farted! When we march into the capital in the future, I will personally take charge and make sure he’s brought before you. Whether to kill or maim him, it’s up to you!”

“Good! I’ll give you, my lord, some face!” The Tianmen Sect Master brushed his sleeve and walked away.

Outside, Night Fragrance, who had come with his master, stood on a tall building, observing all directions.

Seeing no immediate response, he muttered softly, “Could it be that the great demon Leng Ruochen isn’t really here? Well, let’s continue the act. A performance must be played out completely!”

He held a script in his hand, which Lin Beifan had written for him.

Lin Beifan told him that if he followed the lines on it, he would undoubtedly provoke the Tianmen Sect Master.

It had to be said, those lines…

They were absolutely maddening!

At this moment, another jester joined in from below and shouted, “Night Fragrance, the Tianmen Sect Master is merely hiding. Calling him a cowardly turtle seems appropriate. But why did you insult him as a green-haired turtle?”

The voice similarly spread throughout the city!

The Tianmen Sect Master, who had just turned to leave, halted his steps.

Night Fragrance shouted loudly, “You don’t understand this? Allow this young master to ask you, how was the Tianmen Sect exterminated?”

The jester called out, “Because they practiced dark arts and the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!”

Night Fragrance inquired further, “What kind of cultivation technique is the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual?”

The jester continued, “It’s a technique that requires self-castration.”

Night Fragrance asked again, “Why is self-castration necessary for cultivation?”

The jester was rendered speechless, “This…”

“Allow this young master to enlighten you!”

Night Fragrance raised his hands in a trumpet shape and shouted, “Because the Tianmen Sect Master’s woman was taken by fellow sect members. He was cuckolded, so he angrily fabricated this technique to vent his frustration! Tell me, if he’s not a green-haired turtle, then what is he?”

“Oh~~ So that’s how it is!” Everyone suddenly understood.

“The Green-Haired Turtle, Tianmen Sect Master! Hahaha…”

Laughter mocking the situation spread throughout the city. The face of the Tianmen Sect Master turned a mix of red and green, an extraordinary sight.

He pounded his chest with both hands and shouted, “It’s infuriating! How dare this brat insult me like this? Saying that I’ve been cuckolded? I won’t rest until he’s dead! I swear it!”

Then he turned around and headed back, intent on settling the score with Night Fragrance.

Prince of Northern Hebei was somewhat alarmed and quickly said, “Sect Master, calm down…”

“Step aside, my lord. I don’t want to get my hands dirty with you!” The Tianmen Sect Master forcefully pushed Prince of Northern Hebei aside, soared into the sky with raging killing intent, and thundered, “Brat, I’m going to kill you!”

“It’s none other than the Tianmen Sect Master Leng Ruochen!”

“He’s really in Northern Hebei Province!”

The entire city was in shock!

Night Fragrance saw the Tianmen Sect Master and first rejoiced, “The great demon Leng Ruochen has finally been provoked by me!”

Then he panicked, “I can’t withstand such overwhelming killing intent!”

Without hesitation, he fled, his speed astonishing.

The pursuing Tianmen Sect Master shouted, “Brat, don’t run! I will definitely kill you! I’ll flay your skin, tear your tendons, shatter your bones, drink your blood, devour your flesh! I’ll make sure your body is in a thousand pieces, utterly obliterated!”

Night Fragrance trembled, “I was just joking, did it really have to get this fierce?”

The Tianmen Sect Master, who was chasing behind, heard this and was infuriated to the point of half death!

Are you joking?

You’re tossing my dignity on the ground and then ruthlessly trampling on it!

What man could bear such humiliation?

“Night Fragrance, I’m going to dismember you in the most gruesome way!” The Tianmen Sect Master shouted angrily, putting all his strength into the chase. Surprisingly, he increased his speed by three points, closing in on Night Fragrance.

Night Fragrance urgently shouted, “Master, please save me!”


An old man wielding a long spear dashed out from the city. Fearless, he stood before the Tianmen Sect Master and shouted, “You must be Tianmen Sect Master Leng Ruochen? I’ve heard of your fame. I wish to use my spear to test your skills!”

The Tianmen Sect Master’s face was filled with trepidation, “You are Night Fragrance’s master, the Grandmaster known as the Spear God?”

The old man stood tall and proud, his voice deep as a mountain, “Indeed, it is I. Let’s battle!”

“Good! I’m brimming with anger right now and I’ve been looking for someone to vent on!” The Tianmen Sect Master gritted his teeth, “Since you’re that brat’s master, I’m going to hold you accountable in the same way!”

“Unable to fight within the city, we’ll fight outside!”

The two Grandmasters quickly rushed out of the city, preparing for a showdown.

The experts within the city also followed in pursuit.

After running about ten miles, the two Grandmasters couldn’t wait any longer and engaged in a fierce battle.

The old man wielded his divine spear with agility and grace. His spear techniques were like dragons, overwhelming with each move, shaking heaven and earth.

In just a short moment, he had already devastated a vast forest, leaving it unrecognizable.

The Tianmen Sect Master was not to be outdone. He also revealed his weapon – a pair of silver bracelets, worn around his hands. They were indestructible, and each move he made carried the might of thunder, unstoppable.

Their battle was akin to a battle between gods, their momentum boundless, flattening everything in their path!

Only innate experts had the chance to witness this up close!

For those below the innate level, standing too close could mean being shredded by the force!

The outside martial artists watched, enraptured.

“So, this is the strength of Grandmasters? It’s truly terrifying!”

“They’re so powerful! Just watching has exhausted all my strength!”

“When will I ever have a chance to become a Grandmaster?”

The old man who was currently fighting broke into hearty laughter, “Haha! This feels great! Such a satisfying fight! It’s been so long since I’ve encountered such a strong opponent like you. Today, I must enjoy this battle to the fullest!”

The Tianmen Sect Master roared in anger, “I’ll accompany you until the end!”

Most of the spectators were experts from the royal palace.

One of them exclaimed in surprise, “I never thought that the great demon Leng Ruochen would actually be hiding in Northern Hebei Province! The thought of me and him being in the same city fills me with a sense of dread!”

“Yeah! This is a true great demon! If he suddenly goes on a killing spree, who could stop him? It’s terrifying!”

“Only a Grandmaster can deal with a Grandmaster!”

Prince of Northern Hebei expressed deep remorse, saying, “Esteemed heroes, I never expected that the great demon Leng Ruochen would be hiding in Northern Hebei Province. I’ve been unaware for so long; it’s my oversight, and I’m truly sorry.”

Everyone offered comforting words.

“My lord, this is not your fault! If a Grandmaster wants to hide, no one can find them!”

“You are innocent in your lack of knowledge; we all understand!”

“My lord, there’s no need for you to blame yourself!”

With the reassurances from the crowd, Prince of Northern Hebei’s face improved.

At this moment, Night Fragrance glanced at the script Lin Beifan had given him, and his eyes lit up as he smiled, “I’ve heard that Prince of Northern Hebei is a wise and martial lord, supportive of the weak and just, a truly heroic figure.”

Prince of Northern Hebei didn’t speak, and the other martial artists from the jianghu quickly spoke up in his defense.

“Why even ask? Our lord is a wise and martial ruler. He’s charitable and despises evil. I’ve never respected anyone in my life, except for our lord!”

“Our lord has done so much for us in the martial world, do you know?”

“Following our lord leads to a future and hope!”

“Night Fragrance, I heard you’ve turned over a new leaf. Do you want to join our lord? He’s eager for talents and knows how to employ them. He will surely treat you well!”

Prince of Northern Hebei slightly raised his head and chest, a hint of smugness in his smile.

“That would make things easier!” Night Fragrance clapped his folding fan open with a snap and said, “My lord, since you are the righteous lord praised by all, someone who despises evil and upholds justice, shouldn’t you lend a hand to the martial world and eradicate the demons, ensuring peace for the realm?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s voice turned heavy, “It’s my responsibility. Young brother, have you encountered any troubles?”

Night Fragrance pouted, “My lord, you see, the great demon Leng Ruochen is right here! Shouldn’t you take action to protect the martial world, exterminate evil, and bring peace?”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s expression gradually froze, his face turning dark.

This kid is malicious, actually making him act against his own ally.

He was about to speak ambiguously and brush this matter aside, but the people behind him started clamoring.

“Do you even need to say that? For our lord, this is an obligation!”

“Our lord despises evil, always standing up for righteousness and vanquishing demons! If we haven’t seen the demon, it’s okay, but if we do, it’s our duty to eliminate them!”

“It’s just the small Leng Ruochen, right? Let’s see how our lord suppresses this demon!”

“Even if we can’t defeat him, we’ll still fight. Nothing can scare away our lord!”

“If we fail, we’ll turn it into a heroic sacrifice!”

Prince of Northern Hebei’s face turned pitch black.

He was furious!

He wanted to slap these martial artists who lacked any sense of propriety, who seemed to thrive on chaos, and scatter them with a single blow!


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I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
In the dangerous world of high martial arts, Lin Beifan traversed and found himself bound to a corrupt official system. It seemed that the only way to become stronger was through corruption – a ridiculous notion, but one that he had to follow nonetheless. He found himself embezzling, accepting bribes, and using his power for personal gain, becoming a despised and hated corrupt official. Yet, secretly, he distributed his ill-gotten gains to the people, leaving nothing for himself. He carried the weight of his bad reputation while still trying to make the world a better place. The empress, who knew the truth, shed tears and said, “My dear, I’m sorry for the injustice done to you. Come to my palace tonight.” The intelligent and beautiful women who knew the truth declared, “No matter how the world sees you, we are willing to stand by your side, through thick and thin!” The martial women of the Jianghu who knew the truth vowed, “If they want to take down Lin, they’ll have to get through us first!” Others were left in shock, “He’s clearly a corrupt official, why are you all protecting him?”


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