Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Crooked-Mouthed Dragon King: I’m Going to Leave Him No Room for Regret!

“Let me tell you, the operation is very simple! You just need to do it like this… like this… and like this!” Lin Beifan meticulously taught, and Wu Ge listened attentively.

Back when he was learning tomb-robbing techniques, he wasn’t this diligent. After all, this was a skill that could make Lin Beifan lose money.

Once he learned this technique, all he needed to do was tap the keyboard a few times to make Lin Beifan lose money. Moreover, this time it was a 1 million contract, nearly 6 billion in funds. With just a few keystrokes, he could make it all disappear, including both principal and profits.

Wu Ge was trembling with excitement. “Is it really this simple?”

Lin Beifan nodded. “That’s right.”

Wu Ge remained excited. “So simple?”

Lin Beifan nodded again. “It’s just that simple. But you need to be careful, don’t press the wrong keys. Like I did yesterday, pressing the wrong key could result in losses!”

“Don’t worry; I definitely won’t!”

Wu Ge thought to himself.

Next, under Lin Beifan’s guidance, Wu Ge placed an order. However, seeing the large empty contract he had placed himself, hanging in the soybean futures market, made him even more excited.

At this moment, he felt like the Goddess of Victory was beckoning to him.

However, he was still not very confident. “Is this considered a success?”

“Of course!” Lin Beifan smiled. “Right now, we’ve only placed the short position. There will definitely be a bull willing to take it and trade with us. That’s when it will be considered a success. Otherwise, this contract will just hang there without generating any profit.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the screen refreshed.

The large empty contract that Wu Ge had placed disappeared.

And on their computer screen, there was a new message indicating a successful trade.

“You see, that’s considered a success!” Lin Beifan laughed.

Wu Ge became even more excited. This short position, without a doubt, had been taken by the Dragon King Zhaotian and his group.

Only they had the power to accept such a large empty contract.

“Boss Lin, can I handle the next trades?” Wu Ge asked eagerly.

He wanted to take revenge on his enemy personally and make Lin Beifan suffer a huge loss. He wanted to make him regret everything! Moreover, by operating himself, he could prevent any accidents.

Lin Beifan smiled and nodded. “Of course! We’ve completed 300,000 contracts out of 1 million. You can handle the remaining 700,000 contracts!”

“Thank you so much, Lin!” Wu Ge was overjoyed.

“Be careful, and make sure not to press the wrong keys,” Lin Beifan reminded him.

“I won’t make any mistakes!”

Next, Wu Ge continued to operate with great enthusiasm. With every order placed, a smile would appear on his face, and each smile was infectious.

Seeing his partner’s happiness, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but be affected. He silently made a wish.

“I wish: Today’s soybean futures trading will double my investment in the weekly report!”

“Ding! Wish granted!”

And at this moment, Wu Ge tirelessly continued to place short positions.

The 700,000 contracts of the short position were quickly cleared by him, and the market absorbed them. Normally, with so many short positions, soybean prices would have plummeted by now.

Without going into too much detail, at the very least, let’s aim for a 5% drop.

But surprisingly, the market remained extremely resilient, and soybean prices not only didn’t fall but even increased by 1%. Lin Beifan’s account was already floating at a loss of 600 million yuan.

Wu Ge was delighted to see this.

He secretly slipped away and sent a text message to the men in black. “Lin Beifan’s 1 million contracts have all been sold!”

Upon receiving the message, the Dragon King Zhaotian was extremely happy. “Lin Beifan no longer has any holdings. Now, make him lose a lot of money and quickly drive up the soybean prices. I want to make him bleed!”

“Yes, Dragon King!” The men in black replied in unison.

As a result, tens of billions of funds poured into the soybean futures market.

Soybean prices skyrocketed!

They increased by 2% rapidly!

And then quickly rose by 3%!

It slowed down when it reached 5%.

Dragon King Zhaotian laughed heartily. “A 5% surge! Lin Beifan must have lost at least 3 billion! Plus, the current market sentiment is bullish, so soybean prices are on an upward trend. Lin Beifan, let’s see how you handle this.”

“Congratulations, Dragon King! We celebrate with you!” The men in black chimed in.

“Let’s all rejoice together!” Dragon King Zhaotian was in high spirits.

Wu Ge was also extremely excited!

With a 5% surge, Lin Beifan’s account was already floating at a loss of 3 billion!

He was now staring at his account closely, and every additional loss of 100 million made him want to shout out in laughter three times!

The surrounding traders were already anxious!

“Boss Lin, sell quickly!”

“The overall trend for soybeans is bullish now; we’ve made a mistake. If we don’t sell now, it will be too late!”

“Sell now, and we can reduce the losses a bit!”

Wu Ge also pretended to advise, “Boss Lin, you’ve already lost 3 billion. Shouldn’t we close our positions?”

Lin Beifan remained calm. “No hurry, let the price go up a bit more.”

Looking at the colorful screens around him, he extended two fingers. “Sell me another 200,000 short contracts!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Continuing to short now?”

“Isn’t this just seeking death?”

“Is Lin crazy?”

Everyone continued to urge him.

Only Wu Ge stood firmly by Lin Beifan’s side. “Boss Lin, I’ll help you operate!”

Lin Beifan smiled. “You understand me well. Thank you.”

“It’s nothing!” Wu Ge immediately started operating.

After selling these additional 200,000 short contracts, Wu Ge felt like the whole world was bright, life was full of light, and beautiful angels were beckoning to him.

“Lin Beifan, I don’t believe I can’t make you lose!”

Dragon King Zhaotian quickly received Wu Ge’s message and smiled triumphantly. “Is he still daring to short soybeans at a time like this? He must not value his life! Since he’s looking for death, I’ll grant his wish!”

“Bring in the contracts he’s shorted, and then push up the prices across the board. I want to make sure he… Zhaotian’s mouth curved up 45 degrees, and he chuckled.

“…won’t even have room for regret!”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

As a result, a large amount of capital entered the market. Lin Beifan’s short contracts were quickly absorbed, and soybean prices increased by another percentage point.

Lin Beifan’s account was now floating at a loss of nearly 5 billion!

This was an astonishing figure! A very dangerous one!

Many people couldn’t bear to look at it anymore. The traders around them were trembling with fear, their faces as white as paper, and they didn’t dare to say another word.

However, Lin Beifan remained calm, as if he didn’t consider this figure a big deal.

Wu Ge sneered inwardly. He was still holding on at this point!

Dragon King Zhaotian also sneered inwardly. Lin Beifan, this time victory is definitely mine!

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