A Guide to Creating Another World – 124

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“Ah~ this ghost is so boring too ……”

“Hiiiii~ ……!”

The time was, roughly, just after 0:00 am late at night.
In a certain dark alley in Tokyo, a man wearing a black suit and holding a pistol emitting dark steel color in one hand was muttering to himself. The pistol seemed to have a religious style design painted on its body.

Combined with appearance that gives off an obvious dangerous aura, it made the drunken office worker who happened to be in the alleyway sober up and run away, even though he didn’t anything to him in any particular way.

But he can’t be blamed for that. After all, the man suddenly drew his pistol and fired several shots in succession in front of the drunken man. Even if that was not fired at himself, but as long as the scene was staged in front of him, it can’t be helped if he runaway, right?

“Hmm, really. You Japanese don’t have to run away. Is this clear that this master is helping you to destroy the ghost of Japan ……?”

A good confirmation will reveal that the places hit by the bullets are scattered with a blue-white light powder and did not cause damage to the buildings and streets.

Apparently, this man’s gun and bullets had a special device on them, and he seemed to have the same special powers as the other psychics scattered around Japan.

Perhaps the religious patterns on his gun are also some kind of magical markings.

So in the eyes of the office worker just now, the act of attacking monsters and evil spirits that ordinary people can’t see is undoubtedly a murderous act.

Then, the girl who watched the whole process calmly appeared from the shadows of the alley.

“The exorcist method of the British Church of Magic is as tactless as ever. You’re Harry Taylor, the invincible mercenary who is known as the best of that country, aren’t you?”

“Hey, hey. You can’t compare me to just any mercenary, Mikado. I’ve killed evil spirits without harming the town or its people, haven’t I? I think I did a perfect good job.”

The girl who appeared from the darkness, her name is Saionji Mikado, and is a member of a superpowered organization with ties to the Japanese government.
She complained about Harry’s actions with no regard for the people around him, but Harry himself interpreted it as a perfect job.

Then, Harry put the pistol back into the holster and continues.

“In the first place, I’m just a hired hand who was asked to lend a hand in the defeat of the Nine Tails, the Evil God you say is beyond your control. You can’t expect me to be polite. I got rid of a demon or two for free, so you should be thanking me.”

In fact, the reason he was hired had to do with the reapearance of one of the biggest threats in Japan, the nine-tailed fox Tamamo Gozen.

The Japanese government has no intention to seal the Nine Tails again, but to use the power of the living sacrifice Togami Kuroko to weaken the power of the Nine Tails as much as possible, and then to kill the legendary demon in this duel.

The foreign aid selected for this is the exorcist who has one of the best magical powers in the United Kingdom, and the highest-level mercenary Harry Taylor.

But as seen in the scene just now, the character is a bit wrong, so it has not been able to fully decide whether or not to propose a commission to him.

However, his presence here means that the government has begun to fidget in the face of this gradually weakening seal.

Even if it was a temporary employment, the government was still uneasy about whether to hire this powerful but difficult man, but it was too urgent to think about it now.

“You merely want to earn contribution degrees from the Holy Magical Church by destroying demons, right? Everyone knows that contribution degrees directly change the status of mercenaries. In the Holy Magical Church’s system, contribution degree disregards all human nature and is only determined by the number of demons and monsters crushed.”

“Hahaha, you’re right, it’s just like you said.”

Harry’s mouth would act like he didn’t care because he was in a system where only definite strength was the highest basis of judgment, so he couldn’t be blamed for it all. But in terms of combat power, he is a superb fighting force that they urgently need.

If Saito was here too, he would have been too surprised to believe that the one with this kind of power was just an earthling.

“So – how many demon foxes have broken through the seal and escaped? If we don’t make countermeasures quickly, we can’t control the situation with only living sacrifices.”

“Well, there are many places besides Tokyo that have suffered damage caused by the youkai foxes. And there’s no way to find their base or clues to their crimes. Hidden in the dark can do this kind of thing …… I’m afraid that is a high-level youkai fox, probably 7 or 8 tails level.”

The whole of Japan from a few days ago began to have important people missing and occurrence of various strange phenomena.

Some were found dead, others lost their memories of the disappearance but returned unharmed.

The intention behind this series of events is unclear, but judging from the power level, it should be the work of senior youkai foxes.

Because two tails and three are not able to make this level of commotion.

“Hey, Mikado, isn’t that bad. Why didn’t you call me over earlier? Since the situation is so bad to that extent, I will give priority to your side than the elimination of vampires in our country.”

“That’s because you’re the kind of person who won’t obediently follow others’ instructions to act ……, but now may not be the time to say such a thing.”

Saionji Mikado words with how much regret, but the matter has come to pursue this also does not help.

Harry replied: “Well, now more talk is not helpful,” he complained and lit his cigarette and took a puff.

It seems he is still a little self-conscious and knows his character is a little difficult to get along with.

“So, what’s the difference between dead people and those who came back alive?”

“…… Actually that’s exactly where the problem lies.”

Most of the people who died were the ones who did something unseemly behind the scenes, or the ones who weren’t sure if they did but were so discussed by everyone; while the ones who came back alive were the ones who had been mildly brainwashed and the ones who were completely unharmed, and then, most of the ones who were targeted were middle-aged men …… and so on. It is obvious that the first half was intentionally selected, but somehow the second half targeted middle-aged men.

What exactly is the purpose of the opponent? It’s completely incomprehensible.

Harry crossed his arms and fell into a moment of silence. Immediately afterwards, he took a deep breath and came to a conclusion.

“From your description, most of this is a personal vendetta. As long as you have been a mercenary you can understand it, probably because the middle-aged man did something that would make the those of the Nine Tails clan hold a grudge. And one of the people who returned alive should be the wrong people they caught, dead people must be those who pissed off the Fox Demon, or other. It’s probably just such a simple logic …… but this is all just my guess.”

After Harry used the magic of fire to smoke the finished cigarette burned to ashes, this conversation also led to the end.

This man in addition to being a mercenary and exorcist’s strong combat power, the real power is his insight.

Moreover, he has more than 1 or 2 times perfectly displayed his amazing insight in the field, penetrating the enemy’s combat in the chaotic vein.

Therefore, everyone in the industry called him in awe of this: sense of Exorcist.

Soon, this superb mercenary Harry will meet with Saito who rushed back to Japan.

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