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Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 164

“Wow, ……. This number is a quite dangerous.”

As I ran out of my apartment, I was horrified by the number of youkai roaming around outside.  

In addition to the human soul-like specters that illuminate the surroundings, there are goblin-like demon, animal ghosts, and a giant skeleton known as the Gashadokuro, which is also famous in Japan.  

And they were increasing one after another from the cracks in the space like a dimensional rift, and there was no end in sight.  

The sheer volume of them made me believe that there would be no end to the number of skeletons I would have to deal with one by one. ”

“I’m so glad that during the upgrade of the application due to the change of era, it was possible to just store the dimensions and choose an occupation. ……”

I’m sure this is another smart move by the owner of the email who claims to be the Creator God of the beginning, but the thought of not being able to summon or power up my friends against this many monsters is enough to make me despair.    

No, I’m really grateful for the help.    

In fact, Mizzet is so happy that the time has finally come for her to go on a rampage that she continues to slaughter the demons around her all by herself with the biggest smile on her face.

She looks like a maiden of war.    

Moreover, she attacks only with normal attacks.    The only way to attack them is to slash, kick, punch, and that’s it.    

I guess she thinks it’s silly to spend her magic power on such small fry.    

However, I must say that her normal attacks are too strong for the level of this world.    

Even the biggest of them, such as the Gashadokuro, will be blown to pieces and stop working in the face of the Mizzet Punch, as if they were crumbling tofu.

The fighting power of my partner, who had sworn to follow me across the world and time, was too overwhelming.

“Hmph! I was expecting the enemies of Kenji’s world to be powerful monsters, but to my surprise, they were all small fry with no significant magical power!  It’s not even enough as wam-up for this Mizzet-sama! Hahahahahahaha! Come on!!”

As if to finish the job, she swung her Western sword with a small amount of magic power and minced the demon with just the sword pressure.    

I see, there is such a use for magic power.

As a warrior, I have perfect specs and can probably do the same in terms of status, but I lack the sense to efficiently destroy enemies, so my efficiency will be greatly inferior as a result.

I wonder if this is the difference between a person who has lived as a genuine combatant since birth and a person who has lived in a world where there is no armed conflict.    

Hmm, it’s amazing.  

Well, I guess the reason why Mizzet is doing so well is because she is now free from the stress of Jean, who she had been bickering with.    

The team play in the dungeon was also like water and oil, and the straightforward and direct type of Mizzet was always forced to play with her brains.  

For her, the environment where she can roam freely is the most refreshing.

“Oh, my God, it’s over. It’s …… Can I have more?”

“No way. ……”

It seems that even after reaping the entire visible area, she still hasn’t gone wild enough.

The attack you just made blew up the dimensional rift-like thing along with it, didn’t it?

However, even if you look at me covetously. I can’t make your wish come true because I’m not the one creating the demons.

I’m sorry.    

But don’t worry, you can still go wild in the Battle of the Nine Tails, so I guess you can save the fun for then.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it, Mizzet-san? I also feel like I’m much stronger than I was when I was playing as a team with Jean-san.”

“Is that so? The girl I knew were always like this, you know? She always lured me to the hell called Replay Mode and bullied me by saying that it was a special training. Ah, when I remembered it, it makes me sick. ………… Bleagh!”

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t pass out here, or you’ll die.    

I know, I know.  

I’m sorry I put you through Mizzet level training, even if it was just to stay alive.

Just stay strong, okay?    

Here, take a deep breath.    

There’s no Replay Mode here to torment you!  

Cheer up, Momiji!

“Why are you playing around, Master? We are going meet someone who is stronger than me, and she will show the way. We should follow suit.”

“Oh, oh, ……. Right, Deus.”

Yes, now was not the time to be playing with Momiji.    

She’s youkai too, so she won’t die even if she’s left alone anyway.    

However, it would be a pity to leave her behind, so I’ll carry her on my back.

“Just don’t puke on my back, okay?”



I’m worried, but I can’t help it even if I’m stuck in Momiji anymore, so I’ll follow along.

In addition, Mizzet seems to be aiming for the Togami family’s mansion in terms of the route she’s taking, perhaps using the place with the strongest magical reaction as a landmark.

Naturally, the highest magic power is equal to the magic power of the Nine Tails, so the direction should not be wrong.

“Aaaa~ the magical power of Mother and Sisters are approaching. I’ve missed you. I hope everyone is doing well.”

Momiji sensor also gave me its seal of approval.  

I knew I could rely on this scaredy-fox youkai.  

Since she has a high level of detection ability, I can be confident in the direction we are going.

In addition, she’s very good at hiding, so if I’m around Momiji, it’s possible that I’ll even make a surprise attack.

This is even if it is the Nine-Tailed youkai known as the Land God.    

The source of information: me.

While running, I was swapping the power of the sub-god as I see fit and checking for changes in parameters, and as I remember, I can’t see through the hidden form of the Momiji.

It seems that the Nine-Tails family is very good at detecting each other, but the fact that there is little response from the other side also adds to this hypothesis.    

Perhaps it is because the parameters of Momiji, which were originally better at escaping and hiding than when they were one, have risen, and she’s now able to fully utilize their power as Three-Tails.

Except for her optimistic impression of the opponent who is about to face a decisive battle, she is a very good navigator.

“What shall we talk about when we meet? Will it be about the tuna mayo Onigiri-man gave me? Or should I talk about hamburgers? Hmm, I wonder.”

Really, please?  

As you can see, they’re out to get humanity, so no matter where the conflict lands, they probably won’t have the option of not fighting.

“What is that?”

“Huh? Oh, wow, Mother-sama’s warding technique has been broken. It’s amazing!”

From the look of Momiji I can be sure that something unusual is going on.  

At any rate, in the unique world that this Nine-Tailed youkai has isolated from real-world, an incident she couldn’t predict has begun to occur.

What the hell is going on?

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

A Guide To How To Create Another World, Isekai Sozo no Susu-me ~ Sumahoapuri de Wakusei o Tsukutte Shimatta Ore wa Kami to Nari Sekai o Meguru, 異世界創造のすゝめ~スマホアプリで惑星を創ってしまった俺は神となり世界を巡る~
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A certain middle-aged man, Saito Kenji installed a mysterious smartphone app “Guide to Creating Another World”. It was a game in which you could freely manipulate planets, lives, tribes, eras, and all sorts of other things. However, as a result of being transferred to the world on the screen through a new function, he found himself able to travel back and forth to Japan! You can explore and time travel in other world, and the different abilities you get can be used either way, and use dimensional storage. And you can take things and people with you as much as you want…! “Hmm, this is an adventure you have to have, isn’t it?" I’m busy resolving problems in two worlds, and leveling up in between. Occasionally, he gives an oracle to cause the other world to shake violently, or tames a nine-tailed girl with tuna mayo–? The life of an Ex-salaryman with an “anything goes” God life START!


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