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I Forcibly K!ssed the Heroine – Chapter 7

Zhan Qingchen had no experience in love, but that didn’t mean she was stupid.

Even if Su Shi’s feelings for her were sincere, she couldn’t accept a relationship with a crazy killer.

So she mobilized the power of the sect and investigated Su Shi’s background in detail.

[Su Shi, the first son of the Su family in Nanli City. At the age of seven, he joined the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, and at the age of twenty, he stepped into the Late Stage of Foundation Establishment and became a Demon General under the Netherworld Demon Empress, in charge of Fengsha City’s affairs in the Southwest Region.]

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes flickered.

The Shu Family of Nanli City.

Nanli City was located in the southwest, a strategic location connected to the Central Plains.

The Su family, on the other hand, was a large and prestigious family in Nanli, and its power could be described as deep-rooted.

As the first son of the Su family, Su Shi was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and was a true playboy.

But with Su Shi’s cultivation level at the Realm Foundation Establishment, he would not be enough to hold the position of Demon General.

Not to mention managing the affairs of the city.

The reason why the Netherworld Demon Empress, made such an arrangement was clearly because he favored Shu’s family background.

If they could enter Nanli City, it would be very important to the layout of the Demonic Sect, and they could even take this opportunity to obtain the Central Plains.

“That’s a good calculation.”

Zhan Qingchen snorted coldly.

Then looked down.

[To prove himself, Su Shi had launched several raids against Righteous Cultivators in the Southwest Region, but without exception all of them ended in failure, and it weakened the Demonic Sect in Fengsha City instead]

[It is rumored that the Demon Empress has many opinions about him and his position in the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect is in danger.]

“Not once did he succeed?”

Zhan Qingchen froze.

On the surface, the Southwest Region ostensibly belonged to the imperial dynasty, but in reality it had been completely infiltrated by the power of the Demonic Sect, so it made sense that Su Shi should have had home-field advantage and his raid against the Righteous Cultivators should have gone smoothly.

But every time, he would reveal a flaw and then be defeated by the Righteous Cultivators and destroyed in one fell swoop.

“One or two mistakes are understandable, but if every time is like this, then there can only be one explanation.”

“Su Shi did it on purpose!”

Zhan Qingchen quickly thought of the cause and effect:

“Su Shi was forced to join the Demonic Sect, yet he did not succumb to the Demon Empress’s lustful authority and repeatedly sabotaged the Demonic Sect’s actions in secret! He even risked his own life to stop the Demonic Sect from extending its hand to Nanli City!”

Thinking of everything that had happened before, she became even more certain of her conjecture.

If Su Shi was such an evil person, how could he be willing to die?

When she thought of Su Shi’s ordeal, the smile on his face when he fell under her sword, and the gentle look in his loving eyes.

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were slightly red.

She rubbed her eyes and whispered, “This fool! Does he not think of himself at all?”

If Su Shi knew what she was thinking, perhaps his brain would be buzzing.

Intentionally revealing a flaw?

Of course not! It was all an arrangement of that shitty plot!

If it wasn’t for the system, I would have killed those righteous hypocrites long ago!


Perhaps because of being “reborn”, Su Shi’s entire body relaxed.

He slept soundly.

When he opened his eyes, it was already dawn and the sun was rising.


He was just about to stretch his back when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a white figure in the light.

“Chief Zhan?”

Su Shi was surprised, “When did you get here?”

Zhan Qingchen was a little embarrassed and explained, “I came to bring you breakfast, and seeing that you were sleeping soundly, I didn’t call you.”

Only then did Su Shi realize that a food box was placed beside him.

“No need to trouble Chief Zhan with such things, I’ll go to the dining room and eat myself.”

“How will you do that?”

Zhan Qingchen said, “You still can’t do normal activities because your wounds haven’t healed yet. Besides, I was the one who stabbed you in the first place, so it’s only fitting that I take care of you.”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “Chief Zhan is too polite.”

Looking at his handsome face, Zhan Qingchen hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Don’t you …… hate me at all?”

That sword of her was quite fierce.

If it weren’t for the leafe of the Golden Arcane Tree, even if the Medicine King came, it wouldn t help.

“Of course I don’t hate you.”

Su Shi said with a smile, “I am a member of the Demonic Sect, it is Chief Zhan’s duty to kill me, it is I who should thank you for saving my life.”

This was Su Shi’s true heart.

Zhan Qingchen killing him was a plot arrangement.

Although he was almost killed, it opened up a new mission by accident, which was a blessing in disguise for him.

Zhan Qingchen lowered her head.

The more relaxed Su Shi’s tone was, the more guilty she felt.

“Before, I didn’t understand things clearly, so I took the opportunity to stab you, I was too careless.”

“Su Shi, I apologize.”

Zhan Qingchen apologized to him in a sincere manner.

“Uh …… it’s okay.”

Su Shi scratched his head.

Is this still the same Fairy Qingchen who has always been indifferent?

The change is too great!

“To make up for my mistake, I will take good care of you this time.”

Zhan Qingchen sat on the edge of the bed with a lunch box and took out a steaming medicinal food from it.

“This is a recipe left by Medicine King, I boiled it myself this morning, it is very helpful for your recovery.”

She scooped out a spoonful with a spoon, blew on it coldly and passed it to Su Shi’s mouth.

“Chief Zhan, this is ……”

Su Shi did not respond for a moment.

Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks flushed slightly as she shyly said, “You’re seriously injured and it’s inconvenient for you to do it yourself, so it’s better for me to feed you.”

“Ah? That’s inappropriate!”

“What’s inappropriate? Aren’t we in a relationship?”

When she said these words, Zhan Qingchen’s voice was like a gnat, Su Shi was at a loss for words.


Looking at her beautiful cheeks like a sunset reflecting the snow, Su Shi’s heart beat faster and he couldn’t help but say, “Chief Zhan, you’re so beautiful.”

Zhan Qingchen’s wrist twitched and the medicinal food almost spilled out.

A blush spread from her cheeks to her neck, and her bright eyes sparkled.

Biting her lip, she snapped, “Pervert, are you going to drink it or not?”

“I’ll drink!”

Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Villain: Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine, 反派:临死前,我强吻了女主
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Su Shi has been the villain in the book from time to time and had to play by the plot in order to become the protagonist in another book. According to the plot, he must eventually die under the heroine’s sword. When he was about to die, Zhan Qingchen stood up with her sword and asked him what his last words were. Looking at the indifferent beautiful face, Su Shi, who was lying in a pool of blood, was angry. He pulled Zhan Qingchen down hard and gave her a forced kiss! “This is the last time we meet anyway!” Su Shi closed his eyes in satisfaction. Zhan Qingchen hated men so much and now her chastity had been taken away! This kiss was the best revenge for his nemesis! After this he would be reincarnated and become the real ‘Favored son of heavens!’ But what Su Shi did not expect was that Zhan Qingchen actually used the treasure to save him from the gates of death! Now that they were sitting in silence, the atmosphere had become extremely awkward. Zhan Qingchen: “Explain, why did you kiss me?” Su Shi: “…”


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