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Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: There Will Never Be an Age of Ye Tian, Only a Ye Tian of This Age

Violet Cloud Realm.

Filled with ancient trees, seas of flowers, and Violet Cloud Palaces.

It was still a divine realm of great beauty.

The previous damages caused by Lou Xuling’s wrath had already been basically repaired by now.

Right now, within the beautiful sea of flowers, Lou Xuling stood on thin air as her dress waved in the wind alongside the flower petals.

That beautiful face was at this moment fixed in a thoughtful expression.

It’s getting closer and closer to the time when Ye Tian exits his seclusion, as well as the time for the final battle!

What will be the result of such a battle?

And… What kind of result does she hope for?

Lou Xuling frowned. Her slightly worried expression only made her even more beautiful.

“Palace Mistress!”

Right then, a voice rang out from behind her.

A figure flew in from afar and stopped behind Lou Xuling.

It was a woman with a veil over her face.

Although her presence and beautiful face hidden behind the veil was slightly lesser compared to Lou Xuling herself, she is still considered top tier within the entire Violet Cloud Realm.

Be it in looks, presence, or might, within the Violet Cloud Realm, she would lose out to Lou Xuling alone.

He was the first among the 49 Empresses of the Violet Cloud Palaces.

She is also Lou Xuling’s trusted confidant.

Lou Xuling’s greatest aide.

The number two within the Violet Cloud Realm!

Xun Ruyue!

“How are things outside?”

Lou Xuling continued to stay where she was while asking calmly in that cold yet alluring voice of hers.

In the end… She does still care quite a bit about the final battle between Ling Ye and Ye Tian!

Thus, she had been sending people out to monitor the situation among the myriad realms in secret all this time!

In order to observe the situation with Ling Ye and Ye Tian for the past half month or so.

“Right now… The Heaven and Earth Alliance is currently recruiting various factions to join them!”

Xun Ruyue reported, “And there are indeed various strong people constantly gathering toward the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“Of them, there are even Supreme Divine Realm existences!”

“On the Bloodshade Demon Army’s side, on the other hand, they seem to be completely quiet!”

“It’s as if… All of this is a premonition of the future! That the hearts of the world goes toward the Heaven and Earth Alliance. Towards Ye Tian!”

“That everyone wishes for the Bloodshade Demon Lord… To die!”


Xun Ruyue reported all the news she have gotten recently to Lou Xuling.

After Lou Xuling finished listening, a slightly complicated look appeared on her face.

She herself wasn’t sure if all that was something that she hoped for or not!

She did want to kill Ling Ye, but she also didn’t want Ye Tian to win. She didn’t want anyone to win against Ling Ye!

Thus… She was very conflicted!

“Palace Mistress! From now on, the myriad realms may very well… Become the age of Ye Tian!”

Xun Ruyue continued, “Should our Violet Cloud Realm do something? Should we consider allying with the Heaven and Earth Alliance?”

The moment those words were spoken, Lou Xuling frowned deeply!


There’s obviously no way that she’s willing to ally with anyone!

Such an action is tantamount to lowering her own status!

Lowering the status of the Violet Cloud Ream!

Thus, Lou Xuling immediately replied, “Our Violet Cloud Realm will never join another group!”

“Besides… There will never be an age of Ye Tian, only a Ye Tian of this age!”

“No matter who wins or loses, that’s their business alone! Our Violet Cloud Realm will absolutely not interfere!”

Lou Xuling was adamant in her decision.

To her, that Heaven and Earth Alliance lacked the qualifications for her to ask an alliance of.

As for the Bloodshade Demon Army… She doesn’t want to ally with them either!

She regards the Heaven and Earth Alliance with a hint of contempt.

As for the Bloodshade Demon Army, she regards it with a hint of hatred!

Therefore, she won’t stand on either side.

She won’t be interfering!

“Yes! I understand!” Xun Ruyue lightly nodded.

The Violet Cloud Realm will forever maintain their own independence.

They won’t be allying with any other faction!

Only… From the Palace Mistress’s words, it does seem like she’s more or less… A little on Ling Ye’s side.

No age of Ye Tian, only a Ye Tian of this age?

Isn’t that basically saying that she does not look well upon Ye Tian?

In that case, whose age does this current age belong to?

Ever since ancient times, it was all a single person’s!

And that person was Ling Ye!

Ling Ye has always been the true master of these myriad realms!

And so, these myriad realms is therefore Ye Tian’s age!

Lou Xuling’s words have undoubtedly clearly compared Ling Ye and Ye Tian to each other!

As expected, Ling Ye was the number on target in Lou Xuling’s heart!

He was the only man who she considers worth!

“You’re dismissed!” Lou Xuling then spoke softly.

“Yes!” Xun Ruyue lightly nodded before she turned to leave.

Although, she was very curious as to what Lou Xuling was really thinking right now.

To not join or help either side!

But she obviously cares a lot about this final battle at the same time!

So just what is the Palace Mistress thinking?

Within the sea of flowers, Lou Xuling’s face fell as she fell in thought!

After a moment, she let out a breath and slowly floated down.

Then, she headed to the deepest parts of the Flower Sea Palace.

There was a spring there.

That spring gathered and transformed the spiritual energies of the world into spring water, having contacted the countless flowers of the Violet Cloud Realm.

It’s clear and refreshing, while at the same time accompanied by a uniquely refreshing fragrance. It’s something that anyone would love.

Lou Xuling came to this quiet place reserved exclusively for her before quietly removing her clothing…

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Final boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End, 大反派: 在大结局让女主救我
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ling Ye transmigrated into the final boss, it was already right before the end. Facing the max leveled protagonist, all that awaited him was death! At this critical moment, Ling Ye discovered a way out in the heroine! Thus, he secretly contacted the heroine… When the protagonist finally came out of seclusion at max level… Ling Ye: “Sorry about that. She seems to be on my side, and she even wants to marry me…” The protagonist blew his top: “How did the woman that I chased after all this time to no avail end up becoming yours?”


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