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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Why are there no stockings in this era!!!

“Cheng’an, we have money now.”

Princess Han, Su Yuzhou smiled and said, “The Emperor sent someone to deliver a hundred taels of silver, at least three months, and we have no worries about food and clothing.”

“This is the capital for our uprising,” Su Yuzhou said, but the next moment she realized she had said the wrong thing. She hadn’t formed such a close relationship with Lu Cheng’an yet.

Subconsciously, she already regarded Lu Cheng’an as one of her own. Although Lu Cheng’an was somewhat strange, he didn’t say anything. He thought maybe they were comrades who had fought side by side on the same battlefield, swindling silver from the Zhengying Emperor, so the Princess Han could trust him so much.

Just now he went out to move the furniture of the Princess Han’s mansion, and he was really tired. Stretching his muscles, Lu Cheng’an said, “Your Highness, Cheng’an is a bit tired, so he’ll rest in the inner room.”

From being approached by Princess Jin and Princess Han in the morning, to figuring out how to get money for the Princess Han, and implementing the entire plan to get money, what Lu Cheng’an did in one day almost paralyzed him with exhaustion.

Su Yuzhou didn’t intend to let Lu Cheng’an off. At this moment, Lu Cheng’an hadn’t truly become a member of the family, how could Su Yuzhou relax? But for a while, she couldn’t think of any way to win people over.

She hesitated for a moment and said, “Wait a moment.”

Lu Cheng’an stopped and turned around, saying, “Princess Han, is there anything else?”

Su Yuzhou stood still, her brain in high-speed overload. She quickly came up with an idea, “The maids and servants in the mansion were driven away by me, and there’s no one to serve me, so it’s hard for me to fall asleep.”

Lu Cheng’an was stunned. No, this was different from the game, right? The Princess Han was born poor, and her mother’s status was humble, so she had been taking care of herself since she was young.

How could she need someone else to serve her? Moreover, what’s the use of asking him if he couldn’t sleep? Could it be that Lu Cheng’an would fetch a box of sleeping pills for her?

He didn’t have that ability. He was just a transmigrator between two worlds, and he couldn’t go back and get a box of pills. Su Yuzhou immediately realized she had said the wrong thing, her pretty face blushed, but she had several years of experience in handling affairs after ascending to the throne.

She quickly suppressed the blush and said calmly, “It’s already the hot summer, if there’s no one to fan me in the room, I can’t fall asleep.”


Lu Cheng’an wasn’t a fool. He could tell from her words that the Princess Han wanted him to fan her while she slept at night. But how could that be? Wasn’t she sincerely trying to tire him out?

“Princess Han, it’s not appropriate for a single man and a single woman to be alone in a room,” Lu Cheng’an said.

He really wanted to hug the beautiful Princess Han. But Lu Cheng’an absolutely didn’t want to be a laborer. He couldn’t afford to fan her all night.

Su Yuzhou was angry, “What? Unwilling? Since you’re so unwilling to fan me, then bring me a basin of foot-washing water and wash my feet for me. If they’re not clean enough, you can drink it.”

With that, Su Yuzhou walked into the main room. For some reason, Su Yuzhou felt a bit refreshed, but soon she felt some regret again. She felt refreshed because in the third simulation, Lu Cheng’an often exceeded boundaries and even offended her, holding hands and touching feet were considered normal, and later she even gave birth to a child for Lu Cheng’an.

Whenever those memories flashed through her mind, Su Yuzhou felt embarrassed. Insatiable, heart of a beast, dressed like a gentleman but acting like a beast, bold in lust, none of these words were enough to describe Lu Cheng’an’s later arrogant behavior. It’s not an exaggeration to say he was a tyrant.

The regret was that Lu Cheng’an ultimately received retribution, not only was he exiled, but he also died of illness in Liangzhou. However, considering his unwavering loyalty to herself, Su Yuzhou posthumously granted him a beautiful posthumous title.

But the problem now is that Lu Cheng’an hasn’t committed any major wrongdoing yet, and her actions are purely retaliatory. If Lu Cheng’an protests and refuses to wash her feet, Su Yuzhou thinks she’ll just forget about it. After all, the hands of a scholar are precious; they are used to write calligraphy.

Su Yuzhou is not Lu Cheng’an’s elder, even between husband and wife, there’s no concept of washing each other’s feet. This request carries a certain element of ‘humiliation’.

Usually, it’s servants who serve their masters, and juniors who serve elders in such matters. However, Su Yuzhou miscalculated. Lu Cheng’an’s speed of action exceeded imagination. In Lu Cheng’an’s eyes, are these two things comparable in any way?

Fanning someone all night versus washing the beautiful feet of the Princess Han. What’s washing a foot? Lu Cheng’an pondered for a moment. If he didn’t deviate from the simulation route, the Princess Han would definitely be his wife in the future.

Looking at it with an optimistic mindset like Ah Q, would it be embarrassing to wash his wife’s feet? Washing the feet of the Princess Han = washing the feet of his wife.

Lu Cheng’an also tested the water temperature, making sure it was just right. Now Su Yuzhou was feeling uneasy. Seeing Lu Cheng’an cautiously testing the water temperature, Su Yuzhou felt even more guilty.

She opened her mouth, “Forget it, seeing you’re so clumsy, I…”

Before she finished speaking, Lu Cheng’an’s hand had already reached her. Su Yuzhou froze. Her skin immediately tensed up. In her memory and in reality, one was virtual and the other was real. Su Yuzhou had never had close contact with the opposite sex before.

As Lu Cheng’an took off her boots for her, she shivered all over. Lu Cheng’an reached out and pinched Su Yuzhou’s ankle, his gentle touch and the warm water rubbing against it made the Princess Han furrow her delicate eyebrows in discomfort, and she let out a soft sigh unintentionally.

A strange tingling sensation instantly swept over her body, and Su Yuzhou felt her cheeks burning hot. Lu Cheng’an’s heart was also pounding wildly. As a student majoring in a niche subject, the male-to-female ratio in their department was 10:1.

So throughout his academic career, he hardly interacted with girls, and later as a corporate slave, he had even less social space. This was the first time he had touched a girl’s feet. Unlike the rough texture of male skin, Su Yuzhou’s feet were not only extremely smooth but also very soft, with a hint of coolness in the warm water.

Lu Cheng’an deliberately applied more pressure while rubbing. “I don’t want you to wash anymore,” Su Yuzhou’s tone remained firm, but there was a hint of pleading in it, her eyes avoiding his gaze, feeling a little flustered inside. Lu Cheng’an immediately stopped. He thought for a moment.

Since Su Yuzhou spoke with this tone, if he pushed further, he might end up with nothing. This time, he would assert his authority, and see if she dared to be arrogant in the future. Of course, Lu Cheng’an also felt a little nostalgic and regretful.

The Princess Han’s feet were really beautiful. They were more delicate than the close-up shots in some romantic comics. Now, there was only one thing in Lu Cheng’an’s mind that he deeply regretted. That is… why aren’t there any stockings in this era!!!!!! Inside Lu Cheng’an’s heart, a little person was screaming like a broken record.

Is it Abnormal to Want to Marry an Empress?

Is it Abnormal to Want to Marry an Empress?

想娶女帝不正常吗?/ Raw from ciweimao
Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Lu Cheng'an wakes up to find himself transported into a different world where he is compelled to participate in a game called "The Empress Raising Plan". In this virtual realm, he assumes the role of a scholar wrongly accused of cheating in the imperial examinations. Despite returning home, he realizes the game persists within his mind. Frustrated by being coerced into playing, Lu Cheng'an questions, "What? You're really telling me to play the game even though I've been isekai-ed?" Nevertheless, he reluctantly decides to proceed, selecting the most captivating character, the Princess Han, to embody. At the same time, Su Yuzhou, the Han Princess, stared blankly at a suddenly appearing game interface, and started to navigate the simulated operation with the help of novice guidance. As Lu Cheng'an advances through the game, he achieves numerous milestones such as "The Princess of Han Ascends the Throne," "Enlightenment at Dragon's Field," and "Prime Minister in Brocade Clothes." He nears completion of the ultimate objective: marrying off the Princess of Han. However, just as he anticipates completing the game and advancing with his "waifu," he is abducted by the residents of the Jin Palace. Confounded, Lu Cheng'an exclaims, "Wait, is this game actually real?"
(Tn: If you enjoyed "I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!", you might also like this novel.)


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