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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: High officials and thick salaries, I can give you all

When the Princess Jin’s mansion sets out, the movement and stillness will naturally not be small.

Among the three Princesses of Han, Qin, and Jin, who were the earliest to reach adulthood, the Princess Jin was the youngest and deeply loved by Emperor Zhengying. Her procession often exceeded the scale of ordinary nobles, and she had been accused many times, but Emperor Zhengying did not care. It was precisely this bias of Emperor Zhengying that led many opportunistic ministers to turn to the Princess Jin.

The magnificent procession of the Princess Jin’s mansion immediately attracted the attention of many people.

With dozens of guards and extremely luxurious decorated carriages heading towards the Han Princess’s mansion, many people began to speculate whether this “ambitious” and “always eager to hear flattering words” Princess Jin was being secretly manipulated to cause trouble for the Han Princess.

In fact, even if the Han Princess was not favored, she was still Emperor Zhengying’s eldest daughter and the sister of the Princess Jin. Her behavior of condescension was easy to alienate her from virtue and affection.

Han Princess’s mansion.

The entire mansion was quiet. When Lu Cheng’an entered, he found that apart from the guards that should be in a mansion, there was not a single servant.

“From now on, you will live in the side chamber of the mansion.” Su Yuzhou, after settling the jade lion in the stable, began to prepare a room for Lu Cheng’an.

Lu Cheng’an remained silent for a few seconds.

Is it so good to be a guest nowadays? Although the Han Princess’s mansion lacks available talents, there is no need to be so respectful, right?

Lu Cheng’an thought for a moment.

Isn’t it obvious that the Han Princess wants to use him to boost her reputation? This is clearly setting up a persona! The news of the confrontation between the Han Princess and the Embroidered Uniform Guard in the bustling market today will probably spread throughout the capital soon.

Now, the Han Princess values ​​him so much.

Isn’t it easy to establish an image of valuing scholars from humble origins?

However, after considering it for a while, Lu Cheng’an realized that the treatment given to him by the Han Princess was definitely excessive. In short, it did not conform to normal etiquette.

As everyone knows, there are two types of formal bedrooms in ancient times, one is called ‘room’ and the other is called ‘chamber’. In front of the house of ancient people, there is a part called ‘tangzhuan’, which is to have a wall to separate a part of the place, and behind it is the bedroom.

Among them, there is an inner chamber, and only the bedroom behind the inner chamber can be called ‘room’, while the bedrooms on both sides are called ‘chamber’. This is why ancient people referred to wives as ‘room’ and concubines as ‘chamber’.

The place where the Han Princess gave him to live is a side chamber, which is the bedroom next to the main bedroom and the closest place to it.

In other words, when relatives come to the Han Princess’s mansion, they have to be very close relatives to qualify to sleep in the side chamber of the Han Princess’s mansion.

In Lu Cheng’an’s view, this treatment was completely excessive, so Lu Cheng’an now seriously suspected that there was a problem here.


A guard hurriedly ran in and knelt down on one knee, saying, “Reporting to Her Royal Highness the Han Princess, Lady Princess Jin is at the gate of the mansion.”

Su Yuzhou said coldly, “What is she here for?”

Lu Cheng’an thought, the cute little one who sends money, grain, and equipment is here.

The guard remained kneeling on one knee. Since the Han Princess did not speak, he did not dare to stand up and leave his post.

“Let her in.” Su Yuzhou said.

The guard stood up.

Not long after, a person walked slowly with elegant steps, and Lu Cheng’an couldn’t help but admire the genes of the Su family.

Among the eight Princesses, each had their own posture, and in the illustrations, the one Lu Cheng’an liked the most was the Han Princess, followed by the Princess Jin.

The reason why he liked the Princess Jin was because the Princess Jin possessed a figure that was completely different from the other Princesses, and Lu Cheng’an was willing to call her the “number one surface empress.”

It’s no wonder that Emperor Zhengying valued the Princess Jin so much, it’s also a beauty contest, damn it.

Su Jinruo walked into the hall, first bowed and saluted, her manners were comprehensive, and the etiquette was meticulous. The first thing that came out of her mouth was a strong sense of “little bitch” vibe.

“Han Princess, it’s been a few days since we last met, it feels like ages. I’ve missed you dearly,” Su Jinruo said softly, her voice sounding like pure green tea. Too forced.

Lu Cheng’an, with years of experience, instantly assessed the situation. Su Yuzhou was also disgusted, saying calmly, “No need for unnecessary courtesy. Either you have ulterior motives or you’re a thief. Speak your mind, don’t pretend to be affectionate here.”

“And don’t use that disgusting tone to talk to me.”

Even straight women dislike green tea. The level of green tea from Princess Jin is extremely pure.

Su Jinruo smiled softly, “Then, I don’t want to act coy with my sister anymore. I’ve taken a liking to the gentleman next to you. I wonder if my sister is willing to give up on me.”

Lu Cheng’an hurriedly interjected, “Princess Jin, you’re too kind. I’m just an insignificant scholar.”

Su Yuzhou nodded in satisfaction; she was more afraid that Lu Cheng’an would be seduced by the fox spirit.

Su Yuzhou glared angrily. Even though she had gained some grace and composure from deducing and simulating memories, some things still made her instinctively angry.

This little bitch is taking advantage of her weakness to snatch someone. Is there no law?

Especially since Lu Cheng’an hasn’t been completely labeled as a subject of the Han Princess yet, there is always the possibility of being abducted. Su Yuzhou has to be on guard.

It’s inexplicable why Princess Jin found Lu Cheng’an’s temporary residence and wants to snatch him away. This makes Su Yuzhou feel a deep sense of crisis.

“You chooses her?” Princess Jin Su Jinruo said disdainfully, “The Han Princess’s mansion has always been poor. Following the Han Princess, you’ll go hungry one day and eat well the next. It’s better to switch to my Jin Princess’s mansion and enjoy my Jin’s favor.”

As she walked closer, she continued, “High officials and thick salaries, I can give you. Whatever she gives you, I’ll give you tenfold.” Princess Jin Su Jinruo spoke confidently, showing her wealth.

She indeed had no shortage of money.

In front of Emperor Zhengying, she was favored, and in front of her mother, she was equally favored. The money from her family was enough to squander for half a lifetime.

That’s where her confidence comes from.

Lu Cheng’an did waver. Matters in the game are one thing, but reality is another. In the game, he can trigger opportunities for development continuously, but in reality, any misstep could cost him his life. Following the Han Princess means more hard days than good days, especially since Lu Cheng’an knows how explosive Princess Jin’s background was in the early stages. If it weren’t for the various opportunities he triggered in the game, the chances of Princess Jin ascending to power would be much higher than that of the Han Princess.

Following Princess Jin, even if he doesn’t come up with any ideas, he can comfortably live his life lying flat for half a lifetime.

He lowered his head, silent, and quietly glanced at Han Princess Su Yuzhou behind him.

The other party looked at him hopefully.

Lu Cheng’an thought of a hidden event in his third simulation—the Liangzhou Incident. After the Han Princess ascended to the throne, she unconditionally exonerated him and cleared his grievances, launching this official purge during a turbulent time in her reign.

If… if the game in his mind is real.

At least, as the sovereign, the Han Princess has never let him down.

If he has to go hungry, so be it. Even if he goes to the Jin Princess’s mansion and lives a prosperous life, there might still be internal strife. The Han Princess’s mansion, all in all, is peaceful, with only him as a subject, enjoying leisure. Moreover, in the game, didn’t the Han Princess successfully ascend to the throne? It’s just a bit more difficult than others, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Although he didn’t successfully marry the Han Princess, didn’t the Han Princess give birth to a son for him? The Han Princess’s faction is still number one!

With one sentence to comfort himself, Lu Cheng’an immediately weighed the pros and cons.

“Loyal women don’t marry two husbands, loyal subjects don’t serve two masters. Even if Princess Jin offers me ten, a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand taels of silver, it doesn’t necessarily come from a sincere heart,” Lu Cheng’an said coldly. “Please return to the Princess’s mansion, Princess Jin.”

Lu Cheng’an’s words were resolute and firm.

“Good, indeed a man of loyalty and righteousness,” Princess Jin Su Jinruo didn’t feel angry because her face was slapped by Lu Cheng’an. A talented minister like him couldn’t be persuaded by just a few words from her, which was unrealistic in itself.

The more loyal Lu Cheng’an appeared, the more Su Jinruo felt his value. He was a minister of integrity who would even accompany her to death.

But not being able to recruit him now doesn’t mean there won’t be a way in the future. As long as the function of simulating deductions remains, she’ll study for a few days on how to turn Lu Cheng’an to her side. When the time comes, she won’t act according to the simulated method, but won’t it be easy to capture him?

“The future is long,” Princess Jin Su Jinruo said these words first, then walked to the side of the Han Princess and whispered, “One day, sooner or later, I will make him lead my horse for me.”

Despicable woman. Su Yuzhou cursed in her heart.

Is it Abnormal to Want to Marry an Empress?

Is it Abnormal to Want to Marry an Empress?

想娶女帝不正常吗?/ Raw from ciweimao
Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Lu Cheng'an wakes up to find himself transported into a different world where he is compelled to participate in a game called "The Empress Raising Plan". In this virtual realm, he assumes the role of a scholar wrongly accused of cheating in the imperial examinations. Despite returning home, he realizes the game persists within his mind. Frustrated by being coerced into playing, Lu Cheng'an questions, "What? You're really telling me to play the game even though I've been isekai-ed?" Nevertheless, he reluctantly decides to proceed, selecting the most captivating character, the Princess Han, to embody. At the same time, Su Yuzhou, the Han Princess, stared blankly at a suddenly appearing game interface, and started to navigate the simulated operation with the help of novice guidance. As Lu Cheng'an advances through the game, he achieves numerous milestones such as "The Princess of Han Ascends the Throne," "Enlightenment at Dragon's Field," and "Prime Minister in Brocade Clothes." He nears completion of the ultimate objective: marrying off the Princess of Han. However, just as he anticipates completing the game and advancing with his "waifu," he is abducted by the residents of the Jin Palace. Confounded, Lu Cheng'an exclaims, "Wait, is this game actually real?"
(Tn: If you enjoyed "I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!", you might also like this novel.)


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