Chapter 1

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…. it hurts.

The first thing she felt was pain. Just a moment ago, she was still in her shallow sleep, and it was the pain that awaken “me” and her consciousness… but it would be nice if “i” could wake up earlier.

She was thrown into the ground in front of many people, and there are several men who were holding her down. Event if it’s not her, as long it was a girl, anyone would start to struggle.”Maybe a prince riding a white horse will come down to save me….” but what kind of sweet dream was she dreaming about, this place was “place of her condemnation.”

She’s not the perpetrator, but she’s seen as the perpetrator, so she can’t do anything.

Well, let me explain a little bit about my existence. This is also to allow me to sort out my current situation.

My name is Iris. Iris Lana Armelia. The first child of a Duke, Duke Armelia of Tasmeria Kingdom, a blooming young lady who’s currently 16 years age. Her father is the prime minister, and her mother is the daughter of a general, her parents are from the top pedigree of civil and military officials. She’s a young noble lady, and in this Kingdom, her lineage only comes second to the Royal Family.

As for why I have been speaking in third person perspective… that is because “I” am a different person. To be precise, right now, Iris’ personality and “mine” have fused together.

Iris and “that thing”… the other half of “I”, an ordinary woman who used to used to work in a country called “Japan” before dying at the age of 30.

“I” worked enthusiastically, worked late that day, died unexpectedly at the end of work, and that personality and memory suddenly awakened because of the pain just while ago …

There are often situations in the story where the main character remembers her past life when she had a fever. But I don’t feel that way. “I” and “I” naturally merge together and come to the present … that’s it…….

Maybe it’s just because of the current situation that I don’t have any extra mental fever. Well, “I” and “I” have merge, and I think of one thing after looking back to my past…. isn’t this situation looks exactly the same as the game I was playing in my previous life?!

That time, I was busy working every day, so how could I have the time to fall in love? Although I was such a person before, I still want to experience the feeling of heartbeat, this is the so-called girly heart.

In this way, I was deeply fascinated with the so-called Otome game in my previous life. I remember that heartfelt feeling gave me great comfort during the break time and night …

Oh, no, no. That is not what I want to say …This world has the same scenes as the game I used to play.

The title of the game was “You are my Princess [Kimi wa boku no Princess],” KimiPri for short.

The story took place in a world similar to Medieval Europe, with the female protagonist being the daughter of a noble at the bottom of the ladder of aristocracy, a Baron, in a school where the children of the aristocracy — including the upper echelon — gathers, and a Cinderella story unfolds… or so to say, it was something common.

The capture targets were the second prince, the son of the head of the knights, the son of the prime minister, and the son of the pope of Darryl.They have ego-type, cool type, hot-blooded type, and mysterious-type. In this kind of story, they can be called role models.

Well, in this kind of story, of course, a villainess role also exist. Her job is to prevent heroin’s love, and bullying her.And that character is the fiancée of the Second Prince, Edward Tom Tasmeria, also the daughter of a Duke, in other words, me.

If the player character, the daughter of a Baron, chooses Edward as her target, his fiancée, in the pursuit of interfering with their relationship, is spiteful towards her.

However, even though she is a noblewoman, she is just a little girl … she didn’t use the influence of her parents, all she did was humiliate heroine and harassment at school.

When I played the game that time, I used to hate her as a villainess character.

During the ending of the route, she was convicted and expelled from her family, and imprisoned under the influence of the Church of Darryl. I suddenly felt sympathy toward her, and said, “There is no need to go that far…”Because if you think about it, Isn’t it obvious that heroine was seducing a man who already has a fiancee?….If you think about it with common sense, isn’t the heroin doing bad things here? Anyone would hate that kind of person.

However, in this situation no one will listen to me or companies that I can rely on. I’m in a state of isolation and helplessness.Now I’m in the the messroom of the academy.

In this all-accommodation school, you basically eat at a restaurant. As it is a restaurant used by noble children, it is of course luxuriously built.

There are high ceilings, and large windows that allow light to pass through are arranged at equal intervals on the wall.

Crystal lamps hang down from several vaulted ceiling pillars, illuminating the neatly arranged long tables.

As long as someone is an academy student, everyone will come here, and I come here to face the ending of the game.

The people in front of me are the heroine and her capture targets. Then, there were many people watching on me … No, the all students in this academi are watching.

Speaking of me, I was being suppressed by one of the heroine’s targets, making a posture of squatting on the ground. The tiled floor made me feel really cold. After all, Isn’t it common for an incarnated character to remember her past life when she was a child? As for now, no matter how hard I try, the situation is irreversible.

“Iris, about your various actions of bullying Yuri, if you want to explain, I will listen to it.”

Ed’s voice echoed throughout the room. His eyes glared down at me. As a prince from this kingdom and the main capture targets, he is certainly a handsome man. If it wasn’t for this situation, people would think so.

Having red hair and black pupils …parts of it that made him look attractive, but now those parts makes him even more intimidating, very scary.

I ignored his words and spoke to the man who held me down. The son of Knight Leader, Dorsen KatAbelia, is really strong, and the place on my shoulder where he was touching hurts.

Dorsen ignored my words and instead strengthened his grip.He was dumb, so I didn’t expect an answer from him.

However, I really felt pain, so I strongly hope that he stops.

“It hurts. Let me go…. Druna-sama is the Leader of the Knight who protects the weak, but you as his son are trying to supress a weak girl like me. Is that acceptable?”

At this point, his body shook. That’s a common teaching in Knight. He relaxed for a moment, and I twisted my body and stood up beside him.

“Pffff… You’re a weak girl? Please stop telling such jokes.”

The one who laughed and said that was my brother Berne Tashi Armelia. His chocolate brown hair and sharp-eyed eyes are distinctive, looks very similar to our father.

Currently, he was glaring at me coldly, at his own sister, and the corner of his lips went up in ridicule…. It’s really annoying.

Nevertheless, even though this situation is so hopeless, I will not let myself fall without doing anything.

“…. I admit it. I did bully the daughter of Baron Noir, Yuri Noir. I admit it.”..

“You sure did admit it quite readily, didn’t you?”

“It is right. Because it’s obvious everyone here was watching it. I spare your time. Your Highness. You can call this my good intentions.”

“…Why di you bully her…!”

That sentence really makes me angry.

“.. are you seriously asking me “why”?”

The voice that came out of my mouth was a little colder than usual. The man who once made my heart flutter, Your Highness, instantly showed cowardice….Why did I ever like such a man like this? He was completely fixed on heroine, and his mind was completely under the control of love.

This was something in Iris’s memory, which explains his current behavior, thinking of that I can’t help but get annoyed at his sentence.

I don’t want to get involved with this farce anymore.

Anyway, this is the part where Ed and his merry companions would try and vent their frustrations. The part where they justify her as the victim. If I don’t avoid that scenario, I won’t be able to escape being under house arrest… There’s already nothing left for me to do in this place.

The more important thing is whether or not I can avoid being imprisoned by the church… However, that has to be negotiated with Father. Once again, I repeat, there’s nothing left for me to do in this place.

“…From now onwards, I might not able to see you guys again, so I will take this opportunity to say goodbye. Thank you so far. I’m glad to know you and spend years in this school as a student. Farewell, everyone.”

I might not appear in a noble society in the future, so I will never return to this academy.

Therefore, I say goodbye.

“Iris, wait….!”

I leave with a good feeling, but Your Highness stopped me. He can’t read the atmosphere …why did i do it …… I wonder. How did “I” come to like this kind of man.

“Apologize to Yuri before you leave.”

Seriously, for period of time, why on earth did I like this kind of man? Ah, I couldn’t stand it anymore… i think i’ve misheard it, but it seemed I heard something strange.

I’am, a daughter of a Duke, should apologize to a daughter of a Baron in front of everyone? I really want to question this out loud.

.. it’s not just my pride being trampled on that makes me angry.

I am a duke’s daughter, I am a part of the Ducal House.

My actions will have a great impact on the Ducal House and even the noble society.

In other words, my apology will be comparable to Ducal House bowing down to the Baron House. It has never happened before.

It does not only affect our House, but also the Houses of Marquises and Counts.

When a new aristocrat grows impudent, it is possible that a situation where the power balance of the aristocrats will collapse…

Ah, is his mind truly blinded by love?

Besides, you said that to your ex-fiancée? Please ask yourself and think carefully!

… It seems that it is not just me, the students around me also have this kind of thought. The eyes of people who had been giving me a feeling as if i was sitting on pins and needles, are now starting to subside. I think they even sympathize with me.

… I shouldn’t have missed this one.

“… I won’t apologize. I act in accordance with my pride. Even if my end point is my destruction, I won’t distort myself.”

I did those things mindfully, that is what I want to say.

“Miss Yuri, I wonder if you’re still going to continue to take everything from me? My fiance, my status …”

At this moment, I tried to shed tears. With the mood of the tragic heroine. Oh, with the change of situation, pleasant feelings are directed towards me.

I was really a villain until a while ago, but now I am a victim.

“… However, the things that shape me into me belong only to me, and the pride in my heart is one of them. If I apologize, it will be the same as allowing myself to be trampled. Therefore, I will not apologize and I will not let you take away anything from me any further “

I said it decisively … Ah, it was so happy.

I left that place with a refreshing feeling.

It was only Ed’s expression was still dissatisfied, and the heroine at the center of the incident was surprised.

After I left there, I went outside the academy.

Although it might be a little odd, I entrusted my good younger brother to make preparations. As expected, he already contacted the house to have someone pick me up.

This is a luxurious carriage … The burgundy carriage with golden crest of the Duke Armelia, and i sat in alone. As for my luggage, the house will probably arrange for it to be brought back or disposed of.

So farewell school.

I will never come here again.

According to the original story, besides being confined up and losing social status, there are also other results. Because my father wanted me to stay away from the school.

Fuuh … I sighed. The farce was over. The story only reached up to this point. There is no outline for the future.

And most importantly, I have to face-to-face meeting with my father who is equivalent to “Demon Lord”. Honestly, I feel more nervous than just now.

As my mood grew heavier, the carriage slowly drove towards the Almeria residence in the capital.

◎ ◎ ◎

The residence of the Duke of Armelia… This is my home in Capital. I live with my father who is also a prime minister and cannot leave the Capital, and mother who accompanied him.

This red brick house is beautifully decorated with white pillars, and the luxurious construction does not even make it feel like a residence.

According to my previous life’s knowledge, this is enough to be called a mansion … That being said, the Duke’s home is not here, but a mansion located in our territory, so this house is slightly pale compared to that.

After entering the house, I walked through the lobby and stepped on the red carpet toward my room.

I was kicked out of the academy … I don’t know if I should say sorry or shame.

I felt an uneasy feeling of restlessness, and my pace naturally accelerated.

When I arrived in my room with white and pink as the basic color, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I need to sit on the sofa and calm down.

After all, I have to deal with the “Demon Lord”, I want to relax the tension a little bit.

“Young mistress….!”

“Oh, Tanya. I’m home.”

The one who cried and walked into the room was my personal maid Tanya.

Despite being a commoner, she understood perfectly etiquette and rules and has a beautiful appearance.

Intricately tied hairstyles are neat, yet cute.

The simple dark blue uniform is perfect for her.

“Why are you so calm…..!? Don’t you know that I am very worried … “

Looking at her tears, I felt warm.

At the same time, i feel really sorry for causing her inexcusable worries.

Tanya is a commoner… and comes from slum area. She is a girl I picked up when I was in the street in incognito.

At the time, I was in a period when I felt the heavy weight of having title “the child of a Duke.”

I have this feeling at home, and even in aristocratic society, if I sort it out, there are only a few people who can talk to me easily.

When I came to the street and found her lying on the side of the road, I also brought her back with the thought of “maybe if it’s this girl, she can become my conversational partner…” …”

However, she later seemed grateful for it, so she served me with all her heart.

To me, Tanya is also an precious existence can even be called family.

“Tanya, calm down, it’s not the time to cry in sorrow.”

“… You’re right. Pardon me. As for Master, it seems like he will be returning in the evening.”

Tanya is smart and can understand the situation. She is responsive. Now she also calmed down and told me what I wanted to know. The tears just disappeared.

“… Is that so? Well then, please help me get some calming drink.”

“As you wish.”

I spoke again, calling Tanya who was about to leave the room temporarily.


“What is it?

“… Thank you.”

I thought this sentence is really short. But beyond that, I can’t think of anything else.

Thank you for worrying about me. Thank you for crying for me.

This sentence contains all these feelings.

“Young mistress, forgive me for being rude. However, I do not serve the Ducal House of Armelia, but rather, I serve the young mistress, is what I think. So even if the other party is a royal family, I will never forgive His Royal Highness Edward who betrayed young mistress. No matter what happens when meeting with the Master, I will stand behind you as an ally.”

“I am really happy.”

“No, it is i who is. And please remember that everyone in this mansion has same idea as me.”

Actually, except Tania, there were six people I picked up.

I have been very different from ordinary people since I was a kid … I asked my parents not to give gifts, but to pick up helpless children like Tanya and let those children to stay with me.

My parents were hesitant at first. Although they are reluctant, they finally agreed to my unusual wayward demands, so I would pick up a helpless child of the same age as me every year.

This part is not in the game settings. If I was affected by the memories of my previous life sooner, I might not have remembered this at all.

When i talked to them, it was a precious time for me that made me forget for a moment that i was a daughter of a Duke.

It was just that as time went on, pressure was exerted on me by surroundings, and I had to clearly distinguish each other, so I and them became the master and servant positions like Tanya.

… Despite all of this, they are still special to me.

“But Tanya, you have to give priority to your own happiness first before anything else.”

What I said made Tania look confused.

Even though she is expressionless person… Thanks to my long time with her, all of her feelings can pass on to me.

“Because of my stubborn attitude, you guys have been drawn into this destitute world. If you wish, it is okay if you want to restore your freedom. When considering the future, this is the best choice …”

“Young mistress, please don’t say any further.”

Unexpectedly, Tanya interrupted my words.

“At that time, I would have died. It wasn’t someone else who saved me, it was the young mistress. From then on, my life was yours. The time I left you, only when my life was over … or when you think that I’m not needed anymore.”

“Goodness. If that’s the case, then I suppose you will never be able to leave my side unless you die, Tanya.”

Although I tried to say this in a semi-joking tone, her expression still hasn’t changed.

“I wonder, if there is anything happier than this.”

Then, she revealed a smile.

“..I understand your feelings. I am truly happy. But Tanya, I think there is definitely more than one kind of happiness, so don’t forget what I just said.”

“If that is what the young mistress wants.”

Tanya nodded reluctantly.

If the story line becomes imprisioned by the church and deprivation on my status, then i still don’t want Tanya to come with me. Because i value her.

However, in this condition, it seems like she’ll follow anyway… Haahhh~ As I thought, I should somehow try to get an upper hand on father.

I made up my mind and drank Tanya’s tea … well, it was delicious.

“… Young mistress.”

When the mood was calm, the other servant knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“… Excuse me.”

It was Rime the head maid. She was responsible for managing the maids, and the maid uniform she was wearing was very neat.

“Young Mistress, the Master has called for you.”

“Ah, he’s home already? If I remember correctly, Father would not usually go home before nighttime. “

“It seems because of the matter regarding young mistress, he ended his work early.”

“I see…”

I sighed.

Ah, where did my confidence just go? I felt cramps in my stomach.

“Sorry for being rude, young mistress. Regarding the current situation, I think that young mistress is innocent.”

Rime was usually very strict. I did not expect that she would make a declaration on my side.

I stunned.

“Everyone in this mansion is on the side of the young mistress, so please stand up solidly and meet the master.”

In the game story, Iris is described as a bad character.

However, in fact Iris had a good relationship with her servants at home. Naturally, it didn’t matter whether they were nobles or commoners. …In other words, the reason why she despised the heroine in the story, the daughter of a Baron, was because she loves Edward very much, and she was driven by envy.

I feel sympathy again for Iris … Ah, no.

Now I am Iris. For myself, I must make Iris happy.

After making up my mind, I went to my father’s study under the leadership of Rime.

Tanya followed behind.

“… So, young mistress …”

“Well, thank you. Rime. Tanya, you can also wait here.”

“As you wish “

Well then, I’ve reached the battlefield.

◎ ◎ ◎

I swallowed and adjusted my breath in front of the heavy door … and knocked.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

The atmosphere was quite tense when I entered the room, I sat right in front of father. With a face that reflects intelligence and authority, it is suitable for someone in the post of Prime Minister, besides the sharp glints of eyes as he normally does, making the atmosphere around him even heavier … As a result, the tension doubled, it made me feel wanted escape.

“I apologize for taking up your time today.”

“Heh… So do you know the reason why you were called here?”

“Not at all.”

Even though it’s faint, I can see the veins on father’s face are slightly twitching …That’s why I said, it’s really scary.

“I don’t think I have caused any trouble regarding father’s position as Prime Minister or as your title being a Duke. What i’m apologizing for is because father is my father.”

“Oh … why do you think so?”

“First, at most I just sneered at at her. And there is only indirect evidence, so I don’t think it’s serious enough to affect father’s position as Prime Minister. Our side belongs to a Ducal House, and won’t ruined easily just because the engagement got canceled. Even in the academy, I handled things in a way that they were sympathetic towards me. This way, they cannot make a big problem out of it. No matter how much clamor Edward-sama makes, it will only end up with a strict reprimand.”

“I already know those disputes in the academy.”

“There is another thing that I found. Before that, I’m sorry to say this to father, as a Duke … all this time you opposed our engagement, right? “

“Indeed, why do you know?”

“Because of my lineage, if I am connected to the royal family through marriage, it will damage the balance of the power of the royal family. Another reason, besides father is a Duke and Prime Minister, mother is also the daughter of a General. It is still acceptable if a marriage is formed with the First Prince. However, if with the Second Prince, sooner or later, the kingdom will be divided into two. “

After listening to these words, from the first time since I arrived, father smiled … His smile was terrible, coupled with sound effects that made people feel nauseous … Even though dad might not have any evil intentions … Still, I felt really scared.

“If that’s the case, why do you think I let your engagement with Edward-sama happen?”

About this question, I also thought about the reason during the trip to here. If possible, I would choose to avoid that question.

“… Because maybe it doesn’t matter if I’m engaged to one of them, it will still be of benefit, right?”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Because if I’m engaged to the First Prince, the Second Prince will also bow to him because our status is getting stronger. If my fiance is the Second Prince, as part of the First Prince faction. In that situation, Berne and I would be responsible for watching over the Second Prince to see if he made any unusual movements. Well … it might take time and effort, and honestly, in short, it would be better for father. “

Actually, the story in the game does not focus on telling the First Prince. Instead, it is depicted that the Second Prince will be the next King.

This is actually quite common, now the First Prince is the son of a legitimate wife (the Queen) who has died while the Second Prince is the child of the concubine who succeeded him as the current Queen. Normally the First Prince had been determined to be the next King even when he was still in his mother’s womb, but the reality was not that easy.

The concubine is the daughter of a Marquis, who is currently in the process of building their strength, while the legal wife is the daughter of an Earl. So, when we look at the status of their family, the family of a legitimate wife will lose to a concubine.

The King suddenly fell in love with a legitimate wife and used his authority to get rid of all opponents and make her as a queen, so the balance was shaken at that time.

In the game, such situations are not described. Even at the end of the game, it was predetermined that the First Prince was studying in another country. That’s how it should be, so I didn’t expect anything bad to happen. But as expected, that reality is cruel. As for the father, as a Duke he can be said to serve the country and not the Royal family.

Appointed as Prime Minister, he must maintain a neutral position in royal family disputes. For example, if the situation he sided with the faction of the First Prince, according to the laws of the Kingdom, there is a possibility that he would be judged incompetent and would be transferred … If people think about it, this is the right decision.

“However, if the Second Prince truly rebelled against the First Prince … if that happened, father would immediately cancel my engagement with the Second Prince. I love you, father. “

In this case, when that happens, if it’s father, he might not revoke my inheritance. It can be said what happened before is part of father’s plan.


Father laughs, looks like he’s really happy. However, even though he laughed, I could only see him as a villain. If a third party sees it, they might be completely destroyed.

“Correct. Of course, I want your engagement with the Second Prince to be canceled. But even though I had told your brother to keep a distance from the Second Prince when a bad possibility occurred … But that child, he had completely forgotten about his duties and is now truly part of the Second Prince’s faction … However, are you okay with this? Iris? Aren’t you in love with the Second Prince? “

“Love is something that resembles a disease. When recovered, then it’s over … Even I myself think it should be like this instead of regretting it later. “

“…Hmmm. However, Iris. The current situation backfires. Therefore, you need to take some action. “

“… So that’s how it is …”

As I thought, I could not escape the “revocation of social status, church confinement, and seclusion” just like that … Besides, Tanya seemed to insist on coming with me, I had to somehow convince her to stay.

“I’ll have you go back to the territory and then be under house confinement. Of course, since you will be far from Capital, what you want to do in a remote place is none of my business. “

“… Eh?”

Doesn’t that mean that whatever I want to do will be “okay,” and there won’t be any confinement?

“Also, it will be useless if you just stay there and do nothing. Therefore I will give you the position of ‘Representative of Feudal Lord’ so that at least, you can manage the territory properly. “

Feudal Lord Representative? I will rule a territory in place of father.

I wonder what I have to say in this situation … Getting an unexpected bit of luck? Calm before the storm? Ah, the both are incorrect! Because it happened so suddenly, I couldn’t find any plausible words about it.

“… Feudal Lord Representative, isn’t that the position usually given to heirs?”

“It’s not a problem because you will go to the terrority anyway. And besides, the heir you are talking about is currently experiencing an ‘illness’ you spoke of.”

… Yeah of course. Because he was crazy about the Baron’s daughter, Yuri, at this time he was always not far from the Second Prince, and became part of his group. … Because that woman now belonged to the Second Prince, normally he would keep his distance from her.

However, in my brother’ mind, he might want to be in a position where he can protect the happiness of the person he loves and watch over her.

“… I will do it. I will create a territory that will not be affected no matter if Capital is in chaos. “

When I said that, father nodded in agreement, then I left the room.

◎ ◎ ◎

After leaving the room, her father, Louis de Almería, who stayed in the room, laughed at the thought of his previous conversation with his daughter.

In retrospect, many things really happened today …

First of all, It was her daughter Iris who was expelled from academy and had her engagement annuled… This matter developed according to the route he had predicted.

In fact, after he knew his daughter’s movements, he could have stopped his daughter.

But he didn’t do it, everything was for her marriage to be terminated … this was the best way.

Conversely, if his daughter didn’t do anything stupid, it was himself who would have canceled her engagement by claiming she’s ill.

And no matter what, he also intends to keep his daughter away from the aristocratic society in the form of confinement by the church.

After all, her daughter was fascinated by the second prince. No matter what she said, she wouldn’t listen. That’s right.

Or that’s what he thought.

But after seeing his daughter, he saw that although his daughter was thrown away by the man he liked in a humiliating manner, she seemed quite refreshed, calm, and even revealed his plans splendidly.

……How Interesting. That’s what he thought.

Because he was always busy with his work and rarely made contact with his son and daughter, both of them were spoiled by his wife.

As for his daughter, she grew to be a typical noblewoman who could not do anything by herself.

On the other hand, his son grew up overconfident in his abilities, lovestruck, and naive…And when he started working at Capital, he planned on thoroughly diclipning him.

But when he talked with his daughter, she accurately revealed what he thought.

The sad thing about it all is that, compared to his younger brother, she has the ability to distinguish situations that flow in society. In addition, she is able to make decisions quickly. It was as if she had turned into a totally different person.

Now when he thinks about it, his daughter would sometimes do strange things, while listening to her, it makes him remember a few things.

The surprised thing was an occasion when she insisted on picking up commoners and asking that they be by her side. Instead of getting an expensive gift, he chose to pick up street children.

He originally thought his daughter would make them as her servants, but when he finally approved of it, she didn’t seem to have that kind of plan.

He thought his daughter’s strange behavior had ended … but when he saw her just now, her expression looked the same as it was then. Before he know it, he had given she the position, “Representative of Feudal Lord”.

However, because Sebastian currently lives in the terrority, she probably won’t do anything strange there. However, if Iris hadn’t done anything, that would be ridiculous.

He was looking forward to what his daughter would do.

While he was thinking about the previous conversation, his wife Merellis Reiser Armelia entered the room.

“… Honey, Iris, is she really …?”

Merellis probably didn’t know he had appointed her daughter as acting lord.

She was worried about her daughter’s future, so she asked him.

“… No, I won’t send her to church. I’ll give her the job of acting the lord and ask her to return to the territory.”

“Oh Dear! But isn’t that burden too heavy for that child? …?”

She already knew that Iris would not be confined by the church, he sighed with relief. But then immediately worried about other things.

“Because her attitude makes me think it’s fun to give her a try, so …”

“Really? From this incident, I can tell that the child was too straightforward … I’m very worried that she won’t be able to carry out her duties as an acting lord.”

She refers to an incident involving the Baron’s daughter. Iris had previously sneered at her. She should have been able to use the status of the daughter of a Duke to increase her companionship and stability, and then use the people around her to do things that are beneficial to her.

However, Iris made a direct attack instead.

As a result, she was forced into a situation where she could not make any excuse. Even what she didn’t do forced her to admit it.

….. In other words, she is used by others.

She was used by other nobles who did not like the Baron’s daughter.

They are very clever.

Even if that child didn’t start it, they form as if that child done it all.

He also thought it would be great if that child could learn some of Merellis’ life skills.

Although Merellis loves her daughter and son, she is very strict with herself, and she doesn’t even need his advice as a husband to get along with others.

He knew it would develop this way but he didn’t anticipate it, so Merellis blamed him heavily.

“… She probably learned something from this incident. That child has changed quite a bit. Regarding the engagement with the Second Prince, she can even say a speech that understands her position …”

“Oh… haha. But judging from your calm demeanor, that child doesn’t know your true purpose, right?”

His wife’s words made him grin

Only one statement from his daughter was wrong.

That was the part where he allowed her to make an engagement with the Second Prince.

He holds the post of Prime Minister, and of course thinks that it is better to let his daughter get engaged with the first prince.

But he allowed her to get engaged with the Second Prince simply because her daughter wanted it so.

Even though he is known as the cold Prime Minister, he is nothing more than a father who loves his daughter.

In the end, as Iris asked, a marriage contract with Second Prince was made.

Then … ever since his daughter got engaged, he has abandoned his neutral position, paying considerable attention to the movement of the royal family and constantly adjusting.

Over-confidence in my own power, thinking that I have a way to do it … I’m not different from my son.

As he thought so, he raised his mouth with a mockery.

In fact, the dispute surrounding the throne of the next king, contrary to his expectations, has been fiercely under the table.

Sooner or later, Iris will be forced into a vortex of dispute.

He could not expect her to have the intelligence to overcome those disputes.

That’s why he made a judgment that he would only withdraw her from the aristocratic society before things getting worse.

Of course, he intends to let her return when the chaos is resolved.

However, today she changed his judgment.

She has grown into someone who does not need guidance or protection.

Instead, she even looked forward to it, thinking that she might be able to cross the rough waves alone.

He did not know what she would do and looking forward for it.

◎ ◎ ◎

…Good morning.

Well, I, Iris, after receiving instructions from my father, have moved to Armelia terrority.

Armelia Dukedom located in southhest of the Kingdom. The distance is about a week from Capital by carriage.

It faces the sea to the east and the mountains to the west.

The vast area of this land is second only to Capital of Kingdom, full of nature, and then characterized by flourishing farming, and because it has ports, it also trades with other countries.

Thanks to the family owners who have carefully managed the capital city of the territory since ancient times, law and order are also very good.

Before going to the academy, I lived with Berne and my mother outside of the the aristocrats society.

After entering academy, I will stay in Capital even if the school has a long vacation, so I feel very missed.

Today is the first day. The morning sun is dazzling, illuminating the territory.

As for what I do early in the morning, is practicing yoga. This activity is the first thing I do after waking up, and more importantly, it is good for health … Yeah, this is not enough. My body is a little fat, you see.

Because of my status as a daughter of a Duke, I tend to eat as much luxury and high-calorie foods as I want, so naturally I gain weight.

And because of that, I decided to go on a diet and yoga in the morning.

“Good morning, Young Mistress … Eh, kyaaa! “

“… Oh, Tanya. Good morning.”

I wonder why Tanya is so surprised? Ah, of course, Tanya also came to the Armelia terrority with me. Because it’s not a confinement route, it’s fine I think.

“Good morning, but more importantly. Young Mistress what happened to your appearance? “

“You mean my appearance now? Does it look weird? … “

I looked at my own appearance … Linen tunic and pants that I got with the help of a maid. Don’t you think this is the perfect outfit to wear when you exercise?

“For the sake of maintaining health, I intend to exercise like this every morning. I chose clothes that make it easy for me to move, is that bad? “

“Young Mistress, do you exercise?”

A look of doubt and suspicion appeared on Tanya’s face. Of course, for a young mistress to exercise, I can’t imagine that.

“Correct. I have found a book, written there is not good for the body if it is not often moved. That’s why I intend to do this every morning, don’t be surprised. “

“I understand … I’m sorry about my impoliteness.”

“It’s okay … but since I’m sweating now, can you please prepare me to take a shower?”

“Of course.”

After showering, I went to breakfast …. Because I exercise, I eat a lot at breakfast. Of course, I still make sure my food is balanced.

“… After this, I want to talk to Sebastian. Could you please make an appointment? “

“Of course.”

Tanya immediately makes an appointment with Sebastian, and the promise with her will take place before noon.

Sebastian is Steward and Butler from our home. Even though he is called a “butler,” he has actually left our home to deal with the territory substantially. In other words, he is a “Super Butler”.

When Sebastian entered the room, he somehow had the same aura as Rime … In other words, he was wearing a dress style in a tail suit jacket.

Even though he moved quickly, he did not give the impression of someone in a hurry. On the contrary, the movements look absolutely beautiful …

Aside from his head full of gray hair, his appearance was truly a dazzling butler.

“… You look pretty busy, I’m sorry for calling you in spite of your busy schedule.”

“You are too kind. With all rights, I should be the one to give you my regards, I’m sorry. “

“Well, enough pleasantries. Can you please now collect income and expenditure reports in this territory for the past three years? “

“As you wish. But what will you do with it? “

“I will read them all, of course. After all, now I have accepted the position of “Feudal Lord Representative” given by the Duke. Even so, although I am ashamed to admit it, I currently have no information about how the territory is managed or what the current situation of the terrority is. Therefore, can you please give me one month’s time? “

“One month, you say?”

“Correct. Because I need to read all reports, and to also inspect the land.”

“I understand. However, if you want to inspect the land, it will take around one week to make the necessary preparations. “

“Now, to understand the current conditions, I intend to carry out inspection while disguised. Thus it does not need to take much time. However, I need a few people to accompany me as a bodyguard. Therefore, I won’t be in trouble, Sebastian. “

“I have asked a presumptuous question, I apologize.”

“No problem. Even though I will manage this territory from now on, I will still need help from everyone. So don’t hesitate to give advice. “

After Sebastian left, I called Tanya to come.

“Tanya. Can you call Ryle and Dida, and Rehme too? “

“I understand”

After a few minutes, Tanya entered the room with three other people who were around the same age as me … In other words, they were also the people I had picked up.

Ryle has beautiful blonde hair, he looks like a young nobleman. And even though he has a lower physique than the Kingdom’s Knight, he won’t lose to them about fighting. Besides, he is my bodyguard.

Dida, like Ryle, serves as my bodyguard. Compared to Ryle, his body is slightly leaner, and even though he is the kind of person who likes to be praised and has a relaxed nature, his ability can be guaranteed.

Rehme is a girl who wears glasses and likes to read books. She currently serves as a librarian in our House.

Speaking of the Duke library, we have a large collection of valuable books.

When comparing with my previous life, the number of book collections is currently in the middle and upper level scales. As such, he has a very important role.

“It’s been a long time since we last met, everyone.”

Because these three people could not come with me to Capital to attend the academy, they stayed in this territory to work.

Even though I have told them that they are free to do what they want … and it is possible for them to leave, I’m glad they stayed.

“It’s been a long time, princess.”

The first person to answer is Dida. He answered in an ordinary tone casually while smiling.

“Dida. Now you talk to Iris-sama in that tone again … “

“It’s all right, Ryle. I have considered you part of my family. When no one else is around, I will be happy if you talk to me normally. “

“However, Iris-sama …”

“Please, Ryle.”

“…I understand.”

Ryle agreed with a sigh.

“It seems like everyone already knows, my engagement with Edward-sama has been canceled, and I have been sent to this territory.”

“I really can’t accept it. Why is Iris-sama’s engagement not only canceled, but also has to go through house confinement? ”

Rehme is similar to Tanya. She was also upset.

Even though there is a gap between her personality and appearance, he always talks in a relaxed manner.

“Correct. Indeed, he is a Prince with poor eyesight. “

“Thank you. However, this has been resolved. Besides that, I’m happy to be able to live with everyone in this territory once more … However, for the present situation. It seems like everyone already knows, I have been appointed in this region as the Feudal Lord’s Representative. And, the first thing I want to do is inspection various places … Is everyone willing to accompany me? “

“I humbly accept.”

“Escort the princess, huh? I want to do it.”

While the two people showed their motivation, Rehme had a difficult expression on her face.

“They are both tasked with escorting, I understand. But what is my duty in assisting you? “

“Simply put, it’s because I need your insight.”


“If I’m not mistaken, you regularly read every book available in Duke’s library, right? There are also books on local history and geography. I need the insight you have gained from reading these books. In addition, the results will be very different when there is someone who is insightful when investigating various places. “

Our house truly has an amazing collection of books. In addition to books originating from house, they have been collected by previous generations of Prime Ministers. The library is wider than any room in this mansion, full of books. As for the type, there are also various variations.

The books, of course, are collected by different types from different generations, such as politics, geography, law, and various other types.

And because Rehme has read all the books, I believe that she has extensive knowledge.

“… If that’s the case, I understand. I will work hard to fulfill my duty. “

“The inspection is scheduled to last for two days. If there is anything you need, please contact Tanya. Tanya, please take care of all the preparations. “

“I understand.”

“Also, is there anyone who can get in contact with Moneda?”

“Moneda, you say?”

“Yes. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t he currently working for the Commerce Guild? “

The Commerce Guild is, as the name implies, an organization that unites traders. This is similar to what Japan had during the Warring States period.

Moneda is also one of the kids I picked up. When I was enrolled in the academy, at the same time he joined the Commerce Guild.

“Right, and if I’m not mistaken, he is currently in charge of the account section … I will definitely contact him.”

“In that case, Ryle. I’m counting on you to contact him. If possible, I want to have an appointment with him shortly after our schedule ends. “

“I understand.”

After finishing explaining the agenda at the examination, I left the three people. With the right time, Sebastian arrived with the document I asked for earlier, and I began to read it all.

As a matter of fact, I used to work in the tax department in Japan in my previous life. Thanks to that, I am really skilled in reading income and expense reports, and other related documents. I can check it without problems.

“… Young Mistress. It’s time for lunch. “

“… Jeez. Is that so? “

Time passed faster, and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Even so, I’m really grateful that someone reminded me.

Honestly, because I was so busy in my previous life, I didn’t have time to eat regularly.

After lunch, I needed to quickly go back to work … Ah, I had to chew my food properly. I did not forget about my diet. Because I’m busy, it will be bad if I forget to eat.

◎ ◎ ◎

Iris was immersed in documents at the desk in the study, and Tanya watched her quietly and remembered the past.

Thinking about it was a series of accidents … And she thought that she could work in the Duke’s house like this is a miracle in itself.

She has no surname. In the slums where she grew up, everyone is like this.

I was starving, and even I don’t know if there’s tomorrow, there is no extra energy to care about things like surnames.

If you ask why someone like her serves one of the most distinguished and respected families in the Kingdom, it is because of the wishes of the Iris herself.

However she was grateful for her kindness. Even though it was more than enough that she saved her life from the brink of death.

But, Iris always said that she was “important” and treated her like a friend.

She believed that it was the reason why she must serve her wholeheartedly.

Iris gives this meaningless body a life.

While times goes on, she has served her for ten years.

She can raise her chest and say that this is really a happy time.

However, this happiness was almost destroyed.

… and the destroyer was Edward, Iris’s former fiance.

The Second Prince, as Iris’s fiance, but still obsessed with other woman, the Baron’s daughter.

Iris’s expression became gloomy every day, and her smile gradually disappeared.

It was only when she thought so, that Iris uttered malicious words to the Baron’s daughter because of the flame of jealousy.

The inability to do anything for Iris like this made Tanya uneasy.

At the same time, Tanya was filled with anger at the Second Prince.

That fellow part of the royal family is really hard to understand.

He didn’t understand the magnificence of Young Mistress, and was obsessed with Baron’s daughter, and ignored Young Mistress, who was a daughter of a Duke, and added her the humiliation that was suppressed in the presence of the people was simply unreasonable. Unforgivable.

However, when her young mistress returned home, she looked refreshed. “Hah? What’s going on? Isn’t that person something she wholeheartedly pursued about?” But when she thought back, there’s no need for her to be attached with Second Prince and even regret later.

Compared to that, what will happen to Iris in the future … For Tanya, this matter is more important.

Of course, no matter which path Iris takes, Tanya will always follow her.

As a result of that incident, Iris was instructed only to return to terrority.

But it was too early to reassure, and Tanya was surprised when she told her of the decision that came with the order.

Young Mistress will be an Acting Duke Lord? What is the Master thinking? She even suspected that she had heard it wrong when she heard it.

In order be a good noblewoman and can be a family pride, Iris learned a lot.

But if she asked if it had something to do with management practices, she didn’t seem to think so.

Iris’s younger brother studied politics and economics. On the other hand, Iris’s study plan focused on etiquette from a young age, and in the academy, she learned arithmetic, poetry, literature, and general knowledge like history and geography.

Tanya thought to herself, what would Iris do? …

However, Iris is now looking at the file full of numbers, and the reading speed is so fast that she wonders if she is really reading it.

Occasionally, Iris would write on the pile of paper at hand, and she seemed to be reading it.

Tanya thinks that Iris’s ability is really beyond her imagination … At the same time, a series of unexpected things made her laugh.

Not to mention ten years ago, even a year ago, she couldn’t imagine that she would serve the acting lord …

She looked at the clock inadvertently, and it had been a long time.

Iris was still immersed in the documents.

Only the sound of flipping the paper in the room sounded.

It seems that once Iris is focused on one thing, she will ignore her surroundings. Tanya was determined in her heart to get her to rest from time to time so she doesn’t overwork herself.

◎ ◎ ◎

One day has passed since I read all the documents I received from Sebastian.

Stacks of documents still piled on the table.

Although I actually want to check the contents one more time, but Tanya asked me to explore the house to “get rest”.

I have n’t been back for a long time, and I have n’t explore at this house well …

Although the residence in Capital is also luxuriously built, the level of this house is really different.

Anyway, the first thing that is amazing is how spacious it is … it’s really big here.

If you are asked how spacious it is, I have n’t measured it, so I do n’t know … But, according to the fact that it takes fifteen minutes to walk to the mansion after entering from the main entrance, it seems to me in the previous life It is amazingly spacious.

On the way to the mansion, there are fountains gushing water on the left and right, and a garden showing seasonal flowers in full bloom, which can be enjoyed by visitors.

When I saw this scene in the carriage last night, I was fully healed by nostalgia.

Although the mansion is very spacious, the area behind the mansion is more than double.

There is a grass field behind the mansion, and there is a lake called a pond too big and a lake too small … such a lake. Although it is not visible from the mansion, but it still looks faint from a distance.

Further away, there are lush forests.

…… It’s too vast here, maybe even I unable to go from one end to the other.

Currently, I head to the rear garden.

The rustle … The wind blew across the cheeks, and the plants were shaking.

Well, the weather is really good. I started with the stables as a goal.

I haven’t been there since I was a kid, so I have to be careful not to get lost … I walked for ten minutes while thinking.

“Is the road this way?” Sure enough, I was lost.

After all, my memory is vague … Although I think so, generally I never thought that I would get lost in my own home?

In the distance … I can see the mansion, if something happens, I just need to go back.

Anyway, this is my own home. I can explore it whenever I want as long as I have free time. Just when I thought to change the plan to go home….

“… Huh?”

I looked at the familiar blond hair … … is that Ryle?

I was going to get around, so I temporarily left the road and headed here.

Unconsciously came to the depths of the forest. Is there a way to return to the mansion from here?

What if that person is not Ryle … Although I feel uneasy, the person over there really was Ryle … It seemed that he was practicing sword.

He was swing a seemingly heavy sword, and sweat was on his body.

“… Oh, is that you, Young Mistress?”

He even found me from behind, making me over-stunned and widened my eyes.

“… how do you know it’s me? Ryle, do you have eyesight behind you?”

“It can be said to be the result of training. In order to be able to fight in the darkness invisible to eyesight, I have learned to feel the breath of each other, let alone say only footsteps and a little scent, of course I can tell who it is. “

“Soo powerful … sorry, I disturbed your practice.”

“No … I’m done.”

Ryle put down his sword as he said.

“I see.”

“How did you come here, Miss?”

“Ah? Oh … I was reading the documents that Sebastian gave me, but Tanya always wanted me to rest, so I planned to go take a walk. “

“Is it so? That’s a little westward. You’ve probably gone the wrong way.”

“I see … No wonder I can’t get there.”

There was a lush extension in front of me. The forest … In other words, I’m almost northmost.

If my memory is correct, I should be right in front of this forest.

“It’s really strange for Miss to walk around in the garden like this.”

“Yeah … probably because I haven’t returned to my home for a long time. By the way, Ryle, where are you going next?”

Rule laughed, maybe he was aware of the problem I’was facing.

I feel embarrassed and can’t help but glaring at him.

“… Pardon me. My duty is to protect Young Mistress, so be sure to accompany me on your way back to the house.”

… is this so? I thought he was going to leave me here anyway, that might be able to send me back to the mansion … I asked this question with an unpleasant feeling if he was going somewhere.

If he is willing to send me, I’m very happy.

Lyle knelt down and saluted. Rather than being surprised, I laughed because of his grand manners.

“Well, please.”

I smiled and held the extended hand.

“This is my greatest honour.”

Lyle answered seriously and smiled.

“Well, Ryle, do you often practice there?”

I asked Lyle on the way to the mansion.

“Yeah … as long as I have a lot of free time, I will probably train there.”

“However, but won’t the guards practice together? Ryle, you are really enthusiastic.”

Duke of Almería’s house hired many people got became private soldiers, responsible for the guards of the mansion and the guards of family members.

Ryle and Dida work under such management.

“… Dida also secretly trains somewhere.”

“Dida? I always find it difficult to imagine.”

“Because that guy hates being seen as hard-working. But he does get stronger every day … maybe he doesn’t want to lose to me.”

Ryle said with a grin.

“Oh, is that so, but I think Dida would say the same thing as well.”

“It’s hard to say.”

“All along , didn’t you guys like to compete with each other? You two seem like equal opponents. “

This has always been the case.

Ryle is always accompanied by Dida in aspects of his daily tasks. But they will suddenly start a contest and then compete each other.

In most cases, Dida will set off the fire of strife.

Incidentally, I think that the situation that ends without distinguishing the competition will soon become a fixed mode.

“… I’m looking forward to your guards on this inspection.”

No matter what the reason for the exercise, as long as both of you become stronger, there will be no opinion from my perspective.

This trip is also very reassuring.

“Please leave it to us.”

The smile made a sense of pride.