Chapter 20

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“Is this the time to talk about this?!”

Jian Xingzhi felt his consciousness being pulled by Qin Wanwan’s spell formation and all the spiritual energy circulating into the spiritual root. He got so anxious that he couldn’t help but panic, “Stop your spell formation!”

The technique that Qin Wanwan used was named The Silent Mountain secret technique, which can broaden the spiritual root according to the strength of the sea of consciousness, allowing a person to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy in a short period of time to quickly advance.

But this method was only suitable for cultivator who still hadn’t formed a Golden Core, because this spell formation only has beginning, no end.

The spiritual root will naturally stop consuming spiritual energy when it expands to the corresponding strength of the divine sense and forms the Golden Core, so it is only suitable for people who are below the Jindan* stage and whose divine sense is not strong.

[T/N: The stage when Golden Core is formed.]

Qin Wanwan originally thought that even if Jian Xingzhi had been cultivating previously, he was still a mortal and hadn’t formed his Golden Core. His strength could barely be called strong. But who knew there was an old demon living inside!

When Jian Xingzhi shouted in anxiety, she also panicked: “This formation will only stop when it connects to your spiritual roots and needs your divine sense to stop it. I can’t stop it now! Do something!”

“Qin Wan!” Jian Xingzhi simply wanted to crush her to death, “Do you want me to die!”

“You are going to die for real!”

Qin Wanwan was telling the truth.

With the strength of Jian Xingzhi’s divine sense, connecting this much strength of divine sense with the spiritual root, which is simply not something that a normal human body can withstand, may not be surpassed by him.

The surrounding energy all flew towards them, the whole mountain stirred as birds flew away with fright. The ground trembled like an earthquake which startled the surrounding people and they began to scream.

The Qi rushed into Jian Xingzhi’s body, broadening the spiritual root to its limits. Jian Xingzhi endured the pain, and saw that it was about to exceed the degree that his body couldn’t bear.

He grabbed Qin Wanwan’s hand before she could react and was forced to interlock their hands together. In an instant, the brutal spiritual energy flowed from Jian Xingzhi’s body to Qin Wanwan. The sudden pain made her cried out in pain: “Damn!”

She wanted to shake her hand out of Jian Xingzhi’s grip, but he pulled her closer as he said, “Give me some time, I’ll break this spell formation.”

“Hurry up!” Qin Wanwan urged as she felt her spiritual roots being rampantly washed away by the Qi. It was so painful that she couldn’t help but groan and whimper.

The surrounding people were alarmed by their movements, but they were mortal women and were not at all sure of the cause of the earthquake. They just screamed and ran everywhere in fright.

The man in charge sensed something was wrong when he felt a large amount of Qi rushing to the direction of their Lord’s lair. He rushed in without his men and saw the women scurrying in panic and cursed, “Don’t run! If you ran away, you’ll be killed!”

After saying that, he raised his sword and was about to pierce a woman. Seeing this, Jian Xingzhi simply raised his hand and threw a sword made of his spiritual energy and instantly killed the man. Since he was busy in stopping the spell formation, he couldn’t control his spiritual swords well and one of them burst to the roof of the cave. Stones as big as watermelon fell on the people’s head, the people suddenly understood what was happening and hurriedly ran towards the entrance of the cave.

Jian Xingzhi successfully kicked out the people and quickly retracted his hand. He again interlocked his fingers with Qin Wanwan and started the operation of guiding the spiritual energy around them to their spiritual roots. The process was of course not easy, cold sweat dripped down both of their heads like rain.

This secret method was what Qin Wanwan’s mother taught her, the creator of this formation was a legendary figure of the Immortal Realm. Jian Xingzhi struggled hard and finally found the doorway to break the formation.

The process at this point became so much painful that Qin Wanwan nearly fainted and cried out, “Jian Zhiyan, I can’t hold on any longer!”

“Don’t panic.”

Jian Xingzhi, who had his eyes closed commanded her in a steady tone, “guide your Qi to follow me.”

With that, he led Qin Wanwan’s spiritual power into his body, converged them on the spiritual platform and chanted the formation-breaking spell of the Heavenly Realm. An wide formation appeared above their heads.

As soon as Qin Wanwan saw the formation and heard him chanting, she knew what he was going to do. She struggled hard and worked with him in perfect harmony.

“The supreme one above the spiritual platform. Let the order be done and punish the evil. Heaven and earth help me, to guide your energy. Find the source and draw the essence, all formations return to one.” Saying that, the two of them put their index and middle fingers together and put them vertically against each other’s foreheads before shouting at the same time, “Break!”

In an instant, the spiritual power burst between their eyebrows. The huge wave of energy shook Jian Xingzhi and Qin Wanwan to fly in opposite directions at the same time. Before Qin Wanwan could react, Jian Xingzhi already stood up and threw her violently in the direction of Qian Liu!

Jian Xingzhi had made ‘Qian Liu’ wear an armour, so Qin Wanwan didn’t notice that he was already dead. She clashed on him with a clang and both of them fell on the bed. Qin Wanwan vomited a mouthful of blood but still didn’t hesitate to stood up, drew her sword and stabbed ‘Qian Liu’ several times!

Jian Xingzhi wasn’t in good condition either, but he still raised his hand to support ‘Qian Liu’s’ head and flipped him. He drew a long sword from the air and cut the already dead man’s throat without hesitation. Then turned around with his sword and stood in front of Qin Wanwan.

The scene instantly turned bloody, seeing the two of them in action, the soldiers swarmed in. When they looked at their direction, they saw the head of Qian Liu’s had fallen on the bed. The people who came in shouted in astonishment, “Lord Qian Liu!”

The people didn’t wait for anyone’s order and surrounded the two of them.

The hand holding the long sword of Jian Xingzhi was trembling. Blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth, his whole body looked very beaten up but he knew, if he tried to dilly-dally now, they would be dead.

He tried his best to suppress the spiritual energy in his body, he felt that he was about to break through another stage of Golden Pill, but if he broke through at this moment, thunders of Heavenly Tribulation would descend, which could endanger the life of ordinary people around the vicinity.

Qin Wanwan was way worse than him, she felt the spiritual power inside her growing, as if her body was going to burst. She looked at Jian Xingzhi standing with his long sword in front of her and spoke with difficulty, “Jian Zhiyan ……”

Jian Xingzhi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then suddenly he shot forward while clutching the treasure ‘Thousand Disguise’ in one hand and pulling Qin Wanwan on the other hand and shouting: “Go!”

As soon as the words fell, the sword in Jian Xingzhi’s hand swept across the people surrounding them. Qin Wanwan also took this chance and jumped out from the bed before following behind Jian Xingzhi!

Jian Xingzhi cleared his way by killing Qian Liu’s men on his way. He grabbed Qin Wanwan’s hand and frantically ran towards the mouth of the cave.

It was this moment when a figure, dressed in purple brocade standing on a purple handled longsword entered the cave. His long hair tied high in a ponytail and his facial features were as beautiful as carved sculptures. He looked down at the two of them running towards the mouth of the cave with indifferent eyes. When they passed him, Qin Wanwan’s eyes met with the man.

Their surroundings trembled and shook, the sky outside darkened as thunder boomed. They passed the man in purple while killing the men on both sides. The people chasing them became less and less but when they reached the entrance, they saw a few men blocking the mouth of the cave. Qin Wanwan was about to strike, but Jian Xingzhi’s sword had already gone forward and killed them with one strike so beautifully that she felt like she was seeing an artwork.

These soldiers were not even their obstacle. Qin Wanwan, who was just a step behind him, ran with all her might.

She squinted at him, the young man in red with long hair and heavy make-up, which was now stained with blood, didn’t shake once before killing the men. His personality was so steady even in such an unsteady situation as he guided her while holding her hand was enough to make her feel at ease.

Two people rushed all the way out of the cave, the front of the cave was a little higher than the ground. Both of them jumped down and landed on the ground below. Qin Wanwan could no longer hold up, she kept lying down on the ground as all the energy had left her body. But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, the sky shook and the first thunder of Heavenly Tribulation fell down on her!

Qin Wanwan screamed in pain, but the next second, a hand pulled her up and a big palm touched her back.

The moment the palm met her back, the pain caused by the thunder felt instantly much lighter.

Jian Xingzhi’s usual cold voice sounded in her ears, which felt a little gentler than before, “Now, you and I have reached the stage of Golden Pill , so the Heavenly Tribulation has started. I will help you to overcome the tribulation. Close your eyes and concentrate, guide your true Qi to your meridian. Draw the thunder into your body to quench your bones and forge your muscles. If you feel too much pain, chant the ‘Clean and Calm Sutra’ with me.”

Qin Wanwan listened to Jian Xingzhi’s words and tried to follow his guidance. But her whole body trembled slightly due to the pain caused by the thunder.

The man’s hand was cold and steady, as if this Heavenly Tribulation had no effect on him.

He was obviously a teenager, but his voice sounded much clear and profound, mixed with the smooth clarity of the years: “……Dao. The Dao can be pure or turbid; moving or tranquil. Heaven is pure, Earth is turbid; Heaven is moving, Earth is tranquil… Descending from the origin, Flowing toward the end, The myriad beings are being born. Purity; the source of turbidity, Movement; the root of tranquility. Always be pure and tranquil. Heaven and Earth return to the primordial….”


As he chanted the scriptures, the pain inexplicably eased a lot. Qin Wanwan was relieved of the bone breaking pain and braced herself to concentrate and direct the Qi to her meridian. Following Jian Xingzhi’s true Qi, she guided the energy of the thunder to run through the eight odd meridians* and condense together to form the Golden Core.

[T/N: Within Chinese Medicine, the Eight Extraordinary Meridians represent the body’s deepest level of energetic structuring. For more information, click here:]

By the help of this process and Jian Xingzhi’s guidance, the Longdan in her body became smaller and smaller as the thunder grew larger and larger and more powerful after each strike.

But Qin Wanwan was already oblivious to it, she could only hear Jian Xingzhi’s voice in her ears. His voice was guiding her through this great calamity in a surprisingly soothing manner.

As the two sat face to face on the flat ground, busy in handling the thunderclap together, the people of the Tian Chen Sect evacuated the people in Qian Liu’s Cave.

The thunders that were striking down on them were so great that the people of Tian Chen Sect could only have the top people form up a group at the entrance of the cave to rescue the people inside. The other disciples took the rescued people away farther from the exit and at the back of the cave. After everyone was gone, Nan Feng returned back to the cave’s entrance and bowed respectfully to the purple-clothed cultivator who had formed a formation to block the heavenly thunder for the ordinary people, “Thank you, Xie-daojun. Thank you for helping evacuating all the people here. Zhu-daojun has taken the people away. You may rest now.”

Hearing this, the purple-clothed cultivator withdrew his hand and the barrier that was placed around the vicinity slowly disappeared. The pressure of heavenly thunder came to the surface immediately after. Nan Feng was so scared that he knelt on the spot and became a shivering mess.

The purple-clothed cultivator tilted his head and looked towards the direction of Jian Xingzhi and Qin Wanwan before slowly opening his mouth, “Eighty-one Heavenly Tribulations. If they are successful in forming the Golden Core, it will be a Heavenly-Ranked Ninth-Grade Golden Core.”

Saying that, he turned his head to look at the kneeling Nan Feng and asked, “What are the names of your Masters? And which sect are they from?”

Nan Feng stammered as he answered while shivering, “I …… I don’t know ah.”

If he knew, he would have never dared to get entangle with them ah. He was just an innocent Fire Ant.

The purple-clothed man didn’t mind his answer. Dusting his Daoist robe, he sat beside Nan Feng, and closed his eyes under the pressure of Heavenly Tribulation to cultivate.

The thunder blasted in the sky one by one, without any intention to stop. Qin Wanwan didn’t know how long it took but she felt her whole body becoming numb little by little. When the spiritual rain finally fell, she gained a little bit of strength and opened her eyes. The person opposite her also had his eyes closed. He was also being roasted by the Heavenly Tribulation as his body turned black because of the impurities leaking from his body.

Jian Xingzhi slowly opened his eyes and looked at the person opposite him, whose whole body was also filled with filth, much like himself. The spiritual rain washed away the impurities on both of them, revealing the outline of both of their bodies little by little.

It was this moment when both of their figures lit up as the thunder roared and clashed, before enveloping everything in darkness again. The thunder lit up again and again, as if a naughty child was playing with a light switch, turning it on and off again and again.

The lights turned on, the lights turned off.

Everything lit up, and became dark again.

With this continuous light and darkness’ play, the pressure of the Heavenly Tribulation slowly fell down around them.

But the two people in the centre of all of it were completely oblivious of it, as they were focused on improving their cultivation.

The first stage of Qi Refining, the second stage of Qi Refining, the third stage of Qi Refining…… the ninth stage of Qi Refining! Even after passing one hurdle, their cultivation didn’t stop and kept going higher.

The first stage of Foundation Establishment, second stage Foundation Establishment, third stage of Foundation Establishment …… ninth stage of Foundation Establishment!

The level of cultivation went higher and higher until all the energy finally condensed into a Golden Core. The roar of a dragon was heard behind Qin Wanwan as a huge pillar of light shot up straight to the sky.

Heavenly-Rank Ninth-Grade Golden Core was formed!

“It’s the Heavenly-Rank Ninth-Grade Golden Core!”

The spiritual rain stretched for a hundred miles, and the Heavenly Dao contained in the middle was perceived by all the people. Disciples and cultivators came from all the sects around the area and looked at the spiritual rain with envy.

“In five hundred years, the three sects and four cities were only able to produce four Heavenly-Rank Ninth-Grade Golden Core. The four of them were; Shen Zhiming from Wen Xin Sect, Young Master Junshu from Lecheng, Xie Lutang from Tian Chen Sect and the remaining one…I forgot his name but he was from a nameless sect ……”

The person who was blabbering about the four legendary figures became quiet when he spoke of the person from a nameless sect. Suddenly, he remembered that two more legendary figures was going to appear and shouted in excitement, “Today, two disciples of a nameless sect are going to form Heavenly-Rank Ninth-Grade Golden Core. The sect is lucky to have such geniuses!”

The crowd was discussing who these geniuses could be, but the two geniuses sitting on the ground and looking at each other didn’t utter a word.

Both woke up with a start and quickly chanted a spell to change their clothes. Their previous clothes were turned to rags, showing their beautiful body. Qin Wanwan changed into a beautiful pink robe while Jian Xingzhi changed into a blue one. Both of them looked at each other with a dumb expression. Their sense still didn’t seem to return to them after all the fiasco. It was Jian Xingzhi who first opened his mouth, “Let’s find a place first before talking.”

Qin Wanwan who felt the same nodded her head. There were two many people around them. Excluding the fact that they have become two legendary figures and could be questioned by newly gathered fans, the fact that they could be recognised by the people also remained. If they now talked about things like possessing a body and were heard by others, it could lead to another disastrous incident.

They patted the mud on their hands and got up. But as soon as they stood up, they saw a man adorned in a purple brocade walking towards them in a hurry.

Qin Wanwan subconsciously stepped back behind Jian Xingzhi, she was afraid of any imposing figure. And Jian Xingzhi, who had the habit of protecting the weak, silently stood in front of her. But suddenly, the two of them remembered their identity and quickly switched positions. Qin Wanwan stood at the front while Jian Xingzhi retreated behind her.

The purple-clothed man watched them go back and forth speechlessly, and asked with a blank expression, “Are you done changing positions?”

“Yes!” Both of them replied in unison, like a pair of good mannered children. But they remember that they are two grown ups, and one of them should have the personality of a shrew, so they coughed before changing their attitude according to their character’s setting.

Qin Wanwan nodded her head towards the man in greetings and asked in nervousness, “What can I do for the fellow Daoist?”

The man in front of her was emitting a kind of overpowering aura. Qin Wanwan had a feeling that she was facing another lower-quality version of Jian Xingzhi.

But even if it was a lower-quality version of Jian Xingzhi, he was still someone she couldn’t afford to mess with. Standing in front of another version of Jian Xingzhi, she just wanted to collapse. Please, let me have a rest…

“Your servant Nan Feng went to Tian Chen Sect for help, saying that you’ve captured Qian Liu and are in need of our Sect’s help.”

The purple-clothed cultivator spoke with a calm tone, there were no ripples in his tone as he flatly recounted what had happened: “So I came to check.”

“So it’s a fellow Daoist from the Tian Chen Sect,” Qin Wanwan remembered her earlier command to Nan Feng and hurriedly saluted, “Nice to meet you. I am Li Si, and this person is my ……”


Jian Xingzhi answered from behind before Qin Wanwan could finish his introduction, “Zhang San.”

Hearing this, the purple-clothed cultivator frowned. He stared at the both of them with calculating eyes as he asked, “If you two are siblings, why do you have different surnames?”

“I followed my father’s surname.” Jian Xingzhi explained quickly. Qin Wanwan also followed suit and smiled with difficulty, “I followed my mother’s surname.”

The purple-clothed cultivator nodded and did not intend to probe more. He introduced him simply with his name as he saluted, “I’m Xie Lutang, from Tian Chen Sect.”

This name was a bit familiar, Qin Wanwan glanced at Jian Xingzhi while Jian Xingzhi also looked at her. Both of them thought for a while before remembering.

The front board of the inn where they stayed was smashed by Jian Xingzhi and used as a skateboard. At that time, the owner of the inn cursed Jian Xingzhi, while mourning that his board was special because it was made by Xie Lutang. If this person is Xie Lutang, then isn’t he also the winner of previous years’ Sword Mound Conference?

“You are the participants of the Sword Mound Conference, right?” Xie Lutang did not explain much and took out a booklet from his sleeve, “What sect you are from and what is your Master’s name?”

“We are wandering cultivators.”

Qin Wanwan continued to lie. Xie Lutang, who was about to write their names on the booklet paused his action. At that time when they were escaping from the cave, if he hadn’t moved fast, he would have been chopped off by Jian Xingzhi’s longsword.

Fortunately, he moved fast, but surprisingly, Jian Xingzhi was even faster. He had to use a dozen moves in a short period to save himself from his(Jian Xingzhi) sword.

Xie Lutang quietly took his sword from his waist and stepped in front of Jian Xingzhi as he said in a smooth voice, “I have cultivated with my sword for one hundred and twenty years, but I’ve never seen the sword technique you have used.”

“Do we need to explain our techniques to the Tian Chen Sect to participate in the Sword Mound Conference?”

Qin Wanwan smiled and asked. Xie Lutang paused before answering slowly, “No.”

“That Qian Liu was killed by me, he is on the wanted list of the Tian Chen Sect. According to the rules, I can participate in the Sword Mound Conference now, right?”

“Yes.” Xie Lutang could not deny it. Qin Wanwan stepped forward, and removed the sword that had been blocking them.

“Then what does our Sect’s name and our techniques have anything to do with my participation in the Sword Mound Conference?”

Xie Lutang was speechless. He put his sword away as he turned his back to them while saying, “Follow me.”

The Tian Chen Sect had arranged residences for all those who passed the preliminary round of the Sword Mound Conference. Qin Wanwan killed Qian Liu, by killing him, she not only completed her mission but she also got the chance to participate in the Sword Mound Conference. So instead of staying at the inn, she stayed in the guest room that was arranged for her in the Tian Chen Sect.

The guest room was a quadrangle, Xie Lutang took them into the courtyard and pointed out the two rooms in the joint row: “You guys can share the courtyard. When the first round of the Sword Mound Conference starts, you will be notified.”

“Thank you very much, Daogun.”


Qin Wanwan smiled and saluted. Xie Lutang nodded and left them without more words.

When Xie Lutang left, Qin Wanwan turned her head to look at Jian Xingzhi and suggested, “How about talking in the room?”

Jian Xingzhi nodded, he did not know why, his heart was a little panicked.

The two went into the room together and sat on each side across the table. But rather than talking with each other, they started discussing with their systems in their heads.

“How do I start?” Qin Wanwan asked 38, “I can’t let him know who I am, right?”

“That’s right,” 38 said, “You have to try not to reveal your identity.”

“And what if he finds out?”

“Then……” 38 hesitated a little before replying with a sigh, “there is no way he will find out. Even if he did, you have to pretend it’s not true.”

What Qin Wanwan was worried about, Jian Xingzhi had the same worry.

“What if she finds out my true identity?”

Jian Xingzhi frowned and inquired 666: “She has already found out that I am not Jian Zhiyan.”

“If she finds out, then it’s not your fault. In fact, it would be more beneficial to you if she could find out your identity on her own initiative.”

“How so?”

“According to the rules, you can’t OOC in the eyes of others and have to maintain your persona as a delicate beauty. If she finds out your identity on her own, then you would have a reasonable logic not to maintain the character. And she would also understand the reason for you suddenly being so strong. You can enhance the information a little to make it more believable and logical.”

Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi probably understood somewhat as he asked, “you mean, if I am at the Foundation Establishment stage, then I have to show my strength according to my cultivation level in front of her? But if she finds out my true identity, I can show a little bit of my power without any worry of being found out?”

“That’s right. Her expectations, though, are just a judging condition. The most important thing right now is not to interfere with the plot she needs to go through, following by meeting the balance of everyone’s expectations. If you really want to exert your strength, you still need to cultivate, so that the people of this world can understand you for being more powerful than before. But you have to keep in mind that you can’t let anyone know about your secret of possessing this body.”

“And what if she finds out that too?”

“You’d still have to deny it.”

“What if I unwillingly admit it?”

666 was silent, and after a while, it answered Jian Xingzhi, “Then it depends on her understanding.”

The two talked with their own systems for a bit and each made a plan in mind.

Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan, who was also looking at him. After staring back and forth, Jian Xingzhi coughed and asked Qin Wanwan, “Are you thirsty?”

Qin Wanwan hurriedly poured tea in two cups and brought one to him, “Drink.”

Jian Xingzhi wasn’t sure whether she said she would drink or both of them would drink.

He took the cup of tea but didn’t drink. After pondering for a moment he slowly spoke, “Actually, I know everything about you.”

“I……” Qin Wanwan pondered before letting out a sigh and said, “I think I know everything about you too.”

“I am glad you do.” Jian Xingzhi hinted, “It will be more convenient for both of us.”

“So, can I ask you a question?”

Qin Wanwan tentatively spoke, and Jian Xingzhi nodded.

“Then answer me truthfully okay? If you want to answer, you can answer. If you don’t want to answer, you can stay silent.”

Jian Xingzhi stayed silent.

Qin Wanwan nodded in understanding and asked farther, “Then do you want me to tell the truth? You can say so if you want to know. Or you can stay silent if you don’t want to.”

Jian Xingzhi continued to be silent.

Qin Wanwan understood the reason for his silence. He must have some kind of restriction like her.

Qin Wanwan thought hard for a while how to make him speak without letting him know her identity. Suddenly, a bulb lit up in her mind as she thought of something, “Let me tell you a story.”

Jian Xingzhi looked at her as she spoke, “Once upon a time, there was a small cat. One day, she suddenly found herself in a book. The kitten had a small fairy, who guided her to do tasks here and there. Then suddenly one day, she met a puppy. From that day, the puppy started following her, why do you think the puppy was following her?”

“Because the puppy also has a fairy.”

When Jian Xingzhi heard Qin Wanwan’s story, he immediately understood her situation. It seemed both of them were bound by something not to reveal their real identity to each other.

Qin Wanwan nodded, because it was indeed the case.

“Do you think the puppy was someone from the book?”

“I don’t think so.”

Qin Wanwan understood, this person in front of her was not Jian Zhiyan at all. He must be someone, who came with a system to do tasks just like her.

“If the fairy told the kitten to cultivate to become immortal,” Qin Wanwan continued to ask, “what do you think the fairy told the puppy to do?”

“Help the kitten to cultivate and become immortal.”

Qin Wanwan nodded her head, it seemed the person, or rather the soul inside Jian Zhiyan, was a friend not an enemy.

“Then I wonder ……” Qin Wanwan tactically asked more questions, “what level is the puppy at? Is he at the level of God Transformation? Tribulation?”

Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi gave her a disdainful look and said proudly, “The puppy has long since ascended as a God. There is no one in the Immortal Realm who can beat it.”

Qin Wanwan: “……”

Boast, boast as much as you can.

Did he think she was someone who didn’t know what the Heavenly Realm* was like?

[T/N: Immortal Realm is also called Heavenly Realm]

Qin Wanwan kept smiling as she asked one more question, “I wonder what is the puppy’s real name?”

Jian Xingzhi suddenly fell into silence.

666 quickly reminded him in case he thought of revealing his identity, “Master,…… our main system is still very humane and can understand most of the things you are implying. So I suggest you to not go too far ……”

Jian Xingzhi ignored it, because he was in a depressed mood.

He suddenly realized that this Qin Wan had improved her cultivation and was going to ascend soon. If Qin Wan knew his true identity, when she later ascended to the Immortal Realm, she would go everywhere, spreading how he, the strongest cultivator of both realms, was forced to act as a male pet. It would be a serious blow to his reputation, and he found it difficult to accept.

This low point of life, he wanted to spend it in silence.

He didn’t want anyone in the Heavenly Realm to know that he also had times when he had to be someone’s male pet, wore pink clothes, and chased others to cry for help.

“Jian Zhiyan?” Qin Wanwan called him, seeing him silent, “What do you think this puppy’s name is?”

“His name is ……” Jian Xingzhi raised his head and looked out the window. He couldn’t help but recall the time when he was still the ‘Suiheng-zhenjun’. That he was frivolous and reckless, and didn’t care about anyone or anything except for winning. Now thinking about it, he was a little heartbroken. He whispered the name that first came to mind after a long while, “Long Aotian.”




T/N: The chapters are so long and very hard! It took me three days to translate this chapter. I’m thinking of dividing them into two parts. Both for my convenience and regular updates.


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