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Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Surprise of the Snow Lady, the Curiosity of the Moon Goddess

Lady Mingzhu gets the news fastest because she is in Han.

She learned of the “Beautiful Women List” that night.

By the time this list spread to other countries, it was already half a month later!

In this era, news is mostly spread through word of mouth, aside from some special means of transmission.

Although the “Beautiful Women List” aroused the interest of many people, it was not enough to make them rush to spread this news to other countries.

When people learned that the one who compiled this list was a blind man, almost everyone scoffed at it.

You are a blind person who can’t see, how do you know who looks good and who doesn’t?

But when they saw the names on the list, they were all dumbfounded! Some of the names were already well-known.

Such as the Snow Lady who danced in the Yan Kingdom. And the two favored concubines of the Han Emperor.

These are all acknowledged beauties! And in other countries, there are also some knowledgeable individuals. Some have seen several women from the Yin and Yang School, shocked by their skills and also amazed by their beauty. So, it is undeniable that the authenticity of this list!

The woman by the pillar in Yan Kingdom, with white hair like snow, gazing at the moon.

A deep blue silk dress swaying gently in the wind, with three thousand silver threads dancing lightly. A face like carved jade, like a fairy from the Heaven descending to the mortal world.

Her beauty is beyond words. As the head of the Feixue Pavilion, the Snow Lady’s dance skills surpass those of seven countries, dominating over royalty and nobles. Countless aristocrats try to make her smile. But she is like a fairy who does not partake in worldly affairs, never moved by mundane desires.

“Snow Sister, Snow Sister, I just heard some good news, do you want to know?”

Snow Sister flashed a stunning smile. She poked the nose of the youngest disciple in the Feixue Pavilion with her white jade-like hand, indulgently saying, “Good news? Have you learned a new dance or mastered a new tune?”

The little girl rolled her eyes, unafraid of the head of the house. “Neither. It’s about you.”


“Beauty Ranking? All the women on it are the most beautiful in the seven countries!”

Snow Sister listened and lost interest. Does she, Snow Lady, need others to judge her beauty?

“Alright, alright, when you grow up, sister will step down from the list and let you take my place. Does that sound good?”

The little girl’s eyes lit up.

“Really? That’s great. Otherwise, that blind person who has never seen me might not choose me!”

Snow Lady was stunned. “Blind person?”

“Yes, I heard that the one who evaluates the list is a handsome blind man. And he’s not very old, similar to Snow Sister.”


At the Yin and Yang School Altar, a woman draped in a purple veil gently unveiled her eyes and stood up from her cushion.

Clad in a flowing purple-blue skirt, her graceful silhouette seemed to tower over the surroundings.

Upon learning about the Beautiful Women List, the Moon Goddess couldn’t help but feel intrigued. To her surprise, she found her name among the list.

She had been practicing various secret arts and astrology within the Yin and Yang School. Hardly ever stepping into the world. The identity of a right guardian like Moon Goddess was known throughout the martial arts world, but those who had truly seen her were few.

And even within the sect, few disciples had seen her. And yet, she was suddenly evaluated on the Beauty Ranking.

“This blind person seems to be anything but simple.”

Her voice was gentle and ethereal, as if coming from the heavens. She couldn’t recall ever interacting with any blind person. How did he know her appearance and be so certain she was a beauty?


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