Chapter 17

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Xu Hui got angry.

Both Sun Yuhe and Huizi could feel the dark mood emanating from him but Bai Lu was unaware of it.

It was 4:00 pm when they came out of the game arcade. They were looking for a restaurant to have dinner. Sun Yuhe and Huizi both looked at the tall and small figure walking in front of them before looking at each other.

Bai Lu walked beside Xu Hui with her bag on her shoulders, following closely.

Xu Hui had long legs and walked fast, and didn’t wait for Bai Lu.

The place for dinner was chosen by Sun Yuhe. It was in the innermost part of the pedestrian street, a street-side noodle shop. Bai Lu had been there before. The store was old, had been opened for decades but the food quality was good and cheap. It had good reputation, so customers were bursting.

The noodle shop store was situated at the end of the pedestrian street, facing an old building of the Ming and Qing dynasties. These buildings has now became a museum. Tall pine and cypress trees were planted around it. Their lush leaves were blowing in the early autumn breeze.

In front of the museum was a small marble fountain with two little angels holding milky white jugs from where the water poured out.

Xu Hui did not say a word during the meal, but Sun Yuhe was not affected. Still having fun with his girlfriend.

Halfway through eating, Xu Hui suddenly got up.

“What are you going?” Sun Yuhe asked.

Xu Hui replied expressionlessly: “Bathroom.”

“Can’t believe he is sulking ……,” Sun Yuhe muttered in a low voice as he watched his departing back.

“Let him go.” Huizi handed Sun Yuhe the glass of orange juice, “Drink it.”

Sun Yuhe bit the straw and sucked a few mouthfuls, Huizi took the time to asked to Bai Lu, “How come you didn’t buy him any drinks?”

Bai Lu replied righteously, “I asked, and he said he didn’t need it.”

Huizi and Sun Yuhe both laughed.

“Oh, listening him is not good.” Sun Yuhe laughed and waved his hand, “You can’t listen to him all the time.”

Bai Lu slightly lowered her head. The noodles in front of her were mostly untouched.

The cell phone in her jacket pocket vibrated. Bai Lu took it out carefully under the table and looked at it, it was Wu Hanwen.

The phone vibrated seven or eight times before stopping.

Bai Lu put the phone back into her coat pocket and looked up. Sun Yuhe and Huizi were still feeding each other.

Bai Lu said softly, “I’m going out for a while.”

Huizi turned her head and asked in puzzlement, “Why?”

Bai Lu: “To buy drinks.”

Huizi snorted out, “Okay, go ahead. Oh right, what does Xu Hui like to drink?”

Sun Yuhe: “Lemonade.”

Huizi said, “Hear that?”

Bai Lu nodded silently.

Bai Lu went out, Sun Yu He took the chopsticks to pick up the peanuts and transfer them to a small plate. Huizi who was beside him suddenly asked, “Why does Ah Hui like her?”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“She is not as pretty as Xiaoye.” Thinking for a while, she added quietly, “And her chest isn’t as big as Xiaoye’s.”

Sun Yuhe squinted his eyes and sneered, “How do you know he likes big chested girls?”

Huizi did not reply. She, leaned against him and asked, “You like the small ones?”

Sun Yuhe grunted twice, then clipped peanuts from the rice.

Huizi elbowed him and said hesitantly, “But Ah Hui and this girl……”


“They don’t look like get along much.”

Sun Yuhe laughed hearing her worries. Huizi narrowed her eyes at him: “Am I wrong?”

“No. But not right either.”

“How so?”

Sun Yuhe put the chopsticks on the table before turning his head and looking at Huizi, “He’s a person who just seems unapproachable, but actually the best to get along with. When we first met in junior high, school he was the president of the class. His personality was like a leader, as if he was born that way. Everyone liked to be with him and felt that he was smart and handsome at the same time. He was also very nice to everyone and treated them well.”

After saying that, Sun Yuhe half-jokingly added, “In junior high school, I saw him the first time and thought he really is quite handsome. So I didn’t dare to meet you to him at first.”

“Really?” Huizi said with a smile, “Where did your courage come later?”

Sun Yuhe didn’t answer, seemed to think for a while. He lazily stretched and said, “I’d better go out and see where did that little white rabbit has gone.”

Bai Lu stood beside the fountain and called Wu Hanwen while carrying a bottle of lemonade.

There was a lot of noise on the other side of the phone. The sound of drumming and mic could be heard faintly.

“Hey, hey, hey? Have you been captured by aliens?” Wu Hanwen shouted over the phone but his voice still sounded far away because of the loud noises.

Bai Lu asked in puzzlement, “Why is it so noisy? And what happened to your voice?”

Wu Hanwen again shouted, “You can’t hear me? I’m cheering! I’ve been shouting all day, so my voice became hoarse. You haven’t told me yet, are you captured by aliens? Do you need to be rescued?”

Bai Lu ignored his joking and asking, “How many students are absent today?”

“Not much.”

“Is anyone checking?”

Wu Hanwen ‘hmm’ed twice and seemed to walk to a place that was a little more quieter than the noisy place he had been standing before. His voice sounded a little clear but still hoarse.

“Are you afraid?”

Bai Lu did not say anything, Wu Hanwen said, “You are also too bold. You dare to skip school on the first day of the Sports Day, without even a greeting. But fortunately -” Wu Hanwen turned the phone from his left ear to right and said, “You are lucky. Today Mr. Bao’s child has a fever, so he took the child to the hospital. Our teacher was replaced by the language teacher to temporarily lead the class.”

The language teacher was an old woman who was over 50 years old. Except for teaching in the class, she couldn’t remember anything.

Bai Lu: “Are you the one who mentioned her?”


Bai Lu lowered her head and whispered, “Thank you.”

Wu Hanwen smiled misbehaviously and asked, “How would you thank me in return of this favour?”

Bai Lu couldn’t see his smile so she righteously replied, “I would treat you a meal in the cafeteria.”

“Haha.” Wu Hanwen couldn’t help but laugh. He was amazed that she still remembered what he said. Wu Hanwen said with a smile, “No, no, no, I’m not doing a big favor this time.”

Bai Lu was quiet for a moment before asking, “Then what do you want?”

In every stage of life, there are moments when people become so excited that it become hard for them to stay still. Such as spring trips in elementary school, Thanksgiving dinners in college, or Sports Day in high school.

The things that people normally wouldn’t dare to think or say, they would think and say them because of excitement. Wu Hanwen was also like this. If it was any other day, he wouldn’t dare to request anything to Bai Lu. Sometimes, he becomes so nervous around her that it was hard to breathe. So today when Bai Lu wasn’t in front of him and the excitement of the sports got into his head, he said the desire he had nurtured in his heart for a long time.

“You can buy me a box of chocolates …… But it has to be Dove.”

Early autumn evening breeze blew with a hint of coolness. The water in the angel fountain was calm. A stream of clear water was flowing down from the milky white jug in the angels’ hands, making a crisp sound in the calm world.

Wu Hanwen suddenly woke up a little, he realised that what he wanted from her was in other way telling his feelings to her. He quickly changed his tone and said, “Ah, just kidding!”

“Yes, I can, I will give it to you when school starts.” Bai Lu said indifferently, “I have something to do. I will hang up.”

“Okay, okay, go back to your work.”

In panic, Wu Hanwen hurriedly hung up the phone first.

“Who would you meet when school starts?”

Surprised, Bai Lu turned around and saw Sun Yuhe had came out of the store. A cigarette was held in his mouth.

“Who are you going to invite for a meal?”

Bai Lu asked expressionlessly, “You eavesdropped?”

Sun Yuhe said righteously,”I wasn’t eavesdropping, I was standing right behind you and you didn’t notice me.”

Bai Lu nodded, “Oh.”

It was getting dark. Sun Yuhe quickly finished the cigarette, it was gone in the blink of an eye.

“You are skipping school today? Which school are you from?”

Bai Lu replied, “Well, I snuck out. Just called my classmates to ask if the teacher found out.”

Sun Yuhe looked down at her and asked, “And did they find out?”

Bai Lu pursed her lips and smiled, “No, the teacher’s child has a fever and did not come today.”

“Oh.” Sun Yuhe threw the cigarette on the ground, casually stepped on it before raising his eyes and asked, “Do you like Ah Hui?”

Bai Lu did not answer and bowed her head a little. Sun Yuhe looked at the side before turning back and said, “Wrong question, how can you not like him.”

Bai Lu smiled as if embarrassed.

“I’m just telling you, don’t be intimidated by his look like that.” Sun Yuhe kicked the sand on the ground and added, “He’s got a nasty temper but he is actually good on the inside.”

After saying that, he looked both ways before leaning his head and whispered, “It’s because of his family …… he was not like this before.”

Bai Lu did not ask anything, as if she didn’t hear it and Sun Yuhe was talking to himself.

“If he really likes you, you would pick up a treasure.” Sun Yuhe looked at Bai Lu and said, “He will definitely be good to you.”

Bai Lu finally gave a faint expression, “Really?”

“And…. you have to cling to him a little bit too.” Sun Yuhe gave her ideas like a big brother, “He likes girls who are clingy.”

Bai Lu stood quietly and didn’t ask anything. Sun Yu He stared at her for a while, measured something and said, “You always seem to have distance from him. He won’t be happy if you are like this.”

Suddenly he turned the tone of conversation and said, “Don’t look at his handsome face and cool attitude. In fact, that guy is super insecure.”

Bai Lu raised her brows in question, “insecure?”

Sun Yuhe also want to explain but fearing that someone would hear, he bent down more and whispered: “Don’t believe what you see ah ……”

Bai Lu suddenly realized that, Sun Yuhe stood very close to her, his nose almost touching her hair. She was about to step back when something caught Sun Yuhe’s eyes and he stopped her.

“Hey, there seems to be something on your hair.”

Sun Yuhe muttered to himself before raising his hand. His fingers hooked into the tips of Bai Lu’s hair, gently stroking it down and removing the small leaf stuck there.

The action was not intimate but since they were standing too close, someone’s heart felt like hot lava was flowing.

“Ah, Ah Hui ……” Sun Yuhe was startled. Bai Lu turned her head and saw Xu Hui standing behind them.

His black hoodie made him blend with the night. He looked like someone who could move in the shadow freely.

Sun Yuhe suddenly understood their position and quickly retracted his hand. He rushed to Xu Hui and said, “What took you so long? Was the line in the bathroom very long?”

Xu Hui walked past him and did not answer.

“I’ll go check on Huizi first.” Sun Yuhe said goodbye to both of them with a smile and went, ran back to the noodle shop.

Bai Lu raised her hand to re-comb her hair. Her hair was tied in a low ponytail. Because Sun Yuhe pulled a few strands of hair out, it was blowing in front of her eyes.

While fixing her hair, she unintentionally looked at Xu Hui.

His eyes fell on Bai Lu’s hair.

The movement of Bai Lu’s hands slowed down, before stopping completely.

The sound of running water from the angel fountain mixed with the lights in the mall made the atmosphere a little colorful.

Xu Hui suddenly smiled, tilted his head, and helplessly whispered.

“He likes to provoke others so much. Does he think I am stupid?”

Bai Lu ignored him and went back to fix her hair. She re-tied her hair and then handed the lemonade in her hand to Xu Hui.

“Here, drink it.”

Xu Hui glanced at it with downcast eyes, “Insert the straw.”

“Oh.” Bai Lu lowered her head and inserted the straw to the drink.

Xu Hui took it and took a sip.

“Let’s go back.” Bai Lu mentally thought about the time and took a step towards the store. Thinking that he must have thought about entering the store and saying goodbye to his friend.

She just took two steps forward when suddenly, a tug was felt on her neck.

Her hair was pulled from behind. Fortunately, Bai Lu did not walk fast and didn’t go much far, so she didn’t feel much pain. But the tug made her steps unstable, she anxiously took several steps back.

A warm but hard chest hit her back. Her head was slightly pressed on his chest.

The way he pulled her hair wasn’t gentle. It’s as if he was pouring down his anger on the innocent hair. Bai Lu’s fragile hair was crumpled in his fist.

“Let go ……” Bai Lu neck was raised which made her feel very uncomfortable. She grabbed Xu Hui’s wrist to pull her poor hairs out of his hold.

Xu Hui was wearing two silicone colored sports wristbands. Through the wristband gap, the boy’s skin was a little cold.

Xu Hui’s voice rang out from her back, a little lazy, but also with hidden dissatisfaction.

“Don’t let other people casually touch your hair……”

Bai Lu paused for a second and made up her mind to pull her hair out of his clutch with force.

Xu Hui seemed to have read her mind and let go of her hair a second before she made the effort.

Bai Lu quickly fixed her hair, then turned around and stood in front of Xu Hui.

Her face was slightly red from the pulling he had just done, also in anger.

Xu Hui took his hands back into his pocket.

Bai Lu fixed her eyes on him, a pair of large eyes behind the lenses looked brighter than before.

“Do you remember what I said before?”

Xu Hui tilted his head, “What?”

Bai Lu said with a rare sincere tone, “You are stupid.” Bai Lu was stimulated by Xu Hui for saying that. She regreted for knowing it’s a gutter and still jumping into it*.

[T/N: Knowing it’s dangerous or unnecessary but still getting into a mess]

Silence followed for a while. Xu Hui suddenly let out a laugh, his shoulders shaking at his every laugh.

He was too aware of his unique advantages.

In front of her, he was like a painting that had been unintentionally crumpled by the wind.

Xu Hui came over, stuffed a paper bag into her hands, and turned around with a rather dashing sentence.

“Throw it away if you don’t want it.”

He left Bai Lu after saying that.

Inside the bag was a black box.

Bai Lu opened the box. There was a locket with a thin chain. The locket was a small silver flower, embellished with golden bright diamonds for the stamen, looking delicate and lovely.

Underneath the necklace there was a note with two lines written on it.

Happy Birthday.

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