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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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From the Princess route, It was the Arc of how the king tried to do a political marriage, while using his b*stard daughter who is born from a mistress. She was being forced with marriage because If she refuses, her beloved sister will replace her place, the sister who support and helped her at the time of trouble. In short, she was being blackmailed.

But the daughter Is our MC discipline so, it was a matter of fact, of course, our MC won’t sit there and watch her be forced out of her own will.

So MC will save the princess from the douche prince, well too bad the marriage partner wasn’t a prince but a noble Instead, so our MC save our princess discipline with the help of her discipline beloved elder sister, he manages to sneak inside the castle at the castle where the ceremony was being held, our MC successfully manage to save the princess, after that It was arranged to meet up with the elder sister to secure their escape route, but after the event has calmed down, the king, their father goes to the place where’s the elder sister was residing at first they’re wary, but after knowing the king didn’t send an army to chase or detain them, because he comes with only a single attendant.

The elder sister confronts the King with ease, awhile later, finding out the reason for the marriage was a sham marriage, the reason was to lure the wicked nobles from a sham marriage…

(Yeah, I was like what? After remembering the politics from this Wn, was nearly to zero sense, I Ignore the fact) Anyways carry on to the story.

After awhile the elder sister was so enraged from her father the king after a while MC group was called to the room for a discussion.

Then revealing a mind-blowing fact, Sister discipline wasn’t a daughter from a mistress but the first woman the king loved before sitting from the throne, the elder sister was an adopted daughter from the king late brother who was the previews king.

Then the reason he came was to apologize for his long lost daughter, the reason behind why he was being cold to her own daughter was to not let her enter the world of politics or world of nobility, he was trying to protect her…

(I was literally speechless from that line, yep I know, he was trying to protect her long lost daughter… By using her as a tool for a sham marriage.)

I was so enraged that time, I keep cursing for almost thirty minutes.

-/:; () $&&”., ?! RAAAH!

Anyways after that, discipline daughter and the king “CLEARED” the misunderstanding, the daughter (fool) forgave him and they live happily ever after…

Wait that’s not It.

After daughter and co made up each other.

MC was being questioned by the King because of the discipline sister fell In-love to our MC after he rescued her from the distress.

Throwing a father like line.

“I won’t give you my daughter” something like that along the line.

(You don’t deserve to say such words fool!)


Table of Content

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