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Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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When they get summoned, MC just tells the king “Hey, I am not a hero so can I just go on a trip all alone?”. And the king is like “good idea!”. His classmates get a bit worried but just accept it. Something seems totally off about that interaction.

    1. If the king wanted to get rid of him, wouldn’t he instead assign a knight or 2 to him and then isolate him in some mansion or something. Even his classmates under normal circumstances would insist the king send someone with him for protection or work out a job for him or something. As far as anyone knows, he is new to this world… walking out with nothing makes it odd from all sides.
    1. The escorts were mind controlled to kill him. Not sure why… wouldn’t capturing him and using him as a tool be more useful than just killing him? It seems s*upid and inefficient… even if you wanted to get revenge for him speaking like that to the king or something, they would still capture him and torture him. Killing someone right after they left just leaves too much of a trail and suspicion.

The MC then

does a dialog how this place is bad and plans to use the heroes and etc. Then puts on a disguise and settles at a nearby town.

His goal is not to stand out but he also personally brings king class cores to the guild. (we are not talking about someone who is here for the first time, we are talking about someone who should have plenty of experience to know how to act if he is trying to keep a low profile)

And that is just a fraction of the issues.


Table of Content

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