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Villainous Daughter Aims for the Last Boss Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The crown prince Cedric, for example, committed infidelity, false accusation, breach of contract, breach of the peace treaty, assault and battery, attempted r*pe, and are basically the role model for tyrants and incompetent rulers. It was one thing if he committed all these towards a random commoner but I find it hard to believe that after doing all these to the daughter of the most prominent duke in the kingdom, he’s still fine. And the fact that’s his willingness to murder another member of the royal family for the throne got ignored is also absurd. What’s more ridiculous is that his cohorts that are of far lower standing than him managed to get away scot-free.

While Cedric gets demoted to second prince, Lilia gets to keep her engagement to Cedric despite her low standing and many crimes she committed with and also without Cedric. Max, the nobody that’s not even a knight doesn’t seem to get punished at all while in reality he’ll probably be executed as a scapegoat to save Cedric’s ass and preserve the “imperial” family’s reputation. But nope, having their plan foiled is punishment enough, so the author decides.

Edit: Wait scratch that, the prologue of volume 2 reveals that Max got promoted to a Holy Knight. Lol wtf?


Table of Content

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