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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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1) His harem
THERE IS NONE!!!! This is the most annoying thing about people, they are trying to press romance into something that has no romance. Do you see that harem genre up there? I have been battleing with it this whole time, I delete it, and it reappears! Why will it not go away? Back to the topic, girls being thrown at him? WHO!?!? The 2 friends on earth that confessed were reasonably turned down because he wanted to take it slow and love them before going out. He was not being a p*ssy, he simply did not like them and turned them down, LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. The sister that looked like one of the said friend at the border town? Why would he suddenly have romantic feelings for this random person that ‘resembled’ someone he did not like? She did not even think of him in that way, and why would she? Again, he is just some random person. Even after he saved her and her sister, she probrobly saw him as some OP savior, and that she would strive to reach his OPness. They were quickly separated and have not met since. The library woman and her waiter sister? Okay, that librarian has some mental problems (first impression, do not take me seriously) and is going through a lot of stuff right now. I think she is thinking of her kingdom instead of romance with some suspicious teacher that saved her. And in a recent chapter she completely disregarded trying to ‘seduce him if push comes to shove’. Her sister is also barely mentioned. The only possible ones are his 2 female followers, and there is no romance to be seen! He sees them as his wonky sisters and has never, I repeat, NEVER, even THOUGHT of touching them (if my memory serves me) ! How many times does the MC have to say it! I will admit, the girls are throwing themselves at him, but they do not seem to be in LOVE with him. Tomoe enjoys watching his memories, so she decided to follow him, and Mio simply loves the taste of his blood. They spent time together and have grown a tight bond, so they love and protect each other, but they are not in love. Yes, they would jump at the idea of doing it with him, but when they interact in later chapters they seem more like a goofy family than a harem (especially with Shiki). There is simply no way a relationship can come out of it because he just does not want to, and he makes it obvious. AND THAT IS FINE!!! I love the way they interact as is, it is simple and easy. People say he is spinless, just leading them on, but the way he deals with them is the way a normal person would deal with those wacky people, bush it off or simply laugh. And some people tend to forget, HE IS A NORMAL PERSON!! Not some smart super spy, not some incredible strategist thinking of the next move, not some s*xually-frustrated pervert that does it with everyone he sees. He deals with things the way a sheltered high-schooler would, making him seem dense and plain at times, but it is natural because he is NORMAL.

2) He is OP but does not use it
In what way would he use it? Again, he is a NORMAL person, young and naive too. He does not need to use his power, he does not need to kill people. Let him stay his peaceful self, it is a bit of a change from the usual ‘kill, kill, kill’ other powerful people do. And yes, in those rare occasions he fights, it is AMAZING! But if it gets to big, it will ruin the whole laid-back aura this novel gives off.

3) Where is the plot?
Hahahaha, you came for the plot? Awwww, you are just too funny, I think I am crying. Sarcasm aside, there really is no end goal. It is just our MC living as a merchant/teacher while having his servants deal with whatever interests them. Mio loves cooking, yes, she got into it for the MC, but she really enjoys eating and making food (me). Tomoe deals with their world, but she seems to like it, because she wants to make it an old-fashioned Japan. Shiki follows the MC around, taking care of the shop and helping with the lectures, helping him self to the vast knowledge of the library (total bookworm). Why did I just tell you about what his servants do, because THEY are the reason most people are reading this! They are the most interesting part. I guess the plot is getting thicker because of


the demons taking interest in their power, Lorel poking their wise-finding noses, the demons war with the humans, and the crazy princess’s obsession with gunpowder, his parent’s fallen kingdom


but none of that really matters to me. I AM HERE FOR THE COMEDY, THE COMEDY!!! Really, my best ending is the MC beating the shiz out of the Bug, becoming a god, ruling Azora with his 3 immortal generals, and marrying MoonGod-Bro. (Last part is probably not going to happen) For all you plot-loving peolpe, never fear! There is probably a intricate plot that will take the author a long time to unfold, so for now just go with the flow and enjoy the side characters.

I think that is it, I need to go to bed and I am literally fighting to keep my eyes open. I will probably edit this later and update it, but for right now, sleep.

4) MC’s naiveté
Yes, he is naive, very naive, so naive you could rip your hair out when


he deals with rona and the merchant guy at the later chapters.


I cannot defend him here, if I say ‘he is just some normal, sheltered kid thrown into some situation’, that would be refuted, so there you have it….. nothing to say. Personally, I enjoy this idiotic naiveté, it gives the story more ‘upfh’ (couldn’t find a better word). The author is making it very clear that there will be character development, making the transition from naive kid to a BA anti-hero more looked forward to than a smart guy to a BA anti-hero because the cause of the change will be more severe (mwhaha). And the arguments in the comments are amazing after


merchant guy retks him


, so I have no qualms with the way things are going. It is clearly going to get better, so just wait it out. I didn’t like the tournament ark that much because it isn’t giving Tomoe, Mio and Shiki enough family (comedy) time with MC, but it is putting things into motion. There were many times after a chapter that I would agonize over the cliff I was abruptly thrown off of, and then go to the comments and enjoy watching others agonize too (mwhaha, squirm intellectual vermin, SQUIRM! MWAHAHA). *Ahem* Excuse me, no more writing comments after 10.


Table of Content

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