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Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 73: Angry Qin Yanran

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“This Liu Yuanfeng’s hands are extending a bit too far for comfort. For a matter between us, he intentionally started making trouble for my parents from behind the scenes. It seems my family won’t be able to rest in peace unless I deal with him first!”

After having his lunch, Su Lin picked up his bag and started walking towards Jian’an First High, while pondering over the issue throughout the way.

“The Accounts Book that we found from the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base yesterday recorded many illegal transactions between Liu Yuanfeng, as well as his father, Liu Jianguo, and the Dragon-Tiger Gang. That Accounts Book should have been handed over to the Criminal Police by Han XiaoXiao by now, so I believe it won’t be long before their crimes will come out for the world to see. Humph! Liu Yuanfeng, your good days are going to end soon. I can’t wait to see the horrible fate of you two father and son now!”

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When it came to corrupt officials, Su Lin hated them from the bottom of his heart since a young age, under the influence and teachings of his father, Su Guorong. Yesterday, when he looked at the recorded transactions, he was shocked to find that the bribes given by the Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo, added up to millions of Yuan. That was money made through sacrificing the blood and sweat of an unknown number of people!

“After the afternoon classes end, I will call Captain Yan of the Criminal Police and ask him how the case was going. Still, with how many officials are involved in this case, and how many of them are pretty well-known, too, I reckon it won’t be easy to deal with this case. If the police really followed all the leads and looked for all the culprits involved, I wonder if the entire political scene of Jian’an will get involved…”

As he recalled the names of the officials he saw recorded on the Accounts Book yesterday, Su Lin realized that many of them were from the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee like directors and deputy-directors, whom he regularly saw appearing on the T.V. Fortunately though, he didn’t see Fang Liping’s name on the Accounts Book.

“Aunt Ping is not only a good official, but a great Mayor, too. Of course, it’s impossible for her to be in cahoots with filthy people like them!”

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In fact, when he was looking through the Accounts Book yesterday, there was slight hesitation in Su Lin’s mind on what he would do if he saw Fang Liping’s name in there somewhere. Fortunately, Fang Liping’s name wasn’t in there, proving that she had nothing to do with the Dragon-Tiger Gang!

“Alright, this isn’t an issue I need to fret over; it’s the job of the Criminal Police to apprehend and punish any crime syndicate. And investigating the corrupt officials is something the Disciplinary Inspection Commission needs to do. I am an ordinary high-school student, so why am I bothering thinking about all these? All I have to do is prepare well for the College Entrance Examination that is to be held the day after tomorrow.”

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Su Lin felt that he was worrying over unnecessary matters without reason. He was just a student, so was it even possible for him to get involved in such major world affairs?

Finally, he arrived at the gate of Jian’an First High. The College Entrance Examinations were over head, so the entire Jian’an First High had a solemn atmosphere. Especially the building with Grade 3’s classrooms, there was almost no noise coming from that place. All the students were busy preparing for the College Entrance Exam with all their might one last time.

“Su Lin! Where were you this morning? Why didn’t you come to attend classes? The College Entrance Exam is right at the corner, and everyone is doing their best to make use of every last second they have, yet here you are, moving about so leisurely. Do you think you will be able to breeze through the College Entrance Exam?”

Before Su Lin even arrived at the entrance of his classroom, he bumped into his class in-charge, Lin Qingxue, who began scolding him without giving him a chance to explain himself.

“Teacher Lin, I… Some matters came up. Right! Didn’t my mother call you and ask for leave?”

Feeling Lin Qingxue’s anger, Su Lin could only bow his head, not even daring to meet Lin Qingxue’s gaze. Still, his eyes didn’t stay idle, and he began secretly taking glances at Lin Qingxue from head to toe.

Lin Qingxue was still wearing her professional business dress like always, a tight-fit western dress; white shirt, black leather-skirt, yellowish-pink silk stockings, and the well-polished high-heels that made a loud clip-clop sound wherever she went!

Although it wasn’t the first time he saw Lin Qingxue in this same attire, her appearance still mesmerized him like always, making it so that he would never get tired of looking at her. Especially, the fullness of Lin Qingxue’s chest that seemed to have only gotten bigger and bigger in recent days. Every time Su Lin looked at her full peaks, he wondered if they would suddenly pop out of her white shirt?

“What kind of matter? Was the matter more important that the College Entrance Examination?! Su Lin, teacher will tell you this, but your current results are more than enough for you to get into a first-class University, and if you work a bit harder, it won’t be an issue for you to get into one of the two top Universities in the nation, Tsinghua and Peking! What you have to do now is to put all of your energy into studying, and nothing else. You can’t let success get to your head! Otherwise, the great achievements you might be able to obtain would completely go down the drain, together with the College Entrance Examination results…”

Lin Qingxue couldn’t understand how she felt about Su Lin. When she didn’t see Su Lin in class this morning, for some reason, she felt a strange emptiness in her heart. So before the afternoon classes began, she decided to walk back and forth in the corridor at the entrance of Grade 3’s Class 2. She didn’t know why, but her heart badly wished to see Su Lin.

Su Lin, however, didn’t perceive what Teacher Lin was thinking at the moment, and instead, he was getting sick of listening to Lin Qingxue’s endless chiding. Although Su Lin knew that Lin Qingxue was only saying all that for his good, he wasn’t very worried about the College Entrance Examination. He was completely confident in himself after having absorbed all the knowledge in Qin Yanran’s notebook.

After a long, “caring” lecture from Lin Qingxue, Su Lin was finally allowed into the class. As if he had received some royal pardon, Su Lin rushed to his seat, put down his schoolbag, and sat down beside Li Hao, who curiously asked him, “I say, Li’l Lin, you are are great! Before, you used to be late by at most an hour or half an hour, yet today, you didn’t come to class all morning. Did you know, all lot of beauties came to our class this morning, looking for you!”

As he spoke, Li Hao took out a thick stack of fancy envelopes and put them on the table in front of Su Lin, “Look at these; these are the love letters those girls left for you! You are now a big-shot in the school, the prince-charming in the mind of all those young girls!”

“Love letters? For me? Why are there so many?”

Su Lin was stunned as he looked at the stash in front of him. There had to be fifty to sixty letters in that thick stack. He had never imagined that his speech would be so sensational that so many girls would write love letters to him.

“Aren’t your bursting with joy now? Not only does our Class Leader show you a ton of affection, but now you also have so many other beauties fighting for your love! Li’l Lin, which God have you started worshiping nowadays? Tell me, and I will go burn some incense at their temple!”

Li Hao spoke with a sour expression, clearly showing how envious of Su Lin he was. If something like this happened to him one day, and a ton of girls wrote love letters to him instead of Su Lin, wouldn’t he go crazy? He would definitely go crazy!

“Come on, Li’l Hao, you need to get rid of that belly first, you know! Otherwise, I am afraid that any young girl that saw you would immediately run away after looking at your pregnant appearance!”

Su Lin laughed and teased Li Hao with a few words, and then conveniently began to open the love letters one-by-one to have a look.

Fine envelopes, gorgeous letter paper, and beautiful hand-written words… even after he opened the letter, a faint fragrance remained on the paper. It was the first time in his life Su Lin had received a love letter from a girl. He had never expected that he would receive so many letters for the first time alone!


Su Lin felt tired after going through the love letters for a while. He felt a bit vain and proud when he started, but after reading a lot of the letters, he felt that all of them were basically the same. There was nothing but recognition for the content of his speech that day, how they liked him a lot, and how they hoped to be friends with him.

What’s more, there was also a girl in the same grade as him who said that she wished to go to the same University or city as Su Lin, and asked him for his plans after the College Entrance Examinations.

“How is it, Li’l Lin, aren’t the chicks who sent you the letters all beautiful?”

Li Hao sneakily looked around and then asked Su Lin with great expectation, but Su Lin only smiled and waved the letters at him. I can only tell that the words written in the letters are beautiful, but as for the people who wrote them… well, they didn’t attach their photo, so how am I to know whether they are attractive or not?

“Yeah, that’s right! So, do you plan to reply to them?”

“How am I supposed to reply to them all? Even if I wrote one sentence for each letter, I would be exhausted. However, all of them are just little girls who want to experience the opposite gender or whatnot, so there’s no reason to pay them any attention.”

Before the speech, Su Lin was just an ordinary high-school student. He was just a no-name, so where would there be any girl who would like him, or even write a love letter to him? In Su Lin’s view, those girls were just doing it in the heat of the moment, and only admired him somewhat.

This wasn’t how true love worked. After all, how could someone fall in love with someone from the opposite gender without having any interaction?

Su Lin no longer had any interest in looking at those love letters, so he put them all together and threw them to Li Hao, saying, “If you want to write something in return, you are welcome to do so. In any case, I am not replying to anyone.”

“What am I supposed to reply with? It’s not like they wrote the letters to me. If only the letters were for me, then that would be perfect. I would go through each of them one-by-one and reply to them all!”

With a teasing smile, Li Hao suddenly pulled Su Lin near him, and whispered, “By the way, Li’l Lin, our Grade 3’s School Flower doesn’t seem to be in a good mood today?”

“Yanran? What’s wrong with her?”

As soon as Li Hao started talking about Qin Yanran, Su Lin turned a little nervous.

“Do you remember, when you didn’t come to class in time before, I told you how the School Flower kept looking at your seat from time to time? She obviously missed you, and didn’t calm down until she saw you! But this morning was different, and the School Flower didn’t look in this direction even once!”

It had to be said that the fatty was quite meticulous in his thoughts, and what he said was completely correct. Li Hao was just this kind of fatty, one who carefully looked into matters. There were four lectures in the morning, and Su Lin didn’t attend even one of them. Obviously, Li Hao didn’t care about focusing on the lectures either, so he spent the time observing the actions of their School Flower, Qin Yanran.

Under the great efforts, observations, and comparisons he made, Li Hao came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with Qin Yanran today.

“What’s there to think about? It’s going to be the College Entrance Examination soon, so Yanran must be seriously listening to the lectures and reviewing the content. Do you think others are like you, and don’t care about listening to the teachers?”

Although that was what Su Lin said, he still stole looked towards Qin Yanran’s seat and took a good look. Immediately, a faint suspicion arose in his heart as he thought, “It seems to be as Li’l Hao said. Also, when I entered the class before, Yanran only swept one glance at me, and then didn’t bother looking towards me again!”

“Is that so? Or Li’l Lin, could it be that our School Flower is jealous because so many beauties came to confess their love for you?”

Li Hao frowned and then burst into a wide smirk. In fact, he was quite envious and jealous of Su Lin’s luck.

“Fatty, don’t talk nonsense! I will go and have a look…”

Su Lin remembered that there were still some notebooks in his schoolbag he had borrowed from Qin Yanran. He had already used his Eidetic Memory to read them all, so he decided to take this opportunity to return the notebooks to Qin Yanran.

Su Lin took those notebooks out of his schoolbag, and then walked towards Qin Yanran. Arriving at her seat, he placed the notebooks on her table and said with a wide grin, “Yanran, I must thank you for your notebooks! They were very helpful!”


Su Lin had planned to speak some words with Qin Yanran, and ask her about the College Entrance Exam, while also taking the chance to ask her which University and Course she was going to enroll in, but all those thoughts came to naught when Qin Yanran simply acknowledged his words with a low sound, and didn’t eve raise her head to look at him. In the next moment, she took the notebooks placed in front of her and gently put them in her schoolbag, no longer paying any attention to Su Lin.


Su Lin’s heart thumped loudly when he realized that Qin Yanran had returned to her former Ice Goddess manner. It seemed that Qin Yanran wasn’t happy…

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