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Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 10: I LIKE YOU!

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“I, Qin YanRan, will never like a person like you!”

These words from Qin YanRan felt as if a sharp sword had been stabbed into Su Lin’s heart.

Originally, Su Lin didn’t have any meaning like that. He was aware that with his current situation and background, he wasn’t worthy of someone like Qin YanRan. However, even then, hearing that from Qin YanRan’s mouth and having self-awareness were completely two different things. The feeling wasn’t the same.

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Don’t like me then don’t like me, not like I, Su Lin, asked you to like me! I wasn’t even confessing to you, just saying sorry to you. Why the heck would you say that you won’t like someone like me?

“Who are you? Just who am I? You act like a ruffian in school all day, eat, drink, and then go your merry way! Nor are you any official, neither are you some sort of rich second generation! Everyone will be graduating from high school soon, yet what about you? You will just be a poor second generation without a certain future!”

Under the eye of the broad crowd, Qin YanRan kept on reprimanding Su Lin without giving him an inch of leeway. Su Lin had nothing to refute her with, after all, in the end, wasn’t he just that sort of person in the eyes of the other people?

“Who is that? Just who dared actually confess in front of so many people?”

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“Right! It seems that no one has dared to confess to the School Flower for a long time!”

“I remember the last time someone publicly confessed to the School Flower was half a year ago. In the past, it was Luo Tian, the basketball captain of the school who confessed to her. That guy had been all the rage among the girls at that time! Even then, his confession was mercilessly shot down by the School Flower. I had seen Luo Tian’s face at that time, it was green to death! Luo Tian had even brought a lot of balloons and set up a romantic atmosphere, charming many girls from the school. But what happened to him in the end, the School Ice Queen didn’t even look at the setup and directly shot him down and left……”

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“I recognize the guy, he’s Su Lin from the same class as the School Beauty. There are rumors that he had been rude to her yesterday and did something bad. I had never thought that he will dare confess to her in the presence of everyone today! Before, the people who tried to confess to the School Beauty were always ignored by her without many words, but the fact that she said all these words to embarrass him, it seems that the School Beauty is quite angry……”


There were many people in the crowd but none of them had any sympathy for Su Lin. In their minds, it was a joke for someone of Su Lin’s status to pursue the School Ice Queen! In their opinion, the Beauty had already given him a lot of attention at this time. They were now looking at Su Lin making a fool out of himself, they wanted to see how he was going to extricate himself out of this situation!

As for Qin YanRan, being confessed to was a very common thing for her and she would never say anything mean like this to anyone. It was just that her mood had been very sour today and Su Lin just had to stand before the muzzle.

However, it was still a fact that Su Lin hadn’t come here to confess, instead, he was just there to apologize. After Qin YanRan calmed down a bit, she realized how impulsive she had been and thought that she had been too mean to Su Lin when speaking!

“Su Lin just came to apologize. Was it too much of me to say something like this?”

In Qin YanRan’s mind, all the boys who approached her were just trying to pursue her and Su Lin was no different. Qin YanRan had always employed the firm rejection and indifferent treatment to all the confessions, otherwise, she would have been getting followed by all those guys all day long.

Realizing that she had spoken somewhat excessively, Qin YanRan looked at Su Lin without saying anything. She wanted to say something but hesitated, she wanted to say some soft words to him but she was afraid that if she said those then everyone around including Su Lin will think that she was interested in him.

While Qin YanRan was struggling with what she should do next, Su Lin had already thought everything through. He gulped a breath as he yelled angrily in his heart, “Good, so you, Qin YanRan think that I Su Lin am that sort of person? Will never like someone like me? Alright, I will have you know that I, Su Lin, am no coward. The kind of person you will like, I, Su Lin, will turn into that sort of person! I don’t believe that with my Time Control Ability and my effort, I won’t be able to become someone you will like?”

Su Lin, who had been standing silent for a long time, lowered his head a bit. He was a meter and seventy-five in height. He looked at Qin YanRan, who was around a meter and sixty. He took a deep breath and smiled slightly and then said with confidence, “Classmate Qin YanRan, so you won’t take a liking to someone like me, Su Lin? Good. But, what kind of person am I, Su Lin? True, my grades aren’t anything good, nor is my family very well off. It is only normal that I am nothing in your eyes, I don’t expect the School Flower to see me any differently. Originally, I had no plans of confessing anything to you, I purely came here to sincerely apologize to you for yesterday’s matter. However, I don’t want to be thought of as someone worthless in your eyes again. Perhaps, I, Su Lin, had been the sort of person you wouldn’t even look at, but now…”

Su Lin’s heart was pounding furiously with so many other students watching everything from the surroundings. But today, he must let out these words. What he was certain of though, was that if he said these words today, he will end up as the topic of everyone’s discussion in school. However, Su Lin didn’t care anymore. He had to find an opportunity to prove himself, he didn’t want to be looked down upon again.

Gathering all his courage, Su Lin looked around and realized that all the students were intently looking towards his direction, so he forced the words out, “Qin YanRan, today I, Su Lin confess to you! I know you will reject me, you will never look at someone like me! But you just wait, I, Su Lin, will certainly become an exceptional person, better than anyone else on the scene! Why? Because… I like you!”

The rashness of youth!

The impulsiveness of youth!

Youth, that’s what it was!

Why would he say something uncertain like this, why say what was in his heart? Su Lin wanted to let everyone around know that he wasn’t worse than others, he will pursue the School Flower! What if he was rejected because he wasn’t good enough? He will return better than ever for everyone to witness.

After saying all those words, Su Lin suddenly felt very comfortable at heart. He had finally said what was in his heart.

However, this was just what Su Lin was feeling. He said what ought to be said and felt his heart lighten, but in the eyes of everyone around, Su Lin’s actions were ridiculous and unrealistic.

Become exceptional?

Not taking into account the fact that Su Lin’s performance wasn’t even average, even if was able to perform outstandingly what use would that be? Over the years, many boys in the top ten of the rankings had confessed to Qin YanRan yet couldn’t get a glance from her, so what could he, Su Lin, even accomplish?

It must be known that Qin YanRan had always taken the number one spot in the student ranking, never getting taken over by anyone else.

Putting aside her outstanding academic achievements, her family background was also very good. Even handsome and talented guys pursuing Qin YanRan had been rejected, so how were you going to win her favor just with these empty words? It was really ridiculous.

Soon, there was a burst of laughter from the crowd.

Everyone had finally seen a joke. Even if they had to wait for a few minutes in vain, they were able to witness an epic joke right after a tough examination. It was all worth it. Now, when they returned to class, they will have something to talk and laugh about.

On the other hand though, as the one having been confessed to, Qin YanRan’s heart wasn’t feeling very relaxed. Qin YanRan was born in a bureaucratic family. Even when not talking about the relationships her family had, the fact that her mother, Fang Liping, was the mayor of Jian’an City was already a major backing. Her father had passed away when she was very young, so being raised by her powerful mother, she had already learned a lot early in life. Qin YanRan was both responsible and mature.

If there was some other girl, she might have been a bit touched after all of Su Lin’s effort. Being confessed to by a boy in public had always been a matter of pride for almost all girls, whether the girl liked the boy or not.

However, in Qin YanRan’s eyes, Su Lin’s actions were pure naivety.


What does that have to do with her liking someone?

So long as she liked someone, it didn’t matter whether they were exceptional or not.

And if she doesn’t like someone, no matter how exceptional they might be, it wouldn’t change her feelings for them.

Thinking of these points, Qin YanRan couldn’t help but laugh in her heart. But suddenly, she felt her heart palpitate, not because of someone, but because of the word “like”.

“Like? What does it mean to like someone? What is the feeling when you like someone?”

17-18 was the age when the young ones would all be interested in stuff like crushes and love. Which young girl didn’t want to experience the feeling of love?

Qin YanRan was also the same, she was also expecting for someone like that to appear in her life. However, that was just a wish and nothing more. Qin YanRan had no shortage of pursuers. Even then, it could be said that in the entirety of Jian’an, there wasn’t a single boy that Qin YanRan had ever taken a liking to.

But when it came to her, Qin YanRan didn’t even know what and who she would like.

As for being liked by others, she thought that she was numb to that. From the confessions to small gifts and love letters from various boys, she had only been getting tired. She wondered if that was the feeling of being liked? If it was, then it was a very annoying feeling.

So, what was the feeling of liking someone else?

She didn’t know, Qin YanRan didn’t feel anything at all. The books said that if you liked someone, you will always be thinking about them, your heart will go crazy for them, and you will go anywhere in the world for them, even if it meant going to the underworld with them! {TL: Going to the underworld means dying with the one you love.}

“What is true love and sentiments for anyone? Disregarding even the fear of death for them.”

At that time, however, these few words appeared to resonate in Qin YanRan’s heart. Liking a person, falling in love with them, wanting to be with them; was it not doing anything for them, even disregarding the fear of death for them?

“Is it transcending life and death? If you really love a person, can you really give up your life for them? Then… who will be willing to give up their life for me? Who will I be willing to give my life for?”

Compared to others of the same age, Qin YanRan was much mature. Love in her mind wasn’t defined by those idol dramas, instead, she pondered over it herself. What it meant, Qin YanRan thought about it but she didn’t understand.

Just like Su Lin’s words “I like you!”, even though Qin YanRan had felt ridiculous at that time, there was a hint of palpitation in her heart. Was that something close to being able to give up anything for the person they liked? After all, he should have known that he was going to be ridiculed by everyone, but even then, he didn’t back down. At least, he was much better than the other boys she had rejected in the past who had nothing but helplessness for themselves?

Before, Qin YanRan had never paid any attention to Su Lin even in class. It was only when she distributed English homeworkassignments that the two spoke a sentence or two. Regarding how much Qin YanRan understood about Su Lin, her impression could be described in five simple words “Doing very poor in studies”. Regarding such a person, Qin YanRan obviously didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

But today, two parallel lines that were never supposed to have anything to do with each other actually intersected. Su Lin actually dared say those unrealistic words before the ridiculous amount of people watching everything.

“How can he dare say this?”

Qin YanRan was slightly surprised by Su Lin’s confidence at that time.

But now, looking at Su Lin’s still confident expression and look, Qin YanRan was about to reject him, but then she changed her mind at the last moment.

“Student Su Lin, you just said that you like me, right? That you will become exceptional and worthy of me. Is that true?”

A slight smile appeared on Qin YanRan’s face. She didn’t get angry, and she even changed her original cold attitude, actually looking at Su Lin with a smile.

It was incredible. Everyone around felt ridiculous and there was not a single sound. This was really too strange. Qin YanRan actually smiled and smiled at Su Lin, the “dreg” of the school who had just confessed to Qin YanRan.

Even Su Lin was stunned. He had been psychologically prepared to be bombarded with Qin YanRan’s burst of anger. Who would have known that Qin YanRan would actually smile and ask those questions? Was she going to accept the confession? That was insane, right? Even Su Lin didn’t believe that was going to happen.

“Yes! Qin YanRan, I know that you will never look at someone like me, but I will certainly do my best to be a better me. It’s because I, Su Lin… like you!”

Although Su Lin didn’t believe that he had any chance, he wasn’t going to let the momentum decrease, so he patted his chest and said with confidence.

“Alright. Student Su Lin, you just said that you will get better, then… Let’s do this, if you can make it into the top 50 in the examinations this time, I can consider it.”

What? Qin YanRan actually said that she will consider a boy! Everyone’s jaws dropped. This was going to be the biggest news in Jian’an No. 1 in the entire year!

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