The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Prologue

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This chapter is translated by deepl (MTL).


I went to the market on the morning of my day off.

The square where the morning market was open was full of shops, full of a vitality that could make you forget the cold of the morning.

The square was surrounded by buildings, and the sunrise coming in between them looked a bit like a dreamy light.

The shopkeepers, full of energy, were shouting and advertising their wares.

Shoppers were bargaining, and with the noise around them, the voices became louder so that they could communicate.

It’s so early in the morning.

I muttered, still awake, as my partner, Luxion, floated beside me, complaining.

“Master seems to be very sleepy since morning. It’s because you’ve been up all night. Please take care to live a healthy life.

“I’m a nocturnal animal.

As usual, he gave his usual uninspiring lecture.

I’m not a nocturnal animal. I was just trying to counter his sarcastic argument.

Luxion seemed to understand this.

“That’s a very crude excuse, isn’t it?”

“I’m sleepy, so give me a break. I was woken up on a rare day of rest. How can I be motivated by being told to go shopping?”

The reason I came to the morning market was because I was woken up by Marie.

I’m very busy in the morning, so why don’t you go and get her things?

I felt pathetic that I was being ordered around by my sister from a previous life. I could have refused her strongly if I hadn’t.

“I’m sorry, Leon. It’s a lot of trouble to carry things by myself.”

— The person in charge of shopping this time was Noelle.

Slightly fetishized long hair was tied in a ponytail on the right side of her head. Although the roots are blonde, the hair is increasingly pink towards the ends, and this gradation of colour stands out from the surrounding area.

Dressed in a dress, Noelle had her hair tied up early in the morning and wore some light make-up.

As it was very early in the morning, she looked a bit frivolous among the many people who were not paying attention to their grooming. The eyes of the men, in particular, were focused.

Although Noelle was well dressed, her expression was not so good.

I apologised for my whining at the look on Noelle’s face, which was apologetic.

“I’m sorry, I’m not blaming Noelle. It’s Marie fault.”

“But I’m the one being helped.”

My job was to help Noelle with her things.

Noelle thought I had caused her trouble and looked slightly disappointed.

An air of awkwardness began to float between the two, and Luxion chided me with a disappointed look on his face.

‘You’re still so slow’

“Shut up, will you?”

“Oh, you’re angry because you’re being pointed out? After all, if you’d complained, you wouldn’t have thought of throwing cold water on Noelle’s happy mood, so it’s Master’s fault.”

What Luxion said made me furious.

“You must be more gentle with your Master. Don’t you ever think I’ll get hurt by your words?”

“I can’t laugh at a Master who hurts people, even if it’s a joke.”

Do you hate me that much? Besides, I’ve hurt people before!

“I’m gentle with myself and others. That’s my motto. I’m a man of peace.”

“Shouldn’t you be more strict with yourself? And it’s contradictory for a man whose motto is to be gentle with others to make a scene in the Republic.”

“I’m not conflicted in my mind, so I’m safe.”

“Master’s criteria were too naive for his own good. It’s been almost a year since You studied in the Republic of Althea, have you forgotten how many times you’ve caused trouble?”

It’s true that I’ve had a few problems in the Republic.

The first one was with Pierre of the Faiviel family.

Against the Republic, which was undefeated in defensive battles, Luxion put an end to the myth of its invincibility by manipulating Einhron to make a scene.

Then came the time of Loic Leta Barielle.

Noelle’s stalker, the sickly Loic, took him as his rival and broke into the wedding to steal the bride.

Arroganz made a rampage, chipping away at the Republic’s pride in the process.

The third time was when Louise was used as a sacrifice to go to war with Serge.

I beat him up, too.

–Hey? Did I fight three times in the intervening year?

“That’s three times. See, I haven’t forgotten, have I?”

“It’s better to remember than anything else. And if you do remember, don’t you think you’re contradicting yourself by speaking like a pacifist?”

I didn’t take the initiative. I’m the one who always gets picked on.

“Didn’t you incite people as if you were provoking them? If the Republic is wrong, it’s accepting Master as a foreign student.

“You’re in trouble too, aren’t you? I am responsible for it, but you are also guilty!

I’m sorry, but I’m not human. And since the Master is the one who gives the orders, the Master is the one who is responsible.

Since I was the one who gave the order, I couldn’t say anything back, so I closed my mouth and clenched my teeth in resentment.

So, Noelle listened to our meaningless conversation – with a smile. It was as if he thought we were having a good conversation.

“You two are really close, then


In response to what Noelle said, my words and Luxion’s overlapped.

“Huh? Where’s that good?

“Noelle, you should get it right.

Noelle’s mouth closed at the wrong moment, and she was all smiles.

Noelle, showered in the sun, looked dazzling.

“Even though they say their own things, you two are really close. (Fish: Stuffed, out of words)


I made a sound I couldn’t understand, and Luxion sent a strong electric shock. It was like an electrotherapy machine and the painful yet pleasant stimulation caused me to let out a ‘good pain’ sound.

Noelle pulled the note out of her coat pocket, confirming the ingredients to be bought at the morning market.

“Leon still looks sleepy, so let’s hurry up and finish our shopping.

After Noelle said that, Luxion said to me in a voice that only I could hear.

“Master, aren’t you going to respond to Noelle’s wishes?

If I were that shrewd, I wouldn’t have been pushed to this point.

And, that is.

Didn’t you get told by Angie and Livia to spy on me to see if I was cheating? In that case, do you think I would have taken a swing at Noelle?

I answered in a whisper, and Luxion then said to me in a more serious voice than he had just done.

‘I’m not going to report Noelle as an affair, and if the Master decides, Noelle can come to the kingdom of Horfath. Wouldn’t that be nice?

You’re ignoring my personal feelings, though.

Noelle was walking a little ahead of us, looking out over the shop. She’s probably used to going to the morning market, as she’s looking for the ingredients she needs.

She’s lively and cheerful, and it’s nice to go out with a girl who’s in a good mood.

I don’t think Anjie and Livia are boring, but that’s really a charm that they don’t possess.

Lovely, stronger kids than anyone else.

As much as I want to make you happy – to my chagrin – is it me who can make you happy?

It is not a man like me that I want you to want – more than anything, I want you to find someone a little better.

Both you and Mariël have over-rated me.

I noticed that Marië had asked her to come to the morning market to shop so that Noelle and I could be alone.

She was probably thinking about Noelle in her own way – she was so nosy.

I wouldn’t overrate her, I wouldn’t underrate her, Master’s just a loser, that’s what I’d say.

“I’m not a loser.

I dismissed Luxion’s scum statement, but it chattered on as if it was just waiting for me.

‘Oops? Have you forgotten the time when Angelica and Olivia were engaged? It’s because Master is a loser that the two of you came to confess on your own, yo.

“Don’t say that. That’s mean.

I thought I would only lose if I kept arguing, so I ended the conversation.

Noelle seemed to have found the ingredients she wanted, so she stood in front of the shop and started to bargain.

The shopkeeper, who was an older male, was pampering him and haggling over the price because he wanted to buy them together.

I would have refused if it was up to me.

It’s really worth it to have cute girls.

As I was thinking about this, there was a middle-aged woman with a lot of presence nearby, haggling in another shop.

When I looked over there, I saw a woman pressuring the shopkeeper.

“Hey, isn’t this worm-eaten? Are you telling me you’re going to sell something like this for the same price as everyone else? No one would buy such a thing, would they?

“No, it’s not. It’s only the surface that’s been chewed.

“Well, I’ll buy you one for that price, and give me the chewed one as a gift. It would bother you if you sold the rest, wouldn’t it?

“That would bother me. …… I, I know.

“Well, this one and this one will do, won’t they?


The woman chose vegetables that had also been eaten by bugs and said she would give them to me as a gift.

As a result, the shopkeeper gave in and let the woman buy a variety of vegetables at a single price, on the grounds that it was better not to sell them than not to sell them.

It had nothing to do with being cute.

‘Women are so tough’

Noelle, on the other hand, was adorable.

As I watched the women’s backs in admiration, a very suspicious shop entered my realisation. A shop opened in the gap between buildings, buying some kind of medicine.

Several customers were looking at the medicine to buy it, and the stance looked like that of an adventurer.

“Are they adventurers from the Republic?

Although I had come to the Republic of Althea, when it came to adventurers, I had only met Serge. Unlike the Horfath Kingdom, the social status of adventurers in this country was very low.

The guests left after buying.

Out of curiosity, the shopkeeper wore a deep hood, making his face invisible.


Although he said hello, Nabu’s attitude was very stiff.

Probably seeing that I thought I was only looking and not buying, the shopkeeper’s attitude was harsh.

The branch had a quick cloth on the floor, on which the goods were laid out.

I bent down and picked up an item.

“Is it medicine?

I muttered, and the shopkeeper began a brief explanation.

“That one is a body strengthening drug. I don’t think a customer like you needs it.

Luxion began to explain to me in a voice that only I could hear.

“It’s the body strengthening medicine that Serge uses. It’s an inferior product to the one used by Serge.

Body Strengthening Pill is an item that appears in the game. It’s an item that can instantly boost your status and attack power. It can have that kind of effect.

Red and blue primary colored liquids, both arranged in small glass bottles.

“Well~, that seems interesting. Give me a bottle of all of them.

The shopkeeper became a bit overwhelmed when I said I wanted to buy. However, once he knew I was going to buy it, he took a softer attitude than before.

“Be careful with your use. Also, you should leave it empty for at least six hours after using it once before using it again. If you use it continuously, your body will collapse.

I listened to the shopkeeper, who explained while putting the bottle into a small wooden box, paid for it and cocked my head.

It was like a real medicine with precautions. It gave me a sense of dissonance because it was used together so often in the game.

I took the wooden box and stood up, leaving the shop and talking to Luxion.

“It’s like a real medicine,” he said.

I said with a smile, and Luxion made a helpless sound.

‘It’s not like medicine. It’s medicine, isn’t it?


The Master seems to have made a mistake. Even if you have knowledge of the game, it’s still a problem.

Luxion advised me with the feeling that there was nothing I could do for you.

“To put it simply to the Master, it’s a stimulant. Don’t you think that a drug that is so effective can have side effects on the body?

Although it is only momentary, there is no such thing as a drug that enhances the body’s ability to do bad things – like this argument seems to be left only in the game.

In other words, a game character who continuously uses enhancement drugs – is he a drug addict?

“Is it rare to buy a drug and not be able to use it? I thought it was for emergencies.

I had seen Serge use it before, so I wanted to use it as one of my trump cards.

I’ve seen Serge use it before, so I wanted to have it as one of my trump cards. Does a good quality medicine have fewer side effects?

When I fought Serge during the rescue of Louise, he used a body strengthening drug twice in a short period of time.

It would have been fine if it had been an expensive drug, but Luxion denied it.

“Although it might have reduced the side effects, I can’t imagine that Serge himself would have abided by it”.

I remember. Serge, although he looked rough from the outside, was also normal in his words and actions.

He didn’t even look like he was following the drug’s use.

In that case – was it a show of strength so that he could fight me?

No, maybe it was a drug with little effect and minimal side effects?

Ah, I get it. I also punched him in the face and then he fell down, so the effect of his body strengthening drug is very low, isn’t it?

After hearing my thoughts, Luxion agreed. It was like that, though.

”That’s a very high possibility, isn’t it? If the Master can be defeated, then Serge’s strength should be even lower than expected.

“It’s true that you can say that, but isn’t your opinion of me inexplicably low?

『This is your usual behaviour. It’s just that-‘

Only, Luxion made a negative attitude towards the use of body-strengthening drugs.

‘How about exercising yourself before relying on drugs? Also, I don’t recommend the use of inferior items. It is also very poorly matched to the Master’s constitution, so I recommend abandoning it.

“My constitution? Ah, you can’t be sure that you can make a fortifying drug that has an effect?

“I can mix it, but do you really want to use it?

“The ace is important, isn’t it?

The medicine I received was analyzed by Luxion, and it was decided to make a body strengthening medicine that would suit my physique.

I returned with the small wooden box in my arms, only to see Noelle with a teal paper bag full of ingredients, waving her left hand vigorously.

“Lyon, where have you been?

“I found something interesting. Let me get the stuff rather than this.

With one hand, he picked the items up from Noelle and the two began to walk.

The two walked side by side through the noisy surroundings.

Noelle was slightly shy as she talked to me.

The topic of conversation was about the changes at the mansion.

“Then again, it was noisier than before. They’re too free, aren’t they, Urius?

Noelle laughed with embarrassment, but I strongly agreed.

Urius was a kebab fool and Gilke’s antique collection had deteriorated. He’s been bringing back so much junk that the corner of the mansion is a dump. Brad, on the other hand – well, is he the lesser of the victims?

The topic of conversation was the Five Stooges.

Coming here to the Republic of Althea, the princes have become even more excessive.

Noelle gave a look of disgust.

I’ve been under your care, so I didn’t just say it. About Greg-san and Chris-san, I hope you can think of something. Walking around the mansion almost half naked is bothering me a bit

“Because they’re really stupid.

Seeing the half-nakedness of the men he didn’t want to see, Noelle made a weary face.

Greg had awakened to muscle building and often walked around the mansion topless.

Usually he wore a tank top, but he took it off to show off his bulging muscles from the workout and walked back and forth.

Although I kicked him several times from behind, he did not repent.

I said “I want to show Marië to see my muscles after my workout” – like that. But the worst part was that Mari Ai was actually a bit happy.

Really~, put your clothes on! While saying that, she was looking at Greg’s muscles and getting lost in them.

What an incorrigible guy.

Lastly, there was Chris, the guy who was also half naked – walking around the mansion in a crotch cloth.

Even with a fajita on top, the bottom is never worn, it’s so thorough.

It was like being obsessed with cleaning the baths and daily preparations every day. Now it’s very serious work. But to be able to walk half naked leads to a plus/minus of zero
. (Fish: Stuffed)

Gilke is in an indescribable state, although he is not suffering actual real harm.

Although he is Gilke, he just looks harmless.

Puduan has a great life and could be exemplary, but he is vulnerable to deception or actual harm from participating in fraudulent behavior with significant negative consequences.

In other words, Gilke is scum.

Other than that the group is in a harmless but delicate situation.

Who expected it to turn out this way?

Up until last year, it should have been the noblemen anyone longed for, but they’ve all ended up so cruel that it’s impossible to laugh.

I can still be gentle with Mari Ai at the thought of taking care of this ghostly five idiots.

In her previous life, Mari Ai, the sister of the five idiots who tried to lead a peaceful life with the information from the game, is now taking care of the five idiots who have become problem children.

Since all five are idiots, it is quite hard for Mari Ai to take care of them.

Other people’s misfortune is my sweet spot! This way I can be gentle with Marië too.

How about “forcing them to wear clothes if they hate them?

I offered to make Greg and Chris get dressed. –Why would I offer to make those two guys get dressed?

They were already nasty guys, clearly the enemy.

Noelle shook her head in confusion at my suggestion.

“Well, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

The season was still in winter.

That said, I didn’t think I’d be bothered by fools staying in the house half-naked.

“In that case, I’d like some fruit, even though I didn’t write it down. Leon, would you mind showing me another shop?

“A porter should follow in silence

Such are the men of the kingdom of Horfath. But it doesn’t seem to be the same in the Republic.

I’ll take it. I’m sorry if I only let Leon take it.

Hearing Noelle’s heart-warming words brought tears to my eyes.

Ah, the Republic is wonderful! Seeing my tears, Noelle had a complicated expression on her face.

“I always wonder why you are moved by such a common thing.

“Because I felt Noelle’s ordinary saintly compassion”.

How many times have we had this conversation? Noelle said, “Are the women of the kingdom that bad? Aren’t those two nice people? And when he said that, he tilted his head.

After all, there were very few women in the kingdom that Noelle had seen.

Plus, Anjie and Livia were the exception to the rule among the girls who attended the school in the Kingdom of Horfath.

The women of the kingdom – not to be compared to the very small percentage of women from baronial to earlly houses.

There is only a fraction of women who go overboard. No, it was, wasn’t it?

“Ever? Why the past?

“Because I came here to study before the improvement.


Due to various things, the extreme inferiority of women to men at the school today will be corrected – I think.

I came to study in the Republic of Althea before I saw the results of that, and what has become of it? I’m not sure.

Noelle searched for a shop selling fruit and when she found it, she headed there. The fruits on the stalls were all very fresh, but Noelle tried to pick the better ones.

The Resbinas family – a great noble family that held one of the seven noble houses in the Republic of Althea when it was the Republic of Althea.

The Noael who survived in that Resbinas family was actually the Lord Princess. It’s amazing to see her comparing fruits in the morning market.

“Uncle, please give me this and this!

After Noelle had chosen the fruit she wanted to buy, the shopkeeper put it into a bag.

When the shopkeeper saw me behind Noelle, he put the fruit he hadn’t chosen in the bag.

A gift for two good customers. You’ve got a nice girl, little brother. I’m so jealous.

In front of the shopkeeper, who was laughing, Noelle and I looked at each other and laughed.

The shopkeeper’s kindness was hard to come by. I didn’t like the idea of throwing cold water on him, so Noelle and I thanked him and left the market.

We just grabbed our stuff and headed in the direction of the mansion.

The time was around nine o’clock, I think? It seemed like a long time ago, even though I had watched it many times. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet either, and I was hungry.

But Noelle didn’t seem to take it seriously. Mindful of what the shopkeeper had said.

Cheeks slightly flushed, as if she were shy – then the words began to speed up.

“Living, actually, being seen as lovers. Ahahaha… yes, is that a problem for you?

No, not really. It’s just that it’s harder for me than it is for Noelle, isn’t it?

I’m fine. But it’s Noelle’s side that’s in trouble, isn’t it?

“No? No, that’s not true!

I thought when I saw Noelle’s strong denial.

What’s wrong with such a nice kid who likes a guy like me?

One day, Noelle will come to her senses when the right person comes along.

That’s what I believed.

At least, I wasn’t a match for Noelle.

Angie and Livia? Because they’re two exceptionally good women who chose men like me of their own accord.

–What would have happened if I had met Noelle first?

As I walked down the street, I could see open-air cafes early in the morning.

Since it was a day off, the couples were very visible from the morning.

Perhaps they were planning where to hang out afterwards, the couples looked very happy. There was a single guy nearby who looked uncomfortable, so I felt close to him.

“So happy early in the morning?

When he said that, Noelle stopped in her tracks and tried to say something – but shut up.

“What’s wrong?

“No, nothing! Let’s get back to the house. Marië and the girls are waiting.

Noelle wanted to go back, but this time it was my turn to see the cafe.

Just let them wait. Let’s have something to eat first. I’m going to show off in front of Marië when we get back

If I’d said I’d eaten out when I got back from the morning market, Mariël would have been gnashing her teeth in envy. –Is Mari-Ai really happy now that she’s so envious?

In the past, she used to say things like “I don’t want to make it myself, so let’s go out to eat~” as if nothing had happened.

I don’t know what’s going on in the world.

I took her hand and invited Noelle to the café and said to the clerk that the two of us would be seated. The clerk brought over the menu, and Noelle put her things down and asked me to talk to her.

I think the reason why she looked like she was wavering was because there were so many couples around.

“Ahahahaha, I’m sorry.

“It’s okay. I’m hungry too. I’d like to eat something to fill me up.

“If I eat that much, I won’t be able to eat breakfast.

“I’m in my formative years. It’s okay.

It’s great to be young. It doesn’t matter how much you eat, you’re still hungry.

As I looked at the menu, Luxione said in a voice that only I could hear.

“You’re obviously a loser, but you’re so bold. But even if you create such a situation, you won’t do anything in the end, so your scum won’t change.

–This guy is really annoying.

Moving the realization to Noelle, she was chagrined while looking at the menu. “Well~, this is good, right? But, eating too much of it can be a bit…”, she looked at the menu seriously and looked annoyed, so cute.

It’s decided, isn’t it? She lifted her face from the menu and she looked at my face and locked eyes with me.

She looked at me and my face flushed for a moment, why couldn’t I have done this in my previous life, I was sad about it. No, now I’m living a happy life so I have nothing to complain about.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, don’t look at me.

“Hey, what’s so embarrassing?

“I’m seriously thinking about what I’m going to eat.

Noelle said this shyly, and I laughed at it.

“Why are you laughing?

“Nothing, because you’re cute. Let’s place our order before this.

Noelle’s expression was angry, but her voice sounded happy.

“Leon is really so bad-hearted. Besides, you’re better at playing with women than you let on.

“I’m just a nice immature young man with a good heart.

“I’m just an immature young man with a good heart.” “And a liar, right? That was a bad time to lie to Louise.

It was bad, but Noelle didn’t go on scolding me.

It’s hard for me to be an honest person and lie for others. Comfort me.

“It’s because I’m going out on a limb… but it doesn’t matter.

The conversation came to an end, and I raised my hand to call the shop assistant. Then, a male customer who had come into the café gave me a look and smacked his lips. It seemed that I was the only one who felt close to him.

It seemed to him that we were a couple.

Luxione muttered.

“He seems quite happy. –Can I count this as cheating?’

I beg you to stop. Isn’t this just a breakfast with a good friend?

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