The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 9

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Translated by: Deepl (MTL)

Episode 09 “The Black Curtain

The Arroganz, in which Kyle and Miss Eumelia were travelling, landed on the deck and opened the hatch.

Kyle came down from it and hugged Miss Umelia.

I went over and put my hand on Kyle’s head and rubbed his head roughly and messily. Kyle was slightly pleased, although he hated this.

“Please, please stop!

“That was a good first time. How did you feel about driving the Arroganz?

“I’m not used to driving. I’m not used to driving it, because it’s the Count’s armour, Lord Leon’s armour.

When he called me by my name, it made my game mind think, and my good sense went up?

Eumelia-sama looked confused.

“That, that, Lyon-sama, I’m sorry for taking leave without permission.

It would be disturbing to apologise for such a thing at this time.

“All right, now go back to the ship. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Luxion, who was floating beside me, complained with a grin on his face.

“I’ll let you get away with it. The Master will have a better chance of success if he’s at the helm.

“As long as the person is saved. Come on, let’s get ready.

I watched Kyle and Eumelia enter the ship and closed the hatch in the Arroganz.

The drones, which had been prepared on the deck, gathered on the Arroganz and began to regroup.

During the period when the preparation was inoperative, Luxion summarised Kia’s data.

“The name of the mech piloted by Serge seems to be Kia.

“Kia? What does it mean?

“It’s a strong desire.

“Wow, that’s a bit of a dork.

That’s what it means. That Kia is the armor that Ethial built to target Arroganz. It’s been collecting data on Arroganz so far. That’s tricky, isn’t it?

If Ethial became an enemy, he probably would have done so.

Because I did it too.

But – how serious will it be?

I’ve got Eumelia back, too. Contact Loic and the others. Are they all right, Mr. Arbeluk? If they’re recovered, let’s get out of here.

Masrer, Kia is approaching.

The drones left Arroganz with not a container on their backs – but a Schwelotte, converted into a biplane backpack.

The wings were partially loaded with missile boxes, and additional armour was fitted to the armour of the Arroganz.

This time it’s a real luxury. You’ve even got armour on it?

“I’m just sharpening my gun, but the odds have improved a little. Please use caution.

As I flew up from the deck, Kia was closing in on Arroganz.

I could hear Serge’s shouts, and because they had the same performance, I could see each other’s faces on the monitor screen.

Serge’s face was seen with bloodshot eyes.

Seeing the saliva dripping out of his mouth, it was immediately understood what he had used.

“I say, have you used drugs again?

“I’d do anything to kill you! I’ve been trying to kill you for over ten years!


What the hell are you talking about? We hadn’t even met more than ten years ago. As he thought that, Luxion began to explain Serge’s feelings.

“You, Master, are overlapping with Leon, the son of Laurut’s own family, aren’t you? He was always jealous of his dead son.

“That guy?

“Master, we don’t have time to pity him.

As Kia approached, I regained my grip on the joystick.

“Who wants to feel sorry for him?

I drew my greatsword from my back and deflected Kia’s approaching gun.

Seeing the gun, it seemed to be loaded with machine guns.

When Serge fired, the Arroganz shook.


“It’s a much more powerful machine than the previous enemy.

Arroganz should also increase his output.

As we chatted, we distanced ourselves from Kia and emptied the missile box – several missiles were fired from there, heading for Kia.

But Kia dodged them all and destroyed them with a cannon mounted in his gun.

“That’s fine!

“Because Idiar was there to help. I can do the same thing, I’ve done it so far, haven’t I?

“It’s going to be tricky to get anyone else to do it. Well, what should we do?

I thought about how to fight against the mechs I had created to fight against Arroganz.

The battle between Arroganz and Kia was fierce.

The kingdom’s mechs landed on the flying ship in turn, and then received their supplies and refurbishment.




–Loic rescued the heads of the six noble houses and came to Likoru.

Louise and Alberuc met again and embraced on the deck. Alberuc was also happy that his daughter was alive and hugged her tightly.

Lelia, looking at the sight.

“What the hell. Two bad guys hugging each other

As far as Lelia could remember, the Laurut family were the villains. The final boss in the second part of that B-Boy game, Alberuk, whose revenge was due to the fact that the protagonist’s mother had torn up the marriage contract, back in the day.

What a heartless reason – it was the heartless man who was right.

Moreover, this man’s daughter, the daughter of the evil servant who bullied the protagonist.

Seeing the light of such two people embracing together, was Lelia wrong about her perception? Although she thought so, she did not want to change her mind now.

All around them, the heads of the six noble houses spoke coldly of House Favell’s Labelle.

He himself was crouched on the ground with his head in his hands.

“Give me back. Give me back my coat of arms. That is the proof of the Favell family. It’s not acceptable to have the coat of arms taken away from you.

The same phrase was muttered and repeated while crying.

Fernand looked very haggard. The once blond, blue-eyed aristocrat now had his hair in a dishevelled, listless state. Dark circles had also appeared under his eyes, as if he could not sleep.

The loss of the sacred tree’s blessing had taken a heavy toll on his spirit.

The figure was much smaller than it had looked before.

Then, looking at Albeluk’s eyes, who was embracing with Louise, they were full of hatred.

“Acting Speaker – this is all your fault. Because you didn’t keep a good eye on Serge, we lost the coat of arms. It’s all your fault!

Fernand, upset with Alberuc, had terrifyingly bloodshot eyes.

The other householders were the same.

For Alberuc – glaring at him as if to say it was all the Laurut’s fault.

Beranger, Loïc’s father, stood up and grabbed Albeluk by the chest.

“It’s all your fault that the Republic is finished. It was you who took Serge as an adopted son, and it was you who destroyed the Respinas. And it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been dumped by the previous witch’s.

Alberuk hid Louise behind him and then got punched by Beranger.

Loïc panicked and pulled away from Beranger.

“What are you doing, my father!

“Shut up! There’s no reason for a son who doesn’t even have a katsu to be called father by you!

“In that case, you’ve lost your coat of arms, too.

After being told the same thing by Loic, who had lost his coat of arms, Beranger fell to his knees in astonishment.

For the nobles of the Republic, the coat of arms was a great spiritual pillar.

The pitiful figure of the lord who had lost his coat of arms, at which Lelia turned away her face.

(Is this what happens to a powerful man who has lost his coat of arms alone?

Not only the adults, but also Fernand, the hidden character, whose presence is very small once he loses his coat of arms.

Only Albeluk was solemn, but to Lelia, who had the knowledge of the final boss, it looked like she was planning something no matter how she looked at it.

Lelia and the others all moved inside Likoru’s ship, but Albeluk was the only representative of the Republic for future discussions.

Gathered in a room that looked like a meeting room.

Near Lelia stood Emil – and the figure of Clayman, who cast a sharp look at Alberuk.

Noelle, who had quarrelled with Lelia, was at some distance from it.

Loic, then, was in a position away from Noelle, with his back against the wall.

Marië, like Carla, was in the corner just keeping silent as if following through as a background.

Alberuc sat in his chair while Louise accompanied him.

Anje, who had been appointed acting captain of the Likolou, talked to Alberuc. About the coup, and about the Sacred Kingdom of Rachels that supported it.

“Once again, the kingdom has saved him. I owe more and more.

“Tell that to Lyon.

“Yes. Let’s do it.

When the matter was concluded, Anjai said to Alberok, seemingly apologetic.

“Acting Speaker, we can’t guarantee you the life of your son.

Asked to give up the life of Serge, who was fighting with Lyon, Alberok nodded, although he and Louise felt more or less sad.

I intend to understand. Saving the boy’s life and all that, I wouldn’t say something so cheeky.

Lelia couldn’t help but speak up at Alberok’s statement about giving up Serge.

“What do you mean? Are you saying that it doesn’t matter if your adopted son dies?

At Lelia’s words, Alberok closed his eyes and said nothing in response, except that Angel’s eyes were directed at her.

“Get out if you don’t want to be quiet, I don’t have time for your personal vendettas.

“We’ve been raided by this guy!

“Let’s talk about that later. We don’t have time for that either.

Anjou gave priority to her own affairs, which made Lélia furious.

Then Alberok’s face turned to Lelia.

“Lelia, isn’t it?

“That’s right.

After a cold reply, Alberuk then said in a soft voice.

“Your anger is justified. I’m not going to accuse that. Even if you want to hate me, it’s all right.


Alberuk’s attitude annoyed Lelia.

Lelia was about to yell at him, but Noelle stepped in front of Alberuk. Alberuc was ready to be hit, but Noelle didn’t strike.

Instead, he demanded that Alberuk tell the truth.

“Please tell me. Why did you want to destroy the Respinas?

Louise intended to stop Noelle.

“What do you want to do now, asking that again? A little understanding of the situation – Father?

Louise intended to tell Noelle to stand down, but was stopped by Alberuc.

Alberuc, turning his attention to Lelia and Noelle, said.

“It would be easy to tell you. But – it will be painful for you to hear it, even if that’s okay?

Noelle nodded slightly before. He looked ready to realize.

Lelia, however, was not.

“All right. Let me hear your excuse. I would have listened to you more or less if I hadn’t hated Mother for breaking the engagement.

(What’s the pain. What kind of excuse could a man with such a deep obsession have for destroying the Respinas family over something as simple as breaking a marriage contract?

Lelia, who possessed the knowledge of the second part of that Ebonics game, thought she knew everything.

It was the Laurut’s who were the villains, the Resbinas were the victims.

Whatever excuse Alberuk was making, Lelia intended to be indifferent.

Rather, she intended to accuse him if the odd excuse was made.

Although Lelia thought so, after hearing Alberuc’s words – the perception changed.

“It was when I was a student at the Academy that your mother and I made the betrothal. Although there were several other candidates besides me at the time, your mother chose me

The story begins with Albeluk’s encounter with his own mother.

I was troubled by the future of the Republic of Arcele. The power of the Sacred Tree had made the Republic a floundering one, and the economy was rich on the export of magic stones. It cannot be said that there was no discontent, being more fortunate than any other country was true. However, because of this, the corruption centred on the six nobles was very evident. The nobles were becoming brutal, just like Pierre â€

Pierre – the second son of the Favell family – was a man who ran amok with the Six Nobles’ coat of arms. His actions were clearly criminal, but were condoned because he was a Sixth Noble.

The kind of man who used the power of the sacred tree to run roughshod over the paragon of virtuous nobility – and then, was completely crushed by Lyon.

He was in crisis about the future of the Republic, which depended on the heraldry and the export of magic stones. That is why it was thought that reform was necessary. Your mother, too, agrees with me.

Hearing this, one wonders why things did not go well.

In the end, they did not marry.

But it was the sacred tree itself that she felt in crisis. Although the witch was running the tree, it was the other way around. The sorceresses, too, and the six nobles, too, are governed by the tree. From the tree’s point of view, we are mere props”.

It seems that they are using the power of the tree, but in fact they are being used by the tree.

The sacred tree gives the human being a coat of arms to protect him or her. The witch then merely acts as a bridge of communication with these things.

Lelia was surprised when she heard this.

“You, what are you talking about?

(Wait a minute, I don’t know about that kind of thing)

Arbeluk spoke the truth and continued.

“Your mother said. It is true that I can be chosen as a guardian, but the alternates are chosen by the sacred tree. From the tree’s point of view, it wants to give a powerful coat of arms to a being that is strong and guards itself. A sorceress can choose from among the candidates who she likes – but conversely, the options are limited”.

Marië looked at Noelle, whose expression seemed uneasy, and did not engage her in conversation.

Noelle gave a small laugh.

“The legend doesn’t really hold water either. It’s a lie to marry someone you like.

“It would be painful to be in that waiting list without someone you like. I also discussed the future of the Republic with her. It was my own words, but I think we had a pretty good relationship. But that’s when your father appeared

Noelle and Lelia’s father was a commoner by birth.

He was a good student at the college, but not a nobleman and did not have a coat of arms.

Such a man was linked to their mother.

I learned later that your father had a dislike for the aristocratic politics of the Republic. At the same time, he intended to use the sacred tree to change this situation. Perhaps it was inevitable that your mother, who was uncomfortable with the idea of being dominated by the sacred tree, would take a liking to him.

Lelia and Clayman were shocked to learn that their father was planning to use the tree.

Kleinman panicked.

“Your Grace the Guardian is thinking of such things, you lie. As a Guardian, you are sworn to protect the Tree.

At Kleiman’s words, Alberok thought of their father and said with a bitter look on his face.

“Verbal words are good for anything. After all, he’s very eloquent. It’s like deceiving people, disguising himself as an honest man around them. He is good – but because he is good, the mere fact of having a coat of arms is too much for the nobles who stand above all others to bear. (Fish: Words fail me)

Lelia thought of her parents who had loved her after her reincarnation. In her previous life, they only loved Lelia’s sister and despised themselves.

But in this world she felt exactly the same love her parents had poured out for her.

So, unwilling to believe what Alberuc said.

“You lie! You are hating because your fiancée was taken away from you!

“I do. Since it was her choice, I simply withdrew, and then everyone around me laughed at me for losing to a poor man of the common people. What if I put up with it and blessed them? But both she and the man betrayed the holy tree – were abandoned by it


“Your father, a man who intended to take advantage of the Holy Tree. That kind of man is fit to be a guardian, do you think the Holy Tree would judge him that way? Even apart from my personal grudge, he was a man who destroyed the system of the Republic. –He said it. Did she choose me of her own volition, or was she manipulated by the Holy Tree into making a mental decision? Here, to my chagrin, he was showing off that he was a good man. He was showing off how easily he had persuaded her”.

The reason why the two mothers chose Alberuc was because the tree had interfered with their spirits, wasn’t it? That seems to be the thinking.

The father of the two then suggested, in the form of a heartfelt “just choose someone other than the candidate as the guardian”.

Lelia, who thought of her gentle father’s figure, shook her head in disbelief.

“Liar. That’s a lie!

But – only Noelle, accepted what had happened to her father.

“I do feel it.

Seeing Noelle, who was smiling softly, Lelia shouted angrily.

“How can you believe what this guy says! How can you say such things when you are obviously loved so much!

(You’re more loved than me, but you’re accepting all of Alberok’s words.

Noelle gave Lelia a cold look.

“You look like you’ve had a very happy life. I’m envious.

“Say that again?

As soon as the sisters started arguing again, Kleiman stepped in to stop it.

Alberuc told them both what the Respinas had done.

“The Holy Tree rightly abandoned the Respinas family who had betrayed them. But your parents, disguised as witches and guardians, deceived us. Hiding the fact that the witch and the guardian were gone

The moment she chose her father, her mother was abandoned by the Holy Tree, thus losing her witch’s crest.

And, as a matter of course, the Guardian’s coat of arms was not given.

At the time of our discovery, your father was using the tree for research. The collar has been used by Loic, hasn’t it? That was one of the results of the Respinas’ research. Having lost their coat of arms, the Resbinas broke a taboo to find a replacement.

Taboo – the prop that binds a man, and the contract to use the sacred tree as Pierre did to take Einhoru. Either way, it was improper to bind people and place them under domination.

Everyone present sensed the thoughts of the Respinas family who made such things.

When the eyes were focused on Loic, he had a very apologetic look on his face.

In the past, a special collar had been used to keep Noelle from escaping.

That one was a collar that couldn’t be undone, bound by invisible chains.

The father who had developed it was probably thinking of manipulating humans, judging by the way he used it. Lelia held her head in her hands at this.

“That’s an absolute lie.

“Sadly, it is true. The evidence was found in the house of the Respinas.

If left unchecked, the Respinas might one day use the Holy Tree’s props to dominate themselves. Probably, the six nobles of the time shared this fear.

Not only did they betray, but they even tried to dominate their own family, and the Six Nobles could not tolerate this.

After hearing the reasons for the destruction of Lespinas, Louise accepted it.

Then, turning to Noelle and Lelia, she became furious.

There was no way that they would have lost to the Laurut family if they had the coat of arms of a witch and a guardian. Don’t the other heads of the house also have a vague sense of that? –But to enter into a marriage contract with my brother when he clearly does not have a coat of arms is really not taking people seriously. My brother was happy to become a Guardian, but it was all a lie.

In the past, there was a marriage contract between Noelle and Lyon of the House of Laurut. But if this was true, even if he had been married to the Respinas, Leon of Laurut would not have become a Guardian.

Alberuc, who spoke of the situation, said.

“The Respiners were also driven to desperation. Probably they wanted to involve the Laurut family and force them to become assistants

Why did the Respinas, with their witches and guardians, lose? Why did Albeluk become acting Speaker?

After connecting those things together, Lelia held her head.

“Sh… what… Why did it come to this. I don’t know about that.

(Nothing like that was said in the game! That’s so mean. Why didn’t you follow the script?

As Lelia couldn’t keep up with the situation, Alberuk apologized to the two.

” – The six families, except for the Respinas, decided to just rule them out. Since such things cannot be divulged, the then head of the family and the previous head of the family decided to keep it a secret. And, in the first place, you should have been eliminated along with your parents.

However, the twin sisters, who were no longer adapted to witchcraft, were allowed to live.

You should have been spared and allowed to escape. That is – the reason why the House of Respinas vassals remain in the Republic

Alberuk’s grim gaze pierced at Kelemen.

After more than ten years, the people who knew the secret of the time had also withdrawn from active service.

It was hesitant to kill the two even now, but Alberuc decided he intended not to interfere.

Noelle, who had heard everything, bowed her head and smiled.

“I still feel a bit wrong. But I believe you. There must be a reason for it, maybe.

Lelia gritted her teeth at the sight of Noelle, who had burst into tears.

(Did you see it all at first? But you still won’t say anything to me? –You’re always like that, looking down on me who doesn’t know anything)

I hated Noelle, who was more loved by her parents than she was. The hatred was compounded by a reunion with the figure of her sister from a previous life.

So Noelle approached Mari-Air.


Noelle wasn’t wrong. Isn’t that right, Uncle Alberuk?

Alberuk nodded.

“You were young and not guilty. But I can understand your resentment towards me.

Noelle shook her head.

“No resentment. After all, it was the betrayed parents who did the unforgivable.

Lelia couldn’t understand Noelle’s reconciliation with Arbeluk.

(It was clear that her parents loved her so much, and she had the adaptability of a witch – it was very unfair in life. Just because I’m the main character I’m loved all around, even if I’m a twin I’m just an accessory)

Lelia didn’t realise that things contradicted her own memories and resented it further.

The air near the sacred tree shrine.

I, who was being closely pursued by Kia, confirmed Serge’s movements while running away.

What a power. But there are few modes of action.

Luxion echoed the same opinion, explaining to me how few modes of action Serge had and how to deal with them.

“The skill of the manipulator cannot keep up with the performance of the machine. Although the modes are the same as the Master, the skill of the manipulator is superior to that of the Master.

“After all, the men of the kingdom work hard to pay tribute to women.

“The reason for getting stronger is so humble, it’s like being a master.

All the men in the kingdom are like that!

Only some of them. Only some of the men in the kingdom are like this, from the barons to the viscounts. I’m not the only one who has a peaceful relationship with you, Master.

I’m really spitting blood.

I thought it was just a school course and took it lightly, but what I was waiting for was training like an army.

I’ll never forget those hard days. I risked my life in an underground maze to earn money for gifts for girls with my friends.

Serge, who imitated the adventurers like a game, seemed to me nothing more than a standard satisfied with the status quo.

Kia, who was approaching, shot an optical weapon from his shield.

It was a navigational type laser with tracking, but Arroganz fought against it as well, shooting lasers from his backpack.

It hadn’t occurred to him at the time of his transmutation that he would be fighting an optical weapon either.

A different world view”.

During the miscellany, Serge’s appearance produced a change.

The Serge on the monitor seemed to be very upset that he couldn’t beat me.

“I’m definitely going to kill you

He took out the grey metal box, took the syringe from there and hit himself without hesitation.

“Is that how you want to win?

Serge was on the other side of the monitor, foaming at the corners of his mouth, regaining his composure and wiping his hands. Veins sprang up all over his body.

Luxion informed him that that stance was dangerous.

“You should stop using that body enhancer. It will put a huge burden on the user’s body.

Serge refused Luxion’s advice.

‘Whatever it takes to kill Lyon. I’ve always… always hated you.

“You are mistaken. I’m not the Lyon of Laurut.

Kiya’s was four legs that flew around as if running through the sky, faster than Arroganz’s. The lance’s attack was also very sharp – all of Arroganz’s additional armour was chipped away.

Luxion told me.

“Master, Serge is no longer normal

Serge, perhaps because of the drugs, was revealing all his inner thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter to me if you’re human or not! I can’t be family if I don’t kill you. I won’t be loved!

“No love?

After barely avoiding Kia’s blitz, he kept changing direction violently in the air, coming at Arroganz in quick succession.

It felt like having multiple mechs as opponents, but that would have been a huge burden on Serge’s fleshy ground in the cockpit as well.

It seemed to be muddled through the drugs, and it was clear through the monitor that he just couldn’t feel the pain.

Serge spat out blood from his mouth.

‘I can’t be loved because you’re here! Louise doesn’t love me either. Nor does Alberluc! Mother, too, only cares about you. I clearly – always – wanted to be loved!’

Serge, who had been adopted as an adopted son, always seemed to want to be loved.

Hearing those words, I asked Serge.

‘You seem to have done a lot of things that they hate, don’t you?

“If you’re family, you’re forgiven! If you don’t forgive me, it’s because you don’t love me!’

Kiya moved up right above Arroganz, laser-bladed optical weapons ready in the plates of those four legs.

Falling down to try and impale Arroganz, I cut off one of his legs as I brushed past him.

I heard Serge’s shout.

‘If you love me, you should take it all in! Why am I not loved. But only love you – me – me!’

Trying to be loved?

Was it because she wanted to be loved more that Serge kept resisting?

I felt sympathy at these words, but I wanted to ask one thing anyway.

“I ask you – that, do you love yourself?

“What did you say?

Serge’s manipulation was very sloppy. In other words, it was too sloppy to make the most of Kia’s performance.

Seeing Kia, who was unable to perform, I could feel with certainty that Serge was not serious.

I think he became an adventurer out of rebellion against his parents.

It seems that he succeeded because he had the talent, but didn’t pursue it seriously.

That’s why he was weak.

“Despite your strong thirst for love, I ask you have you ever loved your family?

Kiya’s movements became noticeably sluggish. I didn’t let that gap go, and swung my greatsword to cut off Kiya’s right arm in order to strike as hard as I could.

Love is good. I want it, too. Family love is great, too. –But have you ever loved them? He shook off Mr. Arbeluk’s outstretched hand and burned Miss Louise’s treasures. Would that be love?

“For you who have everything, what do you say you understand me!

How shameless to want to be understood. And do you understand me? I’m a different person, though I seem to be overlapped with Leon of the House of Laurut. You don’t know my situation either, so you’re talking to yourself and resenting me.

Serge does have sympathetic parts too – and then what? That’s how I feel. If you’re giving me a hard time for something that has nothing to do with me, I really hope you’ll leave me alone.

It wasn’t me who was at fault. I’m just caught up in it!

“I hope I understand you? I wish I could understand you? I don’t even understand you. That’s all. Have you ever thought about the memories of Miss Louise and her dead brother being burned? You should at least apologise, even though it was a childhood matter.

It’s too twisted.

It’s not Mr. Arbeluk who should give in – it’s Serge. Wouldn’t that make it family?

“That’s what they say from time to time, isn’t it? Conceive love, that phrase. It’s your fault for seeking results before conception’

“You don’t think I’ve done anything!

“Who knows about you? Don’t ask the irrelevant me.

“I… I too! –I’m not the one who did it!

Serge couldn’t continue. He couldn’t go on.

“Aaaahhh? Do you notice you’re not doing anything? What is it that you want to do, to seek love and not to do anything? Isn’t it too much to want to be loved, but not to love others?

“Shut up!

Kia threw up her shield and came at me with all her might, to which I swung down my Arroganz Greatsword.

The great sword broke Kiya’s shield and destroyed his left hand.

Kiya’s body collapsed in the air, and he fell to the ground.

“You’re the one who threw away the outstretched hand. Why didn’t you accept it when you had such a good family? It’s a mystery.

“You, like you – how can you understand?

Due to the impact of the fall, Serge looked as if he was in pain, but since it was a mech prepared by Ethial, it was made very sturdy. Kia could still move.

I let Arroganz land on the ground, close to Kia.

“Like I said, I don’t know you. And what do you know about me? You don’t even know about your family, and you’re shamelessly asking people to love you. You’re even a coup d’état when you’re in rebellion.

“They abandoned me first!

Are you talking about the abolition of the first marriage? You’re a fool. Because you’ve always abandoned your position to take risks, Mr. Arbeluk thinks it’s okay to become an adventurer if you want to, and wants to free you from your position as heir.

“What? What? I didn’t hear that kind of thing… cough!

Serge coughed up blood.

–Too much drug dependence.

“It’s all a seed you’ve sown.

After my lecture, Luxion’s one eye in the cockpit shifted from side to side, “Ouch, ouch, ouch.

The Master’s mouth is really bad. Is it necessary to talk to Serge like that? Don’t you have a heart?

I’m sure there was, and it must have hurt. But this guy should have noticed.

You’re loved, but you don’t notice. –That’s really all there is to it.

“You who were fooled by Ethier’s rhetoric have failed

If it had been before the coup d’état, Serge would still have been welcomed back into the Laurut house. But it was too late for that.

Kiya stood up, and even so, as a manipulator, Serge had reached his limit.

It seemed that Serge could not fight anymore.

Let me teach you one thing. It’s important, so don’t miss it.

I want to tell Serge one thing anyway.

But before I could say that, a strong light appeared in the sky.

“What’s wrong?

“There’s a problem with Riccolo.

Then, the image of Serge on the monitor became even more painful than before.

The image that appeared in Kia’s cockpit was not machinery, but a lump of flesh that looked like some kind of object. It poured out of the cracks in the machinery, as did Kia’s exterior.

From the indirect parts seeped a black liquid that enveloped Kia.

Serge shouted.

“What, what’s going on, Ethial. You lied to me, didn’t you? You lied to me, Ethial!

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