The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 8

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Translated by: Deepl (MTL)

Episode 08 “The Bond of Parenthood

The Temple of the Sacred Tree.

Sitting on his throne, Serge was annoyed by not knowing where Lelia was.

Although it was known that she was moving with Lyon and the others, Lyon’s movements were unknown. It seemed that flying ships had flown in from the kingdom, but due to Luxion’s interference, so Ethial hadn’t been able to get the exact information.

“I’m going to fight that b*stard and get Lelia back.”

After waiting in no hurry to stand up, Ethial came over.

It had been showing an unhappy attitude since being called a liar by Serge.

‘Einhoru led thirty flying ships towards this way. It seems that Lelia-sama is aboard the same type of ship called Einhoru. We have confirmation of Louise’s presence.

Are they coming this way? Is it to get that b*stard Alberok back?

“No. They say they’re here to get back Yumelia. The white flying ship that Lelia was on was moving behind her. Please be careful when fighting’

Serge hesitated slightly in his suspicion of Ethial, who had brought sufficient information. The suspicious part was that such detailed information could be gathered despite the interference. However, Lelia’s side was more important than Ittiel’s right now.

“That’s just as well. Let’s finish with that b*stard right here. I’ll take Leon and Louise’s bodies to that b*stard Alberok.

Ittiel silently watched Serge, who was walking smugly out of the throne room.

Upon arriving at the hangar, there were knights, soldiers, adventurers, mercenaries – and punks waiting for the moment to strike.

What they boarded in their right hands was the lower coat of arms.

Knights who had once held the lower rank of heraldry were given a higher rank of heraldry to be appointed as squad captains.

A few were given the coat of arms of the six nobles and were appointed squadron captains and grand captains.

The Revolutionary Army had not yet been established and the organisational system was not yet fully formed.

Serge was given the coat of arms, which gave the performance of the mechs they rode in a boost.

At the same time the mechs they rode were known for their high performance even without heraldry.

These were the mechs that Ethial had prepared after redesign.

Like the Arroganz, the mecha could not be built with the level of technology in this world.

The highest performance of them all was the four-legged Kia that Serge was riding.

Standing in front of the Kia, Sergi rallied his men to meet the approaching enemy.

“There is a foolish man who has no intention of provoking us. –The name is Leon F. Baltfeld. The hero of the kingdom who has ruined our homeland so many times, it’s almost time for him to retire!

The pilots on their side, who had received the coat of arms, did not feel fear even when they heard Lyon’s name.

Although they had lost countless times so far, they believed in their new crest and the power of their weapons.

Now they were confident that they would not lose to Lyon.

To this Serge was no different.

After getting Kia, a better machine armour than Arroganz, they must defeat Lyon this time.

(I’m going to kill that b*stard who made me look bad)

If both sides had done their best and lost, it would have been acceptable, if not inexcusable. But Leon had never seen Serge as his opponent from the start.

He lost to cheat Louise.

After that, Lyon showed his true ability by knocking Serge down with one punch.

Had he ever been so humiliated?

“Strike! Let the misjudged b*stards of the Horfath Kingdom see the true strength of the Republic!

The soldiers shouted together “Oh! The soldiers shouted “Oh!

Serge also got into the Kia. The cockpit was much larger than Alogonz’s, so there was plenty of room.

Sitting in the pilot’s seat and holding the lever, the monitor was activated and the scene around him was shown. The view on the monitor was as good as the naked eye could see.

Kia’s four legs were slowly holding up the body.

In his right hand he held a knight’s lance and in his left hand a huge shield.

The stance looked very much like a centaur, but also very much like a mounted knight.

As Kiya slowly flew up from the ground, the mass-produced mechs around him came up together.

Several hundred mechs flew up in the sky in a full formation.

The flying ships that Ethial had built were also in formation, ready for the attack.

“Come on, let’s go. This is your grave”.

With vengeance burning in his heart, Serge licked his lips as he looked at the fleet of the Horfath Kingdom in the distance.

He was in the mood of a long-awaited carnivore.

A mere thirty flying ships, targeting the Temple of the Sacred Tree without a battle plan.

The corners of Serge’s mouth lifted at the sight.

“A mindless rush, huh? The cannons here have a long range too, don’t they? All ships, start shelling!

As soon as Serge spoke, the flying ship’s turrets began to rotate, turning their guns towards Einheru.

Instead of the old side-mounted cannons, they were movable turrets.

It wasn’t fully automatic, but it was far more advanced than the Republic’s flying ships.

The guns spewed flames together and immediately afterwards they were filled and fired.

There was a rate of fire and a hit rate that had not been available until now, and the range was also substantially higher than before.

The flying boats were faster and more robust than they had been to date.

So much so that no crew member was not confident, right?

The shells hit the foremost Einhoru and were wrapped in smoke from the explosion.

Even so Serge did not stop his attack.

“Again. Shoot more! It doesn’t matter if all the shells are gone, just hit them with everything!

Serge’s eyes were bloodshot, excited by the overwhelming power he had gained.

Breathing heavily as he imagined the sight of Lyon and the others being beaten to a pulp.


“Tsk! It won’t sink that easily.

–The Einhorn, which extended from the bow of the ship like a single horn, appeared as if cutting through a smoke screen.

It looked like it had done some damage, but it was still alive.

There was a confusing communication from his side.

“Lord Guardian, the enemy is coming this way!

The quality of the pilots was very low compared to the trained soldiers, most of whom were amateurs.

Calm down. There are more of us. If we surround them, we won’t be afraid. It’s almost time for the enemy to attack the mechs. Let’s go for it!

Considering the enemy’s flying ships would slow down and attack the mechs.

However, Einhorn still maintained top speed – rushing into Serge’s fleet of revolutionaries.

“This, this guy’s crazy!

Behind Serge and the others was the Temple of the Sacred Tree.

Behind them was the Temple of the Sacred Tree, and there was Yumelia, who Leon and the others were trying to save.

It was insane to swoop in on a place like that.

However, thinking that they had done the same thing before when they rescued Louise.

“This group of people in the Kingdom really only raid idiots, don’t they?

Even Serge was surprised.

Kia moved away from Einheru’s advance and ordered around.

Einheru bounced off the frightened mechs as she advanced. Then, too, it crashed into the slow-moving flying ship, sending it flying before rushing like an arrow towards the Temple of the Sacred Tree – the ship suddenly changing position at a right angle midway.

With no loss of momentum, Einheru’s hull slammed sideways into the ground of the Temple of the Sacred Tree, smashing the earth. Reaching the Temple of the Sacred Tree just like that, the hatch of the hangar opened and the armour came flying out of it.

White, green, blue, red, purple – among the mechs ever seen were dyed grey and black.

It was Arroganz.

Serge’s eyes widened as he removed the syringe from the metal box he had brought into the cockpit. It was a body strengthening drug prepared by Ethial.

It was also a powerful drug that ignored the burden on the body.

“Found you, you stinking b*stard aaaah!

Thinking that Lyon was there, he roughly stuck the syringe into his body to inject the drug.

After a while, Serge rolled his eyes, but immediately calmed down back to normal.

There was, however, an unusual sweating and bloodshot eyes.

It really worked. It’s much better than the stuff I was using before. It’s great to be able to ignore physical pain with such sensitivity.

Serge, who had used the body strengthening drug, went inside the building himself in order to catch up with Leon and the others who had broken into the Temple of the Sacred Tree.

“About ten of them, follow me! I’m going to crush all those who enter the building”.

After Kiya flew towards the Temple of the Sacred Tree, ten or so Mechs flew in behind him.

The revolutionary army defending the Temple of the Sacred Tree and the attacking kingdom army began to fight.

Led by Loic, who was piloting a white mecha, Arroganz’s group charged forward.

『This way!

Kicking apart the defensive equipment prepared by Ethial to fly forward.

Just then, a mecha rushed out and


Loic was about to be his opponent when Greg pushed him away from behind.

“Get out of my way. I’ll be his opponent here.

“Wait, wait a minute. I can fight too!

The pushed away Loic said he could fight too, and in the meantime Greg’s lance pierced the enemy. The pilot was unharmed and with his lance drawn Greg kicked the enemy’s armour roughly away.

“This guy could be your companion, right! –You just lead the way. Don’t mind these guys.

Clumsy Greg, was thinking about Loic’s actions.

Loic said with thanks.

‘- sorry. More than that, if that image is correct it’s the front’

There was a very large door in front of them.

Chris opened it first, and then a rain of bullets descended.

There was an ambush!

Equipped with the drone defence equipment prepared by Ethier, he attacked the intruders without mercy.

Then Arroganz stepped in front of it and forcibly destroyed the defensive equipment. This was done by approaching the crude practice of touching it with his hand – and punching in a shockwave.

Chris rebuked him for his actions.

‘Arroganz, don’t go too far ahead!’

Arroganz turned back to Chris.

‘I said I didn’t have time! Come on, too!

Gilk piloted the mech, setting up his rifle to break through the defences.

“You’re a real pain in the ass.

Brad watched the exit.

“There’s no enemy behind us.

Almost all the defences had been destroyed, revealing a part of the sacred tree in the depths of the wide room. The entire wall was covered with the sacred tree.

In the recess of the central part, Yumelia sat.

The roots of the tree twisted around as if to swallow her up.

Even in the midst of battle, Yumelia does not react.

When Arroganz approached unobtrusively, an electric shock was generated.

“Can you please not go any closer to her?

Flying down from the zenith was Idiar with his drone.

She expressed her displeasure at the intrusion of Arroganz and the others.

‘Yumelia has her duties. I can’t let you take her away.’

Gregg bit back when he heard those words.

‘Don’t sound so smug as a trafficker!’

However, Ethial exploded with her own feelings.

‘It’s already intolerable to even imitate a human being approaching a holy tree, but you guys don’t understand that and run amok. You are really nothing more than trash!

Greg, who had heard those words, sensed the true nature of Ethial.

“Is that what you are? The Luxion has a foul mouth, but its nature is not as bad as yours.

“Luxion. The artificial intelligence of the immigrant ship is just a defective product. He helped you and betrayed the old humans. I’ll use his body.

Arroganz flew above Ethial.

‘You’re making a lot of noise!

Ethial turned the drone towards Arroganz – at that moment the zenith was destroyed and there appeared the four-legged Kikia.

‘I’ve found you, you stinking b*stard!

It stepped on Arroganz and slammed towards the floor just like that.

Behind Kia the mecha-mecha continued to invade in turn, and as the zenith was destroyed, the barrier protecting Yumelia stopped working.

Ethial complained to the present Serge.

‘Destroying the defences, what the hell were you thinking!

“Don’t bother me. This guy is my prey!’

Serge, who was basking in the joy of stomping on Arroganz, had become more belligerent than usual because of the use of the body strengthening drug. His judgement was also a little less than usual.

After Greg and Chris rushed at him together and knocked Kia off his feet, Brad and Loic flew down in order to recover Arroganz.

Serge’s men continued to attack from the air.

Ethial shouted.

“You know that the witch of the sacred tree is here!

Serge, who had begun the battle at the site of Eumelia, looked at the Arroganz.

Thinking to himself that Lyon was there, he began to speak.

‘Ever since I was beaten by you earlier – no, more than that, your face has been lingering in my mind since ages ago. I can’t forgive myself if I don’t kill you. Please, get out of my face, Lyon!’

The four-legged kikia was highly mobile and fast. After closing the distance with Arroganz in an instant, he intended to thrust his cone gun out.

At that moment, Loic rammed his body into it.

‘Serge, stop it. Is this the kind of thing you want to do? Isn’t it your dream to become an adventurer?’

At the sound of Loic’s voice, Serge became furious.

“Yeah, you’re on that side, aren’t you? Then, you’re my enemy too. I’ll smash you up and show your father!

It seemed that all the heads of the six noble houses were alive.

Gilke set up his rifle and fired from the air at the mechs attacking him.

‘We must avoid fighting here. Let’s get them out of here.

Brad agreed with Gilke’s proposal.

‘It would be better to go outside.

Brad’s purple mecha, shooting out a spear-shaped drone at his back, used it to deal with the enemy’s mecha and drones.

With the machine gun in the spear doing the attacking, the enemy’s mecha – unfolded a magic formation.

It was the heraldry of the six nobles. The attack bounced off.

‘Is it still so strong even though it’s surrounded!

Brad was surprised, but he still tried to fight most of them, trying to force them to the outside.

Serge fought with Chris’s mech that had set up his sword and his shield was knocked away.

The mech Chris was riding was knocked to the ground.


Although Gregg then fought with Serge, he lost in strength.

『This, this guy, isn’t he more powerful than Alogonz!

To the stunned Gregg, Serge smiled smugly as he began to show off. He was very comfortable with the performance of having overwhelming kia.

This was a special armour made to kill Leon. It’s only natural that it’s so powerful!

The kia controlled by Serge made a rampage catching people off guard, and as Alogonz flew off towards the sky, he gave chase.

‘Don’t run away you coward! Only you, I want you to take it to Dad and Sis – make them admit that I’m their brother!’

Serge, in his confusion, omitted to name Albeluk and Louise as Dad and Sister.

No one had any room to point that bit out and didn’t bother to notice.

Once Arroganz was outside, there was a fierce battle going on between the Kingdom Army and the rebels.

Unbeknownst to them Ainhoru also flew up and then fought.

Arroganz looked down and saw Kia approaching from there.

“Don’t think you can get away with it. There’s a holy tree over here that’s been providing energy. And, the power too!’

Kiya kicked towards Arroganz and was kicked away. Kia snatched around to where he had been knocked straight away and slammed Arroganz towards the ground with his shield.

‘Speed too!’

Closing in towards Arroganz, who had fallen to the ground, Kia’s gun was stabbing towards the cockpit. Intending to knock it towards the ground and skewer it straight up with the lance.

‘I’m stronger than you! I’m the one – better suited to be family!’

Arroganz’s hands reached forward, creating a shockwave that sent Kia flying. With that, Arroganz fell to the ground, but immediately stood up.

Kia, who had also fallen to the ground, stood firmly on all four feet.


Serge, who was in an abnormal state, seemed to be looking only at Arroganz in front of him. Therefore, he did not notice.

『You’re up against us!

Greg and Chris, closing in on either side of Kiya, began to attack.

Kia used his shield to defend against Chris’ attack, but the opposite side – the right side – could not catch Greg’s lance, and the head of the lance just stabbed into his chest.

“It’s not going to go in, is it?

After hearing Greg’s resigned voice, this time it shook from the attack at Kia’s back.

“Damn it! What a bunch of weaklings!

Serge intended to start with Greg and the others, but this time they were surrounded by lance drones floating around, and the machine guns began to attack.

Emboldened by the attack in between, Greg and Chris began to chop their way through.

Then, aiming for the joint to snipe – it was Gilke with the rifle.

This was the way Count Butterfield wanted to fight, but even so, he couldn’t take it down. That’s a tough one.

This was a joint action by the five of them in order to fight against Leon in the Arroganz.

Not one against one, but four against one, using numbers to fight.

However, despite torturing Kia, they were unable to defeat him.

Chris shouted at Alogonts.

‘Leave this place to us, you go and get Miss Yumelia back!’

Arroganz then flew off towards the Temple of the Sacred Tree.

Seeing that, Serge shouted.

“Are you kidding me? Don’t run away, fight me, Lyon! I’ve been waiting for this moment – for years!

Arroganz, who had returned to the interior of the Temple of the Sacred Tree.

“Serge is really useless, isn’t he?

Idiar seemed to feel resentful at the sight of that figure, and Arroganz’s right hand grabbed Idiar and crushed him with a shockwave.

Then Arroganz’s cockpit opened.

Out of that came – not Lyon, but Kyle.

“Mum – Mum!

Arroganz placed Kyle in his hands and approached Yumelia.

Kyle touched Yumelia, who was unconscious, although her eyes were open.

No matter how she was called, Yumelia did not respond.

Nevertheless, Kyle called out to her.

“Yes, no… I’m sorry. It was me, it was my fault. So come back. Mum’s gone or something, I’m not going to. Even if I have to leave. But I don’t want Mum to get so unhinged. I didn’t think it would come to this.

Calling out to Eumelia with big strings of tears.

Kyle had left Yumelia out because he was shy – and because he wanted Yumelia to be strong.

“I… I want to stay with Mum more than anything else. Because I’m going to die before Mum. I can’t stay with you all the time…

Elves and half-elves. Although the difference in appearance is indistinguishable, the biggest difference is longevity. Half-elves have the same lifespan as humans.

However, the lifespan of a subhuman species, like that of an elf, is several times that of a human.

Half-elves grow in the same way as humans.

Although Kyle looks young now, Kyle will one day grow up to be a man.

And, will die before Eumelia.

“It’s not worth relying on, but it’s gentle – that’s what I like best about my mother. But, if I don’t pull myself together, Mum will easily be deceived – I wish you were stronger. So, I think I’m doing the right thing

Kyle kept crying and pleading for forgiveness, but there was no response from Eumelia.

Kyle thought to himself that it wasn’t working and took her hand in his.

“I’m sorry, Mum. I’m sorry, Mum. I love you the most, Mum. I’m so sorry that I pushed you into this.

Even if consciousness never returned, I intended to take care of Yumelia myself.

As soon as she touched the sacred tree, Yumelia, who had her head hanging, raised her face to save her.

Then, she made a bewildered expression.

“Huh? It’s morning already? Ah, good morning, Kyle. –Uh-huh? Kyle, what, what, what’s wrong! Why are you crying! Does it hurt somewhere? Well, that… I’ll treat you in a minute, please wait. Hey, ouch? Why can’t mum move?

Ummelia, who had come to her senses, failed to understand her own condition.

Kyle, who saw that look, cried and hugged her.


“That’s right. It’s really right!

Because she was crying so hard, she didn’t know what she was saying, but Yumelia smiled tenderly.

“It’s not quite clear, but I forgive you. After all, I’m Kyle’s mother.

As Yumelia regained consciousness, Arroganz’s eyes glowed again.

Then, with his left hand, he began to remove the branches of the sacred tree that were wrapped around Yumelia’s body.

Arroganz was operating unmanned.

Once Yumelia was freed, Kyle took her into the cockpit in this way.

“Mama, come this way!

“Coco, is it all right? Won’t Lord Lyon be angry?

“He won’t be angry! Because I’ve got permission, so sit up here! Because there’s enemies all around-uh!

Kyle looked up into the sky and saw the kiah Serge was piloting floating there.

Only, he was just floating up and looking down at Kyle and the others.

“Isn’t that Lyon? And you’re… mother and son?

Kyle, who was being looked down on by Kia, hugged Eumelia.

(It’s not good. Now, we’ll die if that guy attacks us)

As Kia swung her right hand, Kyle tried to push Yumelia away.

Thinking that if he could get into the cockpit of the Arroganz, he would be saved.

But it was Yumelia who wanted to make the move the most.

Pushing Kyle towards the cockpit of the Arroganz.

“Mum, Mum!

Yumelia looked at Kyle’s face and smiled. Kyle held out his hand as Kiya closed in on Umelia.

(It was so hard to get here!)

With this crisis looming, Arroganz ejected the large backpack with the jets and stripped the container. The container was concentrated on Kia, and the jet was ignited and pushed back.

Hearing Serge’s voice, Kyle panicked and pulled Yumelia’s hand into Arroganz’s cockpit.

“Arroganz, you’re in!

With that shout, Arroganz closed the hatch and flew off into the sky. The only thing was that without the container, Arroganz’s flight speed had dropped dramatically.

Kia, who had destroyed the container, took aim at Arroganz and intended to pierce it with his gun.

At that moment, Brad flew over.

‘Go! Go to where Baltfeld is!’

Brad’s raggedy mech armour held Kiah to stop him.

Kyle said thankfully.

“Non, thank you very much!

The place to which Arroganz was headed was Einhoru.

Then, in the air over the Temple of the Sacred Tree – there was no longer any sign of the enemy’s flying warships.

All the mechs had been destroyed, I think, and the only ones floating were our flying ships and mechs.

On the deck of Einhoru was the figure of Lyon, who was waiting for Kyle.

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