The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 7

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Episode 07 “Sisters Quarrel

The conference room at Einhoru.

Gathered there were all the main people associated with the battle.

The friends of the Poor Baron’s family were standing against the wall, looking upset.

After all, staying in the same room with the noble princes, led by Julius.

Plus the presence of Miss Louise, who was a foreign princess, and Noelle, who was actually a witch.

With Anje and Livia beside me as well, it looked to the men like they were tucked into the same room as someone of higher status than themselves.

Plus, Emile, associated with the six nobles, and his fiancée, Lelia, orphan of the Respinas family – timid at the lavish gesture.

“Are we on the wrong set?

“Why are we staying with His Highness and the others?

While Danyette and Raymond whispered, I looked down at the map of the Republic equipped on the table.

Again, I confirmed the situation.

“Well, this is the Republic, but everyone has been stripped of their coat of arms by Mademoiselle Umeria.

My eyes turned to Mademoiselle Louise, whose face was pale with worry for her family.

Mr. Arbeluk had been captured by Serge, and there was no telling what happened to her mother’s safety.

“Many of the Republic’s weapons were manipulated by drawing power from the power of heraldry. The same goes for flying ships and machine armour. The Republic’s armies are, in effect, nullified. Although they are not hostile to us, they are not on our side either.

The Republic’s army, which relies too much on the Holy Tree, has become useless in times like these.

In the end, none of the nobles expected to be stripped of their coat of arms.

“Just don’t come in the way. Because the only enemy is Serge and the others”.

Lelia, having heard my speech, got up from her seat.

“Wait a minute. Do we really have to fight Serge?

Probably still in a state of confusion and seemingly unable to keep up with the situation.

Emile cautioned Lelia.

“Lelia, what Serge has done is unforgivable.

“But, but! He must have done what he did for some reason! Yes, yes, Serge wouldn’t have done what he did if you hadn’t come to this country.

Lelia looked at me with hatred in her eyes.

If we hadn’t done anything superfluous, I don’t think Serge would have started the revolution. Fair enough.

— but it was also Serge’s choice.

“Excuse me, can we talk about this hypothesis later? I’m trying to save Miss Eumelia now.

“You, too, are so bad. Why are you still calm in this situation?

“Will someone come to save us if we’re anxious? If we cry, will Serge leave us alone?

When I replied with a positive argument, Lelia didn’t retort and lowered her head.

I understand that, but I don’t think I can be forgiven emotionally.

Noelle took Lelia’s hand in hers, and then encouraged her loudly.

“Pull yourself together.

“Big sister?

It was Serge’s responsibility if he did something like that. Don’t go blaming Leon and the others.

To Noelle, who didn’t know anything, what Lelia said sounded very excessive.

But, from my point of view and Lelia’s – we have a past life and know the truth about this world.

From another point of view, one cannot say that we are not at fault.

So, I also feel a bit responsible for the current situation.

From Noelle and the girls’ point of view, it must have seemed like it didn’t matter.

I clapped my hands together and spoke back.

“Okay, that’s enough. I’m running out of time, so I’m going to start explaining the battle. In short, we must first break into the Temple of the Sacred Tree and rescue Yumelia.

Brad probably felt a headache and covered his forehead at my opinion, which could not be called a battle.

“That’s not a battle, is it? If what Serge said is true, then Miss Yumelia is the witch of the sacred tree, right? I suppose they’ll fight to the death to protect it?

“Do you think we have time to worry about that amount? We’ll just go in and take it back and get out.

“Will that go well?

“I’ve done it with just this bit of combat while you’ve been chattering away.

“Your mouth really stinks.

If we don’t save Yumelia, we won’t be able to let go of her.

If I had saved her, it would have been easier to do so.

Urius, who was uneasy about my battle, sighed and asked for details.

The “details part will have to be worked out by us. Considering the large difference in numbers, it would be better to disengage with a single blow without being too strict. Let’s open our armour and attack too.

Although Urius was very energetic, Gilke, who had heard these words, shook his head.

“No, it’s dangerous, Your Highness, so don’t attack and stay here.


Gregg crossed his arms and nodded.

“After all, you are a prince, aren’t you?

“No, no, that’s true but…

Although Urius was a little cowed by the sensible words, he seemed eager to fight with everyone.

I would have given in if everyone had said they wanted to fight. He’s a real stickler for the rules.

This is an event that will have a big impact on the future if you just take part. It’s probably best if Julius doesn’t get involved.

Chris further admonished him, saying to Urius as if he were on standby.

Urius, who had been forbidden by everyone to take part, hung his head in sorrow.

After Lyon and the others had begun making preparations, the female line-up remained in the room.

As an awkward atmosphere filled the air, Carla whispered to Marië.

“Mari-E-sama, I’m scared. The super scared kind. It’s already frightening!

“Chill, chill, chill, calm down. I’ll stop them in a pinch.

The cause of Mariël’s anxiety was the twin sisters, Lélia and Noël.

The two were arguing loudly with each other in the room.

Anje and Livia, on the other hand, kept a quiet vigil. The two were more worried about Lyon than about the incident and talked a lot.

Louise was there too, but she always carried on with the attitude that it was none of my business.

So it occurred to Mariël that if anything happened only she could stop it.

Lelia and Noelle grabbed each other by the shirt and just started arguing.

“If you don’t know anything, don’t come in here and interfere! It’s none of your business!

“You say it’s none of my business? Why is it none of my business? You always look down on me like that, and I’ve had enough of it!

Marië held her head in her hands.

I can understand how Lelia feels, but don’t get mad at Noelle! After all, Noelle is the one involved!

The Republic has launched a coup d’état. It’s hard to say that this has nothing to do with Noelle. After all, the Holy Kingdom of Rashel attacked in order to take Noelle.

Noelle would have been furious if she had been told not to intervene directly.

But – Lelia also had her own opinions.

This coup, too, could not be said to have nothing to do with Lyon and Mariël. Serge had a lot to do with it, but it wouldn’t have happened if Lyon and Mariël hadn’t come to the Republic.

If Lyon and Marië hadn’t come to the Republic, Lélia wouldn’t have forced her way back to Idiale.

(… but it’s also disturbing to say that it’s our fault)

At the same time, Marië felt the responsibility of Lélia.

Like herself, Lélia had dropped the ball at the last minute.

Ignoring her own advice to treat Loic as Noelle’s lover, she made an extra effort to mess up the relationship. Despite this, she herself becomes a lover with the gentle Emile, the Ann card.

(Dead end before the coup if we don’t show up)

But Noelle also seems to have something against Lelia. So Mariël just watched the two quarrel.

Anje and Livia, too, seem to sense what Marië is thinking and both watch.

Lelia vented her frustration with Noelle so far.

“Big sister is always the special one. The witch’s adaptability is only for big sisters too. I’m always the unpopular one. It’s always Big Sister who’s at the centre. And then it’s me who puts up with it all the time. Have you ever wondered how long I’ve put up with it? Despite this, you’re always so submissive – it’s annoying to watch!

Although it is not expressed, it seems from Noelle’s position as the main character that she is always at the centre of the story.

Marië seemed to understand her somewhat as well. Eyes turned to Livia, who seemed to be discussing something with Anjie. “Yare sauce she-” “Just leave it to Lyon” was in that state.

Then the twin’s side of Noelle’s look produced a change.

“–I’m always in the centre, what are you talking about” “── Ho yo, いつも中心って” (yikes ~~~~, brain cells are dead, I get it but can’t turn it over)

“What else can you say but that a witch is adaptable? It’s so nice. There’s always someone there to help you. Men are on your side when things get tough. Leon came to your rescue at that time in Loïc. It’s like being the hero of a story.

You’re the main character of the second part of that B-game, not so much that, but the expression “the main character in the story” instead.

Noelle, who heard those words, had tears flowing out of her eyes.

Then, she grabbed Lelia’s side ponytail.

“Yes, that hurts! Let go of me!

“Are you kidding me – don’t give me that bullshit!!!

Noelle’s shout caused pain in Marië’s ears and covered them with her hands.

Noelle paid no mind to the people around her and took out all her anger so far on Lelia.

“A witch’s adaptation? That’s what. I don’t want that kind of thing! Even if I did, it would be pointless. It’s always been like this, you’ve always had everything I want! Don’t look like a victim when you’ve taken everything from me!

The force of Noelle’s shaking made Lelia feel timid.

“Let go, let go of me!

“You’re always like this! Can you understand how I feel about being compared all the time? Being cleverly camped around, not exactly being held up by the people around me. You know how I feel, being treated like a substitute for you!

Noelle started to storm out, to which Marië jumped in to pull the two apart.

“Stop it!

Noelle was thrown to the floor and the two were separated.

Lelia, on her side, sat panting on the floor. Then, full of anger seeping out – stood up and approached Noelle.

Noelle also stood up intending to continue the argument, to which Marië held her down desperately.

“Noelle, calm down!

“Let go of me! Only this guy is unforgivable. What are you putting up with when there are so many things I don’t have? I’m the one who’s putting up with it!

Lélia rushed towards Noël and was about to continue the argument when – perhaps unable to look away – Louise grabbed Lélia’s hand.

“Let’s stop here. I’m about fed up too. I’m worried about my family right now, so if you want a sisterly quarrel, go elsewhere.

Lélia, who had been given the cold shoulder, glared at Louise with a sharp look.

“Family, you say? If you hadn’t forced Serge to die, it wouldn’t have come to this. Acting like you don’t care, but you’re responsible too

At these words Louise narrowed her eyes and then took Lélia’s hand in hers.

“And what do you understand? You don’t think Serge has done anything to me?

“If you’re family, you have to accept him.

“A mere outsider who speaks so glibly of other people’s family matters. Serge bragged about something to make it easier for himself, didn’t he? And you took those words seriously. You’re a real fool.

“You’re only good-looking to a wicked man.

“The Respinas only annoy me. I hate Noelle too, but I hate you more.

This time it was the turn of Lélia and Louise to start a fight between them.

Marië was on the verge of tears.

(I can understand how you feel, but don’t argue aaaaaaaaah! My stomach is going to hurt ohhhhhhhhh!!!)

Leon left the room quickly and Marië was envious of that. If only she had said herself that she was going to help walk out of this room too, she regretted it.

Immediately afterwards – Anje’s patience seemed to reach its limit, releasing a sense of intimidation.

“Let’s stop here.

Lelia looked back and made a “what?” sound like a bad one. but immediately averted her eyes when she saw the look on Anjie’s face. If Lelia’s style was like that of a punk, then Anjie’s was like that of a punk boss.

I don’t know the reason for your quarrel, and I’m not interested. But this is a very important time for Leon and the others. If you keep arguing and get in Leon’s way, I’ll be the one to do it.

Marië saw a vision of flames on Anjou’s back. It burned with a roaring fire, as if to express Anje’s mood.

On Livia’s side, she cast an icy glare.

“If you want to argue, do as you please when it’s over. But for now, please keep quiet. Because Lyonsan and the others don’t have that kind of leeway.

This side was different from Anje’s, like water – at times gentle, at times terrifying. Showing that atmosphere. Livia’s side is scarier if you anger them, I guess.

Marië nodded desperately.
Then Noelle, who was being held down, cried out.

“Me too. I want to be loved, too.

At the sound of that voice, Mariël looked at Noelle’s face.


The battle contemplated with Urius and the others went like this.

Einheru would lead the friendly fleet and rush to the Temple of the Sacred Tree.

After that it would be up to the mecha to invade the interior to retrieve Miss Yumelia. At that point, the six nobles who might have been captured would also have to be freed first.

—if they were still alive.

The odds were about halfway between them, right?

Mademoiselle Louise was also worried and hoped that Monsieur Alberuc was still alive.

The women’s camp, meanwhile, moved to Likorlu and stood by in the rear.

They could not be left to do such things as fighting.

Crossing my arms on the bridge of Einhoru, I noticed that there was no sign of Urius.

“Huh? Has Urius gone to the toilet?

Gilke, who had changed into his pilot’s uniform, eyed the exit.

“Because he’s lost his mind about not being able to go out together. He said he was going to Likoluna.

“You mean he’s taking it easy in the back because he’s out of steam? He’s still in a princely mood.

“He’s still a prince, even though he’s been stripped of his crown prince status. Count Baltfeld, please understand the prince’s position more correctly.

“A fool who was deceived by a woman and gave up his position as prince. I know you as complete fools, so there is no problem.

“You have to watch out for your own people on the battlefield… has anyone ever taught you that?

Is this b*stard planning to attack me from behind?

While making small talk, Luxion looked down at Einhoru’s clipboard.

“Master, Loic is here


He came to the plywood and saw the figure of Loic there.

Loic, who had come in a small boat, was somehow ready for battle.

Count Baltfeld, I want to fight too.

“Is Mariël in the back of the boat?

“Yes, is that right? No, no, not at all. I want to fight with you too.

Greg, who heard this, had a very disgusted look on his face for some reason.

Approaching Loic, he grabbed him by the chest.

“This is not a joke! You’re not even using the power of the sacred tree, you’re just a liability!

Although surprised by Greg’s intimidation, this was indeed a very strict entry into the war for Loic.

The nobles of the Republic were extremely weak if they didn’t have a coat of arms.

Loic was still considered someone who had had exercise, but he was only slightly better than the average soldier.

There was a gap in strength compared to us in the Kingdom of Horfath who worked so hard to give girls gifts.

Despite this, Loic did not flinch.

“Even though I can’t be of any use – I can be your shield!


I – I was saved by my big sister. Besides, it would be better for you if I knew the inner workings of the Temple of the Sacred Tree. Please, let me assist you!

Indeed the raiding of the interior of the building would be easier with Loic around.

Greg’s eyes went to me and when I nodded his hand let go of Loic.

Greg scratched his head and turned his back to him.

“Do as you please. But Marië will be sad if you die, so don’t die on me without permission.

“Thank you!

The men who liked the same women as each other were clearly supposed to be rivals. Despite this, Greg said that Loic could not die. Is this the submissiveness of a handsome man? If it were me, I have the confidence that I wouldn’t say the same thing out of jealousy.

For Loic, I decided to lend him the mecha once used by Urius.

That would have saved Loic’s life, I think.

There’s one left, so I’ll use the white one.

“Thank you very much. Now I can fight too. I’m not happy that I can’t do anything for you guys who are caught up in the Republic’s rebellion.

This guy seems to have thought a lot about it.

I was impressed when the nostalgic – no, long-lost – man appeared.

“It’s been a long time, folks!

Landing on the deck, it was Urius – not really.

It was the man who called himself the Masked Rider. I had met him before, when the Kingdom of Horfath was at war with the Principality of Fanos.

Still with his strange stance with his masquerade and cloak, moving with confidence, his character could be awesome.

Chris drew the sword at his waist, while Brad’s hands prepared a fireball made with magic.

“You’re the man in disguise, aren’t you!

“Why is this man in the Republic!?

The four men who were genuinely on guard, unaware that this man was Urius, turned their weapons on him. Even the breast brothers – Gilke, who had grown up together since childhood – aimed the muzzles of their pistols at the Masked Rider.

Loic’s eyes fluttered open and closed, completely confused as to what was happening.

Luxion demanded as if he wanted me to handle the situation.

“It’s this farce again. It’s about time you told them the truth, isn’t it?

I don’t want to get involved. Besides, aren’t those five enjoying the farce? It’s best to let it go. It’s funny to watch from afar.

It was sad to think that Marië had to take care of the group of people who were constantly making a scene, but at the same time the thought that she ‘deserved it’ came to mind.

Please please me.

The Masked Rider approached me.

“It’s been a long time, Count Baltfeld.

Hey? You’re talking to me out of the blue?

“Oh, oh.

“I hear things aren’t going so well? It’s a small effort, but I’m here to help. I hope you can lend me a mecha. Isn’t there a white mecha that His Highness Urius uses?

This guy, he really picked a bad time.

To this submissive masked knight. I told Loic as I looked at him.

Ah, no. Just now, I agreed to lend it to Loic.

Loic questioned the masked knight. Well, if this guy had dealt with Urius, he must have had a hard time guessing the true nature of the Masked Rider.

That’s what happened. If you’re all right, go home.

“What are you talking about? That’s my armour, isn’t it?

“No, it belonged to Count Baltfeld, didn’t it? And what’s with that strange mask? Take off your mask and give me your name.

Urius was being told the right thing, but he could not call himself a masked knight if he stopped there.

“You don’t seem to notice that I have a reason for not being able to give my name? Count Baltfeld, this one doesn’t match the white mech. Let me drive it!

Despite Urius’ request, I was going to ask Loic to lead the way for us.

In order of priority, I couldn’t leave Loic out of it.

“You can give up. Come with me to the bridge. I’ll get you a cup of tea.

“What do you think I’m here for! Let me go and fight!

The location changed to Einhoru’s hangar.

Loic was riding in the white mech used by Urius for attitude adjustment, to which Gilk opened the cockpit hatch and said.

“Then again, Count Baltfeld has stunned me. The Count wants to start a war with the Republic in this quantity”.

Brad then took a jab at Gilke’s remark. He pointed to the opponents and their numbers.

“The other side is a rebel army. And, in terms of numbers, 200. That’s a good chance of winning.

“More than six times the difference in strength?

“The goal is to get back Miss Yumelia, right? Then we’ll run away from the Republic. They won’t chase us. After all, all the weapons in the Republic are for defence. We can’t fight outside our own country.

If we use the power of the sacred tree, we will be weaker outside the Republic.

This was taken into account, but this time Chris had a different opinion.

“I guess it’s not surprising if the other side has the same performance as Luxion, even if they have the ability to fight even abroad?

“Uh! Yes, that’s true. But Luxion said we had a chance. We must have some kind of secret strategy.

“You who don’t even know that, and you’re putting on a great face?

Brad fell silent at Chris’s remark, and this time it was the turn of a disgruntled Greg to speak up.

“Get your heads together, all of you. Because this opponent is no joke

Idiar, the same lost prop as Luxion, supported Serge at his side. Greg and the others had seen first-hand how powerful Alogonts could be. And could understand that they would be afraid.

Then, from the Arroganz came the voice of Lyon.

Although the cockpit hatch was closed, Lyon could be seen.

“You’re all chattering and making a lot of noise! You’re as noisy as children. Be quiet!

Gilke froze at the sound of Lyon’s foul mouth.

“Your mouth really stinks.

“Shut up and be my shield.

The sound of voices coming from the Alogants annoyed Gilke and the others.

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