The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 6

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Translated by: deepl (MTL)

Episode 06 ‘Revolution’

Daily life was no different from usual.

That day, Lelia was in class at the Academy.

The students were quiet in their second class. The academy, for its part, believed that Leon and the others were still absent from school as usual, after all, it was hard not to be upset by the unknown whereabouts of one’s servant and the unrest that pervaded the Republic.

The students were aware of the rumours of a rebel army, and some of them talked of getting involved.

(Living a routine like this makes the rebellion seem like an illusion)

Lelia thought that this had nothing to do with her.

In her previous life, growing up in Japan, it bothered Lelia to be called a rebel because she lived in a time of peace.

In foreign countries there would have been such disturbances, but at most they were only seen in the news and on the internet.

Having never experienced it. So no matter how you look at it, you think it’s someone else’s business.

However, the situation was so different from the second part of the game that Lelia felt uneasy about it.

Although she was in class, she couldn’t concentrate.

Looking out of the window, she saw the huge sacred tree standing there.

The flying ship flew through the air in the ordinary world.

It is not surprising to see either a huge sacred tree or a large number of flying ships.

However, today there were an unusually large number of flying ships.

(Huh? Why are there so many flying ships flying?)

There were many things that were different from the common flying ships of the Republic, and there were more than usual.

More, right? Not really, but even Lelia seemed to have an unusually large number.

The sun was suddenly blotted out and shadows reflected the whole schoolhouse.

Was the sun being blocked by clouds? Although that’s what I thought, it was just flying boats moving through the air.

(It’s not allowed to fly flying boats around here, is it?

The other students were surprised because it was a place where flying boats are not normally allowed to come in.

Even the teachers stopped their lessons to look outside.

As the classroom was getting noisy – an image appeared in the void.

As soon as the huge image appeared, Lelia stood up. The chair backed away with great force, hitting the desk behind it, but she didn’t care.


Lelia shouted out in surprise, but no one around her noticed her.

The class looked out of the window at the situation.

The giant Serge, projected in the air, sat in a very imposing chair. Bent over, he crossed his arms and rested his elbows on his knees on either side.

“Notice to all the inhabitants of the Republic. –From today I am the king of this country.

What on earth was being said? There was a lot of noise in the schoolroom, but Lelia couldn’t care less about that. She thought she had finally found Serge, but instead he said he was going to become king.

The image then showed him raising his right hand.

Behind the throne a magical formation appeared, the coat of arms of the Guardians at that time.

Everyone in the room was surprised, and Lelia was no exception.

(Why was Serge given the coat of arms of the Guardians? Because Big Sister shouldn’t have chosen Serge, right? So, who is it-)

The image shows Serge, introducing a woman.

“Then let me introduce the new witch. She is the witch of the new country – called Yumelia’

The witch who was introduced was a female elf.

Then the classroom became more noisy, but Lelia was surprised by something else.

(Wasn’t this child Lyon their servant? For that matter, why had she been chosen as a witch now. Why, would there be a witch outside of the Respinas’ house?)

Wasn’t it Noelle who had been chosen as a witch?

After that Serge continued his speech, and the teachers and students in the classroom looked at the image in the sky.

‘Well, I think you all think that no one other than the Respinas can become a witch, so I’ll do an after-party here. Yumelia – do it’

Sergi ordered Yumelia. Yumelia, who didn’t react, looked as if she was being manipulated.

As Yumelia slowly stretched out her hands, a crimson glow emanated from the sacred tree.

The light surrounded the whole of the Republic and everyone looked on in awe.

The light then immediately disappeared, and then the classroom cried out.

“I, my coat of arms has disappeared!

“My coat of arms is gone! Why, why!

A cry of sorrow was heard from the noble born.

Perhaps it was because of the crimson light they had just bathed in, the coat of arms seemed to have disappeared.

Lelia’s eyes looked to the sky and Serge smiled softly.

He had done it because he knew it would turn out like this.

‘The new witch has taken your crest away from you. This is the best proof.

A witch had taken away the entire coat of arms of the country, something that had never been done before.

Faced with the reality, the noble-born sat lost in their seats.

The great power they had possessed until now had been taken from them, and they were in despair.

“Now if anyone dares to resist, I will be the one to do so. If you want to fight, feel free to come to the temple of the sacred tree.

The nobles who had lost their crests did not have the courage to resist, and the soldiers who understood how strong the crest was could hardly defy Serge.

What is wrong with you, Serge? Why are you doing this?

Just as Lelia was at a loss for words, Clayman arrived inside the classroom.

The classroom and the classroom didn’t react.

Kleiman grabbed Lelia’s hand and forcibly led her out of the classroom.

When she reached the corridor, Lelia asked Kleiman about the situation.

“What the hell is going on? Why did Serge call himself King?

In the face of a confused Lelia, Klayman had difficulty answering, as he had no information.

“I don’t know. I can’t imagine what’s going on either. But this is a dangerous situation. The car is ready outside, so please take refuge, Lelia.

“Where to?

Where could it be safe in this situation? Was it Emile’s old home, the Pleffon house? As they thought of various things, Emil appeared in front of them with Ethial in tow.

“There you are, both of you!

After a panicked Emile called out to the two, Lelia glared at Ittiel in response.

“I say to you, what the hell are you doing at this hour!

“I’m very sorry. I was just checking the situation, so I’m late.

“What’s going on? And why did Serge call himself king?

“I’m sorry I’m late.

“Where are we going?

Idiar replied, as he walked along.

“The house of the Count of Baltfeld. It is one of the extraterritorial jurisdictions. No matter what happens, it’s safe.

And with that, Lelia and the others fled towards the house where Lyon and the others were.

Serge is going to be the king of the Republic! It was now a few hours after such a statement had been uttered.

Marië, who had greeted Lélia and the girls as they ran into the mansion, gathered the whole group in the dining hall.

Then she asked Lélia and the others questions.

“What the hell are you doing! Serge is talking about becoming king! There is no such plan!

Carla calmed down the noisy Mariël.

“Please, please calm down, Mariëlle.

“It’s already like this! Why do things always get so bad? I didn’t do anything this time!

Lelia became more and more angry at Marië who was crying with her hands over her face.

I don’t know! After all, if you hadn’t come…

Lélia took on the attitude of one who wanted to argue, while Emile, who was standing by, calmed her down.

“Let Lelia calm down too

Lelia, who was gasping for breath, looked into the room. Then, noticing that the person who was supposed to be there was gone.

“Where’s Leon?

In the room were Marië, Carla, and a tired-looking Kyle.

Of the five fools only Gilke was missing.

Noelle stayed in the room with the box of saplings.

Cordelia was not there as she was preparing the tea, but she was in the house.

Emile also seemed concerned about the matter and asked Marië.

“That, Count Baltfeld is not there?

There was no sign of Lyon anywhere. Even so, Luxion was present.

–Instead of his usual kind and bright voice, Ethial said in a low voice.

‘Luxion – where has your Master gone?’

Leylia was surprised by Ittiel’s reaction.

Because that reaction was exactly the same as when Lelia had said ‘Liar’ to Ittiel before.

Ittiel showed a reaction that was almost like another personality, and it terrified Lelia.

“Ethial, what’s wrong with you? Are you saying that Rion is hiding?

“There’s nothing wrong if he’s just gone out. But I didn’t find out where he was. I know Leon is in this place.

It was clear that he had called him Count Baltfeld earlier, but now he was calling him by his first name.

Lelia and their eyes focused on Luxion.

‘Master he’s gone out. It’s about time he came back.

After Luxion said that, Leon’s voice came from the entrance of the mansion.

“I’m back!

And so Leon arrived in the dining hall, with a guest. –It was Louise.

Seeing this scene, Ethial, its one eye looked at Luxion.

That crimson glow, a look of great alarm.

‘Why does Lyon have Louise with him?’

It was like saying that Louise was finished if she was here, showing this unpleasant reaction, and Lélia was at a loss for words about it.

“What’s the matter with you, Ethial?

Despite asking this, Ethial ignored her and looked at Luxion.

Luxion moved over to Lyon.

“Oops? I should have said I’d assist you if I could convince the Master, right? I wasn’t able to convince my Master because he was too good at talking. That’s too bad, Ethial.’

Lyon gave a thumbs up.

That’s what happened. What a pity, Ethial-kun!

To Lyon, who was laughing in front of him, Itial seemed intent on making his move.

Then, Noelle leapt at Lelia and pushed her to the ground.

“Big, big sister!?

As she was surprised, this time she heard the sound of a gunshot.

It seemed to have been sniped from an open window in the room, hitting Ethial.

Ethial fell to the floor and sparks flew everywhere.

‘You, betrayed – na’

Although it treated Luxion as a traitor, this ball (human) took that statement completely lightly.

“Betrayal? I’ve only been following the Master since the beginning, and he suspected you the moment Yumelia disappeared.

“Hey, don’t make it sound like I’m suspicious. –But you were the only one who could have fooled Luxion at that point. Anyone would have been suspicious, wouldn’t they?

From the very beginning.

At those words, Ethier was surprised and understood at the same time.

“You’ve been playing me from the beginning? And the one who had a disagreement?

Luxione looked down at Ittiel, whose functions were about to stop.

“That was our daily conversation, too bad.

Before hearing Luxion’s answer, the light in Ittiel’s camera went out.

Lord Lelia was unable to understand what was going on and could only freeze in place.

Looking out of the window, she saw Gilke who had set up his rifle.

Since the intention had been to snipe

It had been configured so that Gilke was there.

Mariël-sama was not surprised by this.

“You, you lot, have really put us-

Emile closed in on Lyon.

“What, what’s going on! Why did you attack Ethial!?

Lyon, pressed, narrowed his eyes and looked down at Ethial.

He was the one who attacked first.

Noelle walked away from the pushed down Lelia. It seemed that Noelle had pushed her because Lelia was blocking the firing line.

Noelle stood up and told Lelia to stand up too.

Lelia, who had lost Ethial, glared at the Mariays.

“Why are you doing this?

Leon didn’t answer, and Marië seemed unable to answer in detail.

But when it became noisy outside, the reason became clear.

Gilke, who had returned to the house, reported to Urius.

“Your Highness, there are soldiers gathered outside. Judging by their equipment, they must be from the Holy Kingdom of Rachels.

Urius, who had crossed his arms, was the first to wonder if they were disguised.

Was he disguised as a soldier of the Holy Kingdom? I thought so.

“Is it true?

“Yes. There were soldiers of the rebellion inside. It seems that they are working together.

Emile, who heard these words, put a hand to his mouth and said “So,”.

There have been rumours of Rashel’s men appearing on the warehouse streets recently. And there are rumours of warships coming in and out of the harbour.

Klayman’s muscles bulged with anger at this, the buttons of his shirt flying off and his chest showing.

“What are you talking about? The Republic is turning a blind eye to such actions?

“Did they despise them?

Lelia, who was listening to the conversation, could not believe what was being done in a place she did not know about.

The soldiers outside, started intimidating fire, sending bullets into the house.

“All hands get down!

Greg said, and everyone slumped their bodies down.

Chris took out the weapons he had prepared and handed them out to everyone.

Rashel’s soldiers were in trouble. They are hostile to the Horfath Kingdom. It would be bad if they were captured.

Leon, probably because he hated the Holy Kingdom of Rashel, was full of energy.

“I’ll make sure you don’t do it again, you Rachels!

Chris was surprised by this.

“You’re very energetic today. You’re not your usual self.

As the people around him were feeling out of sorts, Luxion revealed his reason.

“The Holy Kingdom of Rashel is hostile to the United Kingdom of Repalt, Mylene’s home. This is for Mirren’s sake.

“Lucretiaon, don’t make a scene.

As Lyon felt embarrassed, Urius leaned over prostrate and then gave a look of disgust.

“Baltfeld, have you ever imagined the image of a fellow student chirping with his own mother? –It’s exhausting in every way.

“Don’t talk about whining. It’s just a contribution to the kingdom.

“It’s not pure when you have an ulterior motive, is it? Besides, you said you’d make a hole in Roland’s stomach! –That kind of talk.

“Shut up, Luxion.

“I know. Yes, I know.

As the bullets kept coming in, Leon and the others kept talking about stupid things.

Lelia held her head in her hands and thought timidly.

(What the hell is this guy doing? That’s not the kind of thing to say in a situation like this!

In the sacred tree shrine, Serge sat on the throne prepared by Ethial.

Beside Ethial and Gapino, there were men who acknowledged Serge’s personal guard.

They were all boarded with the coat of arms that only the six nobles had.

The soldiers beyond that were endowed with the lower heraldry.

In front of that Serge, there was the figure of the handcuffed Albeluk.

“Serge, why did you do such a thing!

Albeluk, with a wounded leg, was treated.

— Serge, did not kill Alberuk.

“Because I’ve been chosen as a guardian. I’m going to destroy this country and build a new one.

“You’re going to destroy this country for that reason?

Serge smiled a shaky smile at the surprised Alberok.

That’s the extent of it for me. And by the way, I’ll show you the figure of this country destroyed. Your wife and daughter – and your lovely son Leon – I’m going to kill them in front of you.

“Son? You mean Leon? He’s not my son.

“Cuter than me, I suppose. You would have let Louise marry him and made him your son anyway, wouldn’t you? He’s so hopeless. He likes a man who looks exactly like his brother.

“Serge, don’t get me wrong! Louise and I are both interested in you…

He was in the middle of a conversation with Alberok when he was interrupted by Ittiel.

“Lord Serge, there seems to be a problem.


“The troops sent to capture Louise have been wiped out. And so were the troops sent to recover Lelia.

“What’s going on, Ethial? Didn’t you say you’d bring Lelia here soon?

As soon as he heard that Lelia hadn’t come yet, Serge became visibly upset.

Gapino, who had heard that the troops had been annihilated, gave a bitter expression.

The soldiers sent to both sides were from my kingdom of Rashel, right? They were very elite. I can’t imagine losing.

“Because Luxion betrayed me.

Serge, who had heard those words, gripped Ethial with his right hand.

“Didn’t you say it would be all right? If anything happens to Lélia, I’ll never forgive you. You lying b*stard

In the midst of the surrounding people’s fear of Selkie’s anger, only Ethial resisted.

‘- Cheating? Pull back.


“Please withdraw.

Although Ethial was showing a different vibe than usual, Serge remained strong.

“You’re lying to me, aren’t you? You said there was no problem – Coop!

Ethial’s sphere submachine sent an electric shock and freed itself from Serge.

Serge pressed his left hand against his tingling right.

“You b*stard!

“Please pull back, I’m not cheating.

The angry Serge and the quiet – then strongly defiant Ethial surprised everyone around them.

Gapino spoke peace from it.

‘You two, you should have priorities now. I don’t think we have time for infighting here, do we?

Serge smashed his mouth.

“Retrieve Lelia now! Where’s Louise?

Ethial deferred to Gapino as well, as if to avoid an argument now.

“They’re all gathered in Lyon’s mansion.

In that case, send the troops there immediately. Those who have done well will be given the coat of arms of the six nobles as a reward.

Serge pressed his right hand and looked at the altar at the back of the throne.

There, a part of the sacred tree was revealed.

Eumelia, whose pupil light had disappeared, sat in the depression in her sacrificial garb.

The thin branches of the sacred tree were wrapped around Yumelia’s body, preventing her from escaping.

Serge and the others, did not treat Yumelia as a witch, but as a prop to manipulate the sacred tree.

Gapino stroked his beard, slightly surprised by Serge’s attitude, and advised.

“How generous. Isn’t the heraldry of the six nobles a bit too cheap?

Serge waved his paralysed right hand as he spat out that the coat of arms had no value.

What’s the value of such a thing? It’s just a prop to borrow the power of the sacred tree.

The sacred tree and the coat of arms of the sacred tree had no value to Serge.

At these words Alberok hung his head.

“Have I driven you to this point?

Hearing such regretful words, Serge’s eyes turned to Alberok.

“It is too late to regret what has happened. Because you have not recognised me as your family.

Albeluk did not answer anything, and the man felt anxious.

“Put this man in a cell!

“Ah~ah, the house has become dilapidated. It is no longer habitable.

After the fierce gun battle was over, Rashel and the rebel soldiers of the Republic fell to the ground.

There were those who were moaning in pain and those who had passed out.

What we used were non-lethal rubber bullets, and anaesthetic guns.

I carried the rifle on my back, and then Julius came over with the machine gun.

All the enemies outside were taken care of. There’s a guy who got away, but it’s okay not to go after him, right?

“Do you think we have time for that?

“No. But if it were you, I think you’d say something like “chase and fight”.

Julius wasn’t polite to me at all.

No, not at all, but even more so than before.

Julius asked me about the future.

“Baltfeld, this is the end of it. It is better to escape from here at once”.

I could not say to Julius, who proposed to flee the Republic, “The world will end, no! So I digress.

No. You can escape, but I will stay.

“Why? This is a question for the Republic. Where is the reason to be associated with you?

In the eyes of Urius and the others, I don’t have a reason to stick to the Republic. I wanted to escape, too. I wanted to take Noelle and Miss Louise and run away.

“Please, please wait!

— Kyle, who had heard our conversation, sat on the floor with his head down.

It was the earth down seat. In the original words, there was no such culture as earth down seating in the kingdom of Holfart. Nevertheless, this guy was influenced by Mariël and learned to sit on the floor.

Thanks to Mariël, I think the earth down seat is spreading in the world.

“Please, please. Please save my mother. Please!

To save Miss Yumelia, who had been captured by Serge, Kyle knelt down to me and pleaded. At the sight of that figure, Urius shook his head sadly.

“Kyle, I’m sorry for you, though. It would have been nice if it had been the usual, but there was Ethial on the enemy’s side. It has the same performance as the Luxion, so we’re at a disadvantage

Can’t mess around for a servant, even after hearing the positive arguments Urius was talking about, despite that, Kyle pressed his head to the floor and pleaded repeatedly.

“I’ll do anything you want. I will never disobey you again if it means saving my mother. I will correct my arrogant attitude. Even if I work for free. I will repay you with work! Please… please save my mother. Please, please – please, please!

Urius saw Kyle cry out, looking very distressed. Then, his eyes turned to me here. He put on a face that said he couldn’t make a wrong judgment.

“This is the end. Baltfeld, I’m taking you back.

“That won’t do.


I made Kyle stand up.

The crying Kyle’s usual arrogant, mature attitude was gone and he looked his age.

I didn’t want to abandon him because I also felt sorry for not having been a good filial parent in my previous life.

That’s why I’m helping you. That’s all.

Don’t cry. You don’t have time to cry if you’re going to save Miss Umelia.


Kyle looked at my face with surprise, tears and snot all over it.

I’m so sick of that Serge who stole my Lady Yumelia and made a king face. That’s why I’m here to help you.

After I said that out loud, Urius covered his face and looked upwards.

“Are you serious? If they’re as strong as Luxion, they’re a formidable opponent.

“Do you think I’ve done nothing so far? Luxion!

As soon as he was called, Luxion came towards me.

“Idiar’s manufacturing ability is superior to mine. Although it was confirmed that there were flying ships and machine armour and so on, it was impossible to fight against them with the Republic’s main armament. In response, we raised high performance items.

Urius gave up on the fact that Luxion had investigated the battle report prepared by Ethial.

“If the other side also has high performance flying ships and mechs, we will lose in terms of numbers.

“Who said that the Einhoru and Arroganz I built would lose?

From the way Luxion reacted to Urius’ indifference, I was sure that there was a chance of victory. But let’s just make sure for the moment.

“Can we win?

“Ethier will not use his body, although that is a condition.

That was the problem.

I don’t know how much Ethier will support Serge, so he hasn’t done anything.

It’s hard not to know what he’s up to.

“Where is Ethial’s body?

“He’s left the Republic to spy on my body.

“Well, then, let’s do a raid. Let’s take back Eumelia. Kyle, you’ll have to do it too.

As soon as I spoke, Kyle wiped his tears with his sleeve.


But Julius grabbed me by the shoulders.

“Are you listening to me? I told you we were outnumbered. Besides, if Miss Eumelia had become a witch, then the security there would have been very tight. Do you think you can do anything with just a few of us?

“When did I say it was just us? I told you – I was ready for it.

Luxion looked towards the ceiling.

“Master, it looks like it’s already here.

As soon as I stepped outside, Gilke and the others, who were in their mechs, looked at the sky.

There’s – floating there – a multitude of flying ships.

Urius lied up.


Raised, however, was the flag of Horfath.

Among them was also the figure of Einhoru – the same type of ship as it, Likoru.

The deck of Einhoru.

With that, I opened my hands in front to the friends called from the kingdom.

“Thank you all! For coming in my moment of crisis!

The friends of the Poor Baron’s group gathered in response to my call.

After all, it was important to behave in a normal way.

It was my fortune to have formed a good friendship with them.

However, Danyette and Raymond, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, called me as soon as they saw me.

“You forced them to come here, didn’t you?

They said that they would take the flying boat away if they didn’t come, and if they threatened us like that, they rushed here regardless. We were forced to come here by you, Leon!

The other men looked as if they were disgruntled.

“If there’s no contract, I’ll ignore you!

“That’s right! That’s why I was asked to come here by my family!

“Why did you get involved in the Republican rebellion?

Looking at the men with their heads in their hands made me nostalgic.

In the old days, the group was given the latest flying boats free of charge.

It was a very familiar programme in a previous life. –it was the method where the physical cost was free along with a bundled contract for a two-year communications package.

— I implemented that package with flying ships. And, the contract was for a permanent period.

Although I was beaten up, I forgave them because I had a big heart.

If you want to hate, hate yourself for thinking you could get a flying ship for free in the past. Then, you will comply with the contract and assist me

Urius and the others, who had listened to the conversation between us, had a speechless expression on their faces.

“You are, ah, too cheap

Gilke even took a slight step back.

“What a bad character.

Brad took pity on my friends.

“Well, even with the latest flying ships and mechs, the thought of listening to Baltfeld is a big loss.

Gregg gave our friendship a hard time.

“What the hell do you think friendship is?

Chris, who had somehow changed into a crotch cloth, shook his head at this. My friends and I were shocked to see that figure, but I didn’t care.

“Don’t think of a contractual relationship as a friendship,” he said.

They can say whatever they want, but this way they raise all the battle power.

“That’s thirty flying ships. Is that all right with you?

My words made Danyette roar.

“I have a big problem with that! Why do I have to get involved in a foreign rebellion?

Raymond seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“And the other side is the Republic. It’s not an undefeated defensive power! Even if you want to get involved, you have to think about your opponent! It’s always the same, no matter who has the fight!

I hope you don’t make it sound like I’m looking for a fight.

I’m a pacifist. I’m just being provoked.

“A pacifist doesn’t accept provocation, does he?

In the middle of the brawl, a small flying boat landed on the deck.

From it came Anje and Livia.



Both of them ran towards me and just hugged me.

I thought I heard the sound of my friends smacking their lips, but jealousy like this made me feel good.

The two, who had been absent for a long time, seemed worried about me.

Angie rested her forehead against my chest.

You always make us worry. What’s going on this time?

It was sad to be suspected.

I didn’t do anything. It’s just a rebellion within the Republic. No, it’s a revolution, isn’t it?

The Republic can’t win against a Serge with Ethial. Moreover, now that Serge had received the Guardian’s coat of arms, the six nobles could not stand up to it.

Anjai raised her head and looked up at me.

“Tell me the details. And-

Anje’s eyes shifted to Luxion. Unbeknownst to me, Livia was also looking at Luxion with a wary look. In response, Livia said to Luxion.

“Luxion, I hope you can tell me.”

“What is it?

“Lucu-kun – you won’t betray Lyonsan, will you?

Why ask such a thing only now? While I was thinking that, Luxion’s one eye looked at me.

“If it’s the right Master for me, I won’t betray him.

“Hey, are you saying that if you don’t think I’m the right one, you’ll betray me?


At that annoyingly sassy reply, I grabbed Luxion with both hands.

“It seems necessary to instill in you a good understanding of the relationship.

“I don’t need the Master to explain it to me. Can I go play instead of this?

“Who told you to say something redundant!

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