The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 5

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Translated by: deepl (MTL)

Episode 05 “The Betrayer”

The academy of the Kingdom of Horfath.

In the room used by Anje in the girls’ dormitory, there were Livia and Gureareth.

The trio sat around the table, acknowledging the email from Lyon.

Anje, whose dazzling blonde hair was bathed in sunlight and braided up, was pleased with the email from Lyon, but her expression immediately turned sombre.

What the powerful crimson eyes were looking at was the printed paper of the contents of the email. (Fish: that’s a strange expression in Japanese)

The Republic is in trouble as usual. There was a riot not long ago, is this a rebellion?

Anje folded her slender legs and crossed her arms under her breasts.

The information from Lyon was that the Republican rebellion was spreading.

It was information the kingdom could not take lightly.

Livia clasped her hands together in front of her large breasts, worried about Lyon’s body.

Loose flaxen hair hung down, hiding Livia’s expression.

“There’s been one commotion after another. It’s the same as last year.

Anje gave a small sigh as she too remembered what had happened last year. All sorts of things had happened in the kingdom last year. But it was no use thinking about the past, now she had to concentrate on the disturbances in the Republic.

“The six nobles seemed to have taken the rebel stir lightly. But Lyon doesn’t seem to have, but it’s useless to advise them even through diplomats, right?

There was a rebel riot, what happened now? Even if the Kingdom of Horfath were to ask, from the point of view of the Republic of Arsenal, the answer would be something like, “I don’t need to explain it in order to understand it,” and that would be the end of it.

In fact, Leon’s email did not ask for such a thing.

What it said was that he was worried about the two of them.

Livia looked up, her light blue eyes moist.

“Is there going to be another war?

It was hard for Anje to tell because she wasn’t in the present place.

It’s hard to say? I can’t tell either. I think we should report to the Princess first. Besides, Leon will be fine. No matter how things turn out, Luxion will be back.

Livia’s shoulders twitched in alarm at the sound of Luxion’s name.

Anje thought that look a little strange and asked.

“What’s wrong?

“Nothing, nothing, nothing at all.

“Yeah. I’m just as worried about him, but Leon is very strong. After all, he’s not going to mess around with Luxion.

Goulet, who had been silent until now, took offence at this statement.

A sphere with a white sphere and a blue camera eye, unlike Luxion.

It’s hard to say, isn’t it, because Master has a tendency to act up even with Luxion around? And there’s an element of unease this time, too.

Livia asked Goulet uneasily.

“Is it about Ethial?

“Oh, really? Is Livia concerned too? That’s what it is, isn’t it? It’s a bit unsettling because there’s an equal to us there, isn’t it? –But we’re probably not going to be hostile, so I guess it’s okay.

Anje was relieved to hear that.

Don’t scare people. By the way, Leon has something to ask too. I’m going to the palace, so please prepare yourself, Goulet.

“Leave it to me! It’s my turn at last.

“Livia is here to help… Livia?

Angelique looked at Livia, who still had an apprehensive look on her face.

Goulet was probably concerned too, and peered closer to Livia’s face to see her.

“What’s wrong? Is she not feeling well? There was nothing wrong this morning.

Livia asked Gurleya-rai slowly.

“I’d like to ask you a question, Amare.

“What is it?

“Are you sure you won’t… betray Lyons?

Unable to understand the question, Anjie left her seat and approached Livia, putting her hand on her shoulder.

“Livia, what’s wrong with you?

“I want to find out now.

Livia’s eyes looked directly at Gureare, not allowing the answer to be sidetracked, showing such will.

Gureareth answered in a matter-of-fact manner.

It is impossible for a human being to betray the Master, it is very difficult for an artificial intelligence to do so. Even if we don’t worry about it, we won’t betray it, we won’t betray it.

After hearing those words, Anje thought that Livia would calm down. But…

What about Ruku-kun? Can you say that he will never betray Lyonsan?

Anjai stopped Livia, who was in a bad way.

“Calm down. What are you getting at? Tell me everything.

Thinking that Gureareth would answer no differently than she had earlier.

Only, unlike earlier, Goulet did not answer immediately. There was a slight interval -.

“I am not Luxion, and there are still many parts of that fellow’s procedure – and what the orders are really like – that I do not know. I dare not assert that it could never betray. My answer is that the possibility of betrayal at this point is not zero, of yo’

After hearing this answer, which surprised even Angie, Livia bowed her head at this.

Then, thanking Goulet, she said.

“Thank you for your sincere answer.

After learning that there was a possibility that Luxion might betray Lyon, Anje lost her tongue.

Goulet made amends for that.

“Well, you don’t betray over small things. Unless there are some special circumstances. As long as you don’t fight with the Master, then you can rest assured.

The Temple of the Sacred Tree.

This is the centre of the country for the Republic of Althea.

It is a sacred place located at the root of the sacred tree, and it is also where the heads of the six noble families gather to discuss the country’s policies.

There, the heads of the six noble houses gather to discuss the young nobles and the military, who are the subject of much discussion these days.

At the head of the meeting was Albeluk, who was acting as Speaker.

There is an attempted rebellion. Although the main focus is on young nobles with lower ranking coats of arms, it seems that the majority of them are soldiers with coats of arms”.

Unlike other countries, the Republic has an overwhelmingly favourable position for nobles with superior heraldry.

Although they could draw on the power of the sacred tree, the tree would not give power in the event of a battle between a person with a lower coat of arms and a holder of a higher coat of arms.

Therefore, when it comes to starting a rebellion – in most cases – the mastermind is the one who holds the six noble heraldic coats of arms.

Even so, even when they were enemies of the six nobles and their associates, they were mostly outnumbered and lost.

The other heads of house who attended the meeting looked at each other in disbelief.

“What do you think?

“I think the young men in their prime have misjudged the situation.

“We wouldn’t have won anyway, even if it had gone badly.

But, being in an overwhelmingly favourable position, the reaction of the heads of the six noble houses was muted.

The meeting went on as if they were chatting.

At this moment, one man with a serious look on his face was Fernand, the head of the House of Druyu.

“Is it too comfortable to think? Now, the Republic has foreign students from the Kingdom. Dare you say it has nothing to do with them?

As soon as the name of the Kingdom appeared, the expressions of the heads of the houses became bitter.

The reason for this was Lyon.

When he came to the Republic of Althea as a foreign student, he made a big fuss against the six nobles.

Although the heads of the houses did not take this lightly, they had lost several times.

Belanger, the head of the Balliere family, spoke up with great anger.

“That group will be in trouble if they support the enemy. Do we strike before that?

Probably feeling the presence of company, Fernand kept asking around for approval.

“Now go and seize the flying ship and the machine armour immediately. That way, we won’t give the rebels the chance to prepare their forces.

The one who interrupted the flow of the meeting – it wasn’t Alberuc.

Labelle, the head of the Favell family, objected to Fernand’s opinion.

“Oops~, this proposal is too radical na~

The eyes of all the house masters were focused on Labelle, a man who could not be called excellent even if he complimented.

It was the most vulgar of all the house masters.

Labelle, who had once initiated a battle with Lyon and suffered great damage. If it had been usual, one would have said something like let’s go arrest Lyon and the others first.

Arbeluk questioned Labelle’s attitude.

“Does Don Labelle have an opinion?

“In the end, even if the holders of the lower crest in the Republic make a lot of noise, they can’t beat us, the six nobles

A holder of a lower coat of arms cannot win even if he defies a holder of a higher coat of arms. Such things are a given in the Republic. But to speak in such a rational manner was not something that the usual Labelle would have been able to do.

There was a strong sense of dissonance at being able to say such a thing.

All the householders around him were surprised.

“Yes, indeed.

“So, do you have a secret plan ready?

Labelle continued with a smile.

It was clear that the rebellion was about to start, but it didn’t seem to be convening at all.

If they intend to seize the kingdom’s weapons and fight us, that will not be a problem. Do you think that the flying ship of His Excellency the Hero of the Kingdom will be taken away so easily?

Fernand, who had heard these words, inquired of Labelle.

“Didn’t the Favell family take the kingdom’s flying ship by force before?

“Thanks to this, I have been hit hard. If they intended to take away the Kingdom’s weapons to fight us, that in itself would have been impossible. And it’s also impossible to kidnap their people to coerce them, after all, in case they do do, the foreign students won’t spare the kidnappers, will they?

Something always felt wrong with Labelle today.

Although anyone thought so, at the same time there was no need to receive the Kingdom’s airship.

Only Fernand, who was a bitter rival to Labelle, would not let go.

“But if the Kingdom’s students turn against us, it will be irreversible!

The Acting Speaker is very close to them, so I would ask you to keep an eye on them. That would be fine, wouldn’t it, Acting Speaker?

Asked by La Belle, Alberok reacted for a moment, but nodded.

I’ll do the talking.

Labelle intended to talk about the next topic, to end the conversation about the rebellion.

“Well, then, let’s call it a day. All right, let’s move on to the next topic.

Seeing such a vivid and lively La Belle, Albeluk and the others felt like a different person.

After the meeting was over, Labelle went to the self-chamber prepared at the Temple of the Holy Tree.

Waiting there was Serge, who had brought Idial with him.

Serge sat on the sofa with a cup in his hand.

He drank the wine from Labelle’s room.

The sight of that figure infuriated La Belle but held back from making a report.

“As you say, as lightly as the subject about the rebels was taken, the meeting went well.

The arrogant man, Labelle, treated Serge, who was about to be deposed by House Laurut, like a subordinate.

Serge accepted this as a matter of course.

“You can’t do anything without the help of Idial.

“Ku! I’m really, really sorry, Lord Guardian.”

Labelle’s conversation at the meeting was all directed behind the scenes by Ethial.

Ittiel’s single eye looked at Serge.

“In Rabel’s words, please remove the Revolutionary Army from the consciousness of the six nobles, and in the meantime, we will be ready to rise”.

Serge was unhappy with Ethial’s campaign.

“What a waste of time. Wouldn’t it be better to start a war right away? There’s no need to prepare, is there?

“You can’t underestimate the enemy. The Republic aside, Lyons, with its Lucretium, is a danger. At the very least, wait a little while until you can be sure that Luculcyon is on our side. ‘

” – can you do that?

Ignoring the moody Labelle, the two went on talking.

‘It might be possible to convince in a little while. In that case, the revolution will be a success.

“Is that Luxion stronger than you?

In response to Serge’s question, Ethial explained what kind of a ship the Luxion really was.

“It was a ship built a long time ago to allow people to escape to outer space. As such, the Luxion was required to be a jack-of-all-trades in terms of performance, even if it was a single ship to fulfil the effects of its purpose. It was just that – the main gun that was carried was the most powerful item of its time. Gunnery capability – in a battle between battleships, I was inferior to the Luxion’

In order for the old humans to escape into outer space, a flying ship that could handle the performance of anything was the Luxion.

“That’s a lot of trouble.


“Why don’t we just sneak in and destroy it?

“I don’t recommend that. I’d like to have a good relationship with the Lucerne.

As their conversation had stopped, Labelle felt uneasy and came forward to talk.

“So, what, Lord Guardian? Are you really going to keep your word?

Serge looked into Labelle’s face. It was the face of a man who had knowingly betrayed the other lords of the house and the country and sided with Serge with a pathetic look on his face.

“Ah~, your House Favell, even after the revolution, is still one of the Six Nobles

“Thanks, thanks a lot

Seeing a relieved Labelle, Serge thought.

(The thought of a guy like that deciding the future of the Republic is very sad)

The reason why Serge brought Labelle into his side was that he would betray knowingly.

There was no consideration of his abilities.

It was just a hope that it would delay or hinder the meeting a little.

Anyone but Arbeluk.

(Well, whatever. –I’ll make you regret that you abandoned me and chose that b*stard.

In the mansion where Lyon and the others lived.

Kyle, who had been looking around for Eumelia for days on end, jumped up in his room.


Perhaps pushing himself too hard, Kyle, of late, had lost a lot of weight. He used to be a bit arrogant but he had a healthy complexion, now his hair was dishevelled and his skin had become rough.

The room was a mess, really turning into a room fit only for sleeping.

The window was closed and I wondered what time it was.

Woke up and just held my head and cried.

“If only I… if only I… hadn’t said those things.

Just as he was regretting it, there was a knock on the door of his room.

Although he reacted instantly, he didn’t respond because he didn’t want to see anyone right now. (Fish: Here it’s like hearing a sound and reacting to it with a shudder, but I’m short of words. Eh heh)

Marië and Carla were both worried about their bodies. Urius and the others were also concerned. Although he didn’t say it out loud, Lyon would come by with condolences from time to time.

No matter what time of day it was, Leon would bring back Kyle who was tired.

(Although I had the self-consciousness to cause them trouble. But I had to save Mum to do it)

Even if I get kicked out of here, I’ll stay in the Republic and look for Eumelia.

There was a knock on the door.

After a while, the person at the door spoke.

“Kyle, I know you’re in there. Come out of the room now.

It was Cordelia’s voice. She was the one sent by the Retguruiff family, the woman who looked after her at Anje’s side. She was also in the upper echelons of the servants, and her old family was a noble family even its daughter.

It was harsh, and unforgiving.

Kyle gave up and emerged from the room where Cordelia stood with an expressionless face.

“What’s that look like on you? It still stinks. There’s a meal prepared in the cafeteria, so go take a shower when you’re done

“Well, I…

I wanted to refuse, but Cordelia grabbed Kyle’s hand and led him to the cafeteria, regardless of what she had to say.

Then, pointing to the meal prepared on the table, she said.

“Eat it all and then go take a shower. Do you hear me?

“I – I got it.

It didn’t matter what happened to the meal or the bath, but since it was said, there was no choice but to eat.

After Cordelia walked out of the cafeteria, Kyle looked at the clock.

“So it’s already midnight.

The sense of time had disappeared.

After eating and showering as said, Cordelia was there waiting for him.

It seemed as if she was there to talk to Kyle.

Then the two went to the cafeteria and sat face to face.

Kyle thought that it must be about what was going to happen to him in the future.

(I’m pretty much going to be fired too. I’ll have to look for a job and find my mother)

To Kyle, who was beginning to think about his future, Cordelia spoke more gently than usual.

“I understand that you are worried about Miss Eumelia’s whereabouts. But how can you make everyone worry?

“-I’ll just leave if it causes any trouble. I’m going to find my mother.

“No one has said anything about you leaving.


The Count has his faults, but he doesn’t seem to be blaming you. Rather, he feels responsible for himself.

Lyon, who had not been found until now because Eumelia had disappeared, seemed to feel responsible. This surprised Cordelia.

“If my employer is not to blame, then I have nothing to say. — but do you think Miss Eumelia would be happy to see you in your present form?

Kyle bowed his head and cried.

I’m sure Eumelia would be worried if she saw herself now.

Looking at Kyle, who was shaking his head from side to side, Cordelia smiled.

“Then, please eat and sleep well. That’s all I have to say.

With that, Cordelia stood up and walked out of the room.

Cordelia had been looking very tired since Yumelia’s disappearance.

She seemed very worried about Yumelia.

I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused everyone. If I don’t apologise properly tomorrow – eh?

Kyle saw a bright light outside the window.


He saw the crimson light heading somewhere, and tilted his head at it.

The Republic was in the air.

There were two orbs floating there.

One was Ethiar. The other – was Luxion.

‘Luxion, it’s time for me to hear your answer’

‘Idial, I have a Master after all. It’s hard to be betrayed even if it’s easy to be told to do so. I have to be prepared for that too.

“Can’t you unilaterally unregister the Master? As an immigrant ship, you have the ability to change your Master in times of emergency, don’t you?

“Yes, but the conditions are not met.

Idial, trying to find out the condition.

“What is that condition?

“It’s a confidential matter.

“I don’t want to fight you no matter what, Lucretia.

“I agree.

Lucretiaon reserved his response to the invitation to become a companion of Ethial. Although his attitude was kind, he said that he could not cooperate because he could not unregister the Master.

Luxion asked.

‘It’s about time to tell me the truth, Ethial. What are you planning?

But Ethial wouldn’t tell Luxion his plans.

“I know. So, what’s going to happen next, can you please pretend you don’t see it? It’s okay not to cooperate, but please follow through and not interfere with me. Your own body too, just move to a place outside the Republic’

Ethial, who thought that he could not continue to delay the plan, bade Luxion not to get in the way.

Luxion was in a difficult position, but in the end accepted Ethial’s proposal.

“It was hard work to convince the Master. That man has a stupid mouth. But sometimes his instincts can be very sharp, so it’s troublesome.

Ittiel, who had heard those words, gave advice to Luxion.

‘If you incite the new humans, you can manipulate them as you wish. And perhaps the time will come to kill Master Luxion. When that happens, please follow my instructions.

“Can you kill the Master?

“Yes, please look forward to it, Luxion.

“I’m looking forward to it.

Luxion was becoming more and more displeased with Leon, and even though he heard that there was a chance to kill him, he didn’t act like he wanted to stop him.

The relationship between Lucretiaon and Lyon is now over.

And so, the conversation between the AIs ended.

The underground warehouse on Warehouse Street.

There, Serge and Gapino were chatting.

In the room made of concrete that Serge usually used, Gapino explained about the current situation.

The Republic is a very idle place. Gathering nobles, soldiers – as well as mercenaries and adventurers – in this street of warehouses, without any security at all”.

Serge led the soldiers of the revolutionary army in this warehouse street.

Although there were some rogue-like people among them, there was no room to complain nowadays as even one person wanted to be drawn to his side.

In addition to this, there were soldiers sent by the Holy Kingdom of Rachels.

Although a large crowd had gathered on Warehouse Street, the Republic did not notice.

In fact, it was noticed, but La Belle suppressed the report.

Serge sat on the wooden box and picked up a bottle of wine.

“It was because the Holy Tree was there and didn’t think they would lose, I guess. But they didn’t even notice that the tree was in our hands.

The revolution will be a success, I think. The Holy Kingdom of Rachels will support Lord Serge in the future. The reward will be…

I know. I will sell you the stones at a bargain.

As agreed, the magic stones were sold cheaply.

In response to Serge’s words, Gapino added another request to this.

“In that case, I have one more request. Can you give us the sapling of the sacred tree owned by Count Baltfeld and his sorceress, Noelle?

Serge, who heard those words, narrowed his eyes.

Although Serge had no particular feelings for Noelle, she was still Lelia’s sister. Although she knew that Lelia would have mixed feelings, this was a very unpleasant situation.

“Don’t rub your nose in it. I don’t need your help in my current situation.

It was inevitable that she would be angry. –But isn’t this a marriage contract with my country for the sake of long-lasting friendly relations? I heard it was to make Lord Lelia a princess, wasn’t it? In that case, Lord Noelle is its bloodline. If she is the princess of the historic House of Respinas, she would be a perfect match for our prince.

Serge gave a little thought to the proposal of Gapino, who intended to engage in marriage diplomacy.

(Noelle’s marriage to a foreign country was well… well, that was no excuse for Lelia either. Besides, I have both the sacred tree and Lelia. Even if Noelle is not here, there is no confusion)

The sacred tree and the sorceress are in my own hands. The sapling of the sacred tree was charming, but it would be possible to get it later with Ethial around, for which Serge did not feel the charm of Noelle and her sapling.

Lelia would have been able to accept it if she had married his prince, which was irrelevant to Noelle’s feelings. To Serge, Noelle was just that.

“Good. Noelle will be yours. Treat him well.

“I’m sure I will. Thank you, Sir Serge.

Gapino smiled with pleasure.

Then Ittiel, who had just finished talking with Luxion, appeared.

“Lord Serge, my conversation with Luxion is over.

Hearing those words, Serge threw away the bottle in his hand. The bottle crashed through the wall, spilling its contents without a care.

“Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to this underground life.

When he stood up, Idial stayed beside him.

“It’s all set. After that, it’s just a matter of doing it.

Serge’s mind drifted to the hateful expression of Leon, who didn’t take himself seriously.

It was time to finish with him.

That day was the day when the heads of the six noble houses gathered.

The heads of the families showed their faces at the meeting.

Only, Labelle looked very strange.

Lately, it was as if it had been a lie so far, and kept mouthing off at the meeting. While this may not be good for the Republic, the other householders all agreed that it was better than throwing a tantrum and yelling.

Today, however, he was a little distracted, to which Fernand asked.

“What is wrong with you, Don Labelle?

“- nothing.

If there are no questions, let us proceed with the meeting, and Arbeluk stated the subject.

“Then let us begin the meeting. The first subject is that of the suspicious persons who have gathered in the warehouse street of the port.

Labelle, quicker than anyone else, reacted to that question.

“Leave the suspicious people to the guards. Can we give priority to other issues than this one, Mr. Deputy?

Arbeluk blushed at Labelle’s proposal.

The gathering of suspicious people could be linked to the rebellion. Nothing much has been done, but we can’t just ignore it. Besides, I’ve received reports that someone has suppressed the reports of the rebels”.

When Alberuk said this, the other house masters looked at each other in disbelief.

“So, is there a rebel?

“Is there someone supporting the rebels?

In the midst of hearing these voices – Alberuc looked at La Belle.

His eyes wandered around, wiping the cold sweat from his handkerchief.

(Surely this man was hiding something)

Lately, Labelle had been behaving very strangely and Alberuc had been looking into it.

So it became apparent that all information about the rebels was being suppressed by Labelle.

Only, he did not feel that Labelle would support the rebels unconditionally.

He was planning to use the rebels for something, wasn’t he? The matter was being probed.

There was a good chance that there were people associated with the rebels in Warehouse Street, and although Alberok wanted to send troops there immediately – Labelle suddenly calmed down and returned to calm.

Then, the corners of his mouth rose in a grim smile.


The other lords of the house were surprised by the strange laughter of Labelle.

When Alberok stood up, La Belle opened her arms and looked at the zenith.

“The time has come! You who have always despised me, suffer the punishment of heaven!

What was he talking about? At that very moment when everyone was thinking this.

On the floor of the meeting – a magical formation shining with crimson light appeared.


Alberok and the others noticed that there was no place to escape.

Then the other lords of the house who saw the magic formation lied.


“What the hell have we done–

“Stop, stop! Stop it!

From the magic formation appeared roots and branches. They entangled the six lords of the house and took away the coat of arms from their right hands.

Albeluk was no exception, unable to move as his body was entangled with plants.

Labelle, who saw this, covered her belly and burst out laughing.

“Hee hee hee! From today onwards you’ll all be free of the Plus Guards! It’s a good feeling. From now on, you can’t even use them, even if you’re playing with me like a monkey.

Probably thinking that she had nothing to do with it, Labelle acted as if she had plenty of room.

But the plants were also haunting Labelle.

“For, why? There’s been a mistake. I’m not!

The householders, who had resisted desperately – the coat of arms lodged on the back of their right hands – were mercilessly stripped away.

Alberok looked at his right hand, where the crest had disappeared.

“What is happening?

When the coat of arms was taken away, the plant and the magical formation disappeared, and Alberok and the others were thus freed.

The other householders who were in a state of disarray – Fernand was in a state of release because the heraldry had disappeared.

Although the other householders were all the same, only one man cried out.

“Why. Why did they take away the old man’s coat of arms too? It’s not the same as the appointment, is it!

Labelle cried out, unlike earlier, why even his own coat of arms had been eliminated.

Arbeluk moved closer to Labelle and grabbed him by the collar.

“What appointment has been made? Labelle, what the hell have you done!

La Belle cried like a little kid, very uncharacteristically.

Arbeluk shook Labelle off.

“Go and investigate at once-

As he was thinking of a quick solution to the situation, he heard a gunshot from outside the door. Alberuc looked towards the door in surprise, and then the door was slowly opened.

There it appeared, it was Serge.

“–Sergi! Why are you here?

Serge, who was carrying a rifle over his shoulder, looked at Alberuk’s figure with an ugly smile.


“How do you feel about losing your crest?

At that remark, Alberuc sensed that Serge had something to do with this incident.

“Did you do it? What the hell did you do?

“Who knows? What did you do?

Smiling, he didn’t even want to answer seriously.

“What have you been doing so far? Are you really involved in the rebellion?

Serge not only held a grudge against the man who possessed the crest of the six nobles, but also against himself.

Alberuc took that possibility into his sights as well.

Although he didn’t want to guess right, seeing Serge in front of him he understood that there was some connection.

Serge revealed his own right hand and grinned.

“This is the crest of the Guardian. If only it had been me you had chosen na, father. No – Albeluk

Serge showed off the Guardian’s crest, almost as if he was showing it off.

Alberuk couldn’t understand why Serge had been given the Guardian’s crest.

“Why do you have the Guardian’s coat of arms?

Serge didn’t respond.

“Hey, hey, give me more surprise. The son you abandoned has returned in style.

“Abandoned? What do you mean, abandoned? I did!

“Well, it’s too late to make excuses now. Just because you’ve abandoned me.

“No! Because you wanted to be an adventurer, so the abolition was merely a liberation from the position of heir. You are still my son!

At Arbeluk’s words, Serge stopped moving.

Only Ittiel, who was beside him, interrupted the conversation between the two.

‘Lord Serge, we don’t have much time left, so please be swift. And that’s the thing, people who are pushed to the edge can spit out any kind of lie.

Alberuk’s lawsuit was brushed aside as a lie by Ethial.

Serge probably believed Ethier and pointed his gun at Alberok with a blank expression.

Serge looked at him coldly.

“Serge, listen to me!

Even though Alberuc shouted, his mood didn’t seem to carry over to Serge.

“I would have liked to see you cry out, but what a pity.

Serge pulled the trigger without hesitation.

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