The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 4

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Translated by: deepl (MTL)

Episode 04 “Big Sister Head”

After Ethial left, Luxion walked out of the room.

Marië and I, who were left behind, sat on the couch to discuss about what was to come.

About transmigrators, otome games, etc. After all, there were many things that no one else could hear, and therefore no one else could be allowed to come to this place.

“Lelia and Emile are enjoying their date, aren’t they? I’m so jealous.

When I said that, Marië looked displeased.

“You went on a date with Noelle too, didn’t you? When you came back from the morning market, you went to the café, didn’t you? Noelle told me so happily.”

“It wasn’t a date.

“Just do it. Noelle’s pathetic.”

“It’s pathetic that she likes me. Besides, I have a fiancée. It’s not going to work.”

I retorted with a legitimate comment, and Mariël fell silent.

It was dishonest of me to be adored by more than one woman, and Noelle should find another man.

Mariël asked me, lowering her head.

“Does Big Brother hate Noelle?”


Not as much as I liked her.

If I’d met her in the first place, I might have confessed – would I? But I can see that she’s a very attractive woman.

She’s lively and cheerful, and she has a different kind of charm to Angie and Livia.

If you like her, you should say so, you should say so! That’s why you missed your chance in a previous life!

What are you talking about? I didn’t expect that Lelia would be overruled by Emile.

Because she had the impression that she could control Emile, I thought she would come this time even if she canceled Emile’s business.

I’m sorry for Emil, but for the sake of the future of the Republic, please bear with me like this.

However, that Lelia didn’t make it a priority to come to us.

It used to be all kinds of complaints, but at least it was still discussed.

Marië remembered something about Emil.

“It was indeed a surprise. Emil is a very honest man if he’s in the game, so he doesn’t say much. The raid was also a bit tedious and gave a lack of impression. The plot is also very sparse

“Is it the An card? Even if the other men fail, if you replace them with Emile, you’ll be fine, right?

Marië seemed to recall her past life when she played the second part and nodded nostalgically.

“Maybe that’s why? Not only is the plot sparse, there’s only one person, and the ED ends with a single illustration of the main character and Emile. It’s clear that the companions will come and bless the other men, but when it’s just Emile, there’s nothing

Emile is so pathetic. He was hated by the producers, wasn’t he?

Emile is really unlucky. It’s a shame it’s Lelia.

“Isn’t that a reference to you, too? That Angelica and Olivia could have been anyone, but you.

“In that case, it is unfortunate for your chosen ones, Julius and the others.

“I’m the one who’s unlucky! I’ve had a very hard time! I’d like to go and wish them well if they found someone, so bring them here!

We stared at each other and changed the subject because we thought it was silly.

It was wise to avoid topics that would touch on either side.

Mariël remembered something about Emile.

“Oh, so there’s a rumour about Emile?


“It was written on the internet. It was written on the internet that if you change your character to Emile in the middle of the game, all your companions will stop appearing because they were silenced by the angry Emile. Emil is actually the most horrible character, isn’t he?

Is there such a hard-to-see element in the game?

That doesn’t exist, does it?

I rejected it on the spot because I remembered Emile’s kind expression.

That gentle young man, I don’t think he would have destroyed his companions.

“Yes. If I had been reborn in the Republic, I would have targeted Emil just like Lelia.

“And crush Emile like Lelia?

“Yes, yes! –That’s not true!

While I was chatting with Mariël, there was a knock at the door. I answered and opened the door to Cordelia, who had recently developed dark circles under her eyes.

“My Count, we have a visitor.

“A guest?

“It is Lord Loic of House Barrière, who has asked for a meeting on urgent business. Then, too, there must be a talk with Lord Mariël.

Loic seemed to be in a hurry to get to the house.

After thinking about what the matter was, Marië and I looked at each other and got up from the sofa.

The place where Loic was taken was the cafeteria.

Also, there were five idiots like Julius who surrounded Loic.

“What are you doing here?

Urius crossed his arms showing indifference, as did the other four.

They seemed to be wary of Loic.

Although Loïc was watched by the Five Idiots, Marië and I had a happy look on our faces when we arrived.

In front of my eyes was Marië.

“Long time no see!

Marië replied, slightly startled at the ninety-degree bow of Loic.

“Didn’t we meet at the Academy not long ago?

“It’s been five days since I’ve seen you!

It was a long time since we had seen each other for only five days.

Loïc handed Marië a handkerchief.

“Oh, these are the cakes that “Big Sister” said she wanted to eat. It’s a gift. Please join us.

“Thank you.

When she received the cake, she picked it up so that it wouldn’t break in the bag, and her eyes were shining. –This guy is too easy to coax! She used to love expensive clothes and stuff, and in general, she just likes to spend a lot of money, but now she’s touched by a mere cake.

Can I honestly feel happy? As a brother in a previous life, I was very distressed.

So, Gilke stopped there.

“Miss Mariël, please don’t be tempted by such things! And please ask Count Baltfeld to say something to him like he usually does!


“Look, don’t you usually say things that are sarcastic to our hearts? I hope you’ll say the same to that fool who unceremoniously calls Mademoiselle Mariès his big sister.

— looked around and the other four nodded.

Is that how you all usually look at me?

“It’s okay to call me Big Sister, right?

For me, who wasn’t going to chastise Loic, it was Brad’s turn to press in closer this time.

“This man has good intentions for Mariël! You don’t understand that!


“So?” “Hey? No, no, it’s hard for me to answer you when you say that.

What makes you think I’d interfere with Mariël’s relationship with you?

I used to say something because I thought the country was going to end, so I was just saying something, but now there’s no need for that. (Fish: Stuffed)

I faced the five fools and my eyes turned to Loic.

“He calls her Big Sister because he admires Marië, right? Besides, he doesn’t get into trouble like you guys do now, so there’s nothing more I can say

After saying this, Loic thanked me – with a look of triumphant pride at Urius and the others.

“Thank you very much, Count Baltfeld. –That’s what happened. So do as I please, Your Highness Julius.

“Then I should have cut you down and thrown you away.

Urius gritted his teeth, looking resentful, while Mariël prepared the tea and confirmed Loic’s story.

“Say Loic, what’s the emergency?

Loic straightened his posture. The attitude towards Mariël was very different from that of the Five Fools and me.

“Perhaps it has brought the Republic into disrepute, with the unstable movements of the young nobles and military men. And, it is centred on the lower nobility whose heraldic power is very weak

Marië tilted her head, and Urius seemed to force the words through in her stead.

“A shame indeed.

I said to Urius, who was talking towards Loic, “You are a disgrace to the kingdom of Horfath. If you had been more serious, I wouldn’t have had to work so hard.

But Loic ignored Julius and said to Marië.

“It would be nice if this were just a domestic disturbance, but there’s always something I can’t understand.

Marië told Urius to stand down and returned to the subject.

“Is there anything that concerns you?

“-they came to invite me, the ungazetted one. In those days they said they were going to destroy this rotten system to create a new state

It’s hard to say, but I’ve always found this reason commonplace.

Rebellion – that is, plans for a coup d’état? While it’s true that this is a matter within the Republic, it also has something to do with us in our study abroad.

Brad shrugged.

“Thank you for the advice. Please go back when you’ve finished talking – no, you wait

I wanted to say hurry back, but the five fools looked very strange.

The five looked at each other as they discussed something.

As Marië and I cocked our heads, Chris explained this simply and plainly.

“The Republic is particularly strong at the top, under the protection of the Holy Tree. Do you understand this?

When I nodded, Chris adjusted the position of his glasses with his fingertips before stating the incomprehensible part.

“It would be dangerous to start a rebellion in a country like this. Besides, Loic has lost his coat of arms. Why invite him?

I glanced at Loic, then answered Chris’s question.

“Because I think he holds a grudge against the hierarchy, right?

“Maybe if it was any other country, but the Republic is different, I guess. And, if Loic is going to hold a grudge, shouldn’t it be you more than the Republic?

I looked over at Loic, who scratched his cheek with his finger and looked away.

“No, no, I don’t hold a grudge. Now, then.

I was resentful not long ago, wasn’t I?

The upper echelons of the Republic are also very powerful. If you want to fight them, you can’t rely on the nobility, who have little power, or the military, who have no protection at all.

What? That was a strange way to put it.

Loïc seemed to have other concerns.

I refused as a matter of course on the grounds that such a thing was impossible. But they seemed to be hiding something else. They said I didn’t have to care.

Don’t care? Was there a heraldic response?

Marië looked at my face, which paled slightly.

“What about? We can’t be the only ones going back, can we?

I’d be caught up in the Republic’s internal rebellion and all that, so please spare me.

The desire to flee back to the kingdom immediately was one of the reasons.

In terms of noblemen’s values, it was possible to ignore such things as sacrificing a servant.

I should have evacuated back to the kingdom immediately, but Marië and I had a reason not to do that.

Greg messed with his head with his hands.

“Let’s stop. There’s nothing we can do about it, even if it bothers us. Besides, the moment we learn of the coup, the rebellion will have failed. If a guy like Loic can bring us information like this, then surely the bigwigs in the Republic will know about it too?

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Loic. And Loic nodded.

“It’s already been reported. Only, they didn’t listen carefully at all. Since Noelle is here too, I thought I’d come to inform you, just to be discreet.

The domestic violence man who was obsessed with Noelle was now behaving like a gentleman, as if he had been transformed.

The contrast was astonishing.

Urius narrowed his eyes. Revealing what Loic was trying to do.

“Just a reason to see Marië anyway, right? But now that it’s done, go back!

It was too cold for Loic. But I think it would be uncomfortable for a man to approach a woman he likes.

But Mariël ignored Urius.

“Lloyd, the tea is ready, drink it.

“I’m not at all polite, sister!

The two men ignored Julius and began to drink their tea.

The five fools, who were ignored, turned to me and asked for help.

–I said, “Don’t look at me.

After Loïc returned, I visited Noelle’s room.

The reason was, to tell Noelle what Loic had said. Once, Noelle was the victim of a stalker and that person was Loic.

Nowadays, although she had calmed down, Noelle was still sensitive about Loic, so she was told to wait in the room.

“-That’s it, the Republic is about to start a rebellion

After explaining Loic’s words simply and plainly, Noelle clutched the small box of sapling sauce.

“A war in the Republic. It’s really rare.


“I don’t know about the nobility, but for a commoner like me, there’s never been anything like a rebellion.

Even if a riot had been started, it had been dealt with before the six nobles informed the people.

Noelle hugged the box and bowed her head.

“All I can think of is when the house was set on fire, right?

“When it was attacked by the Laurut’s?

Noelle lifted her face and nodded slightly as I talked about the opening animation of the second series.

That’s what I’d heard. Although Lelia seemed to know, I was so confused that I didn’t know anything. All I can recall is that the adults were all gathered around Lelia-sama talking about what was to come.

“Around Lelia, you say?

“Since she was a little girl, Lelia has been welcomed and valued by everyone around her.

After all, Lelia was a transmigrator and probably wanted to make a personal profit. From a young age, she was expected by the adults around her more than Noelle.

“Huh? But didn’t they say that Lelia didn’t have the adaptability of a witch?

Noelle lifted her face in surprise.

“Did Lelia tell you that?

Is it bad timing for me to say it now?

“I said a lot of it when I was saving Noelle.

“So. But it was Lelia who was really expected.

From now on, Noelle talked about the past of the Respinas.

“Everyone – if only Lelia had the adaptability of a witch, that’s what they said.

–Twelve years ago.

Noelle, along with her twin sister, had come to one of the houses owned by the Respinas. There were several houses in the territory, which were distinguished for use according to the seasons.

The parents had to arrive late because of an emergency and it was the two of them who spent that day together.

The young Noelle was very active at the time, catching bugs in the courtyard.

“Look, Lelia. I caught it!

To show off the bugs, but Lelia gave her a very disgusted look.

“Don’t come near me. Your clothes are more dirty than this.

At the time, Lelia was stoic, nagging Noelle like its parent.

Noelle was not happy about this.

“I’m the sister!

“What does that have to do with what was said? Besides, we’re twins, so it doesn’t make sense who’s older, does it?

When she said that, she felt it was true, and it bothered Noelle.

As she tried to retort, the worm she was holding struggled and escaped.

“Ah, it’s gone!

Lelia looked shocked when the bug she had managed to catch escaped and gave her a sad expression.

“Don’t cry over this.

“I’m not crying!

Noelle shouted, and the servants who had seen the situation gathered around.

A middle-aged woman approached Noelle with a troubled look on her face as she noticed her clothes were soiled.

“Lord Noelle, please don’t make your dress so dirty.

“But, bugs…

This is not for catching bugs. Please take a lesson from Lelia.

Noelle bowed her head at those words. Always being told to learn from Lelia.

Lelia never failed to live up to your expectations in anything she did. Noelle, on the other hand, was a very naughty child, whose opinion was always lowered by any comparison.

As she was being taken by the maid to change her clothes, she heard voices from behind. It was a conversation between the knight, who was a guard, and his men, who probably didn’t think Noelle could hear.

“The future is not good with that look.

“Is it true that Lord Lelia does not have the adaptability of a witch?

The Witch and the Guardian said that Lelia didn’t seem to have any adaptations. If Lelia becomes a witch, the next generation will be safe, right?

A witch’s adaptability – that, something necessary to become a Holy Tree witch, so they say. I had never heard of such a thing, but if the current witch, Noelle and Lelia’s mother, had said that, then it was true.

Noelle was ashamed of herself for not being able to respond to the expectations of the adults, and at the same time didn’t know what to do about it.

Those involved in the Resbinas household – some of them – knew that Lelia did not have the adaptability of a witch. Therefore, the next witch was decided to be Noelle.

Although the adults did not openly express their regret, Noelle could imagine that behind the scenes the knights were thinking the same thing, I guess.

Looking back, all around Lelia the adults were surrounded by the adults.

It was envious of her sister who, unlike herself, could do anything.

“-In the end, all I’m worth is the adaptability of a witch. If Lelia had the adaptability of a witch, everyone would have been uninterested in me, right? Even Clayman is more worried about Lelia than me.

After hearing about Noelle’s past, I understood one thing. The sisters had an inferiority complex towards each other.

Lelia, because she didn’t have the adaptability of a witch, had the idea that “it turns out that my sister is the main character in this world and I’m just a passerby”.

Noelle, on the other hand, says “Lelia is more desirable” and holds this complex sisterly feeling.

Is it jealousy? But there also seems to be sisterly feelings in it – genuinely troubling.

Lelia is also a reincarnation, and I’d like to say to her to do better about it.

–But when I think about it, Marië and I didn’t manage to do that either.

I think it’s a fallacy that because you’re a reincarnation, everything goes smoothly.

After all, if it had gone well, I would have done better in my previous life and succeeded.

I changed the subject to the attack on Laurut’s house and asked Noelle about it.

“And then you were attacked and escaped?

“Yes. I don’t know how it happened, but it was a few days after I found out about the attack by the Laurut family. But Lelia was the only one who noticed. The boy, after all, had been good from the beginning.

If one had knowledge of the second part of the game, one could probably have expected it.

“Noelle, why did the Laurutes attack you then?

Why did the Laurutes attack the Respinas?

I was very concerned about that part.

“- that’s what Lelia said, because the Laurut family had their eye on power. All the adults around seemed to agree. Because Alberuk, who had been dumped by his mother, was angry and all sorts of other things

“Nothing to do with Lelia. I want to hear Noelle’s opinion.

I moved closer to Noelle and looked into her eyes when her eyes moved away.

“You know something, don’t you?

“I, our father, was a commoner, you know?

I’ve heard. It seems that this incident has made the Laurut family very critical of you, doesn’t it?

Noelle shook her head.

“Didn’t it?

Noelle’s mother, who was previously betrothed to Mr. Arbeluk.

The person whose marriage contract was annulled chose, surprisingly, a male who was not a nobleman.

Although Mr. Arbeluk’s engagement had been annulled, the other man was a member of the Respinas family, a family of witches, and a family that served as Speaker of the House. It would have been difficult to protest from a position, I think.

Mariël and Lélia claimed that it was the accumulation of such resentment that had led to this crime.

The details are not clear, but it seems that many people felt that this was not a good idea. The servants at the mansion also talk badly behind the scenes. But the two men –

Noelle trailed off, turning her head to look at my face and meeting my eyes.

“- are you trying to say that the present-day system is wrong?

As in representing the Republic – in other words, as in someone who stands in the shoes of the King and Princess and criticises the present system?

After Lyon walked out of the room, it was Marië who came to Noël’s room in his place.

“What did that b*stard say when he entered the young girl’s room?

Leon walked towards Noelle’s room, expecting that something might happen, but instead he was disappointed.

Noelle smiled in disbelief.

“Okay, okay, Leon’s just worried about me.

“A woman who lets a man into her room is proof of her acceptance! And that stinker, with his whiny words and excuses to keep his distance! He gets close enough to make a move, and runs away when he does! He’s really the worst, worst man in the world!

Perhaps there was a part of Mariël’s statement that she could understand, and Noelle agreed with it.

“Indeed, it is true. Leon is going to get shibori one day, isn’t he?

Marië imagined Leon being shibori by a woman.

(If big brother had lived a long life in his previous life, he would have been sabered one day. But in this world, he seems to have been stabbed too, right? Why do I have to worry so much about my brother in my previous life?

Rion might have cocked his head when he heard such words, but Mari Ai knew about her brother’s female relationships in his previous life.

Even if she didn’t mean it, the other woman might not.

Marië slumped her shoulders for a moment and took pity on her brother.

“Noelle – even though he is that kind of person, don’t dislike him. Because if a boy like Noelle stays with him, Da-Lion will be happy too.

“Hey? Well… don’t you already have two wonderful fiancés? I’m embarrassed if I fall in love with Leon too. And why does Mari-Air care so much about Rion?

“It’s a sinful relationship.

Noelle laughed out loud at Marië’s asserted answer.


“Hey? What’s so funny?

“Sorry. But when I spoke to Leon earlier, he said the same thing. I just thought you two were so similar, I guess.

Marië’s expression disappeared and she hugged her shoulders and trembled.

“Stop it. I can’t laugh.

Seeing this reaction, Noelle felt at a loss for words.

“Yes, I’m sorry.

As soon as the mood had risen, Marië changed the subject.

“In short! –Noelle is coming with us. With us, Leon and Luxion will protect Noelle.

Noelle nodded to Marië. Mariël noticed the look of trust in Lyon on her face.


I walked out of the room.

I stood in what was thought to be the last place Miss Eumelia had been seen, talking to Luxion who was floating beside me.

“From here I walked towards the entrance hall, and was thus unaccounted for. –You’re not as good as you say you are, if you can’t even catch a clue.

“But I have a sense of being better than the Master.

“If you lose to me, I think your existence as an AI will be questioned.

“As usual, you have a bad taste in your mouth.

“Then you’ll lose.

“So, what are you going to do after that?

“Well, let’s see… it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from Angie and Livia.

“My body has come next to the Republic. Communication is not possible.

In this world, communication could be replaced by magic, but the noise would become quite serious if we used communication machines.

It is difficult to communicate from afar, even with Lucretium around.

In the past, Lucretiaon’s body could barely communicate between the Kingdom and the Republic because it was relayed. However, now that Luxion’s body is near the Republic, it will become difficult.

I’d like to send a video, so let’s prepare it.

“That would be fine. More than that, how is Kyle?

Kyle had been in his room ever since Miss Umelia had disappeared.

Even when he’s out, he’s looking for clues about Miss Umelia.

When he’s tired, he comes back and stays behind closed doors, and when he’s refreshed, he goes out poking around.

Both Marië and Carla looked after him. At times like this, it’s better to be the opposite s*x than the same s*x. I want to be healed by Anjie and Livia too.

“Don’t you usually get healed by Noelle and Louise?

This is this, that is that. It’s men who want to be healed by different kinds of beautiful girls.

“What a scumbag statement. I’ll tell everyone what I said.

Stop it! And who are you referring to?

Anje and Livia, Noelle and Louise, and others who would be finished if they knew. As he pictured the group in his mind, Luxione’s single eye glowed eerily.

“In addition to those two, there are many other female Masters who come to mind, a man without integrity.

“What a…? If you say so, what are you, who is always thinking “New humans are not human, let’s destroy them”? Oh, I’m sorry, but you’re not human in the first place!

Because of what I said, the Lucheon fell silent.

With its one eye turned back to me, it walked towards a certain place.

“Yes, that’s right. I am not a human being. –I’m an artificial intelligence.

There was a certain presence listening to Lyon’s conversation with Luxion from afar.

The presence whose surveillance even Luxion had failed to notice was Ethial.

From the conversation between the two, it was possible to confirm that the relationship was deteriorating.

“The relationship between the two had become worse than before. It’s a good thing.’

It was as if the seeds of discord had sprung up in their relationship with Ittiel, who had induced them to do so.

Playing the good AI to Lyon himself and having him compare himself to Luxion.

Thanks to this, Lyon was beginning to hold a grudge against Luxion.

‘Lyon, you have belittled the existence of a being who has surpassed Luculcyon. You should be more vigilant”.

Luculcion was also fed up with Lyon’s attitude.

The relationship between the two men had become what Ethier had hoped it would be.

It was almost time for Luxion to take notice. –New humans are not to be trusted.

The crimson pupils of Ethial’s eyes glowed enchantingly in the night light, and he faded away.

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