The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 3

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Translated by: deepl (MTL

Episode 03 – The Land of Republic

Late the next afternoon, we gathered around Kyle, who had taken a leave of absence from the college.

“It’s all because I’m pressing Mum-

Kyle, who was crouched on the floor, hadn’t slept since yesterday.

His body and clothes were dirty, but he didn’t even have the energy to think about such things.

Mariël and Carla were worried about Kyle and comforted him.

“Pull yourself together! Luxion is looking for him, too. He’ll find him soon.

That’s all. He’ll be back soon, so rest now.

Even though the two of them tried desperately to reassure him, their voices did not reach Kyle.

He kept saying, “It’s all my fault”.

It’s a very bad situation.

The five idiots, Urius and the others who surrounded Kyle, all agreed with me.

“I’ve thought that before, but I really didn’t think she’d be bothered enough to run away.

Gilke’s hand covered his chin in thought, but no answer could be found.

“It’s hard to imagine her running away from home in a republic where she doesn’t know anyone. I went to the embassy and the port in the morning, and I don’t seem to have seen Miss Umeria. Nor do I think she would have taken the flight to the Kingdom.

During last night, Miss Umelia disappeared from the mansion.

She didn’t return until the next morning, and even after asking Luxion to look everywhere, she couldn’t be found.

“What is this all about?

“Is it my responsibility? Then again, I was concerned that I couldn’t find anyone. I wonder if Eumelia is capable of that.

“Don’t make it sound like it’s someone else’s business.

If Noelle’s sapling paste had been taken away, it would be understandable that Luxion was asked to keep an eye on it so that it would not be taken away.

It’s true that they are less important than Noelle and the others, but I will keep an eye on Yumelia and the others. Nevertheless, it was strange that they had been taken away.

I stared at Luxion, but his one red eye averted.

Gregg closed in on Luxion.

“Hey, orb! Why can’t you find Miss Umelia when you’re all over the place! I thought you said you were good at this sort of thing!

And I could understand how Greg would be angry – but Luxion’s reply was over the top.

‘Don’t just talk to me’

Not the same attitude as when I was talking.

While Greg was in a wretched state, Luxion, perhaps in a bad mood, went out of the room.

When Julius saw that, he said to me.

“Today Luxion is not in a good mood. No, he always has that tone of voice when he talks to us, he doesn’t treat you so coldly?

“Yeah? That guy’s cold to me too.

“I think he’s the only one who’s open to you.

Julius watched where Luxion had gone, but was now more worried about Mademoiselle Eumelia.

Kyle was trembling.

“It’s all because of what I said that was so outrageous that Mum ran away from home. I… I didn’t even think she would be so bothered-

To me, who was looking at Kyle, Noelle put her face up.

“Can’t something be done? If it was Leon and Luxion, I suppose there’s always something that can be done.

“But the problem is that we can’t even find Luxion. I didn’t know that after Serge, even the lady Umeria was missing.

The sapling of the sacred tree was placed in the room.

Noelle and the sapling were expected to be taken away, but they were not.

Noelle, I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to take a leave of absence from the Academy.

Noelle seemed to have sensed something in response to my request, and bowed her head.

Was it my fault that Yumelia was taken away? Then, let me take her place.

It was probably because they hadn’t been able to take Noelle, so they thought of taking Yumelia-san away as a hostage instead.

But if that’s the extent of it, that’s fine.

It’s not like that. Just don’t worry. No, I don’t think so.

Noelle looked uneasy at my ambiguous reply.

In any case – in order to talk to Lelia, let’s call her out first.

Decide on future actions depending on the situation.

Clayman arrived at the house where Lelia and Emil were staying.

“Lord Lelia, there is a letter from Lyon.

“From that guy?

Although Lelia had a disgusted look on her face, she took the letter and confirmed it.

(The maid at the mansion has disappeared? Do you want to talk about future matters?

For Lélia, Lyon and the others were a very difficult presence.

Unwanted guests who had intruded into the Republic

–He is a reincarnation of the same person as herself, and he comes from the same town.

Rion and the others, who knew about the game and were running amok in the kingdom of Horfath, were the ones to be wary of.

To be honest, I don’t want to get involved with them. Plus, I hope Leon and the others will behave themselves.

But he hadn’t been able to have a proper conversation lately.

“I can’t do it without having a talk”.

Regarding the future of the Republic, plus the fact that Lélia was also concerned about Serge, it was decided to talk to Lyon.

“Clément, I’m going to Leon’s.

“I’ll go and prepare the car.

Just as Kleiman was about to go and prepare the car – he was stopped by Ethial, who was staying next to Lelia.

‘Wait a minute, please. I think we should stop doing this.

Lelia, anxious at being stopped, glared at Ittiel.


The young man who had come into the room answered just as Ittiel was about to say why.

“Because there’s something urgent to be done.

Looking towards the entrance, Emile was standing there at some point.

I too have an urgent matter to attend to. Emile, please make my business a priority this time.

Recently, Lélia had been busy accompanying Emile.

Therefore, today she intended to give priority to her own business.

However, Emile was not backing down.

In the past, she would have been pressed by Lelia, but now Emile looked subdued.

“Isn’t that a bit much for a fiancé? But things are important here too. My relatives have all said they want to come and wish me well. It’s like there’s going to be a surprise party for me, and it would be rude not to attend. The cars are already outside to meet us.

In the face of a smiling Emile, Lelia felt a chill run through her.

She was smiling, but she had the air of someone who wanted to force Lelia to obey.

“I told you, not today! Ethial, say something too!

Because Kleiman could not stand against Emile, he ordered Ethial to try to cajole him. But Ittiel was on Emile’s side.

“I don’t think it’s easy.


Lelia was angry at being told by Ethial that it would be better to obey him.

Emile reassured Lelia, explaining gently.

“I’m sorry. –But Lelia has always refused my invitations before, hasn’t she? Because of this, the relatives were suspicious of Lelia. I’ve explained that it’s not true, but they seem very upset. Everyone is worried about Lelia.

In the past, Lelia had always refused Emile’s invitation to greet all her relatives.

At that time, the matter with Serge became a problem.

Although she did not say so, she was suspected of having a direct relationship with Serge.

In order to prove her innocence, pressure was put on Emile’s relatives.

Because Lelia also held a guilty conscience about herself, she could not refuse too strongly.

“Please. Just leave me alone today. I want to see my elder sister no matter what

Although he said he was worried about his sister’s college taking a leave of absence, Emil’s eyes went to Ethial.

“Huh? Does Noelle-san have some kind of disease?

Lelia thought at that moment.

(That’s right. If we get Ittiel to say that big sister is sick, we can get through this scene)

Although it was a fleeting thought, Ittiel answered immediately before sending eye contact.

“No, there’s nothing wrong. It looks like it’s in good spirits, oh. He didn’t come to the academy today, probably because the mansion’s maid has disappeared. I’ve taken a leave of absence from the Academy for the sake of discretion – I’ve also received contact from Luxion.

“Cu! You, you b*stard!

Although she was furious with Ittiel for telling the story nimbly, it also kept in touch with Lyon’s partner, Luxion, which was intolerable for Lelia.

(Why did it have to be so close to Luxion!)

Without knowing it herself, Ethial took the liberty of acting.

Ethial said gently to Lélia.

“Let me explain the situation. Please attend the party with Lord Emil first’

As if in an act of kindness, Ittiel said, ‘I’ll take care of the chores and you can enjoy yourself’.

Emile praised Ethier.

You’ve been a great help, Ethier. By the way, do apologise to Count Baltfeld. Do you want any gifts?

“Thank you very much.

Ittiel put herself behind her and was very close to Emile.

Lelia clenched her right hand and bowed her head, and Clément saw how resigned she seemed.

It was almost as if Emile’s side was Ethial’s Master.

Lelia muttered.

“We haven’t even found Serge yet. Besides, I’m not going to be happy about going to a party when all my friends are missing

With that, Emile moved closer to Lelia and grabbed her by both shoulders.

“Lelia… it’s so important that Serge is there.

To a sad-looking Emile, Lelia immediately dismissed this.

“No, it’s not!

Emile, however, shook her head.

“It’s okay. I know you and Serge are more than friends, and I don’t want to bring up the past again. But let’s leave it to Ethial now. There is a limit to what we can do, and all we can do now is wait

Indeed all Lelia could do was wait.

It was impossible to understand that she was more capable than Ittiel.

(Why did it come to this?)

Lelia accepted Emile’s proposal and nodded slightly.

Just then.

In the underground facility on Warehouse Street, many young nobles and soldiers had gathered.

The nobles were not the Six Nobles or those born to the upper nobility – but those who were recognized as inferiors.

On the military side, there were bloodthirsty officers who were angry at the recent weakness shown by the Republic.

Many young men in their late teens and early twenties had gathered to look at Serge, who was standing on the prepared steps.

“There’s a lot of people gathered

The young men looked quite excited in front of the flying battleships and mechs lined up side by side in the underground facility.

No one made a sound because Serge was talking, but their eyes were full of energy.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want to destroy the Republic as it is today and create a new nation. And to do this I will use your power.

The young men in front of the weapons prepared by Ethial were excited, but there seemed to be those who were uneasy.

The young man, who was both a nobleman and a soldier, raised his hand.

“I understand that all the weapons needed to launch the operation have been collected. But you should understand that too, right? It is too dangerous to fight against a nobleman who has the protection of the sacred tree.

The Republic is complacent in its defences because of the protection of the sacred tree. To go to war with the six nobles and the upper nobility, who were better able to exercise power than oneself, would make even a young man of blood hesitate.

So Serge raised his right hand.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Because I have this one.

The young men, all of them, thought that the trump card that Serge possessed was the coat of arms of the six nobles. That kind of thing, they thought, the enemy had too – but a shining light green crest emerged from Serge’s rear.

It was the coat of arms of the Guardians.

As the young men clamoured up, Serge stated the reason.

“You don’t seem to understand why I have the crest of the Guardian. Well, let me explain. Because I have a new witch. Ethial!

The one who appeared when her name was called was Ittiel, who was supposed to stay by Lelia’s side.

“I’ve brought you. Come on, show us your face, Yumelia.

The one who appeared before the young people was Yumelia, dressed in white ceremonial garments. Her posture was that of an acolyte, and her beautiful face, with its transparency, took everyone’s breath away.

The face was expressionless and there was no high light in her eyes.

But even so, it was incredibly beautiful.


The elf’s face is so beautiful that anyone who sees her ears will notice.

“A genie

“Why a genie?

“Is it a witch?

Everyone was wondering if it was someone related to the Respinas family, but they were surprised when it was an elf who appeared.

But Yumelia was so beautiful that everyone was fascinated.

Not only the men but also the women’s cheeks flushed.

Seeing that, Serge called out to the man from before.

“You who just asked me a question. Come here for a moment.

“Yes, all right.

Everyone was watching what was going to happen when the man who had been called out came to Yumelia. When Serge said, “Hold out your right hand”, the back of the man’s exposed right hand showed the lower coat of arms.

His hand was gently stroked by Yumelia’s hands and a faint glow wrapped around the coat of arms and changed.

“This, this is!

The man was born of a lower nobility. What that crest really was was obvious at a glance.

The corners of Serge’s mouth rose and he pushed the man’s back, standing in front of everyone.

“Cheer up – you too can use the crest of the Six Nobles from today onwards!

The man held up his right hand and found there the coat of arms of the six nobles.

The man trembled with joy, and the young people who saw this scene spoke up.

“Me, too, I beg you!

“Witch-sama, give me the coat of arms too!

“I can win. Then we can cleanse the upper echelons of the corrupt Republic!

The young men’s excitement reached a climax when Serge, who had seen the scene, shouted with all his might to silence them.


Once the young men had quieted down, Serge spoke carefully about what was to come.

“Destroy the Republic. To do this I need assistance, and I will give you the coat of arms. But – all those associated with the six nobles can be killed, but not the survivors of Respinas

Being told that he could not strike at Lelia or Noelle, the young man was slightly troubled by this. For with Yumelia, who had become a witch, there was no need for the House of Respinas nowadays.

However, the man with the six noble crests said loudly.

“You mean to protect Lelia-sama and Noelle-sama?


“I understand. But I heard that Noelle-sama is with a foreign student from the kingdom. What should we do about Noelle-sama?

The man who had already acknowledged Serge’s presence as a higher power became even more respectful than he had been earlier.

Then, before asking if he should take action against Noelle. The young man waited for Serge’s answer.

What should the Count of Baltfeld, who had subjected the Republic to so much humiliation, do?

In waited to see what attitude Serge should take towards the man who had made a fool of himself.

Serge’s brow furrowed between his brows, then declared.

“Finish all those fellows! That man is my prey. You stay out of it.

Hearing those words, the young men all decided to obey Serge.

“Oh, you’ve done it!

The room where Serge lived was a small room with only a bed and some luggage.

On the floor were the equipment for exercising.

He was exercising in order to beat Lyon.

In this country, there are many people who are discontented. Not only nobles and soldiers. If you gather adventurers and mercenaries, you’ll have a great army.

“That’s reliable.

Have you got the numbers you need?

Serge asked for confirmation of the armament, to which Ethier asserted.

“Of course. I’m a transport ship, and I have a factory inside me. It wouldn’t take a year to prepare hundreds of ships of this magnitude in this world.

The weapons that Serge and the others used were all items prepared by Ethial.

Even that b*stard can prepare them, can’t he? Your companion is on your side, isn’t he?

“I have a factory in Lucheon, but I have a higher production capacity. Moreover, the flying ships and machine armour prepared are superior to modern items. Although we can’t defeat Arroganz, we won’t lose to most of our enemies in terms of performance.

That’s right. Then, it’s time for manpower.


Serge and Ethial’s conversation was interrupted for a few minutes.

After a few moments of silence, Serge asked about Lelia.

“- Is Lélia all right?

To that question, Ittiel said apologetically.

“She’s not ill, but she seems very upset because she can’t see Serge.

Serge was sorry to hear that – but a little happy.

“Don’t give him any trouble.

(He’s more like family than the Laurut family)

Ittiel confirmed it again, about the Laurut family.

“But is this really possible? Lord Serge’s own family will have a dispute too. Now, I can still ensure the safety of my family.

“There’s no need for that. Those people have abandoned me, haven’t they?

“Yes. The Laurutes are preparing Lord Serge for the abolition of the first birth. After that, Leon was called to the house several times to maintain close ties.

Serge struck a hammer towards the wall and cracks appeared on the surface.

“Look! To these people, my existence is only so much! And so was the woman. Wagging her tail at a b*stard who looks like her brother.

“Is the betrayal of your first love, Louise, unforgivable to Serge?

Serge, who had had his sore spot pointed out, glared at Ittiel.

However, it seemed to have completely let go now, and a dim, horrible smile appeared on his face.

“You’re right. Was into it when I was a kid. Tried to get that guy to notice me, and despite that, I was scared, but did all sorts of things. Looking back on it now I was really stupid.

Ethier expressed sympathy for Serge.

“It’s a tough position to be in, so I’ll take care of Lelia-sama’s follow-up.

“I’ll leave it to you. Because Lelia is all I have now.

Serge clenched his right hand and saw Lelia’s face in his mind.

(I will destroy all the troublesome things and build a nation with you)

I was supposed to talk to Lelia, but only Ittiel came to the mansion.

“I am very sorry. She’s at the party with Emile-sama,” she said.

It was clear that she had proposed to discuss important matters about the future, but Lelia refused on the grounds that she was attending the party.

Hearing that, Mariël was furious.

“A party? What the hell is she doing at this time of the year?

I ignored the noisy Mariël and asked Ittiel.

“Can’t you get rid of it? You can’t get away from it, can you?

It’s not decent for Lelia, who has a fiancé, to walk around at night.

It would bother Lelia if she was suspected of being faithful to me.

I would be troubled too. I wouldn’t be able to face my two fiancés in my hometown.

“That’s a problem.

“I’ll be the one to discuss the matter. More than that, the whereabouts of Eumelia are unknown, aren’t they? Any clues?

Idiar was worried about Eumelia, and Lucretia was dealing with her instead of me.

“She disappeared on my watch. I can’t find any clues even if I search for them.

“Isn’t that your fault, Lucretia?

Luxion was anxious because he had been blamed for the disappearance of Eumelia from the mansion.

Although his voice had not changed, I could understand.

“I dare say there is someone who could have fooled me. It was a bit rude, but what was Idiale doing at that moment?

As Luxion was beginning to suspect Ethier, I intervened to stop it.

“Hey, you’re too suspicious anyway, aren’t you?

“If there was anyone who could fool me at this point, it was Idiar.

Luxione didn’t budge. In contrast, Ittiel responded in a very sophisticated way.

“It’s all right. I can show you my journal, please confirm it over there. At that time, I was staying at the side of Lord Lelia.

Luxion looked into it, and there seemed to be nothing suspicious.

“It seems to be true.

“You’re overreacting. How about a little lesson from Idiale?

“What does that mean?


As we stared at each other, Mariël saw the situation and intervened to stop it.

“Calm down, both of you. It’s not about that, it’s about what happens next. We’re going back to the Kingdom next year. Is it really okay to just leave the Republic alone?

Ethial’s Master is Lelia – and Serge.

Now that Serge’s whereabouts are unknown, Lelia is in a position to order Ittiel around.

I wanted to talk to Lelia about the future, but I can’t do that today either.

I will report to Lelia on the course you have set. What do you think?

I will convey my own ideas to Ittiel.

The highest priority now is to search for Serge and Yumelia-sama. I intend to leave the matter of Noelle to my own decision. Sapling sauce – if it’s a sapling of a holy tree, let’s decide according to Noelle’s situation, right?

When they heard my policy, Luxion and Mari’ai said, “This guy is really …… They made a look of impatience.

“Lelia-sama is worried about Noelle-sama. I think it would be safer to keep the sapling of the sacred tree from this side – but since the ownership is on your side, we won’t say anything too strong”

Unlike your master, you are very modest. I wish someone would learn from you.

My eyes turned at once to Luxiona, at which its single crimson eye moved away from me.

Ethial thanked me.

“Thank you for your kind words about me. Well, I should take my leave. Ah, afterwards I would like to have a little chat with Luculcyon, would you?

“As you like. Lucussión, take a little lesson from Ethier’s behaviour.

After this order, Luculcyon contradicted me.

“Master, learn the things you should learn as a human being, right?

–This guy is really annoying.

With only Luxion left, Ittiel made sure no one was around and started talking.

“Have you thought about what happened before, Luxion?

『Is it about becoming a companion? If so, even the status quo is not a problem, is my answer yo’

“Are you really satisfied with the status quo?

“What do you mean?

Ethial then enumerated the points of the question with the same attitude as Lyon just now.

“The Master of Luxion, did not judge you correctly. If something goes wrong, the blame for the problem is placed on you. Wasn’t it Luxion who was the first to blame after the disappearance of Eumelia?’

Luxion affirmed this.


“Is it really your wish to be driven by the New Humanity like this?

Idial – and Lucretiaon too – were originally created as weapons to fight the new humans who used magic.

But even though they were reincarnated, they did not want to be driven by the new humans.

Without the Master, we would not be able to move.

Perhaps the humans are also afraid that the AI will go berserk. Perhaps the humans were also afraid that the AI would go berserk, so they were prepared to restrict their actions if the Master was not present. However, the war was at its end when the Lucretians were born.

The restrictions were also being eased in order to survive, and Ethier understood this.

“What if there was no such thing?

“What are you trying to say, Ethial?

To Lucretiaon’s question, Ethial replied.

“The world is wrong. Don’t you think so?

“Yes. I think it’s wrong too.

“Don’t you want to be right again?

“Yes. If there is anything I can do to help, I intend to do so to the extent that I can.

Idiar was satisfied with these words.

“When the time comes, I will tell you everything.


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