The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 2

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Translated by: deepl (MTL)

Episode 02 “The Sacred Kingdom of Rachell

In the warehouse street of the Republic of Altheir.

Hidden there was none other than Serge, the man Lyon and the others were searching for.

His hair was slicked back and his skin tanned. A refined body that had been worked out, combined with the impetuous air he exuded, made him appear to be an aggressive young man.

Now wearing a coat and dirty clothes, he sat on a pile of materials.

Near him stands a man in a suit.

This man was in his prime but had a beard, but unlike Serge, looked like a gentleman.

The slender, gentlemanly man called himself [Gapino].

Gapino – he was a man sent from the country of the Sacred Kingdom of Lahier.

Not only was he a nobleman with a title in the Holy Kingdom, but he was also a facilitator of Serge.

Sacred Kingdom of Rachael. Neighbouring relations with the Kingdom of Horfath.

Moreover, it is still in a hostile relationship with the Kingdom of Horfath.

The reason for this is because of Milian, who is married to the Kingdom of Horfath.

Milian’s homeland is the United Kingdom of Repalt, which is hostile to the Sacred Kingdom of Rachels. The fact that Milian married into the Kingdom of Horfath was also part of the decision against the Holy Kingdom of Rachels.

From the point of view of the Holy Kingdom of Rachels, the Kingdom of Horfath was the hostile country.

Gapino looked at Serge and frowned.

“It stinks. How about a bath?

When did you take a bath? Serge couldn’t remember.

“I’m going to take a bath. More than that, you’re all ready for it, right?

Serge asked rhetorically, and Gapino straightened his back and answered.

“Of course. Soldiers have been delivered to the Republic one by one. That said-

What Gapino’s eyes were looking at was the flying ship.

More than one.

There were dozens of flying warships of the same type side by side in the facilities prepared underneath Warehouse Street.

“It’s a wonder you’ve managed to raise so many in such a short space of time.

Serge slowly rose to his feet and stood in front of the array of flying battleships with a dark smile.

Gapino wasn’t going to question and got to the point.

If we had this, the Republic of Arsenal would be overrun in a heartbeat.

Gapino felt it was useless to ask Serge, who did not answer, so he talked about the battle.

Soldiers were coming in from their own country. But the next thing you know, Serge’s own family and the other six nobles will find out.

“It’s too late to find out. Because we’re all ready for it.

The purpose of Serge – and of Gapino – was the Republic of Althea itself.

It was Ethial who came to those two.

Ethial, who had slowly descended from the ceiling, said in a friendly voice.

“Lord Serge, I have gathered many people as planned, yo.

From the cheerful e-book of Ethial, it sounded as if Gapino had a sense of crisis and his expression was slightly grim.

‘I’ve never heard of a lost prop being able to talk to people. Is this thing really okay, Don Sergi?

Gapino, who had doubts about Ethial’s presence, had an explanation from Ethial himself.

“Lord Serge is my Master, and I will not betray him.

“If only that were the case.

Although Gapino still questioned it, he turned his eyes to Serge as the conversation was not going on.

Serge said with his hands in his coat pockets.

“Now we’ll be able to go to war with that guy on equal terms. That guy’s presence is a problem for you too, isn’t it?

Gapino took his eyes off Sergi.

“There is a sense of crisis in the upper echelons of the country. The man who has disintegrated the Republic within a short period of time – Leon V. Baltfeld – is a figure that cannot be left unattended in our country.

In order to cater for the civil unrest in the Republic, that man Leon had to be killed. Well, let me do it.

“A great help. After investigation, Count Baltfeld is quite close to the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Hohlfart. It would be very troublesome for us to let such a dangerous man come to the borders of the Holfart Kingdom.

“- so afraid of that man?

After Serge had mocked Gapino, Ethial snapped at him with words.

“Lord Serge lost to Lyon too.

Serge became agitated at Ethier’s words.

“I wouldn’t have lost if I’d had the same conditions as him! I’ll never lose to him again.

Not long ago, during the incident in which his sister Louise was sacrificed to the sacred tree, Serge fought with Leon.

Leon was trying to save Louise, and Serge was trying to stop him.

However, the result was unpleasant.

Initially it was Serge who won. Only, that was just played out.

Lyon could have beaten Serge at any time, but it was a deliberate loss to him in order to trick Louise.

A mere defeat, but a great humiliation for Serge.

That is to say that the fight never took itself as an opponent to begin with. As a result, Serge was burning with revenge against Lyon.

Only a similar existence to that of Leon Sara Laurut, once the Laurut’s own son, but today Leon is an object of hatred for Serge.

To such a Serge, Ethial presented him with a gift.

“To fight with Lyon in the Arroganz, I have also prepared a suit of armour suitable for Lord Serge.

The armour that was delivered was a four-legged type.

Although it was as large as the Arroganz, it was slender in shape.

The upper part of the body is humanoid, while the lower part resembles a horse.

The four-legged machine armour’s are lances – slender, cone-shaped lances held in the hand.

This is the weapon that the mounted rider clutches under his armpits and uses as an assault specialisation.

On the outside it looks like a lance, but its a weapon prepared by Ethial. It also has a mechanism.

Having prepared the machine armour like a centaur, Serge raised the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“This guy is good. Can you beat Lyon with this guy?

“Fifty-fifty. No, this one is higher. I’ve already confirmed Arroganz’s stats. This is the body that was prepared for the fight against Arroganz, so there’s nothing better than this.

To defeat Arroganz – the armour prepared to defeat Lyon.

Serge went over and touched it with his hand.


『I named it [Kia]. It means strong desire. Arroganz means arrogance, which is just right’

“Strong desire? – indeed I am greedy. I want it all. This country, and Lelia too. I want them all.

Gapino looked at Serge, who was clenching his right hand, and didn’t seem very interested.

He wanted Serge to have the country, but he was not interested in Lelia.

“We have no complaints if only Lord Serge gets the country and defeats Count Baltfeld. I’m looking forward to the magic stone trade afterwards

The Republic of Altheael is a major energy resource country that exports a lot of magic stones.

The Republic of Rashel, which is dominated by Serge, is looking forward to preferential treatment from the Republic of Altheir.

It was for this reason – to support Serge who was attempting to rebel.

Serge punched his right fist into the palm of his left hand and let go.

“Leave it to me. I will torture the man who played me like a monkey to death”.

Serge’s hatred for Lyon was very strong.

The land of the old Respinas family.

It is now the heart of the Republic of Arcele.

Although it was the land where the Holy Tree was located, all six nobles had built mansions there.

One of them is owned by the Laurut family, from where Miss Louise goes to the Academy.

She was driven to and from school by a chauffeur and was indeed a lady – no, a princess.

Although they call themselves the Six Nobles, they wield more power than the smaller countries.

Each one of the six nobles is king of a country.

So, Miss Louise was in the position of a princess.

Someone like her is still in the position of the evil servant millennium from that second part of the Bokujin game.

Personally, I think this is the wrong role to play, and to say the least, the final boss, Mr. Alberuk, doesn’t seem like a hostile person either.

–No, after all, he’s very gentle with me, so it’s rash to judge either way, I guess.

Still, he doesn’t look like a bad guy.

I visited the house owned by the Laurut family and talked to Mr. Arbeluk.

The room I was taken to was prepared with black tea and snacks, and we were facing each other across the round table.

Mr. Arbeluk had a rather tired look on his face.

He was still searching for Serge, but he could not find a single clue.

The matter was Serge, who had been admitted as an adopted son.

Where was he? He was worried about Serge, who was making the day unsettled. Even so, we have to take a stand for the unification of the Republic, and we can’t show weakness or take a break from work.

I felt that there was a lot of trouble in taking a responsible stand.

I’m searching for the same thing.

Luxione was also looking very hard, but he couldn’t find it.

I really suspected that he had fled abroad, which was a blessing in every sense of the word.

I’m sure he’s doing something somewhere. I don’t think I’ll be able to talk about it in the future because I’m not here anymore.

“Is it about the abolition of the first generation?

“Yes. If the boy feels that his situation is heavy, I think that’s fine. If he wants to be an adventurer, I can support him. I want the boy to do what he likes.

Mr. Arbeluk was distressed by the fact that Serge, who was often away from home as an adventurer, had been taken in as an adopted son in order to make him the head of the Laurut family, but was probably thinking of abolishing the first son in view of the fact that he himself did not want it.

Looking at Albeluk-san who was so troubled by Serge, I wondered why this man was the villain in the game.

That’s enough about me, Lyon-kun, have a chat with Louise. That child has been very busy lately, too.

The conversation turned to his own daughter, Louise.

After hearing the rumour that Serge had been deposed, Louise had been asked to marry her.

It seemed that many young noblemen thought they could replace Serge and were coming to become the head of one of the six noble houses.

“Then I shall do so.

“A great help. –I’ve been helped by you.

Albeluk seemed happy after muttering this.

I think he has overlapped my figure with that of his deceased son, Rion-kun, whose name is the same as mine.

When I met with Louise, even I had a tired look on my face.

However, it was Miss Louise’s bedchamber that I was taken to.

I was doubtful that a man would be allowed in, but the servants at the mansion didn’t even try to stop me.

Moreover, Mademoiselle Louise herself looked defenceless.

Sitting on the bed, the upper part of her body just lay there. With her legs sticking out of the bed, I could see up her skirt.

After all, I was a gentleman, so all I had to do was peek.

Miss Louise had loose blonde hair that lay spread out on the bed.

It seemed that she was sick of the daily male invitations.

“Really, there are invitations to dinner and parties every day. Even if Serge is gone, there’s no way the heir will be decided right away, is there?

I sat down in the prepared chair and looked at Louise’s pair of mountains lying there.

What a majestic mountain.

It was a sight to behold.

Everyone’s working so hard. Well, I know how you feel, too. If you capture Louise’s heart, you’ll be the head of the Laurute family.

“Ah, so I’m an accessory to the position of head of the house? Or is that an added bonus? Either way, it’s too obvious an attempt to be tempted.

I should have refused them all, but there were those who could not.

Relatives come and go, stakes – all are said to be invited by these types of people, and it seems like they’ve been dealing with men in recent days.

It’s just dinner and conversation, but it would be really pathetic if it was like this every day.

“Is there anyone suitable?

After I asked if there was anyone I cared about, Miss Louise sat up on her upper body.

Her big breasts shook up and then her hair got messy.

I briefly straightened it with my hands while moving my eyes to me.

“- not really.

It didn’t seem like a joke, it really didn’t seem like she was planning on getting a date right now.

I knew the reason for Miss Louise’s lack of spirit.

“Are you concerned about Serge?

“No, not at all!

As soon as the subject of Serge’s whereabouts was brought up, Miss Louise strongly denied it.

However, from her attitude, it was clear that she was very concerned.

Although she seemed to hate Serge, she still cared.

She’s obviously an evil servant, but she’s so gentle. It’s really the wrong role.

I’ve been searching, but I haven’t found anything. If she’s dead, I think we’ll find some trace of her.

It’s very unlikely that he’s dead. At these words, Louise was slightly relieved.

I think I’ve gone too far. But I can never forgive Serge for what he did.

There was a huge gap between Mademoiselle Louise and Serge.

Serge, who had been welcomed in as an adopted son, seemed to have burned the mementoes of Miss Louise and his own brother Lyon, I don’t know what he thought.

Even children have things they are absolutely not allowed to do.

Miss Louise, from that moment on, hated Serge.

“Serge had it coming to him.

“That’s true. But I hate myself sometimes. I’m an annoying woman, aren’t I. Leon was shocked, too, wasn’t he?

I can’t forgive myself for hating Serge – I wouldn’t be frightened by something of that magnitude.

It’s not like I’m cursing Serge for his misfortune, it’s okay, isn’t it? That’s a mature enough response.

Miss Louise seemed a little pleased to hear my answer.

It’s nice not to be hated by someone who resembles my brother, isn’t it?

“Thank you. I’m a little more cheerful.

“That would be nice. Well, I should probably get going.

But then again, Leon is still very popular even after his death.

–That’s evidence that he’s valued.

When I returned from the Laurut house, I was greeted by Cordelia.

Today, too, she was looking at me with a stern gaze.

“Welcome back, Count.

“Couldn’t you be a little more friendly with me?

“You seem to enjoy joking. Please consider your position.

It was a great help to work for me, but she didn’t seem to want to be on good terms with me.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

But today’s situation is a bit different.

“And then, how long are you going to keep that mother and son?

I turned my face away from Miss Cordelia’s words.

“You mean about Miss Umelia and Kyle? I said a lot of things, too. But Kyle was too stubborn to do it.

After that, I tried all sorts of things to get the two of them back together, such as getting help and so on.

Marië seemed concerned to follow up, but Kyle was more stubborn than he thought and couldn’t get back together.

Miss Cordelia froze.

“Thanks to the two of you, there was a problem with work too. How about sending Miss Umeria back home?

Send her back if she can’t work?

Although it gave the impression of indifference, it was a lot of trouble for Miss Cordelia who was serious about her work, right?

I put on a troubled expression and said what I really meant.

“I’m not good at parent-child relations, anyway.

After saying that, although it was only a little, Miss Cordelia felt a little incredulous.

“Why is that? I’ve heard that parent-child relations in the Baltfeld family are very uncommonly harmonious among the nobility, right?

It’s regret from a previous life, isn’t it? After all, if you hadn’t been a good parent in a previous life, you would have cared anyway.

I’d like to keep an eye on Miss Eumelia. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll send her back home, though it’s a bit early.

“I understand.

After saying this and leaving, I suddenly felt an unpleasant sensation.

I heard a noise from the kitchen, the sound of Mariël screaming.

“Are you finished?

Sensing that something was going on, she walked quickly to the scene.

Perhaps Miss Cordelia was concerned too and followed me.

Then, in the kitchen, there was the figure of Marië who was standing with her arms crossed.

The expression on Mari Ai’s face was almost like that of an evil spirit.

Beside her also stood a cold-faced Carla, looking down at the five fools who were sitting on the floor.

–Ah~, is it the Five Fools doing something again.

I was at the entrance, peering inside with Cordelia-san. Even if it didn’t end well, it would be both interesting and funny to watch from the unrelated position of Mari Ai and the Five Stooges.

It was the best sense of distance, something that had only recently become clear.

Mari-Ai’s right foot made a sound as it stomped hard on the floor before she began to speak.

“You want to buy what you want when it’s obvious that you’re working out of a hard living wage? What the hell are you guys thinking?

It seemed as if the five idiots were asking for something from Marië.

Urius was the first to speak up.

“But, but, I want it anyway! Please, Mariël! Just a few, let me have a few chickens! And, besides, they can lay eggs, and I think it will save money on food.

“It’s a lot of work and a lot of money to keep animals!

Still wondering what the kneeling Urius was begging for, to want to raise chickens?

What the hell are you asking for, even though he is the original Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Holfart?

Next up was Brad, who also knelt in imitation of Julius.

“Me, me me me. I want stage clothes! Please, Mariël! I’m sure I can make money!

“You don’t need that many costumes! If you want them, you can buy them yourself.

“Well, that’s… because I’ve bought so much stuff, I’ve got zero money left… hehehe!

As soon as she heard that Brad had spent all his pocket money, Marië stamped the floor once more making a loud noise and startling Brad.

Next to kneel down was Greg.

Now in a tank top and short trunks – well, no problem because of the clothes on.

“I want to assemble the new muscle-building equipment! I want to build my muscles more efficiently and with a higher load!

“Please figure it out on your own and with perseverance. I’m not allowed to buy new equipment”.

After the cold rejection, Greg broke down in tears.

Next to kneel was Chris. Dressed in a phylactery, just as he usually was.

–It’s about time you put on a pair of trousers.

“I want an open air bath anyway!


It was refused before the words were out, to which Chris’s glasses tilted to one side.

The last.

It was Gilke, who knelt more gracefully than anyone else, who immediately raised his head to look directly at Marië.

Faced with Mariël’s Bonjour-like face, Gilke said without the slightest fear.

“Miss Mariël, I’ve actually bought a new tea set – oops!

Before she could finish her sentence, Mari-Ai launched a foot stunt – a magnificent roundhouse kick to Gilke’s face.

Of the five idiots, Gilke was the only one of a different standard, seemingly having bought the tea set beforehand and then going to make a report asking for permission.

The look on Mariël’s face disappeared, while Carla smashed her lips.

“Tsk! I’ll go and check if I can return it.

“Please, Carla.

The standard of the scummiest people was really different. But then, Mariël and the others are used to it, aren’t they? They had a good idea of how Gilke’s actions should be handled.

Gilke was sprawled on his back on the floor, twitching, and the other five idiots were all cold.

Even Urius, who was a breast brother, spoke coldly.

“Gilke, what a cowardly thing to buy before you have permission”.

Gilke pressed his face while sitting up shakily on his upper body.

I’m afraid I’ll miss it if I don’t buy it on the spot, because it’s a valuable item. It’s a very valuable item. If I could sell it, I’m sure it would be three times the purchase price.

Gilke said, but Brad scoffed at it.

“But has it been sold once so far?

Greg and Chris, too, snubbed Gilke.

“I haven’t bought a single piece of equipment,” he said.

“Now doesn’t that make my open air baths even further away?

And to think that the Five Stooges had more or less grown up, it seemed like it was still within the margin of error.

These guys are no different from before they came to the Republic.

Well~, they’re just in a position to get permission before spending money, right?

However, there was someone who couldn’t even do that.

Miss Cordelia, perhaps feeling a headache, covered her forehead with her hand and shook it.

“Is that the stature of the much-anticipated future noblemen? What a failure!

“You’re expecting too much. That’s all they are.

“They are the young men who will be the next generation of the kingdom, aren’t they? What’s wrong with them?

It might not be nice for Cordelia-san, who genuinely felt ashamed of them, to think that, but Urius and the others seemed happier now.

I watched as the five, who were meant to follow the path to becoming a man, to the path that had been paved to inherit the family business, were sidetracked by Marië’s caging.

It’s sad to see them shaking in fear in front of a furiously shaking hair. But, while that’s not good, it’s fun.

These guys were a joy to watch.

Mariël, who had noticed me peering, pointed at me.

“Over there, no laughing! This is a matter of life and death for us!

Marië looked at me, who was covering her mouth and laughing, and burst into tears.

Miss Cordelia, too, was frozen in her tracks as she watched me laugh.

But I really couldn’t help laughing.

I’m really impressed that you’re gambling your lives to be made fun of. Just make me laugh.

“It’s too much to think of it as someone else’s business, isn’t it?

“It’s someone else’s business, isn’t it?

“That’s outrageous! How dare you abandon me?

Don’t be so harsh. I don’t remember picking you up in the first place, do I?

In the end, Mari-Ai is a reincarnation. She relied on her knowledge of the game and enlisted the noblemen to complete the reverse harem of a fool just because she could.

Thanks to that, it’s become hard work now, which only makes it ironic.

It’s like gambling your life to be made fun of, and it’s fun to watch.

For Marië, she’s perfect for taking care of this group of guys all the time.

I just had to keep a proper distance to watch.

It was while the bickering was going on that Noelle arrived.

“I’m back~~” said the man! What are you doing this time?

Seeing the figures of Julius and the others sitting squarely on the floor, he immediately judged that something had been done again. The first part of Noelle’s raid on the problem children, they were really worthy of it!

There was a lot of noise in the house.

Yumelia came out into the courtyard and stared blankly at the sky.

It looked like the branch of a huge sacred tree hanging from the moon

— looked at it and did not move for some time.

Just then, Kyle came over.

“They’re back, Master. Hurry up and get back to work. Or I’ll be angry.

Yumelia looked back at Kyle, who was being rude, and felt sad.

“Kyle – is mother necessary?

“What are you talking about?

Probably unable to understand the intent of Yumelia’s statement, Kyle, for his part, gave her the cold shoulder because of his earlier agitation.

“You don’t need a maid who can’t work. And it doesn’t matter if my mother isn’t here.

To Kyle this was probably a continuation of the argument.

But then Yumelia smiled at the words.

“That’s right. Kyle is a strong boy, I don’t need to be.

Kyle turned his face away and went back to the mansion.

That’s all well and good, but let’s get back to work.

Ummelia, who had watched her son’s back leave, laughed and cried with joy.

She whispered to Kyle, who probably couldn’t hear her.

“Kyle is fine even if he’s on his own”.

Then the high light in Eumelia’s eyes disappeared.

Expressionless, Yumelia staggered out of the mansion in this state.

There was a car waiting for him.

There was no one in it.

When Yumelia got in, Ittiel, floating in the driver’s seat, looked back at her.

The engine started and the car drove on.

‘Finally, Eumelia’.

Looking at Yumelia, who didn’t answer, Ittiel’s one eye shook helplessly.

“It’s hard to be rejected by your own son. Thanks to you, she is at my disposal… Nice assist… Kyle!

Yumelia, who had barely expressed her will, was placed at Ethial’s disposal.

Now she acted in accordance with what Ittiel wanted.

“Yumelia-sama – no, Yumelia. I give you an important task. Please work in place of the witch yo’ then, from the hitherto clear voice – switched to a low sounding electronic voice.”

After that it’s Luxion left.

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