The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 13

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Translated by: DeepL (MTL)

Episode 13 “The Payoff

Back to me in Lucusion’s body, my nausea made me vomit.

The consequences of the use of the physical enhancement drug aside, the mental stress was going to be even worse.

It couldn’t have been worse. I don’t want to have to fight an alien warship again.

“This time it was another speech that stabbed me in the back. What surprised me more than that was the birth of a new sacred tree on the remains of the sacred tree.


The young tree that appeared at the place where Lelia woke up seems to be a holy tree.

The reason for this is that there are many unknown parts of the tree that suddenly appeared as a young tree.

Lelia hugged the young tree and called out Emile’s name.

“Lelia seems to have gotten everything she wanted at the end, but it looks as if she has lost everything.

Although Emile knew that Lelia was a reincarnation, he seemed to accept it.

It was clear that she had met a man who accepted her past life, but after confirming her love for each other, she had said goodbye forever. It was hard for me to sympathise with Lelia.

“It’s Emile’s curse, isn’t it?

“It’s a blessing, isn’t it?

“It is a curse. To Lelia, it was as if happiness had been taken away. Didn’t she always have to live for the dead Emile?

It would have been easier for Lelia if she’d been dumped.

Emile was actually a very good curator, wasn’t he?

It had succeeded in restraining Lelia even after her death.

But if this was done out of pure goodwill – it would be even worse in nature.

Even if Lelia lost a man like Emile who knew everything and was willing to accept her, she would still compare Emile to other men in the future, wouldn’t she?

She would regret having given up her happiness.

“The Master must be careful, too.


Luxione was worried about my frank admission.

“You’re very frank today. Are we going to have to do a thorough examination?

“I’m not well, but I’m normal. I need to reflect on that too.

“You can say whatever you want in words.

You’re a pain in the arse!

I was resting in my Lucerne body when I received a communication.

“Master, Mr. Arbeluk seems to have something to discuss.

“Mr. Arbeluk?

As I moved to Einhoru, unknowingly the Masked Rider disappeared.

Urius attended the meeting with an unconcerned face, but Greg and the others spoke ill of the Masked Rider.

“That b*stard, he’s always joking, but he’s a good commander.

“Yeah, right.

As much as he hated the Masked Rider, Urius looked pleased with Greg’s statement, which acknowledged his strength.

–You’re going to continue that farce?

I am troubled on my side by a commission from Mr. Arbeluk.

Its content is – the Sacred Kingdom of Rachels.

Although calling itself the Holy Kingdom, it is a group of people with dirty practices and connivance.

And, because of their hostile relationship with Miss Mirren’s old home, they are my enemies.

Miss Mirren’s enemies are my enemies. Therefore, Rachael could never forgive.

“The fleet of the Holy Kingdom of Rachels has occupied the Republic, has it not?

“Yes. And as a good thing we couldn’t act, we sent a fleet to the Republic to occupy the Favell family’s territory. They’ll be sending reinforcements from Rashel in the future.” (Fish: annoying)

Rashel seems to be planning to take over the Republic’s territory.

Brad, who was next to me, judged that this situation was not good.

“Because Rashel and Horfath are enemies. I don’t really want them to have too much power over the country. And it would be a problem if we gave them the sacred tree.

“We’re going to get rid of them, aren’t we?

The problem is that this is a problem for the Republic of Althea. It has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Horfath. There’s no righteousness, and more importantly, we have no power to fight.

“Isn’t there anything you can do?

“Yes, there is.

Brad took his eyes off me and looked like he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Come on.

“To be honest, if we beat them back now, Rashel will attack again. And even if we help, it won’t be just a perfunctory effort.

We can’t protect the Republic until it gets back on its feet.

Brad was saying that helping at this point was likely to be futile, and voiced the solution.

“That’s why it’s better for us to take over a piece of Republic territory

“- I say, are you stupid?

What do we want to do when we’re supposed to protect the Republic?

“I don’t want to be told that.

Brad got angry, and Mr. Arbeluk put his hand to his chin and nodded.

“No, it’s OK.


When I couldn’t understand it, Gilke, who was beside me, explained. With a subtle colour of condescension, he looked down on me.

To make sure that Count Baltfeld understood, I would like to explain it briefly. The matter is simple. If the Republic is underestimated, let Count Baltfeld take it over and declare it as ‘This is Kingdom territory! That will be enough. Then Rachels would be helpless.

It would be more effective to use the name of the kingdom – with a foreign name – than the name of a decaying republic at this time.

It is sad that a country can only rely on foreign countries, but the Republic as it is is has collapsed.

Nowadays, when it takes time to rebuild, there is only one party to rely on.

“Just lend them the name until the Republic is resurrected

“And rightly so.

I looked to Mr. Alberuk, who nodded at this. He seemed to accept our battle plan.

But there seemed to be a problem.

Gilke gave a confused look.

“Only, it takes speed to solve this problem. If we have to wait for our country’s judgement, there will be a delay in dealing with this matter. But it would be a problem for His Majesty if we acted without permission…

When I heard that it would cause trouble for Roland, I raised the corners of my mouth and smiled.

Everyone around me was dumbfounded, but I didn’t care, deciding not to care that he was carrying out this battle plan.

“That would be nice.

I’d be happy to help the Republic if I could make Roland suffer.

It’s a great way to help people and make Roland suffer, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I am obviously a scum.

As for me, John, a friend I made in the Republic, took the amulet to me.

“Count, please take this. It’s an amulet from my homeland.

I received the amulet, which was made of string and looked like a lucky rope, and tied it around my left wrist.

“Thank you.

Actually, everyone at the college wanted to come, but I was busy with various things, so I became the representative.

“Yes. It’s been hard for the college too.

It’s going to be tough for the Count too, so come on!

It’s good to have friends in the Republic.

As John laughed, Lelia came over with Clayman.

The people around us moved out of the way noisily and Lelia came to me.

John backed off smartly, while I shrugged my shoulders.

“Is it good for a witch lord to come to a place like this?

Today Lelia was serving as a witch of the Republic.

With the coat of arms lodged in her right hand, she had become the new hope of the Republic.

You are right. I have come to say thank you to my benefactor. –Can we talk for a moment? I’d like to meet Mariël too.

“So, how about inside the ship?

I took Lelia into Einhoru.

Inside Einhorn’s room.

There were me, Luxion and Marië. And Lelia.

The trio of transhumans had gathered to talk, but when was the next time?

It’s a rare occasion, isn’t it, because they all have a position with each other.

Lelia gave a reluctant smile.

“It’s really annoying. I’m the one who can’t be of any use. I can’t move because of my sister’s injuries, and the Republic is in tatters, so it’s hard to revive it.

Marië thrust her hands into her pockets and turned her face away from Lélia. It wasn’t because she hated Lelia that she was being rude, it was because she was offended by the path Lelia had chosen.

“So, you want to become a witch yourself? Why would you choose such a troublesome path when you know that witching is hard work?

A witch in the Republic is hope for the people for whom revival is the goal.

For the sake of the country’s face, Lelia chose a life without freedom for herself.

It was a choice I could not think of.

Because I’ve taken so much from my big sister, I can’t balance it out if I don’t become a witch.

Marië couldn’t accept it.

“Do you think you can be free to love in your present position? It’s not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination

A Republic that was once in decline. It would be difficult to start a revival at this time, and Lelia, who became a witch, would have to take on the responsibility.

To work for the country, to marry for the country – there is little freedom in this life.

“You’re a fool. Just run away”.

When I said this, Luxion interjected.

“Not everyone is as good at running away from their responsibilities as Master is.

“Shut up. When have I ever shirked my responsibilities?

“It’s time for the wedding ceremony ……

“Well, that’s the end of it!

I was about to change the subject when Lelia looked at me.

“I’m counting on you to take care of Big Sister. From now on I want her to be free to live. It’s harsh in every way, but as long as she’s with you, she’ll be safe.

“-is it really possible?

The path Lelia had chosen was not as enviable as those around her thought.

I have caused many people to suffer misfortune because of me. It would really be the worst person to just do nothing. Please say hello to my elder sister for me. Tell her not to worry about the Republic, but to think of her own happiness.

Lelia, as if she had been transformed, said this and walked out of the room.

Mariël had a look of incomprehension on her face.

“Why do you want to take Noelle’s place?

“It’s a curse, isn’t it?

“What’s the curse?

I’ll tell you later. Are you ready to go?

I’ve got it covered, needless to say. –Hey, brother.


That’s it, isn’t it?

Is it really a good idea to come to the Republic on your own? Marië seems to be worried about this. I can’t give an answer, but I’ll leave it to Luxion to make a comprehensive judgement.

Even if you don’t come to the Republic, there will always be problems. But isn’t this the best way for the Master to get his way? It’s not Happy-end, but it’s better than Bad-end, right?’

I was comforted by a frustrated Luxion.

Marië seemed unable to take it in, but swallowed it back and then pried into us about the thing that concerned her so much about this incident. It was the reason why Luxion and I were giving off a sinister vibe.

It’s not going to be that easy to let it go. So, Big Brother and Luxione suspected Idiar from the start?

“After all, he was too suspicious. My instincts come in handy.

“What are you going to do if it’s a mistake?

“Do nothing?

You two have a daily disagreement based on your intuition?

“Because there’s a chance that Edouard is watching.

Mariël was furious.

If that’s the case, tell me first! I thought you were having a real fight!

–“To be honest, we had a fight.

I would have liked to have been a bit more discreet. But this guy’s more of a whiner than I thought

Luxion couldn’t be quiet after I told him what had happened.

After all, it was true that I was angry with the Master, so I was just voicing some of my usual grievances. Well, about thirty percent, right?’

“Hey, what’s with the thirty percent? Let me ask you, are you really annoying?

“Do you think you’re likeable? It’s a problem to overestimate yourself.

“Can you understand a little bit how I feel when you’re complaining? Just groom yourself a little, like Idile.

“I’m a serious person, so I can’t.

“Only serious people don’t complain to the Master!

Marië shrugged helplessly at the fight that had started in front of us.

“You two are so much alike.

We retorted to Mari Ai’s comment.

“What’s the resemblance?

“It seems that Mariël has got the wrong idea. You’d better correct your perception now.

It was said that the operation was to be considered as a merit and discussed in detail at a ceremony in the visiting room.

After all, it was prepared beforehand, so even if we didn’t follow the etiquette, there was no problem.

The participants were me and the five fools, and Mari Ai was on standby in the other room.

She was in the other room, because she had caused the kingdom so much damage by lying as a saint.

Angie and Livia, now in my old home, were not present.

After this meeting and ceremony, they will go back home to join them.

However, usually it is just a discussion with the councillors and then it is over, but today Roland was the only one present.

It was somewhat rude, but the other party was a king.

I myself know the minimum of etiquette.

You look very pale, Your Majesty? Have you had a restless night?

When I asked him with a smile, Roland’s bloodshot eyes glared at me.

“You understand, don’t you? Thanks to someone, my sleep time has been cut. How about a little more maturity, lad?

“I’m mature, but people around me are always nosy.

“You instigated this, didn’t you? It’s clearly etched on your hateful face.

“Your Majesty is very good at jokes. You have a way of joking. You say such things to a serious and loyal servant like me.

“A conscientious and loyal vassal will not cut into my sleep.

While laughing and glaring at each other, Minister Bernard coughed a few times. There were many important people attending the meeting, led by Minister Bernard.

There was also Duke Retgureff, Anjou’s father, laughing in my presence.

“I hear you are very active in the Republic. Oh, what a pleasure!

Anjou’s father was happy too.

It was great to make an effort. And it’s even better to be able to do damage to Roland.

At the meeting, Miss Mirren was also present.

“It was a very good judgment to repel the Holy Kingdom of Rachels. Thank you, “Margrave” of Baltfeld.

“I, Lyon, work hard for the Crown Princess… huh?

Huh? Your Highness is mistaken about my title.

Just now, I was addressed not as Count, but as Margrave.

Marquis – that is a title one step below that of a Duke, and in the Kingdom of Holfart is a title only awarded to families linked to the royal family.

In other words, it is a title that cannot be named unless it is linked to the royal family.

Coming from a poor baronial family, it is impossible for me to be a person related to the royal family.

“Lord Milian, my title is Earl, right?

Then Miss Mirren got shy.

It seems that she was ashamed of herself for getting things wrong.

Hmm~~, very cute.


I don’t want to. If I don’t tell him beforehand, Leon will be in a mess.


As I thought about the strange situation, Urius and the others looked at each other with blank faces.

“Hey, what do you think?

“If it’s possible and impossible, it’s barely possible.

What on earth are you talking about?

To the confused me, Minister Bernard – Kuralis’ schoolmate’s father – began to explain to me in detail.

“Count Baltfeld. Your merits are highly valued by our country. In return for this action, His Majesty has conferred the rank of Margrave together with the three upper ranks

False, isn’t it! The same goes for the title of Margrave, a rank that only those connected with the royal family can obtain. In fact, the thought of being rich again when one’s fortune is clearly at an end!

Isn’t it strange that I’m still rich like this? I’m not a king, am I?

Roland looked at me, who was in a terrible state, and smiled a very valiant smile.

Then, standing up, he opened his arms.

“It’s possible! You may have forgotten, but your fiancée is the daughter of the Duke of Retgoureve’s family. In other words, you’ve become part of the royal family in the broadest sense of the word!

What are you doing? Do you have that look on your face?

Besides, titles such as marquis are not given so easily.

It doesn’t make sense to give it to me just because I’m Anjou’s betrothed.

That’s what makes a royal family so valuable. –Although Roland did not seem to have a real sense of it, it was not a position that was easily attained in the kingdom of Horfath.

“It can’t be there!

“If I say so! I’m the king. I am the rule!

Roland grinned, his bloodshot eyes widening with a look of winning pride.

My eyes went to Minister Bernard and Duke Ratguruiff, both of whom shook their heads at this.

“I’m sorry, as Your Majesty would say.

“Your Majesty, in return for your activism, has persuaded the lords

–what a meddlesome king.

I glared at Rolland.

“I refuse!

“Well~, I refuse your refusal!

“Damn you, the b*stard!

As I grabbed him, Rolland laughed and punched me.

I kneed him in the abdomen because I was feeling the heat, but no one around me would do anything.

The guards also ignored it.

Roland took out his usual frustration on me.

“It’s your fault I can’t get enough sleep!

“Work on me a little!

“You’re right. You’re right. So I’ve worked hard to make you rich!

Isn’t a king who works hard in a useless place a scourge?

When we got tired of arguing and panting at each other, I calmed down and explained theoretically that it was not going to work.

It was definitely not a struggle.

“I have neither a territory nor an office!

But, as if waiting for me, Roland took the booklet from his bosom and handed it to me.

It was signed by Mr. Alberouk.

“Here, this is?

“I told him you had no territory, and he gave you a portion of the original Favell territory. He has generously ceded a piece of land with a port.

“That’s a lie!

“No, I’m not lying. I misled him that you were in trouble, and His Excellency Arbeluk painfully gave you the territory of the Republic. It’s better to be trusted than anything else. Ah, I’m told that His Excellency Arbeluk is holding that land for you. All you have to do is lend him your name. You’ll have to pay taxes, but the Republic is having trouble rebuilding, right? That’s why I’ve refused to help you.

I am the owner of the land, but it is the Laurut family who actually manages it. I only own the land, but the income and various benefits have been pushed out by Roland.

It was no trouble, but as a substitute for having no income.

Just to make me a marquis, Roland is arranging it in secret.

It is said that Mr. Arbeluk seems to have accepted the proposal out of goodwill.

“Oh, I have a message from Mr. Arbeluk. “I’d be happy if he could pay you back a little bit,” he said. He’s a wonderful man.

“You’re so bad.

How does it feel to serve the worst king? Please do tell me.

As I gnashed my teeth in remorse, Miss Mirren glared at Roland and scolded him.

“Your Majesty, please stop the fun.

“Well, yes. The young man will be the third Marquis from today onwards. I’m going to make it official at this ceremony.

I couldn’t resist being taken to this extent.

Roland went after me even further as my shoulders slumped.

And then, if you want to become a marquis, you have to be a vassal, right? I was very gentle, so I decided to send a vassal from the kingdom’s direct ministers for you.

In modern parlance, I became the head of a branch and the head office sent a subordinate to my branch.

I don’t need one.

When I said no, Roland smiled and reassured me.

“Don’t say that. Because I’ve chosen some great young men for you. Come on, let’s all say hello to each other.

There were no knights in the room who could be called young men.

As I tilted my head, I noticed Roland looking behind me.

–I broke out in a cold sweat.

“Difficult, is it?

“Congratulations! Gilke, Brad, Greg and Chris are your men from today onwards! It’s okay to call them “Senders”. In other words, you’re in charge!

I felt my blush fading.

I shuddered and looked back to see four of the five idiots looking at me with smiles.

Gilke’s face emerged into a smile.

“The Marquis of Baltfeld is our superior. Fate is uncanny.

Brad crossed his arms at the back of his head.

“After all we’ve done, is this the end of it? Much obliged, Baltfeld.

Greg crossed his arms against his forehead.

“That’s fine with me if you’re the boss.

Chris straightened the position of his glasses and looked pleased.

“But it would be too polite to keep referring to him by his surname, Baltfeld. If it’s our foster family, we can call Leon exactly the same.

–Why do you look so happy?

It’s a bit off-putting! Don’t you have any complaints about working under me?

It’s nice to say that about the former noblemen, but now they’re parasites on Marië.

It felt like four plagues had been imposed on them.

Gilke was laughing.

“It’s true that I’m not happy about it, but even so I have a very high opinion of Lyon. Please take care of me in the future.

Suddenly I was called by name, and the four of them showed no resistance.

My head was spinning.

Roland took advantage of the situation.

“By the way, you should take care of Mari-Ai, too.


Just as I was shocked at being asked to take care of Mari-Ai, Mirren-sama looked apologetic.

I was going to put her somewhere, but even though she wasn’t recognized by the temple, she still had the power of a holy woman. She can’t be put in a bad place. Separating them could cause problems, too.

If Gilke and the others were separated from Marië, these fools would cause another commotion.

The purpose seemed to be to put them under me and let them watch.

But as I crouched down with my head in my hands, the people around me cast sympathetic glances at me.

In the midst of this, only Roland was smiling.

“It’s all because you’ve annoyed me that you’ve become like this. Have you done a little soul-searching?

“Remember that. I’m a man who will take revenge, no matter who it is.

I look forward to it. I’m looking forward to it. If you want to get rich again, feel free to come over. And by the way, I’m a man of vengeance.

What a cruel conversation.

In that case, it would be better to play with Louise in the Republic.

So Julius looked at me with a lonely face.

“- What for?

Urius looked at us as if he was envious.

“Baltfeld – no, Lyon. Can I come to your place and be looked after too?

“Why! You’re a prince, aren’t you?

“Me, I’m lonely, aren’t I! Only you’re too cunning.

What’s cunning? Why do you want to be my servant? If you’d worked harder, I wouldn’t have gotten this far!

After the meeting was over, Julius and the others were taken to other rooms by Miss Milian to receive a lecture about what was to come.

I thought they would never come back, but at the same time I also felt like being reprimanded by Miss Milian.

I envied that group.

When I got back to the lounge, Mariëlle, Carla and Kyle came out to greet me.

“Leon, did something happen?

“- I’ve been asked to look after you.


I told Mariël and the girls about being set up by Roland during the talks.

Then, alone, I complained to.

“It’s bad. Even Urius asked me to look after him. I put up with it in the Republic, but even back in the Kingdom I have to look after you… hello?

Marië clung to my leg, and Kara and Kyle clung to me.

“What are you doing imitating her?

Marië shouted when I didn’t know exactly what the three were doing.

“I will never leave you again!


Marië shouted out, followed by Carla.

“I can’t take care of those people without the Marquis of Baltfeld! Please, please don’t abandon us!

“Don’t be so harsh! After all, I don’t even remember picking you up!

Then came Kyle.

“Please. Please hire me. We can’t live if we’re abandoned! I’ll do my job!

“Why even hug you? You’re the arrogant, cold-hearted character responsible for watching Marië and the girls in disbelief!

As soon as I was about to peel the three of them off, Marië clung to my feet with the utmost strength.


Where did this guy’s strength come from?

I grabbed Mari-Ai’s head, intending to forcefully peel her off.

“Let go, let go of me!

“No! Never leave. I’m never going to leave you!

Then Marië said in a whisper so that no one else could hear.

A slightly dim smile appeared on her face and the high light faded from her eyes.

“We’ll always be together, brother

The words of my former sister, who had come after me even in death, were really frightening as hell.

My voice was hoarse as cold sweat swarmed out of me, and I just screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Let go of me!

Marie on that day was as scary as I was dreaming

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