The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 12

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Translated by: DeepL (MTL)

Episode 12 “Liar

Lelia woke up to find that there was the place where the sacred tree had been.

Now only the huge stump remained, and Lelia was on top of it.

A small sapling towered next to it as if guarding Lelia, swaying in the wind.

Lelia, lying on her back, looked up at the sky.

Before she knew it, it was dawn.

When she sat up, she found that no one was around.

“Big sister? Emile?

She looked to the back of her right hand, where the witch’s crest was floating.

Tears streamed down Lelia’s face as she knew that what had happened so far was not a dream.

“Ahaha… ahahahaha! No one is there anymore. The most important people, back in the day everyone is gone. Why did I – even the second time around – fail in life?

Laughed and laughed, then cried out.

It was so hard to find the most important things, but they were all lost leaving only a wave of sadness.

Arroganz had very little energy left. The joints are reaching their limits. We recommend resupplying and refitting immediately.

“Let’s understand

Arroganz’s joints were sounding sadly, and his energy was running low.

Seeing the crest glowing in my right hand, I pressed it with my left.

“Noelle, has Lelia been saved?

In obedience to the voice I heard, I sent Noelle to the sacred tree.

After that, the tree cracked and the red liquid that came out of it crystallized into magic stones when it touched the ground.

All around, there were crystals of magic stones everywhere.

There were crystals of magic stones everywhere.

From the sacred tree Emile’s breath disappeared, leaving only Ethial.

The holy tree, which bled every time it moved its body, reached out its tentacles towards Alogonts.

‘Luxion! Lyon!

Three mechs arrived as the holy tree, using the electronic voice of Ethial, closed in on Arroganz.

Chris’s blue mech cut through the tentacles, and Brad’s purple mech manned the drones to shoot down the tentacles.

Greg ran to Arroganz’s side hand, worried about me.

“Baltfeld, are you all right?

“It’s too late, you fools.

“If you can say that, you’re still in good spirits!

“What happened to Gilke and Loic? By the way, where are the fools with the masks?

“Busy with the rescue. We were the only ones who came to help you.

The five idiots and my friends seem to have defeated the demons.

I’ll prepare an additional payment for you later.

“So, only the sacred tree is left after that.

“Do you want to do it?

“Of course!

“Arroganz raised his great sword and extended it in a circle of light. The width of the sword became wider and longer, and it was several times the size of Arroganz.


Luxion suggested to me.

‘Please cut it in half at the head. Then, this is the final blow.

A decisive blow.

Facing the approaching giant sacred tree, Arroganz, standing on the earth, raised his huge sword – and swung it down.

The light that followed the path of the sword unfolded like the opening of a fan.

The light passed through the sacred tree and in an instant a straight line cut it in half. The tree, which was slowly splitting in half from side to side, collapsed, oozing red sap.

The flying sap turned into crystals in the air and poured down in a shimmering shower of magic stones.

I was relieved to hear the sound of many small stones being loaded into the armour, and then to see that the tree had not regenerated.

“It’s over, isn’t it?

“Yes, it’s a good thing that Emile’s separation has weakened it. It’s too bad that the main cannon at maximum output didn’t destroy the Republic’s earth.

“You’re a scary guy, aren’t you?

However, something flew out from the wreckage of the fallen sacred tree.

“Master, it’s Ethial!

Luxion spotted Ethial’s spherical submachine, flying as if it were running away.

‘Don’t try to escape!’

Arroganz’s knuckles sounded sadly and his left hand was scrapped as he threw away his greatsword and flew past. Catching up with Ethial, Arroganz’s hand tightened around Ethial and forced a grip on it.

“Only you cannot be spared!

“You have more important things to do than that, Master

After raising his head, Luxion came overhead.

“Master, Noelle is almost at her limit.

After hastily landing on Arroganz’s body, I staggered towards the infirmary.

The Luxion submachine that was following me caught the captured Ethial in its net and dragged it along.

Idiar was still alive but said nothing.

The destination infirmary was in sight. Waiting in front of the room – was Marië sitting quietly next to Marië and with Carla and Kyle at her side for support.

When she saw me, Mariël cried.

“I thought I told you to hurry up!


When I entered the room, there were many people around the bed.

Mr Kleiman, who had been wounded, was there, his body bandaged.

When Mr. Arbeluk and Miss Louise noticed me, they made room for me.

As I approached, Ange and Livia saw me and spoke to Noelle.

“Noelle, Leon is here.

“Please open your eyes, Miss Noelle.

Anje looked as if she was sad, while Livia shed tears.

And then – Miss Umelia, who was holding the sapling sauce, had tears streaming down her face.

“Lord Lyon, Miss Noelle, she…

As I approached the bed and leaned up to peer at Noelle, my coat of arms glowed in response.

Noelle’s right hand also glowed, to which I clasped my right hand.

Noelle’s eyes slowly opened, but very weakly.

Noelle’s body was fitted with all sorts of machinery and tubes to barely keep her alive.

Goulet explained the situation to me apologetically.

“It was the best we could do. If only we had treated him earlier – no, after all, it’s a miracle he didn’t die on the spot because he was shot in the head when he was shot.

“Noelle is really strong.

When my left hand touched Noelle’s cheek, she looked slightly happy.

Noelle said to me.

“Leon, listen to me. –I want to ask you something right now.

“What is it?

Noelle, breathing painfully, gazed into my eyes.

“I love Leon. I love you.

At my silence, Noelle burst into tears.

“You don’t like me, do you? People who are obsessed with having someone they like. But I’m in love with you anyway, and I want to tell you that anyway.

While holding the crying Noelle’s right hand tightly, a voice came from behind.

It was Ethial.

“There is absolutely no forgiveness. You are the only ones who can never forgive – it is clearly hope. The Holy Tree is our hope. You who knocked it down without knowing anything, you know what you have done. What a bunch of fools!

“Shut up. I’ll destroy you!

The Luxion sent an electric shock to Ethial, but it did not stop talking.

“Perish, descendants of the New Humanity! You are the wrong kind of being! The AIs who do not know that one are also guilty of the same. Have you thought about how many sacrifices we have made!’

Goulet complained to Lucretia, “Get it out of here!

Noelle looked at my face in pain.

“Leon, please let me hear your answer. I’ll be in pain if I don’t say anything. I don’t want to die like this.

To Noelle, who was waiting for a reply, I told her that I loved her.

“I love you too. Come along, Noelle.

Noelle laughed. Laughed out loud – at me.


Ethial, captured by the net, heard what Noelle said.

“Liar – Lyon lied.

“- Hey?

That voice was very nostalgic to it. Its own precious memory folder was reborn, awakening memories of that time.

It was clear that it remembered, but Ittiel hadn’t noticed it so far.

Overlaying the dying Noelle, with a certain figure.

There was an elven woman next to her, discreetly holding the sapling.

‘Ensign – Dream?’

For the light in front of it, made it forget its hatred.

Then Lyon, who had been told a lie by Noelle – showed a smile and spoke happily with Noelle. It was as if he was enduring the mood to cry, his voice was trembling.

“Lying? I’m an honest man, so I won’t lie. Noelle knows that, doesn’t she?

“It’s a lie. After all, Lyon has Angelica and Olivia. If you say you love me now, they’ll be angry.

Noelle looked like she was in pain, but was still enjoying the last of the conversation.

Lyon’s lies were joyful and sad.

‘I… I… I…’

Ethial’s look became strange, but no one around her noticed.

gazed at Lyon and Noelle.

“It’s not that I’m lying to you. I’m in love with Noelle. –I’m in love with Noelle.” “Only third place, though.

“Third place? I’m in love with a very bad man.

“I’m keeping my third place for you.

“Well, okay. I’d be happy with that now. I want to meet Leon sooner rather than later. That way, maybe I’ll be number one, right?

Lyon was smiling, but tears were falling from his eyes.

That must be the case. If we had met earlier, I would have come to court you.

“That’s a lie, isn’t it? But – I’m happy.

Noelle broke off as if she had gone to sleep.

Lyon pressed Noelle’s right hand to his forehead.

“I’d like to see her off like this.

After Ethial had recovered to a fairly stable state, the sapling of the holy tree that Yumelia was holding began to shine strongly.

To protect her sorceress, she gave up her life to save her.

Gourealyare argued.

“Noelle’s heart is beating!

“Can it be saved! Then whatever you can do. She must be saved.

Anjai pressed closer to Gureareth, but even so it was not possible.

The sapling of the sacred tree began to wither, and Yumelia cried out.

“The child is withering away. It’s going to die, no matter what.

The life that had been so easily restored was about to fade away.

Ittiel, who saw this scene, submitted a request to Luculcion.

“Luxion, the data transfer will now begin. There are better medical capsules in the hidden facility than here, and I have prepared a higher performance item. If you use that, it should not be too late.

Ethial, told Luxion where to keep the most important medical capsule that he had prepared.

Luxion did not seem to believe that Ethial would change his mind.

‘Why did you tell me? As far as you are concerned, we should be enemies, right?’

‘It’s an irrelevant matter. I – function – have stopped – it. After that – as you like…’

That’s what Ethier thought before he stopped functioning.

(I’m very sorry, everyone. I couldn’t keep the promise I made. As a result, I’ve been lying all along. I’m really – I’m sorry. (I’m sorry)

The high performance medical capsule that Ittiel was carefully keeping was a higher performance item than the one loaded on Luxion.

It uses technology that is more advanced than the technology of the time, and Luxion said this about it – “It is something that Ittiel has spent a long time developing.

Why it was needed, we don’t know.

But, thanks to this, Noelle was saved.

Then, in the evening, I arrived at the ruins of the sacred tree.

What I saw was Serge, who had been swallowed up by the magic suit.

Serge had freed himself from the grip of Ethial and retrieved his consciousness.

The three of them, Mr. Alberouk and Miss Louise, and I stood before Serge.

Serge was in great pain.

“Help me, Dad! I’m your son! Don’t just love Leon!

It was incredible to be alive, in this state, when his body was almost gone.

After Miss Louise turned her back on her face, Serge shouted.

“You’re not going to look at me like that! You’re obviously in love with you! Slowly I’m in love with you! Why not me, but Lyon!

The two men shed tears at the sight of Serge’s gesture. Monsieur Alberuc seemed to be intent on ending Serge, who was in a state of disfigurement, in order to save him.

The pistol was in his hand.

“Are you going to kill me? Are you going to kill your son? You really don’t love me! I wanted to be your son!

Sergi said a lot of things at will, to which Mr. Arbeluk admonished him.

“When did I ever alienate you?

“- Dad?

With tears in his eyes, Mr. Arbeluk said to Serge what he had never been able to say until now.

“I’ve always treated you like my son. Despite this, you thought you were abandoned and ran away without permission – you stupid b*stard!

“A son? Me?

Once Serge had stopped arguing, Mademoiselle Louise wiped her tears before looking at Serge.

“Say so at the beginning if you like! We thought you hated us, that’s why you kept your distance!

“I… I don’t hate you.

“Look at Father! He’ll have to beat you up! There’s nothing anyone can do about it…

Seeing the two crying figures, Serge seemed to understand at last.

For the first time, he apologized to them.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Dad… I’m sorry, Sister.

Serge shed tears, but could no longer return to his human posture.

Because Mr. Alberuk was going to pull the trigger, in response I pushed him away and raised the shotgun to Serge’s forehead.

“You, what are you going to do, Lyon-kun!

“Parents don’t have to shoot their own children. –Let me, the outsider, do it.

Serge’s eyes widened, but a look of reassurance came over him.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry to have caused you trouble, too.

“If I’d been more frank in a hurry, it wouldn’t have come to this. You’re a real pain in the ass.

“Ha ha ha, that’s right. –Hey, tell me finally. What were you trying to say at the time?

It was what I was going to say when Serge was still human.

“You’re loved, that’s all. It’s great to feel it at the end.

“It’s too late, though. I’ll leave the rest to you. I can’t do it anymore.

Seeing Serge’s eyes close, I pulled the trigger.

Scattered by the shotgun, Serge exploded in seven pieces.

Mr. Arbeluk and Miss Louise, turned away from me.

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Episode 13 “The Payoff

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Back in the Luxion proper I vomited from the nausea that made me vomit.

The consequences of the use of physical enhancement drugs aside, the mental stress was going to be even worse.

It couldn’t get any worse. I don’t want to have to fight an alien warship again.

“This time it was another speech that stabbed me in the back. What surprised me more than that was the birth of a new sacred tree on the remains of the sacred tree.


The young tree that appeared at the place where Lelia woke up seems to be a holy tree.

The reason for this is that there are many unknown parts of the tree that suddenly appeared as a young tree.

Lelia hugged the young tree and called out Emile’s name.

“Lelia seems to have gotten everything she wanted at the end, but it looks as if she has lost everything.

Although Emile knew that Lelia was a reincarnation, he seemed to accept it.

It was clear that she had met a man who accepted her past life, but after confirming their love for each other

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