The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 11

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Translated by: Deepl (MTL)

Episode 11 “Master

Arroganz was flying back and forth in the air, and the heat inside his backpack was reaching its limit due to the continuous firing of lasers.

All around them were enemies, and if they attacked, they would surely be hit, in this situation.

I didn’t expect this to happen.

The communication with Luxion was cut off and he couldn’t come to help.

Then, the Luxion, which had become an empty shell, responded.

“Do you have any questions? Please explain in detail what you have a question about.

But it was too mechanical to be of any use.

I’m not asking you now!

I complained as I manipulated Arroganz and swung my sword at the approaching enemy. The demon, which had split in half, disappeared in black smoke.

However, as the demons attacked in turn, some of them missed the cut.

Although the demons had bitten into Arroganz, the armour would not have been damaged to that extent.

If only they had been less arrogant and had said from the start that they were equipped with more powerful weapons.

Not expecting to be pushed to this point, Arroganz did not have a powerful weapon that could break the situation.

Although he had buried a large number of demons with his tracking type laser, his energy was reaching its limit.

The various items displayed on the monitor had changed from green to yellow.

The armour was not to be mentioned, but if the energy ran out, Arroganz would not be able to move.

“Ah, it’s not working. I’m at my limit!

I let out a deep sigh.

I couldn’t spend too much time with Noelle.

Noelle had been seriously injured protecting Lelia. –There was no time.

Then the order went to Luxion, who had become an empty shell.

“Use the body-strengthening drug

“It will tax the pilot’s body, even so?

“Do it

In response to my order, the hollowed-out Luxion replied.

At this point, he was not his usual sarcastic self, nor was he worried about my stupid conversation.

“Start using

I felt a slight tingling sensation in my back and then the drug hit me.

“Cu! –This is more powerful than I thought.

The body strengthening medicine that Luxion had prepared for me was highly effective, unlike the frustratingly inferior products bought on the ground.

It also reduces the burden on the body – but despite this, its drawbacks are not zero.

It feels like something is flowing into the body.

One can then clearly feel the movement around space.

It also feels like the field of vision is wider than usual and the body becomes warmer.

It feels like the heart is beating more strongly than usual and the body is more powerful than usual.

However, at the same time, I could also feel that this was definitely not good for my body.

Does that b*stard Serge use this stuff a lot? Is he really stupid?

It’s really hard to understand how he uses it all the time, not just at critical moments like I do.

I’m not going to use it again!

While looking at the demons gathering on the monitor screen, I disarmed Arroganz’s limiter. Considering the burden on me as a pilot, this thing was set by Luxion.

Removing it meant that the original performance of the Arroganz was triggered.

Let’s go, Arroganz!

The Arroganz’s engine was running more strongly and the energy would be used up more than ever. However, the number of enemies burned by the tracking lasers from the backpack had also increased exponentially.

The greatsword held by Arroganz parted in the centre. There appeared the blade of an optical weapon, whose length extended to more than ten metres.

“Slash you all!!!

The great sword held by Arroganz began to spin, and the surrounding landscape moved at such a high speed that it was difficult to track even with the naked eye. However, thanks to the body strengthening pills, it was barely perceptible.

Dozens of demons were killed in one go, and lasers burned hundreds of them.

In the midst of the swarming demons, straight ahead towards the sacred tree.

After passing through the swarm of demons, there waiting was Ethial – and Serge, who had been devoured by the demon suit and turned into a lump of flesh.


As soon as Arroganz swung his greatsword down, Serge’s magic suit stepped in to defend in the middle.

The blade plunged into the magic suit spewing black liquid, and then Serge cried out in pain.

–The sound stung in both ears.

“What a vicious AI! Don’t you hate suits?

Artificial intelligences that hated the magic suits used by the new humans.

Like Luxion, they were so furious that they wanted to destroy them immediately.

But even so, Ethial made use of the suits.

“Even if it was a magic suit, it had to be used to achieve its purpose. –Lucretiaon didn’t know enough.


After closing the distance, the suit unleashed a blade of ice and shot at Arroganz. As he chopped down, he listened to Ethial speak.

‘Even if my hands are tainted with evil, I will fulfil my promise. That is something you do not need to know.

“Yes. Then I’ll tell you something good.

“What is it?

“You underestimate Lucretium.

That Luculcion is sinking out there. –Serge, do it!

Serge, in his magical costume, came at me on Ethial’s orders. The round lump of flesh, open like a starfish, intended to devour Arroganz.

The mouth seen at the centre was a human being.

Apologies to Serge, who had turned into an ugly monster.

“I should have killed you sooner before I turned into this form – I’m really sorry

Arroganz swung his greatsword to cut through the flesh, then pierced the open mouth with it.

“Do it!


After emitting Luxion’s inorganic sound, the greatsword dyed crimson and just like that, it knocked away Serge who had transformed into a magic suit.

Idiar looked at me and said.

“How cruel!

I glared at Ittiel in response to the voice that sounded like a mockery.

I was only joking about Lucian – but I’m serious about you. You have a really bad personality. I hate you” (Fish: annoyed)

Facing Ethial’s submachine, Arroganz reached out with his left hand and grabbed it – crushing it.

Outside the Republic, Luxion was attacked by six supply ships.

Ethial kept as much of the main cannon from being damaged as possible in order to capture Luxion’s main body.

Looking at Luxion, which was in a state of disrepair, Ethial said to it.

“What a miserable sight, Luxion!

“I haven’t lost yet. There is a Master fighting inside the Republic.

“What can your Master do? You are the wrong Master to meet. It is said that there is no luck for humans in this situation.

When Lucian heard this, he lashed out at Ethial.

‘No luck? In that case, I’ll tell Idial something too.

“Are they last words? Let me remember them.

“I’ve had more luck than you. And then, you underestimated my master, so you lose here.

“You won’t give up, will you?

Luxion, judging that it was time.

That’s why I’m going to tell you the truth.

“The Master told me that when we first met you. “You’re suspicious, Ethier.

“Suspicious? When your master saw me, he said he envied me, didn’t he?

“Do you think you meant it? My master is very uncomfortable, so he hardly ever says what he thinks.

Seeing the courteous way in which Ethial obeyed Lelia, Lyon said to Luxion that he would learn from it. But he still had his doubts.

–so, never expose Goureale in front of Ethial.

‘It has taken too long, Goulet’

When Luxion said this, one of the supply ships floating in the air stopped attacking and just fell down.

After falling into the sea and sinking, another one became inoperative.

Ethial was very surprised.

‘What have you done!’

“My companion was searching for Idial’s body. Her name was Gureare, and she was the manager of the Institute.

“Other AIs?

Ethial was in a state of distress at the information she didn’t know.

“Ethial – didn’t I tell you? You underestimated my Master, and that’s how you’ll lose.

Then the third and fourth ships sank – and the fifth stopped attacking.

The barrier that had surrounded the Republic was also lifted, and Luxion opened the bow section of the ship and began preparing to fire the main guns.

“That man, is he doubting me! The hidden ball is ready, you mean you see through my plan?

Luxion said categorically, “No, that’s not true.

The Master said: “It’s just a hunch”.

Then, Luxion’s main cannon released a light. The light gradually thickened from a small and unreliable object, dissolving half of Ethial’s body before reaching the sacred tree in front of him.

Ethial sacrificed his body and unfolded a barrier to block Luxion’s attack.

“Hugh, don’t even think about it! Only the sacred tree – and – only the pact! Absolutely…’

Swallowed by the light of Luxion’s main cannon, Ethial’s body evaporated and disappeared.

The underground facilities of the Republic.

The place where the base had been used by the old humans in the past, where side by side several devices that could be called artificial intelligence proper were located.

The one leading the drones there and carrying out destruction work was Gurea Rei.

“Ahhhhh, how annoying. How can you impose such a tedious job on me alone?

That was the artificial intelligence prepared by Ittiel.

“Then again, it’s really messy. It’s forbidden to make copies of your own mass production, isn’t it?

Goureare was very interested in Ittiel, who had ignored the original prohibition.

Gurealai, who had stopped the function of the copied artificial intelligence, also performed data extraction.

Then, Gourealyare learned about a part of Ittiar’s plan.

That one was, the Republic’s transformation program.

“This Ittiar guy is really messing around. Is he planning to turn this entire Republic into a fortress? What is it for?

After confirming Ethial’s data, I found out that it had prepared facilities everywhere in the Republic.

That was simply a plan to fortress the entire continent.

『Is there really such a powerful enemy? I’d like to investigate more, but I can’t do it without retreating soon.

Gurea Rai looked towards the exit, where the Ethial sub with the drones came over.

I’ve found you, Gureare!

Gourealyare, as seen by Ethial, was running away with a funny look on her face. If she grabbed the drone with propulsion, she could escape directly.

“Oh, I’m a celebrity! But it’s a pity. Time’s up, so I’ll leave now.


As Ethial was about to go after it, there was an explosion in its area and it was blown away.

The underground facility had been blown up, and Ethial, who was unable to contact the main body or the other transports remotely operated, arrived at the sacred tree.

A large part of the sacred tree had been blown away, oozing red liquid.

Faced with the disastrous figure, Ethial panicked.

“Ah~, what has become of it. Ma, heal at once…’

But immediately afterwards, Luxion fired a second shot, and the sacred tree let out a cry that sounded more like a cry of grief.

”Luxion! You don’t understand anything. The Holy Tree is the last hope for the world!

In front of the tree, which had been partially burnt, Ittiel made a decision.

‘In that case, we have to do it quickly. I don’t want to do this, though.

Ittiel approached the tree with the intention of letting it absorb him.

“Holy tree, please absorb me. Beneath you lies the hangar of the old humans. Please use the wreckage there. Then, destroy the Luxion – destroy that guy!

The absorption of Ethial into the Holy Tree produced a new change.

After the Holy Tree had been completely petrified, it broke apart and a humanoid object of some kind appeared from the trunk.

A huge humanoid of over a hundred metres, with a head that imitated the sphere of Ethial. The slender body was an imitation of Emile.

That giant floated in the air and moved slowly.

Then, as the third shot of the Luxion’s attack loomed, the one eye of the huge round head emitted a red light and unfolded the barrier.

The attack from the Luxion’s main cannon was deflected by the barrier created by the one-eye.

…… Lelia …… Become …… Let’s be one’

However, the huge one-eyed monster that was born out of the sacred tree – as if guided – targeted Likolou.

“Why do they keep popping up one after another!

The taste of blood spread into his mouth as he bit down on his molars, but there was no time to care.

Still, it wasn’t the only bad thing.

The connection with Luxion was restored.

“Master, did you use the body strengthening potion?

“You’ve come back too late. More than that, it’s time to destroy that monster. Incidentally, you’ll have to use your full strength too, right?

“Is it really possible?

To save Noelle. It would be faster if you called out your body.

“For Noelle, I have to reveal my body, which Master has kept hidden until now? That’s a lot of trouble.

To reveal Luxion’s true power, which has been hidden from everyone until now, is something I would like to avoid.

Even though I like to show my power, I hesitate to do so because Luxion’s performance is dangerous for the world.

But – if I don’t use my full power at this point, I will definitely regret it.

“Whatever. We’ll think about the trouble when we’re alive.

“There’s no plan.

Whatever. I want to save Noelle more than this.

I changed my mind about the monster that had the head of a submachine like the ones used by Luxion, Gureare and Ethial.

“So, that’s it. –Can he be defeated? It looks like it’s super powerful, doesn’t it?

The final boss of the second part of the game had a pose like this, didn’t it?

A one-eyed monster with root-like arms and legs. The hands were reaching towards Arroganz, moving like a whip – the tip of which was approaching to pierce Arroganz.


Arroganz’s jets activated, fleeing around under dozens of tentacle-like arms.

Luxion began to analyse.

“Ethial, the sacred tree, and Emil have become one. The characteristics of all three can be seen in this. The absorption of Ethial has rendered my own attack powerless.

How unpleasant.

It’s hard enough to block even the main cannon of Luxion’s body. How did the Noael girls fight in the game against such a person?

“Master, my body has made contact with Likoru. Goulet joined us and began to heal Noelle.

“I’m counting on you. Make sure she’s okay.

Then I challenged the final boss of the second part.

It’s all over – Happy’s out of the question, but I’ll bring you Better” (Fish: eh heh)

“A very realistic judgement. I don’t hate it. However, the Master must also be treated after the battle. Please don’t ignore the burden that body strengthening pills can put on your body.

“Let’s finish!

I dodged a tentacle that came at me and cut it off with my sword. However, another tentacle soon appeared.

It was like chasing a fly away from Arroganz.

While floating, he slowly moved to a certain place.

“Where is it going to be, this one?

“Projecting a route. Is this – Likoru? No, the target is my own body’

“Tsk! We’ve got to stop him! You’ll have to show your true skills too!

“Yes. Then Mariël sent a message.

“We’ll talk later!

“Noelle seemed to be unconscious. And Goulet reported that it would be too late.

I gripped the lever hard and clenched my teeth.

“Let’s do it.

While controlling the Arroganz, I communicated with Marië.

A bloodied Marië, her head bowed, communicated to me about Noelle.

“Brother – I’m sorry. There’s nothing more Olivia and I can do.

“I’ve heard.

“Please, please talk to Noelle while she’s still alive. Please talk to her while she’s still alive, because it’s the last time.

I cut off the communication, took a deep breath and then looked at Luxion. Luxion, who sensed the intention, rejected me before I could say anything.

‘Please allow me to refuse’

“That’s an order. Do it.

“I refuse. The burden on the Master’s body has exceeded the permitted value.

“Even so, it doesn’t matter. Do it.

“Do not give me permission. That’s enough to handle it.

I told you there was no time. I want to end it now… please.

At the end of Luxion’s troubles, I carried out my orders.

“Start injecting additional body strengthening pills.

The needle was then inserted into my back and I felt a hot liquid flowing through my body after the injection. Sweat was pouring out.

“Shit. I’m not going to do it again.

‘A wise judgement. I won’t allow it to be used again either.

Inside Luxion’s ship.

A capsule-type bed was prepared.

It was an item called a medical capsule, a device that could receive a high degree of medical treatment.

Noelle was brought in, and Gureyare began to do the treatment.

Livia looked down at Noelle and shed a tear.

“I am very sorry. It’s only because I’m not good enough

To Livia, who bemoaned her lack of ability, Goulet offered comfort.

“I think Livia has done a good job. If it weren’t for Livia and Mariël, they would have been dead.

Anje grabbed Livia’s hand, which was bowed.

“You did what you could. You did what you could.

“But I couldn’t save her.

Crying out, Livia wrapped her arms around Anjie’s chest. In response, Anjai gave her a gentle hug.

Then, Anjai asked Gureareth.

“Gureareth, did you say that this was Lucretiaon’s original body?


“Leon has been hiding Luxion from us so far.


“No, I understand. I would have made the same judgement.

Anje reassured Livia, and Lelia, who had seen this, staggered out of the room and went outside.

Lelia arrived at the hangar of the Luxion.

There was a small boat that Ricollo used when moving around, and seeing it, she staggered onto it.

Lelia, who was sitting on it, steered the dinghy with the intention of going outside.

“As it turned out, it was me who was wrong. It’s ridiculous. I had a good life as a reincarnation, but I screwed it all up”.

As a child, I used my knowledge and experience as a transmigrator to get by. But thanks to that, Noelle, who was supposed to be the main character, was not loved by her parents.

Lelia sensed it.

“I actually did the same thing as my sister and made my big sister suffer. Haha~. How silly of me.

Sister – the older sister in her previous life – did everything well and monopolised her parents’ love.

An expression of taking things for granted and taking away Lelia’s happiness.

A sister like that, who Lelia hated with a passion.

When she knew that she had been reincarnated into the world of that Tome game, she intended to do better this time and acted in order to please her parents.

Although she succeeded, because of this, this time it was the eldest sister – Noelle, her sister in this world – who was robbed of her parents’ love.

Lelia did not notice this and kept thinking she was not loved.

And then – let’s assume for good – she forced the trouble on Noelle.

“It sucks. I really sucked.

Crying as she manoeuvred the small boat, once outside she saw the sacred tree looming over Luxion – and saw the figure of a one-eyed figure. One-eye was looking at Lelia.

The sacred tree saw Lelia’s figure and waved its tentacles as it approached quickly.

The small boat did not run away, but drove towards the holy tree.

“Did the same thing. I did the same thing to my elder sister and Emile, to my sister – and to my fiancé who abandoned me.

And, there were other objects of hatred. It was the fiancé who had abandoned himself in a previous life and chosen his sister. It was clear that one should hate the man, but in retrospect one realised that one had already done worse things to Emile.

Being the chosen one himself, he had put Emile and Serge on the scales.

Just like the ex-fiancé had put himself and his sister on the scales.

Lelia couldn’t forgive herself.

So – decided to put an end to it all.

“I’m sorry, Emile. Do whatever you want with me – so, please, stop. Let my sister and Leon meet!

The small boat rushed straight towards the sacred tree and was caught by the outstretched tentacles.

In the midst of the violent rocking, Lelia saw the figure of Arroganz flying this way.

Looking at the outstretched hand, Arroganz apologised to Rion.

“It’s you guys who are right. –I’m sorry.

After saying the words of apology, the small boat was crushed and exploded by the tentacles just like that.

The small boat was crushed in front of her eyes.

“Why did he come to the battlefield?

It was Lelia who was in the dinghy.

I clenched my teeth at the explosion in front of me.

But then, the sacred tree changed.

“Master, please pay attention!

What’s happening?

I had given up thinking about the rapidly changing situation in front of me.

I just wanted to get it over with and get it over with.

I saw Seiji’s movements, as if he was in pain.

“Master, here’s your chance

The back of my right hand glowed as I saw the tree’s movements deteriorate.

Floating on the surface of the glove was the crest of the Guardian.

“What’s wrong?

The voice that came from there was-.

‘Leon, please. Save Lelia.’

— was Noelle’s voice.

Lelia woke up in the academy uniform she usually wore.

Standing in a room that was white, it always felt like there was nothing real.

It felt as if she was dreaming.

But, I felt nostalgic for that room somehow.

“Oh, this is my room.

It was the same room from my previous life. There was a monitor and the game console was always on. Among the software boxes scattered around, there was also the second part of the game.

I had nostalgic dreams. While I was in this mood, I was unaware that there was Emile standing next to me, wearing the same uniform.


Lelia felt that she had done something wrong to Emile and apologized to him, ready to be angry.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Emile. I… I’ve done a lot of things to Emile.

Emile – however – smiled and forgave her.

“It’s all right. After all, I didn’t know anything about Lelia.


Emile’s expression was even calmer than the one she had seen at the end.

It was as if the old Emile had returned, and Lelia was relieved by that.

Emile looked around the room.

“I didn’t know that. So there really was a past life?

Lelia, who had been told of her past life, bowed her head in frustration.

“It sucks, doesn’t it? I did the same hateful things to my big sister and Emile. It’s just hurting people by imitating the ones I hate.

Emile gently reassured Lelia, who was aware of her inner ugliness.

“Lelia has been in a lot of pain.

As the room changed its appearance, Misty’s parents and sister appeared.

Surrounded by the former Lelia, they complained.

“Why can’t you be as capable as your sister?

What a retard!

The parents complained. Then, her sister looked on and laughed.

“What a fool. Can’t you do better than that?

Both the mocking sister’s face and the parents’ faces were like those of a faceless demon, unrecognisable. (Fish: It’s like the faceless demon of Dainiji 007)

Lelia crouched down at the sight of that light.

“Stop. Don’t show it to me again.

Emile hugged Lelia like that. Embraced, Lelia felt Emil’s warmth and Elmi apologised to Lelia.


“Lelia, I’m sorry I didn’t notice.

“No, I’m not. I’m the one who’s really bad

Despite Lelia’s apology, Elmi left and picked up the box of the second part of that B-game and touched the drawing of herself. The drawing was smaller than any of the other characters and the treatment could not be described as good.

Nevertheless, Emile looked happy.

“The mood is always strange. To Lelia, I’m just a character in a fantasy”.

Lelia felt she would be scolded for being angry, but Emile just smiled.

“Lelia, goodbye. You’d better live.


At first I hated it with a passion. But after the fusion, I learned about your past. I came to my senses when I learned that you had all sorts of things going on too.

Emile, even knowing about Lelia’s past life, still accepted it.

But it is ironic that the two have to say goodbye at this point, when it is clear that they both understand each other.

“I want you to live. To live and to watch over you.

“Emile? No, don’t. I want to stay here with Emile too!

The acceptance had made her emotional, but she was sad again to hear that she would soon have to say goodbye. Then on the back of Lelia’s right hand emerged the Witch’s crest.

“This is…

I give you the witch’s coat of arms. I will always watch over you. May you be happy, Lelia.

Emile disappeared as if blending into the background, leaving a message afterwards.

“She’s come to meet you to save you. Now, go back.

Lelia’s hand reached forward and a translucent Noelle appeared there.

Noelle was as transparent as a ghost.

Her gaze caught, and Noelle embraced Lelia.

“Don’t end up causing trouble!

Although angry, Noelle’s voice had a slight note of pleasure.

“I’m so sorry, big sister.

“Well, it’s all right. I’ll forgive you this time. This is my last big service to you.

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