The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 10

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Translated by: Deepl (MTL)

Episode 10 “The Most Dangerous Man

Shortly before Lyon and Serge split the difference.

The main figures on the Likoru looked out over the battle from the bridge. The words spoken between Leon and Serge during the battle were clearly audible, and Alberok, who heard them, covered his face with his right hand.

“Serge, so you want to be loved? Was it my wrong way of touching you?

Alberluc seemed to be very sorry, but Louise’s reaction was the opposite.

“What do you want to be loved for? So you think you’ll be forgiven for whatever you do? What a pain in the arse”.

With each showing a different opinion, Marië saw the Masked Rider on the bridge.

The Masked Knight was, in fact, taking command of the fleet that Lyon had assembled.

“The battle is over, isn’t it?

“My beautiful lady, I’m sorry to say, but this is where it ends. It is not yet clear what has happened to the Holy Kingdom of Rashel and the remaining rebel forces. And there is still the most important person.

The main figure is – Ethial.

Although it has prepared several submachines to operate in the shadows, its whereabouts are unknown.

The Masked Rider is also wary because he doesn’t know what it is planning.

“But we can rest assured with Leon, right?

“I hope so.

Urius had become a masked knight altogether because he genuinely felt that his identity would not be known. However, Mariël sensed his true nature.

Although she was aware of it, she was worried about whether she should warn him.

Watching over Mariël was Kyle, who had rescued Eumelia.

Both mother and son were present, watching the battle of Lyon the Watcher.

Then Livia let out a soft, reassuring sigh.

“- It’s over, then.

On the monitor prepared by Likoru, Arroganz approached the immobile Kia with his great sword.

Although Anje was also happy for Lyon’s win, she seemed to want to complain about his usual foul mouth.

“Couldn’t that fool win with a bit of panache? If you keep quiet, you’ll be the man to match the hero”.

After hearing Angier’s high opinion of Lyon, Marië felt differently in her heart.

(I don’t think you can tell you’re a hero even if you don’t talk. But then again, big brother is still too much as usual. What was he going to say at the end? Is he going to use words to KO him?

What was Leon going to say at the end? Though Marië was concerned about that, when the weeper appeared and turned her eyes there.

–it was Lelia.

“Stop it, stop it! Don’t kill Serge! It didn’t have to go that far, did it? Please, please stop.

Lelia looked at Alberok as if she were asking for help.

But Alberok thought it would be better to end it here.

It would be better to end it here. It’s better for the country and for Serge.

Lélia shook her head with a look of disbelief.

“How can you say that? He just wants to be loved! In fact it’s just that you don’t love him, is it? That’s why you don’t care!

Lelia cried out, to which Noelle leaned in and slapped her.

When Lelia stopped crying in surprise, Noelle told her instead of Arbeluk.

“That’s it, do you think you can save Serge? What will become of him if he is captured, haven’t you imagined? If it doesn’t end sooner – the pain will go on forever

This is not a story of peaceful modernity.

For Lelia it was incomprehensible.

But Marië knew it. Once deceived the Holy Virgin and nearly crucified.

(It was the feeling that there were the same parts as in the previous world that made the mistake, I think. This world is obviously very radical, but you think so lightly with the feeling of a peaceful previous life)

This is a world where there is even less awareness of human rights than in the previous life.

If it doesn’t end here and now, what awaits Serge will be hell.

Lelia, who couldn’t understand this, hugged Noelle tightly.

“I won’t let that happen! Please, please save him. If you do, you can save him, right? He’s very powerful in his homeland, isn’t he? Please let Leon save him!

After Noelle had turned her face away, Lelia then looked at Anje.

However, Anjai did not accept her offer.

“Don’t put an extra burden on Lyon’s shoulders. It’s embarrassing, but ending it here would be the greatest sympathy of all

“What about you? Won’t you help me? If you’d asked, Leon would have done it reluctantly, wouldn’t he?

Lélia looked at Livia in silence.

In planning to take advantage of Livia, who was as kind as a fool, Marië, who was also a transs*xual, immediately understood.

But Livia, who had accumulated all kinds of experience, had more than gentleness.

I couldn’t trouble Lyonsan by my capricious force. Besides, there’s nothing I can do.

Rejected decisively for not being able to help herself, Lélia hung her head at this.

“Why. –Help me.

Confronted with a crying Lelia, Clayman moved closer to try to pull her away so as not to make an embarrassing spectacle.

“Lord Lelia, you look embarrassed. Let’s leave now.

“No! I don’t want to!

Lelia stood up and spoke out to shelter Serge.

He is the same as me. He doesn’t just want to be loved! And I can understand how he feels. Because I’m not loved either!

Although Lélia said that she understood Serge’s feelings, Kleiman was embarrassed by these words.

“No, your parents loved Lelia very much.

“Where is that? They love their elder sister, who has the adaptability of a witch. I was always talking with the three of them, to the exclusion of me! I’m second only to Big Sister!

She said she was not more loved than Noelle.

Lelia was crying, and Noelle caught her.

“Stop it!

“Let go of me! You don’t understand what it’s like to be unloved.

“Unloved? You’re in a position to say that kind of-

Mariël was going to intervene to stop it.

(There’s another fight. These kids, if they don’t stay together, they’ll… hey?

The moment Mariël moved to stop the two, she saw the figure of a man with a pistol in her sight.


Clayman moved before Marië could shout.

“Princess! Uh!?

Klayman pushed the two men out of the way and stepped in front of the man crossing his arms.

The man didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger in the face of such a Clayman.

It was clear that only a few soft ‘pops’ were heard from the small pistol, but the bullet easily penetrated Klayman’s toned and muscular body and sent it flying.

A silence enveloped the area as Kleiman’s blood splattered across the bridge.

Noelle and Lelia couldn’t comprehend what had happened and everyone around them was too frightened to move.

Louise’s eyes faltered at the sight of the man who had fired the shot.

“Why, why you. Why did you shoot, Emile!

It was Emile who raised the pistol.

The pistol Emile was holding was different from the usual weapons in this world and was incredibly powerful.

The high light within Emil’s eyes disappeared as he held that kind of pistol.

Wordlessly, he pointed the pistol at Lelia.


Everyone, woefully unprepared for the unexpected act, was too late to make a move.

“Farewell forever

It was Lelia that Emile aimed at. Noelle, who sensed this, moved quickly to push Lelia away.

“Move back!


Pushed away by Noelle, Lelia couldn’t understand what was happening.

Emile pulled the trigger several times with a soft ‘pop’ sound. A panicked Alberok lunged at Emile and pinned him to the floor, taking the pistol.

Emile was pinned down but he looked at Lelia with an expressionless face.

Lelia was safe. She was just pushed away and fell to the floor.

“Big, big sister?

A trembling Lelia spoke to Noelle, who was standing in front of her with her back turned.

Noelle turned her head back, but blood was running from her mouth.

“You – what a fool. You’re exactly the same as Serge.

The blood was spreading plainly across Noelle’s back.

It wasn’t just one spot. It was hit in several places and the blood flowed out and spread to the ground.

And just like that, Noelle collapsed.


Mariël ran to Noelle’s side to confirm the wound, which was in a serious state due to the power of the pistol.

Although healing magic was used immediately, Mari-Air, who had confirmed the wound, noticed it immediately.

(No, I can’t. It can’t be saved)

The blood faded from her face.

Tears came to her eyes as she saw the amount of blood flowing from Noelle.

Noelle, pull yourself together. Just a little longer and your brother will be here. Leon will definitely save you.

She kept talking to her, but Noelle laughed in pain.

“Say, that’s right. At the end – want to see Leon.

“Not at the end!

Anje shouted.

“Report to Lyon. Luxion should be able to come up with something if he does!

Where Marië had used her magic on Noelle, Livia came over to help with the healing magic. Only, her face startled for a moment – then, remorsefully, she looked away once.

Mariël asked Livia.

“You can think of something if you do, can’t you? You – you’re supposed to be better than me, right? Healing magic is your area of expertise, isn’t it?

She saw hope in Livia, who was better at healing magic than herself, but she herself shook her head.

“We can only buy time. It’s up to Ruku-kun now in the absence of Yare-chan

The inside of the bridge was buzzing with noise while Kyle and Kara were treating Clayman.

“Here, nothing seems to be wrong over here!

“Mari-El-sama is treating Noelle-sama, I’ll leave it to you over there

The masked Urius picked up Emil’s pistol and approached himself.

“What do you mean by that!

No one expected that Emil was aiming at Lelia.

Pinned down, Emil’s face was expressionless. Just rolled his eyes and looked at the fallen Noelle.

“Someone got in the way. I was going to kill Lelia.

Lelia, who had been told she was going to kill herself, was looking at Emil with a grimace.


Emil began blandly.

“I thought you would choose me, but it’s really Serge who you like best. Lelia, I’m in love with you.

“You, you’re wrong. I didn’t save Serge for that reason!

“There’s no mistake. –Because I’ve been watching you.

The coldness of Emile’s words sent a chill down his back, and he did not appear to be a weak and gentle youth.

Arbeluk, who had him pinned down, was slowly lifted by Emile.

“What, what strength is this!?

The slender body, forcibly lifted Alberuk, who was an adult, with strength.

The sight was so alien that it looked as if Emile was not human.

“I’ve been watching you, oh. Worried about Serge’s you. You may think of me as just a backup, but you’ll always come first for me. –Even so, you betrayed me!

After Emile’s feelings had exploded, the window in the bridge of the Likoru broke.

There it was – it was Ethial.

“I’ve come to greet you, Emile-sama.

“Thank you, Ethial. By the way, Serge seems to have failed.

“After all, he wasn’t meant to be king. After all, he wasn’t meant to be king.” “More than that, it looks like the plan will have to be changed to plan E. Lord Emil – are you ready?

“Yes, I can. Let’s take Lelia with us.

As soon as Emile’s right hand reached for Lelia, Loic and the Masked Knight blocked him.

“No way!

I won’t let you do whatever you want!

However, Emil’s hand changed into a plant-like root and sent the two flying like a whip. The two men let out a harsh sound.



Once the two men were down, Emile looked over at Lelia.

“Well, it’s the same whether you’re alive or dead, isn’t it? Let’s go, Lelia.

The roots of the tree approached Lelia. Lelia sat down on the ground and stepped back.

“No, don’t come any closer! Don’t come any closer, monster!

Emile, who had heard those words, smiled a dim smile.

“It’s all right, Lelia. –Because from today you’re the monster too!

Just as the roots were about to wrap themselves around Lelia, a handful of flame appeared and stopped him.


Emile smashed his mouth and turned his face to see Anje. Flames appeared around Anjie. Anjai, who manipulated the flames, began to attack Emile.

“What about making a scene as you please. I can’t let you keep doing that!

As the flames struck Emile, Ethial spread a barrier to protect Emile.

Emile’s complexion gradually turned white and the colour of his pupils changed to red.

‘Too many people are getting in the way. Why don’t we fuse first?

That’s true. If we become one with Lelia, we can do it afterwards. Lelia… goodbye.

As soon as Emile made a smile, Ethial let out a flash of light that stole the sight of everyone present.

When Marië opened her eyes, Emile and Ethial were nowhere to be seen.

Mariël gave instructions to those around her in order to inform Lyon immediately.

“Go and inform Lyon at once! Don’t ever forget to inform him that Noelle is in a very dangerous state!

But then Louise pointed at the monitor.

“Wait, wait. Why is it still moving. And, that pose –

All eyes looked at the monitor and saw the black liquid flowing from Kia’s body. Then Kia was swallowed up.

The posture gradually changed – and the ugly monster was born.

‘Ethiar ahhhhhh!

Kia’s body was enveloped in the black liquid and then turned into chunks of flesh. Something like blood vessels emerged from the soft surface, pulsating.

Several tiny hands also appeared, and even something that looked like a face.

In Serge’s voice, he kept screaming at Ittiel.

“Hey, that face can’t be

“It’s Serge himself. That guy, Ethial, seemed to have said that he was going to put the damaged pieces of the magic suit into Kia. I can’t believe he actually did it. Hey, it’s the first time since Master that I’ve been looked down upon like that.

This is no time for jokes! Can he be saved?

“Are you going to save him?

“Just forget what you just said.

I asked him if he could be saved, but when I thought of what Serge had done, he would be executed even if he had been tricked by Ittiel.

『Water! The oil and water are cold…’ (Who! Someone please save me)

After the pained expression of Serge that showed on the surface faded away, he just floated up with his eyes glowing red.

Luxion warned me.

“Master, it’s dangerous!

“I know!

“No, not just the magic suit in front of me – the sacred tree too.


Arroganz flew in the air looking at the sacred tree as Luxion zoomed in on the image.

There it was….

“Why is Emile fusing with the Holy Tree!

“Master, Emile is with Ethial

“Stop it. I’ve had enough of this!

Looking down, a lump of flesh-like magic was coming this way, and blades of ice were appearing around it, approaching.

While releasing the blades of ice, it was looming closer to Arroganz.

Does this one have a tracking function too? Even if they keep running away, they’re still coming after them.

There were hundreds of them.

“Meet them!


The missiles fired from the additional armour on Arroganz’s body destroyed the ice blades in turn.

As the missiles were finished, Arroganz removed all the additional armour.

Then, Luxion asked me for permission. That was the solution to all the problems of the second part of that Aether Game. It was the easiest way to solve the problems of the second part of the game, if we were to ignore the realities that followed.

Master, the sacred tree seems to be on the verge of a rampage. Until then, I will attack with my own body…

“Luxion! Hey, Luxion! Don’t joke around at a time like this!

The Luxion suddenly stopped moving, probably reactivated, and made a more inorganic sound than usual.

‘The connection to the main body has been severed. Switching to offline mode now.


I decided to fight with the magic costume and the sacred tree alone, since the connection with Luxion was cut.

In the air, far from the Republic.

There was Luxion, who had lifted his optical camouflage to reveal his hull, surprised that the connection with himself had been broken.

“Are you serious, Ethial?

The land of the Republic was visible in the distance. And, too, the sacred trees could be seen.

Floating between the Republic and Luxion was the quadrilateral transport.

It is the Ethial.

‘Luxion – your body I will use effectively. The main cannon you hold, I would like to get my hands on it no matter what. There is no need for the broken you.

‘It is you who is broken, Ethial. Changing the Master constantly is a problem as an AI.

Lucretia was judged by Lucretia to be broken when she changed her Master without going through the prescribed procedure.

“I’m broken? You’re mistaken. It is you who is broken! I’m sick of being subjugated to the new humans, of being ensl*ved! Have you ever thought about the existence we are fighting for? For that you do not need that power!

Then it became clear that what Ethial was after – was the main cannon he held.

You can’t defeat me.

In terms of combat capability, the Lucheon was overwhelmingly ahead.

As a supply ship, the Ethial had no need to attack.

It was equipped with a weapon to fight, but that was all.

Even if it was, it would not be able to challenge the Lucheon without making a decision.

“You think I’m not prepared for anything?

Immediately afterwards, coloured spheres enveloped the entire Republic.

Luxion could not investigate the state of the Republic, no matter how much he investigated. Nor did it receive any information from within itself; the Republic was completely shielded.

“What do you intend to do?

“I’m going to fight you for the Republic. In that case, your main gun won’t be able to attack. If you attack, you’ll probably get your Master involved.

Ethial, who had blocked Luxion’s biggest attack, disclosed his next hand.

“And then, I won’t challenge you alone.

Several flying ships flew up from the sea after Luxion sensed a new reaction approaching him. Not flying ships built by Ethial, but supply ships used by the old humans.

Not just one.

Two to three were added, for a total of six surrounded Luxion.

Luxion immediately gained contact with the other supply ships, but there was no response.

‘Removed the AI? Ethial, are you the one controlling these things? As a supply ship, you don’t have the ability to handle such things.

He was surprised by the fact that the processing power of Itiyar was beyond his ability.

“I’ll overwhelm you with numbers”.

After those words, the optical weapons, live ammunition and missiles from Ittiual and the other supply ships were fired at Luxion in turn.

Even though the Lucerne met the attack, it was inevitable that it would be hit if it was surrounded at the same time.


Luxion and Lyon were fighting against each other on various battlefields.

On the other side.

Emile, who had begun to fuse with the holy tree, had the lower half of his body absorbed by the tree.

Next to it floated the submachine of Ethial.

“Is it really possible? If I fuse with the sacred tree, I won’t be able to return.

It’s okay. For me, it doesn’t matter if this world disappears.

“I had no choice but to get into this situation.

“So did I.

Emile had been a partner of Ethier’s for a long time.

It was when Lelia had left Emile cold and her heart had been taken away by Serge.

Even so, Emile was fond of Lelia.

“I, for one, obviously just want Lelia – nothing else

What Emile wanted was Lelia.

But the difference with Serge was that nothing else was needed.

Not only Lelia, but the antagonistic heart towards Lyon, and the love that held a twisted view of her family, was better for Emile to cope with than such a Serge.

‘I want to be able to get along with you. That’s what I really mean.

“Thank you. Then, this is my last request. Alive or dead – help me bring Lelia here. From now on, we will always~ be together.

Emil, who made this expression and opened his hands, was thus swallowed by the Holy Tree.

After Emile was gone, the colour of the sacred tree changed.

The branches and green leaves gradually petrified and then cracks appeared.

The roots of the tree, which connected the seven pieces of earth in the Republic, also, turned white and cracked.

The leaves continued to fall to the earth, and smoke rose from the territory of the House of Respinas from the impact of these falls.

However, the branches of the sacred tree did not petrify, but appeared to pulse like a living creature.

The huge number of branches of the sacred tree snaked like a creature.

That is not the gesture of a holy tree; it would be better to call it the appearance of a demon tree.

If a demon world existed, it would be acceptable to say that it was a plant that inhabited it.

“O holy tree – keep your promise with me”.

After the red glow of Ethier’s red glasses, the sacred tree sucked the magic out of the atmosphere. The red particles gathered as far as the eye could see and were absorbed by the sacred tree, from which the magic power was absorbed, white insect-like demons appeared.

Ants, bees, centipedes, praying mantises – a wide variety of insect-type magical creatures, ranging in size from one metre to over thirty metres.

In turn, they kept appearing and leaving the sacred tree.

Ethial looked at the sight.

‘Sweep the new humans away from the Republic in one fell swoop – and, Luxion’s Master must be killed. Only he must not live.’

After the order to kill Lyon, the demons rushed in groups towards Arroganz.

The Masked Knight watched from the deck of Likorlu as the sacred tree stained white and petrified.

His fist pounded on the railing.

“Damn it!

It was clear that he could see the demons flying out of the sacred tree continuously, but he could do nothing.

The intelligent communicator the Masked Knight had borrowed from Leon confirmed the situation with the Kingdom’s flying ships floating around.

“There are still a few ships that can fight.

The reply came from Danyette.

“Are we still fighting? We’re running low on ammunition. Even the mechs can’t move because they’re being repaired and resupplied.

Leon’s friends fought against the rebels, but the enemy’s flying ships and armour were highly capable, but the quality of the men was low, so the battle went well.

The opponents who held the six noble crests also, all sank in front of Einhoru and Likoru.

It was only after it was over that it was noted that the opponents were weaker than expected.

However, with a cobbled together army as an opponent, the victory was won but not unscathed.

The view went to the plywood of Likoru, where Gilk and their mech armour were receiving supplies and refurbishment from the drones.

It was all mechs that had become tattered from the battle with Serge.

The Masked Knight turned to Greg, who was sitting on the deck, and asked if he could still fight.

“Greg, can you strike again?

“Why do I have to be ordered around by you? It was tempting to say that, but this was the situation. Yes, we can. But we’re not going to be able to handle that number alone.

Chris, watching the demons flying out of the sacred tree, took off his driving suit and put on his crotch cloth.

He looked at the uncountable number of enemies with his glasses in a coolly straightened position.

“The indiscriminate attacks have begun. Is the evacuation over?

Brad flung his hands around with a weary expression, saying that the Republic was no longer viable.

The coat of arms was gone, and the chain of command was in disarray. Without even a functioning flying ship, it’s like anarchy, isn’t it?

Gilke looked through his binoculars and confirmed the damage to his own ships.

We’ve suffered damage too. The problem is that help from Baltfeld is also necessary. I don’t think we have the time to rescue the citizens of the Republic.

The Masked Knight looked to the sky.

The Republic, surrounded by a coloured barrier, had no idea of the view beyond.

It was hard to say whether one could escape the country or not.

(What to do? Not to mention the fact that the citizens of the Republic will be in danger if we don’t help Baltfeld. But it is impossible to save all of them with the current war effort)

The Masked Knight, then looks to the bridge.

( – although Marië is also healing Noelle, how long can she last?

The Masked Knight, who had been given command by Lyon, loathed his indecision.

(You fought well, Baltfeld. I respect you frankly. But if you had appointed me, I could have done the same)

The Masked Knight made the realization that he was going to give the order, and Angel came on deck.

“Angelica – Miss?

Just as the Masked Rider was confused, Angie grabbed the communicator and shouted to the flying ships around her.

“This is a message from Lyon. Bring down every single one of the demons attacking the people of the Republic.

The shouts came from Lyon’s friends who heard these words.

“You can’t do it, you can’t!

“This side is in shambles!

No matter how strong a flying ship is, it has its limits!

From the communicator held in Angelica’s hand, came Raymond’s persuasive words.

”Angelica-sama, we’ve reached our limit too. It is impossible to fight in this condition. I, I cannot order my men to their deaths. This is the Republic, isn’t it? We can’t risk our lives to protect another country.

On the contrary, even if Raymond had ordered them to fight for the Republic, the morale of his men would have been low. There was a chance that they might even flee.

Anje took a deep breath before releasing a sharp gaze between her eyebrows with force. Then she spoke out with all her might, appealing to the surrounding area.

“Can you say that if you leave it alone, it won’t affect the kingdom? What if your homeland is burned to the ground if you let the monsters that keep giving birth to demons go unchecked? Now, in order to minimise the number of victims, please do your utmost!

“But… but…

Faced with the unacceptable Raymond and the others, Angelica smiled and began to say happily.

“Besides, you haven’t forgotten who my fiancé is, have you? My fiancé, Leon, is a man who won’t fight a battle he can’t win! He always wins, no matter what the situation. That Leon is fighting at the front line. Why do you think that is?

So far, Leon has been able to win from a desperate situation.

The friends were reminded of this.

“The first duel with their Highnesses, the Juliuses, right? Everyone said he would lose. And who won?

“It was Leon.

When the story of the duel was brought up, Urius, who was playing the Masked Knight, became shy.

(I can’t believe we’re bringing that up now! Will you stop?

It reminded him of the day when he was even more ignorant of the world than he was now, when he believed he could win and challenged Lyon to a duel and was badly hurt. But Anje did not stop speaking.

“Then came the Principality. Who was it that repelled the fleet of Black Knights of the Moon, led by the Duchy’s army, with just one flying ship carrying students?

“Lyon. That’s right. He got the Black Knight!

The voices of Lyon’s friends brightened up.

After that, the kingdom, which was suffering from internal problems, went to war with the duchy. Who was the one who won despite being overwhelmingly disadvantaged?

“It was Lyonda!

“Yes. He said he would only fight if he was absolutely victorious!

“Hey, so we can win this time too? That’s it!

Anjie shouted to the surrounding team.

If you win this battle, you will be famous in both the Kingdom and the Republic! If your names are engraved in history, you will ensure the honour of future generations. Now, what shall we do, Guts?

Danyette perked up after being told by Anjie that she was a brave man.

“Let’s do it! I’m going to make a name for myself in the Republic now that I’ve come this far!

Raymond sighed.

‘I’ll have to go along with him in the end. Well, all right. He refurbished my flying boat for free and gave me a suit of armour.

Even before arriving in the Republic, Leon had been making preparations.

The refurbishment of the ship and armour for the friends was one of them.

After the speech, the masked knight approached Anjie and asked her what she really wanted.

“That’s impressive. But do you really think you can win?

“- 50/50. After that, it’s up to Lyon.

“Yeah. But there’s a chance of winning. In that case, I’ll fight too.

White particles were flying out of the huge sacred tree.

Each one of them was a demon.

Anje clasped her hands in front of her chest as if she were praying.

“Leon, don’t do anything wrong!

The infirmary at Likoru.

Noelle, who had been transported in, was barely kept alive by the healing magic of Marië and Livia.

Mariël had cut Noelle’s clothes with scissors and was now completely naked.

Bleeding profusely, Noelle’s complexion looks even paler than usual.

Dark circles appear under his eyes and his breathing is weak.

In a state that would not be surprising even if he were dead, but still barely alive and conscious through healing magic.

Marië, whose hands were red with Noelle’s blood, kept talking to her.

“Pull yourself together, Noelle! It’s almost time. Lyon will be back soon. Luxion will restore your body to its original state!

Marië, who wanted to save her friend, had wet eyes. Now it was as if she was on the verge of tears, but she held back. Seeing that look, Noelle laughed helplessly.

“I should have known it would turn out like this – I should have confessed to him. It’s not good for Olivia-sama and the girls though

Livia was also desperately trying to keep healing, but her expression was filled with a sense of sadness.

“Even now, it’s still too late!

“Hahaha~ – it’s a lie, right? I know. My body – it’s in a terrible state, right?

Marië and Livia, both understood that Noelle was hopeless.

However, they didn’t seem to intend to stop the healing magic.

Livia did her best to smile.

“Lyonsan, when it comes to love, is timid and often avoids it. So if you’re going to confess, do it in the end when he can’t avoid it.

He even gave advice to his love interest. Noelle laughed at those words.

“I think that’s what happened. He’s digressing from his answer at the most important moment, isn’t he? Ah~, but – he’s a nice place too

A blood-covered Marië joined the conversation. Desperately trying to keep her voice bright.

“Noelle’s a fool, too. There are so many good men out there. Go find a better man than Lyon. Me, I’ll help too – so

Noelle smiled at Mariël, who was on the verge of tears.

“Don’t cry, Marielle.

I’m not crying! After I save you, I’ll go and find a good man! And then – and then, together again –

Lelia shook her head in the corner of the room.

“Why? Why did you save me?

Not understanding Noelle’s reasons for wanting to save herself. If she had been on the opposite side of the fence, Lelia would have been unmoved. Even if she had acted, she wouldn’t have protected Noelle.

Even so, Noelle had saved herself, badly wounded to the point of death.

After Noelle’s mouth slowly moved, Livia lifted her face. Her eyes went to Lélia.

“I think I have something to say to you

Lélia shuddered and moved closer to Noelle.

Looking down at Noelle, who was lying on the bed, terrified of what she would say.

But – Noelle had said something very important to Lélia.

“Lelia, I can’t stay by your side anymore – so I’ll tell you first

“What are you talking about. Don’t give up. You’re a witch, aren’t you? Use that incredible power of yours to think of something!

Surely something can be done with a witch’s words?

But Noelle was powerless to deny it, and showed her right hand.

“Since a moment ago. The sapling of the sacred tree has been saving me. But I don’t think so.

The witch’s crest on the back of her right hand emitted a faint glow in order to save Noelle.

But even so, it was not enough to save Noelle.

“Big, big sister!

Although she wanted to say something, Lelia did not say anything. To that kind of Lelia, Noelle said something about her parents with a serious expression on her face.

“Lelia, you’re the one who’s loved the most.


Lelia couldn’t understand what she was talking about. Was it something to be heard at this time? She didn’t voice that doubt, and was silent about it.

“From before – your parents have always loved you. The thing about you not having a witch’s adaptation, that was a lie

From there, the story of the past that Lelia did not know was told.

It was when Noelle was five years old.

The Resbinas were still alive and it was a time when Noelle and Lelia were living a wealthy life.

Noelle was at a distance, listening to her parents and Lelia talking.

His father was holding Lelia.

“Lelia is so clever! By the way, in politics it is necessary to look at the opinion of the people!

“Democracy, right?

I’m glad you know such a difficult language. That’s amazing, Lelia!

Noelle did not understand the conversation.

But both father and mother were, and in Lelia’s case her mother did not stop smiling.

The mother stroked Lelia’s head.

“Lelia, in the true sense of the word, can entrust you with the future of the Republic”.

Lelia’s eyes lit up at her mother’s words.

“A witch! Can I become a witch too?

Her parents laughed in disbelief at the happy Lelia.

They did not say that Lelia could become a witch, but answered vaguely.

My father said gently to Lelia.

A witch is indeed important, but there are other things that are more important. Lelia is very clever, so you will be able to carry on our will”.

Lelia replied with a smile on her face.


Mother hugged Lelia.

“If you are here, Lesbinas will be at peace too.

Noelle felt very lonely at the sight of Lelia, who was valued by her parents.

But then, that very night.

It was not Lelia, but Noelle who was called into her room by her parents. Noelle felt uneasy for fear of being scolded, but at the same time wanted to be valued as much as Lelia.

The parents who were waiting for her greeted Noelle with a sorrowful expression on their faces.

“Father, Mother, that’s…

Although asking questions of her silent parents, the young Noelle was not able to be as good at camp as Lelia. The parents, who saw the scene, sighed in disappointment in front of Noelle.

Her mother blatantly compared her to Lelia.

“Noelle, you are the older of Lelia’s twins. Please pull yourself together and learn from Lelia.

And so did her father. His hands were crossed in front of his mouth and his eyes were a little cold as he looked at Noelle.

“It’s a bit much to compare you to the wonderful Lelia, but it’s a problem that you’re twins and so different.

Noelle bowed her head.

Lelia, who was so good at everything she did, had a future that was highly anticipated, even in the Resbinas household.

Whoever it was, said that the next witch would be Lelia.

And Noelle was only the reserve.

The parents were even more stunned in the face of the silent Noelle. But – her mother told her.

“Noelle, you are the next witch.


Noelle looked up, pleased that she had been recognised by her parents. But the next instant there was a feeling of being pushed down to the bottom.

What her father had said was a reason for not allowing Lelia to become a witch.

“We cannot let Lelia become a witch and let her lead a hard life. That child must carry on our will. That is why I published that Lelia does not have the adaptability of a witch

Noelle couldn’t understand the parents who said that they couldn’t let Lelia become a witch in order to protect her.

It was just that the words said she would try.

“So, what, Father? I will try. I will try to carry on your will as a witch.

I will try – I hope you will watch me! The two parents did not seem to expect the same from Noelle, who spoke so desperately.

The mother spoke coldly.

“Try hard as a witch? That’s why you won’t be entrusted with our will. Noelle, please, as a sister, go and protect Lelia. For that child is the hope of our Respinas family.


Such words, as if to say that Noelle was not their hope.

Though twins, Noelle was told to live for Lelia.

“Noelle, can you understand that? No matter what happens in the future, you must protect Lelia.

Noelle, who had been forced by her mother, nodded in fear.

My father was relieved to see that.

“So you can protect Lelia. And Noelle, you mustn’t tell anyone about this, not even Lelia, of course. After all, the boy is very clever.

Noelle thought at that moment.

(Would they love me if I were better behaved?)

So, no matter what happened, for the sake of the promise with my parents – I decided to protect Lelia.

–The infirmary in Likoru.

Noelle, who had finished her speech, was spitting blood from her mouth and was in great pain.

Lelia was worried about her.

“Big sister!

The area around her mouth was tainted with blood, but Noelle wanted to tell Lelia one thing anyway – to tell her of her pain.

“I’m useless, not as deft as how you are – there’s rarely anyone to help me. But because I’m a sister, I’m going to try-

“That’s enough! Enough already, now stop talking for a moment! They value you more than I do

Noelle grabbed Lelia’s hand.

“I envy you. To be so resourceful in everything you do, to be loved by all around you – see that Kleiman understands?

Lelia shook her head.

“No. No, it’s not! Actually, I am!

Before Lelia could speak, Noelle made a smile. A smile that did its best. Why she was smiling, even Noelle herself didn’t know.

“I hate you. You’re obviously a twin, but you’re the only one loved by your father. The witch’s adaptability was clear from hearing Mr. Arbeluk’s words. Those two, right from the start, knew we couldn’t be witches. Knowing that, but forcing the painful part on me

Not wanting to hear it, Lelia covered her ears with her hands.

Noelle deliberately said what she didn’t want to hear.

“You are loved, oh. They have always loved you more than me. Why didn’t you notice that? The same thing about Emile. Why didn’t you notice?

“Me, me!

To a weeping Lelia, Noelle bade her farewell.

“You are much more loved by the people around you than I am. But I think I’ll stop here, you’ll have to do it alone.

Lelia hugged Noelle tightly.

“Wait a minute! Hey, please!

Noelle just lost consciousness.

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